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362 Chapter 358, Luo Yiming's Attack (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The current UTV video is not so majestic. In a 160-square-meter office rented in Beijing, dozens of people are performing the story of desperate Saburo.

     The company has no idlers.

     Except for the two business development staff, the rest are technical backbones.

     Among them, the two brothers Huang Debiao, Huang Dehu, and Longjiang all have shares in Youshi. At the beginning of the company's establishment, they were also the first dynasty veterans.

     Compared with Pan Riting's absolute leadership position, the three also have a certain right to speak in the company. In fact, this time he took the initiative to invite Luo Yiming, and these few also put pressure on Pan Riting.

     After all, if it goes on like this again.

     UTV video has no content docking, and the traffic is not good, sooner or later the pill.

     As for Shangteng Entertainment under the control of Luo Yiming, he has created phenomenal variety shows such as Good Voice, Reader, and Unlimited Challenge.

     Nowadays, King of Mask Singer is recruiting a video site that broadcasts copyrights on the Internet. UTV must seize the opportunity to hug Luo Yiming’s thigh.

     In addition to Pan Riting, the Huang brothers and Long Jiang participated in this negotiation.

     In fact, before Luo Yiming came, the four members of UTV Video had been stunned. The Huang brothers advocated selling UTV Video. Longjiang wanted to cooperate with Luo Yiming, but Pan Riting refused to work for Luo Yiming. .

     After sitting in the meeting room, the small talk started, everyone was very happy.

     Luo Yiming is also accustomed to talking in a comfortable environment. When Luo Yiming is about to broadcast King of Mask Singer to Ushi Video Network, the others are very excited.

     Only Pan Riting appears cautious and solemn.Pan Riting owns 40 percent of the company's shares, and the other three occupy 60 percent. In fact, Pan Riting is also very clear.

     If all the other three reach an agreement with Luo Yiming, he will be emptied.

     In the end, even if he didn't want to, UTV had to change his surname to Luo.

     He is not a fool. In today's negotiation, it is correct to try to be in a trench with them, if there are differences and contradictions.

     Then, I have to discuss it with a few brothers, and we must not let Luo Yiming take advantage of it.

     Several people smiled and showed good to each other, but inevitably there was a dike.

     However, this defensive heart gradually weakened in the mutual chat.

     From today's variety shows, the film market and several shareholders of UTV, Luo Yiming has become famous in recent years as if enumerating one's family valuables.

     Including the video operation, industrial layout, building the platform into a real output factory, and the other TV stations, Management Agency becoming the supplier, Luo Yiming's thinking has benefited several people a lot.

     Pan Riting didn't participate much in these chats. He always felt that Luo Yiming would talk about the acquisition in a moment.

     But after talking over an hour and watching it's about time, Luo Yiming got up directly from his seat.

      "All right, it's late today, I will go back first."

     With Luo Yiming's voice, Pan Riting directly fainted.

     go back?

     This... Is this the end of the conversation?

     Long Jiang had the same ideas as Pan Riting, but he and Luo Yiming had a very pleasant chat, and he also discovered that Luo Yiming was good at running a video company.In fact, he was ready to agree to cooperate with Luo Yiming.

     Unexpectedly, Luo Yiming didn't even say.

     The Huang brothers are impatient. At least, the cooperation with Luo Yiming hasn't been finalized yet. He can't bear to let go of this fat duck.

     "Mr. Luo, isn't it... Are you leaving now? Sit for a while... We haven't talked about cooperation yet?"

     Luo Yiming smiled: "Didn't you say that, King of Mask Singer's network exclusive broadcasting rights are for you. The copyright broadcasting cost of my Unlimited Challenge is 100 million. As for you, it's about half, 50 million... "

     Luo Yiming’s 50 million is a very cheap price. However, UTV now can’t even get 50 million.

     A few of you look at me, I look at you, they know that Luo Yiming takes care of them.

     However, you have to have money.

     The company still owes a large amount of foreign debt to the bank.

     "No? Well, then I will only charge you ten million. Ten million will be broadcast to you alone, but I will charge half of your platform advertising revenue."

     Brothers Huang Debiao and Huang Dehu are happy, which is almost equivalent to catch a white wolf empty handed (profit without investing).

     Compared with these two technology shareholders, Pan Riting and Long Jiang both know that Luo Yiming is willing to help Youshi Video so much, that is absolutely necessary.

     Half of the advertising revenue is small. As long as it is achieved through cooperation, King of Mask Singer will be able to trap UTV.

     After such phenomenal variety shows become popular, in the future, it will be difficult if UTV does not cooperate with Luo Yiming.

     Pan Riting felt inappropriate.

     But after consideration, Longjiang agreed to this model.

     The Huang brothers also raised their hands in agreement.Regardless of the company's current situation, Pan Riting could only close one eye and acquiesced to them to show the wolf into the house.

     On the same day, Luo Yiming signed a contract with the other party.

     The contract was drawn up by Luo Yiming for the company’s legal affairs. In view of the fact that UTV doesn’t have any exclusive programs, Luo Yiming not only introduced King of Mask Singer.

     He also used all his previous programs, including those he collaborated with TV stations, to broadcast on UTV.

      The call by the glorified name of is said to fill in the blanks of the website. Thus, Luo Yiming also divides the investment revenue of these programs by half.

     Only at this time did Pan Riting and the others know that they had fallen into the pit.

     But what Luo Yiming said is very reasonable. It seems that people fill the content of the Internet, find resources, and evenly divide the income with you.

     That's it, several big shots boarded a pirate ship of UTV.

     Without knowing it, Luo Yiming became a major shareholder of UTV, and became the content and resource provider of the video.

      After King of Mask Singer, Luo Yiming will have other shows. He used UTV to make money with his brothers in the early stage. It is certain that the other party does not object, and when the resources and content reach a certain amount.

     At that time, in addition to taking half of the proceeds from the advertisement, Luo Yiming, the great Buddha, will really be easy to send away.

     The simple truth is that content is king.

     As long as he enters UTV, Luo Yiming's power will slowly erode. After a while, Luo Yiming believes that he will become the actual controller of UTV Video.At that time, it was not Pan Riting who came to negotiate terms. He could only accept the game character he set for him.

     This time, Luo Yiming can be described as Plentiful Rewards.

     In the third phase of King of Mask Singer, Luo Yiming asked technical engineers to connect with UTV's technical staff.

     He also announced on the King of Mask Singer official website that the third phase of King of Mask Singer will be broadcast simultaneously on UTV.

     And provide the download place of UTV’s APP software below.

     The broadcast on the Internet will divide a portion of the TV ratings, but for Yu Luo Yiming, that is not important.

     The TV station does not belong to oneself, and now it is a serious matter to stir up UTV video.
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