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363 Chapter Three Hundred And Fifty Nine
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Students from major colleges and universities are waiting for this news from Luo Yiming, joy from heaven. Of course, friends have to download UTV video.

     However, after the college students downloaded it, they also had a doubt.

      Why not is Sohu video?

     Or, why Luo Yiming didn't choose video sites such as Tudou and Youku, but found such a small company not found in the classics.

     The students are discussing in the post bar and forum. The senior management of UTV naturally saw this information.

     To put it bluntly, they thought they had been deceived before and were bullied by Luo Yiming, a big bad wolf.

     The cruel facts tell them that if this is not the case Luo Yiming settled in in time, UTV Video would never survive.

     In the video market, the sooner you capture users, the better. When everyone has formed a viewing habit, video companies that come in two years later can only be ashamed.

     UTV must rely on Luo Yiming's content resources to seize the market and users.

     After they woke up, they slowly and psychologically accepted that UTV has a new boss, this boss and Pan Riting, currently one is the platform boss and the other is the big boss of the content side.

     In contrast, the platform is actually worthless, and Luo Yiming can also build the platform himself, and the content is valuable.

     Technical backbones, who study technology, feel that their platform is not important.

     But he didn't know that what Luo Yiming liked was the technology of UTV.Technology is the primary productive force. For Luo Yiming, he can get the content in minutes, but he can't get this technology. He has to buy UTV or other video sites.

     On the evening of July 13, the third phase of King of Mask Singer arrived as scheduled.

     Tens of millions of audience friends have been guarded in front of the TV, waiting for the battle for the king of singers tonight.

     At the same time, the UTV video is on the computer side and the mobile phone side has also started live broadcast simultaneously.

     After the unveiling of Li Jian's glory last week, another replacement singer came this week.

     There was only a bit of news from the outside world for the replacement singer. It is said that he is a singer from Taipei and a very good singer. The rest of the information is completely without.

     Perhaps it is the reason for the success of the musical poet's unveiling. The name of this supplementary singer "Three Lanes of the Plum Flower" is also very poetic.

     The host Yuan Chengjie appeared on the stage wearing a mask. After briefly reviewing the battle last week and the battle of the other five singers, he announced the opening of King of Mask Singer tonight.

      Three Lanes of the Plum Flower took the stage under some dim lights. Hundreds of spectators in the garden cheered to welcome the singer on stage. When the lights were standing in the center of Three Lanes of the Plum Flower, they suddenly turned on.

     For a while, the splendid and wide stage made the audience cheer.

     This is the top music competition stage in the country. Whether it is lighting, music, display, or layout, it is of the highest level.

     This is the best domestic music team, band, almost in the past life, many music variety shows are their familiar faces.

     Today, in this game, Luo Yiming will play.Li Sisi had made an appointment with Luo Yiming a long time ago. She went to the garden after get off work to watch Luo Yiming's wonderful performance in the villa of the garden tonight.

     Luo Yiming went downstairs to the TV station at four o'clock, and then went to visit three people in the station.

     The first one is Director Zhao Liyong.

     He is the program development office, and he has a little right to decide the selection of new program hosts.

     Luo Yiming is very familiar with Director Zhao, and asked Director Zhao to think about himself when he has a new show. In fact, Luo Yiming is also paving the way for Li Sisi.

     Second, Luo Yiming met with Zhu Jun.

     He is a long-established host of the Spring Festival Gala, standing strong without falling for n years, as long as he is the young host he mentioned, the stage of the Spring Festival Gala cannot run away.

     Luo Yiming deliberately told about Li Sisi's relationship with him, and asked Zhu Jun to keep it secret, and then helped to take care of Sisi.

     Zhu Jun and Luo Yiming still know better. If Sisi is his girlfriend, he will help him by the way and befriend Luo Yiming. This doesn't have any harm to him.

     The third, Luo Yiming went to see the director of the single station.

     He didn't say anything, just put a box of his favorite tea, and tasted tea with him.

     Then Li Sisi returned to the garden.

     After dinner, and not long after turning on the TV, King of Mask Singer started broadcasting.


      The first song of Three Lanes of the Plum Flower began in everyone's expectations. He sang the sound of the waves as it was, but his singing style was not at all magnificent.

     As the first two sentences of the song came out, Zhou Jielun of the judges immediately guessed that the singer was the younger brother who was already a hit in Taipei."Brother, this singer is definitely the younger brother."

     Zhou Jielun exhaled.

     Eason also knew Fei Yuqing, but he didn't have the voice of Zhou Jielun who wanted to cooperate with Fei Yuqing yearn for sth day and night.

     He said: "You are so sure, don't listen to it again?"

     "No need to listen anymore, I'm too familiar with this voice." Zhou Jielun said with confidence: "This year, I plan to collaborate with my brother on a Chinese style song. I think my brother's singing is very Chinese style. That's right!"

     Wang Fei, Lin Junjie, Han Hong and Li Jian were all silent.

     Fei Yuqing can be said to be a singer with very personal characteristics in music. When he sings, his signature move look up to the sky, which is also imitated by many younger generations.

     Besides, his voice is so long that most people can't sing.

     Afterwards, the whole song was finished. Although he tried his best to restrain this time, the very recognizable voice made him guess as soon as he opened his voice.

     The little brother is wearing a mask, but the face under the mask has long been embarrassed.

     He didn't want to, King of Mask Singer, playing with masked stalks.

     The mask is still on, I was guessed so quickly, this is a fart!

     In this way, the mask on King of Mask Singer's face is useless, and this is not the end.

     Fei Yuqing was embarrassed.

     Don't know what to do.

     Fortunately, the show team asked Fei Yuqing to come, is also not at all, I really want him to have that sense of mystery.

     In fact, what the crew fancy is precisely his ability to make variety shows.Teacher Fei Yuqing is a senior in singing, so after knowing his identity, the six judges very possibly might help him become the king of singers. After listening to the song of Teacher Fei Yuqing, I believe the audience will be shocked by his lofty and distant voice.

     In this way, Fei Yuqing can enter the jury after his face is revealed, and his humorous laugh will allow King of Mask Singer to add another point of view of the masked singer.

     Everything is in anticipation, the replacement singer finished singing, and then the pressure on the singer Wuming who wanted to pk on stage doubled.

     Zhang Zhaoshan was able to participate in the King of Mask Singer, he knew that Luo Yiming had treated him favorably.

     Although his songs are well sung, on such a large stage, Zhang Zhaoshan is somewhat anxious in every issue, otherwise, he might reveal his face in the last issue.

     But as more and more masters joined, Zhang Zhaoshan felt that the King of Song was further and further away from him, and he was already content to be able to get here.

     Ten years after singing another song by Mr. Chen Yixun on stage, the big stone in Zhang Zhaoshan's heart was landed.

     There was no accident in the duel between the two. Three Lanes of the Plum Flower succeeded and entered the second round.

     Below is the duel between Luo Yiming and Thorn.

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