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365 Chapter 361, I Am Strong, Therefore I Am Mad (see Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Nanshan, south, north autumn

     There are grain piles in Nanshan

     Sure enough, Luo Yiming broke out.

     The chorus came, and all the emotions, like volcanic eruption, gush out instantly.

     The music came up again, and the xylophone sounded melodiously, as if traveling through a valley or river. At this time, Luo Yiming's voice was traveling between Yunshan and rivers.

     South wind whispers, Beihaibei

     Tombstones in Beihai

     This is the most classic part of the entire song in the previous life.

     Luo Yiming put all his feelings here and bombed the audience for a while.

     Like a poem, a few words of lyrics came leisurely, just as Han Hong expected, at this point, finally, the whiteboard broke out!

     Putting down the playing guitar, Luo Yiming took out his flute this time and put the flute beside his mouth. Luo Yiming played Nanshannan's music.

     On one side is him, on the other side is the sound of teacher Hu Yulin’s xylophone. The flute and the piano intersect, and the sound sounds beautifully. With the embellishment of the live band, like pigeons in the square being disturbed by the footsteps of visitors, they fly together in the next second soaring.

     The sky was pushed away with a bang.

     "just perfect."

     "I have never heard such good music. Whiteboard, I will be your fan starting from today."

     "Banban, he is a musical genius. I think there is no second person in the Chinese music world who writes and sings like this."

     "Yes, it feels like he is singing with life, very emotional."The wonderful music spread its wings like a dove, whizzing in the sky, and the flute of the white board was put away.

     He picked up the guitar and walked towards the front of the stage, the sound pierced through the mask, and hit again.

     Nanshan, south, north autumn

     There are grain piles in Nanshan

     South wind whispers, Beihaibei

     There are... tombstones in Beihai

     Turning around, the voice continued.

     Nanshan, south, north autumn

     There are grain piles in Nanshan

     South wind whispers, Beihaibei

     Tombstones in Beihai

     Every time, the voice is an octave higher, the elongated voice is extremely wide, and the thick voice that penetrates through the clouds, soars infinitely and infinitely.

     It was no longer the decadence and helplessness of the previous episode, like the hope of a new life, he issued a passionate cry, he would break through the shackles of fate at once, and bravely fight for his own happiness.

     Luo Yiming is holding the guitar, and every time his hand strokes, it fits perfectly with the sound.

     And that voice made the audience follow the excitement and follow the inspiration.

     Everyone has even seen the strength of the whiteboard. He is not only a folk song that sings in a low voice, even if it is a decibel, he can also control the sharp ballad.

     He will definitely be the future leader in the field of folk songs!

     He absolutely proved it with strength, I am strong and therefore I am crazy!

     "I have to say, judging from this song, the whiteboard does sing well, he is a talented person."

     Han Hong rarely denies a person and then overthrows her own original point of view, but Whiteboard did it.

     This song Nan Shan Nan made Han Hong know the white board again. She felt that she should take back what she had said before."I take back what I said before, someone who can sing such music can be crazy, he should be crazy."

     Han Hong's evaluation drew applause and applause from the scene.

     Of course, this applause should also belong to Luo Yiming's honor.

     "In the previous issue, I said that arrogant people must excel. The song Nanshannan on the whiteboard today did not disappoint me. It sounds so good. I thought about the singers who sang folk songs in my mind. But I still don’t know who he is."

     In the music industry, Wang Fei also knows many folk singers, from Piao Shu, Zheng Jun, to Gao Xiaosong, Old Wolf, but the interpretation of this song does not belong to these people.

     Chen Yixun said: "This whiteboard is also the one that makes me most at a loss. I don't even have a slight clue now. His Nanshannan song feels more than the previous Su San song. I think it is possible that he will be with you tonight. Brother staged a peak duel."

     Li Jiandao: "When I see Iro between the two of you, both of them are people who can sing with affection. They really have a fight."

     Lin Junjie said: "I like it very much this song Nanshannan, I now have this song in my mind."

     More than that, the six judges were unanimously optimistic about the whiteboard. The audience friends at the scene, including those in front of the TV this time, also started a national discussion on the whiteboard.

     In the theater.

     Mr. Mei and his friends are watching King of Mask Singer.

     The musicians in other circles are racking their brains to think about who this whiteboard is, but Mrs. Mei looks like he sees through the world of mortals.

     "Teacher Hu Yulin is working with the whiteboard, so Lao Hu must know who the whiteboard is, come back, we must ask him carefully."Teacher Mei Baojiu smiled and said, "Looking at the momentum of the whiteboard today, do you think it would be useful to ask him? The whiteboard will definitely win this round, and if he wins the next round, he will complete the reveal. What else do you ask? ."

     What Elder Mei said was something that some people in Xiyuanzi realized later, but some people disagreed: "What Elder Mei said makes sense, but I don't think Whiteboard will become the king of singers this issue.

     "Oh, how do you say?"

     The old opera squeezed his beard and said: "You probably forgot, a little brother who was promoted in front. I know that Fei Yuqing is very influential in Taipei, and his songs are even more powerful. Duel with brother, white board It may not win."

     Another said: "I agree with this view, but I am not saying how good the little brother is. It is because the performance of the white board is not stable enough. To be precise, it is his choice of songs, and the audience's preferences are different. Can he win Song selection is also very important."

     Elder Mei didn't say anything.

     This reason is not easy for him to refute.

     Yes, Luo Yiming lost when singing Peking Opera, and this Nanshannan tune is full and mature in composition and lyrics, so he won.

     But there are not many such works, which makes it a mystery whether the next round of whiteboard can be promoted!

     After the song, the white board put away his flute.

     Bow to the auditorium.

     "Thanks to the xylophone player Hu Yulin for playing for me tonight. Thanks to all the music teachers for their cooperation, thank you everyone."

     Compared with the so-called madness of the previous time, the performance of the whiteboard this time is heartfelt and sincere. He specially thanked everyone. This tiny little action also won the favor of the audience.Suddenly, many young ladies who turned to fans emerged.

     In the previous issue, the whiteboard only caused hot searches and discussions, but now, the whiteboard has become an idol in the hearts of some audiences, and he has become a fan.

     Luo Yiming stepped down amid the applause and cheers of the audience, and whether he could become the king of singers, first of all, Luo Yiming needed to enter the next round.

     "Below is the time for everyone to vote. Three hundred public judges, each of you have the right to have one vote, and six judges, each vote in your hands counts as ten votes, a total of sixty votes. Please be responsible for your choice. ."

     "Start voting."

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