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361 Chapter 357, The Acquisition Of UTV? (Recommendation Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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words exceede 5100"Teacher Hu, let me tell you, Miss Dong's folk song is simple and simple, and it can be regarded as a folk song conforming with the norms of society. With the folk song wind blowing in the 90s, today's music market is pop music single hand covers. the Heavens. But I firmly believe that folk songs are still one of the most heart-warming music, so I still want to sing folk songs in the next issue. Calling you, I also want to add a paragraph to the song I want to sing Playing the flute."

     Hu Yulin nodded: "Young man, I want to learn the flute. Of course I welcome it. I wonder if I can listen to the song you will sing in the next show."

     Even if he was studying, Hu Yulin wanted to help Jiang Yang to advise him.

     "Of course, teacher, I'll use the guitar to play this song for you first."

     Jiang Yang performed Nanshannan, who was fashionable for a while in the Voice of China in his previous life. This song was not available in 2006.

     Miss Dong is an experiment of Jiangyang's folk songs, but he opened the door of folk songs and stepped in.

     And for this second song, he must make this stage remember the walker and remember that the ballad does not die.

     He will be the defender of new folk songs.

     This song Nanshannan, in the previous life, it was a song sung by Ma Di, the founder of the folk song organization Sesame Youye, and it was written and composed by Ma Di himself. The song is Ma Di's first officially released single. Although this song was released in 2014, it took him three years to create this song.

     The whole song is full of poetic and artistic flavor, and the classic melody of this song lies in its use of piano, violin, and wooden flute. After instrumental music is coordinated, the music becomes beautiful and picturesque.Jiang Yang quietly sang this song Nanshannan. Su Tian knew Jiang Yang's creative ability, so he was not too surprised by the amazingness of his new song, but after Hu Yulin heard this song again, he was already a little unbelievable.

     This song surpasses many folk songs in this World. It can be said that it is a very nice song. Its melody is sad and long, and the lyrics are full of pictures.

     This kind of music, as Jiang Yang said, if combined with the sound of flute and piano, it will definitely turn this song into a very beautiful piece.

     Hu Yulin's heart was moved, and he decided that after teaching Jiang Yang Dizi, he hoped that he would be lucky enough to play this Nanshannan with Jiang Yang.

     In the afternoon and evening that day, Jiang Yang followed Teacher Hu Yulin to learn to play the flute. Dizi Jiangyang has a foundation in his previous life, and it is relatively easy to learn.

     After a day of study, Jiang Yang mastered Nan Shannan's performance and bid farewell to Hu Yulin. The wind at home that night was very cold, and the night was dark, but there was a ray of light. In his heart, Jiang Yang pointed out the direction!

      On the third day after the second episode of King of Mask Singer was broadcast, the influence of the program continued to ferment, the most obvious of which was the profitability of Peacebird and Elion title sponsors.

     In the two phases of publicity, King of Mask Singer has spread out their brand effect, especially for Peacebird clothing. The stars helped to make clothes hangers for free, making this not-so-hot brand enter the national audience's vision for a time.

     Because the quality is not bad, and the design is also very novel, the 2006 Peacebird clothing suddenly rises across the country. Xia Zhiguang never expected that he invested 10 million yuan and he got such a big return.When advertisers continued to earn revenue and brand benefits continued to increase, many advertisers came to the door again. Jiang Yang increased the price and signed contracts with several advertisers. This time, his team and Taili made a pot of money. Full.

     In the previous two days of rebroadcasting and rebroadcasting in a rolling loop, major colleges and universities, especially the Academy of Arts in Shijiazhuang, He Province, launched a lively discussion about one of the songs of Masked Singer.

     Strangely speaking, this song is precisely Miss Dong of Walker.

     Ms. Dong’s song was not popular among many people at the scene. However, at the Academy of Arts, this Ms. Dong has aroused the resonance of many students. To them, this song is so nice.

     Its tune is very simple, but because of this simplicity, when you hum, you open your mouth and the degree of singing becomes very high.

     Compared to parallel lines, or Because of Love, Miss Dong's sense of story is stronger, and the sense of talking is easy to enter.

     It can be said that this is completely a sad and helpless story of an inferiority man who likes a girl whose one condition is superior to him.

     Younger songs spread across the campus, and more campus men and women listened to this song, which touched their hearts.

     Especially the sentence I fell in love with a wild horse, but there is no grassland in my home

     This makes me feeling despair Miss Dong

     This lyrics allows students to tell girls as a golden motto for pursuing girls. And girls will playfully say, I am not a Mustang, sorry.

     Then the boys continued to talk, so sad, strangers please give me a Lanzhou.Every lyric of Miss Dong seems to have become the mood of young people nowadays, and is a perfect portrayal of their lives.

     And on the Internet, there was also an imitating and falling in love with a wild horse, but there is no grassland sentence in my home.

     In Tieba, on Weibo, on deduction, and on the website, there was a rush for sentence making.

     Some people wrote like this: I fell in love with a small fish, but there is no sea in my house.

     Fall in love with an eagle, but there is no sky in my house.

     Fall in love with a train, but I don’t have rails at home.

     Fall in love with an airplane, but I don’t have a runway at home.

      Unconsciously, the charm of this song by Miss Dong is gradually being sniffed out, just like the late flowering period, it is opening, and its taste is slowly spreading, and it also allows the creator of this song, the walker to board for the first time Hot search.
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