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360 Chapter 356, A Suitable Song (recommendation Required)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Li Xuexue has already figured out the relationship inside CCTV. In order to enter CCTV, in addition to having her own excellent qualities, there are several recommendations from CCTV seniors who are extremely important.

     When Zhu Jun entered CCTV, he was recommended from northern Shaanxi. After he went there, he would inevitably have a period of time cold meal on CCTV.

     Tonight is different from the past. The development of information, the conditions and quality of the host can all be seen from his previous programs. The ratings of several Jiangyang programs, if they are willing to host on the CCTV integrated channel, it is impossible for the other party to ignore it at all.

     The most important thing for this is that it needs the recommendation and support of several seniors. Li Xuexue thinks of a few people who have had intersections with Jiang Yang.

     Besides, it is his alma mater.

     Jiang Yang is now studying at China Media, such as Kang Hui and Ouyang Xia Dan. Luo Jingjing is an excellent host from China Media. Among them, Ouyang Xiadan and Jiang Yang also hosted the alma mater's New Year's Day party. If Ouyang Xiadan can recommend it, it would be an opportunity.

     Of course, apart from Ouyang Xiadan, China Media’s alma mater can lead the needle. If Jiangyang is unwilling to bother his alma mater, there is still one person who can be Jiangyang’s recommender.

     Compared to the one-sided relationship with Ouyang Xiadan, the other individual Li Xuexue thought of can be said to be very familiar with Jiangyang.

     Last year, she hosted the passion for a long time with Jiang Yang. After the passion for a long time column was removed, she fully hosted the CCTV program. Now, she has certain qualifications in CCTV. This person is Fang Qiang.

     When Li Xuexue talked about Fang Qiang, Jiang Yang thought of his benefactor who had entered the presiding industry, even though Fang Qiang had left Hesheng TV.However, according to past life's memory, Fang Qiang was not very happy afterwards on CCTV. In 2009, she returned to the River Provincial Satellite TV and reopened the Queen of Housekeeping column.

     This column uses life service cut-in, variety entertainment to match the show, creating a different life service program.

     This column takes the dissemination of life knowledge as its mission, and teaches you some solutions to common life problems or tips in life in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

     "Queen" Fang Wei and Chengcheng partner, their flexible mode of hosting, relaxed and humorous style, make the housekeeping queen a variety show understood by everyone.

     Putting away the memory, Jiang Yang said, "Okay, I'll take the time to go to the imperial city and meet my benefactor Fang Qian."

     Zhang Zhihai’s program was taken down, and now the Hesheng TV station wants to open a new column. Ma Laishun definitely wants to make another column himself, but Jiang Yang feels that his column is going to be given to Fang Qiang.

      repay sb's kind acts, you should be like this. Fang Yuan recommended herself to CCTV, and Jiang Yang reported back to her and asked her to host the housekeeping queen who had been well received in her previous life.

     "Since you go out on your own, then I will save a lot of trouble. I don't think this matter is in a hurry, just wait for you to finish recording the third episode of King of Mask Singer."

     There are only more than 20 days since the Spring Festival Gala in 2006, and now CCTV's Spring Festival Gala is estimated to be in the final stage, and in a few days, rowing may begin.

     After three gangs, bad shows will continue to be withdrawn. Jiang Yang decided that after the third episode of King of Mask Singer was recorded, he would immediately be in the imperial city.As for the Spring Festival Gala show, he also let Li Xuexue connect with the Spring Festival Gala director Jiang Wen first, and then he can directly review it.

     "I will help you stare at the Spring Festival Gala. What I am more concerned about now is, what do you decide to sing in the next King of Mask Singer? I believe many people are also looking forward to the next performance of the Walker."

     Jiang Yang knew that Miss Dong's song was a relatively niche song. He had already prepared to lose before, so after Miss Dong, he felt that the game had just begun.

     "In the next game, I will choose a song that is close to Miss Dong's style. Anyway, there are three games to lose, and it doesn't matter if I lose the next game." Jiang Yang said indifferently.

     "Jiangyang, you are too confident, in case you lose again in the third game, I still suggest that you sing a song that you are better at in the next game, just take the tiger's mouth you have sung, or take a little love song. Come out, I think it can impact the current singer."

     Jiang Yang shook the head, he already decided on the track for the next show, and no one can change the decision he made. "Li Xuexue, don't persuade me anymore. I will still stick to the style and follow the path of folk songs. The next song is still simpler and simpler than the previous one, simple and unadorned. I can predict the result of the next week, I guess. It won’t be too different from this week’s results."

     Jiang Yang's wayward Li Xuexue had already learned it. Seeing his firm attitude, Li Xuexue didn't say much.

     However, Jiang Yang probably lied. It is also a folk song. The song under Jiang Yang was much hotter than Miss Dong in his previous life.

     Because it was too late, Jiang Yang was inconvenient to say more. After sending Li Xuexue to the hotel, he also hurried home.The next day, Jiang Yang was going to sing the song on the third issue of King of Mask Singer. He practiced it several times. It was still a folk song, still in this style, and still performed it in a simple way that the audience felt.

     After singing it a few times, Jiang Yang felt that it would be better to add the flute to this song. Yes, in the middle interval, add a flute solo.

     Thinking of this, Jiang Yang called Teacher Su Tian.

     Su Tian mixes in the music circle. He knows many instrumentalists and a teacher, not only the flute and clarinet, but also the erhu, matouqin, and many instruments he can handle with ease. Knowing that this teacher is a good friend of Su Tian, Jiang Yang asked Su Tian to invite the teacher.

     Su Tian promised to call him over to teach Jiangyang Musical Instruments today, and the latter set off immediately to Su Tian's music studio.

     Because there was something to deal with in the temporary stage, it was already over two hours after arriving at Su Tian's studio. When Jiang Yang arrived at the door, he saw an artist in his fifties stroking a matouqin.

     First of all, the horse head fiddle is very sensational. The head of a horse roaring, although it is only a head, can imagine the kind of wanton his four hoofs flying in the air. Carved out the charm.

     The artist is playing that goose.

     Hongyan is the masterpiece of Husleng. It is also an episode of the TV series "Heroes Returning from the East". This Hongyan song is profound and profound, with Mongolian music characteristics.This is a classic piece belonging to nomad ethnicity. At the beginning of the creation, it was accompanied by matouqin. Although there were many other versions, there were many instruments later, but only the red goose played by the matouqin was the most flavorful.

     The artist pulled the bowstring, the string rubbed against the pony tail to make a beautiful sound, watching his fingers switch freely and skillfully on top, Jiang Yang almost looked silly.


     When the tune was drawn, the artist followed and sang it: swan goose lined up in the sky, the river grew yellow, the autumn grass was yellow, and the piano sounded sad on the grassland.

     sounds amazing!

     Jiang Yang had also heard this song in his previous life, but he did not have the excitement at this moment. The vastness of the grassland in the song, under the sound of the piano, you can see when you close your eyes, and people suddenly think of Bai Juyi. The song "Farewell to the Ancient Original Grass": Liliyuan’s grass, one year old and one withered, even a prairie fire cannot destroy the grass-it grows again when the breeze blows.

     This swan goose is drawn ingeniously and slenderly. Through this drawing, Jiang Yang knew that this one is definitely a master.


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