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366 Chapter 362, Jia Qing Loses
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"I have to say, from this song, Walker does sing well, he is a talented person."

     Han Hong rarely denies a person and then overthrows her own original point of view, but the walker did.

     This song Nanshannan made Han Hong know the walker again. She felt that she should take back what she had said before.

     "Yes, I said in the previous issue that arrogant people must excel, and his song Nanshannan today did not disappoint me. It sounds so good, I thought about it and sang folk songs in my mind. Those singers, but I still don’t know who he is."

     In the music industry, Wang Fei also knows many folk singers, from Piao Shu, Zheng Jun, to Gao Xiaosong, Old Wolf, but the interpretation of this song does not belong to these people.

     That's why Wang Fei was curious, who is it.

     Chen Yixun said: "This walker is also the one who makes me most at a loss. I don't even have a slight clue now. His song Nanshannan feels more than the previous song Miss Dong. I think he might be with you tonight. Brother staged a peak duel."

     More than that, the six judges are unanimously optimistic about the passer-by. The audience friends at the scene, including the audience friend in front of the TV this time, also started a national discussion about the passer-by.

     In the last issue of King of Mask Singer, although the ratings did not break through 3, it has already generated a lot of topics in the show. With these topics, once the third issue of King of Mask Singer was launched, the ratings remained high, reaching At 86, after the duel between the younger brother and the Anonymous, before the duel between Sting and Walker, the ratings have reached 96. Now, Nanshannan of Walker has completely exploded the ratings.In the first pass of the chorus, the ratings broke through 3 for the first time, and in the second pass of the chorus, the ratings have continued to bomb the station with a burst of 05, 1.

     Up to now, the ratings have soared to 23. Look at other TV stations. In addition to CCTV's programs, there are some ratings. Even Mango TV, which has always dominated the TV market, only has a poor ratings of 35.

     The mango stand was damaged, and it was King of Mask Singer who defeated it.

     In Shijiazhuang, a music studio.

     Su Tian and his friends are watching King of Mask Singer.

     Musicians in other circles are also racking their brains to wonder who this walker is, only Su Tian looks like he sees through the world of mortals.

     "Teacher Hu Yulin is cooperating with the walker, so Lao Hu must know who the walker is. Come back, I must ask him carefully."

     Su Tian smiled and said, "Seeing the momentum of the Walker today, do you think it would be useful to ask him? The Walker will definitely win this round, and if he wins in the next round, he will complete the reveal. You still ask for a ball ball."

     Su Tian’s words made a few musicians inferior. Among them, Kun Tiandao of the playing team: "Old Su, what you said makes sense, but I don’t think the Walker will become the king of singers in this episode. You probably forgot. A little brother who was promoted in front. I know that Fei Yuqing is very influential in Taipei, and his songs are even more powerful. With little brother, the walker may not win."Another drummer said: "I agree with Kuntian, but I am not saying how good the brother is. It is because the walker's performance is not stable enough, and whether he can win or not, the song selection is also very important. The previous song Miss Dong, didn’t she just lose in the first round? This Nanshannan tune is very full, and the composition and lyrics are very mature, so he will win. But there are not many such works, which also makes the travellers The round has become difficult."

     If Kun Tian's statement is a bit arbitrary, his evaluation of the fat man playing drums is much more objective. Su Tian also believes that Jiang Yang can succeed in revealing himself and become the singer of this issue. His next song is extremely important.

     But in his own place, Su Tian only knew Jiang Yang's Nanshannan, what song he was going to sing and what song he had prepared, Su Tian didn't even know.

     After the song, the walker put away his flute.

     Bow to the auditorium.

     "Thank you for tonight's xylophone player Hu Yulin for playing for me. Thanks to all the music teachers for your cooperation, thank you everyone."

     Compared with the arrogance of the previous time, Walker finished this performance and thanked everyone. This tiny little action also won the favor of the audience.

     Suddenly, a lot of roles for turning fans emerged.

     In the previous issue, Walker only caused hot searches and discussions, but now, Walker has become an idol in the hearts of some audiences, and he has already started to circle fans.

     The walker stepped down amid the applause and cheers of the audience, and Tian Yuan and Jiang Yang's double host came on stage.

     "Such good music, can everyone hear it tonight, is it fun, not enjoyable?"

     Pastoral Road."Enjoyed."


     "Below is the time for everyone to vote. Five hundred public judges, each of you have the right to have one vote, and six judges, each vote in your hands counts as ten votes. Please be responsible for your choice."

      masked "Jiang Yang" said: "Start voting."

     The vote of 500 public reviewers is in progress, and the vote of six reviewers is also in progress.

     Han Hongxu is to express his arbitrary evaluation of the walker last time, gain the upper hand by a show of strength: "I took back the misjudgment of the walker in the previous issue. He is indeed talented and can create such good music. , I vote for him."

     Wang Fei said: "The ballad is difficult. It was him who showed me the future of the ballad. I believe that he must be the one who is destined to shine in the ballad world. The ballad is not dead, proud of you, the walker, I vote for this without a doubt you."

     In the support of Wang Fei and Han Hong, the audience’s voting was conducted in parallel. Because of the influence of the judging, many people’s votes were voted for the passer. It's really inferior.

     "My ticket is for the traveler." Chen Yixun said.

     Lin Junjie said: "Vote to the walker. Your singing made me hear goosebumps today. I believe you can continue to dedicate to us good folk songs."

     Zhou Jielun said: "I give this ticket to the traveler."

     Zhang Jie more or less already knew that the stab was his junior brother Xue Zhiqian. Although the two did not communicate, they were at Shang Teng Entertainment, and Zhang Jie still wanted to encourage him."I think both of them performed pretty well, and the song of the stabbing is also very good. You all support the walker. I vote for stabbing."

     "Okay." With Zhang Jie's vote the dust has settled, the first round of voting for the stabbing and walker was over. The next second, the result was already in Tian Yuan's hands.



     The influence of Nanshannan’s song was too great, so at the moment when the results were announced, the scene almost became a concert scene of the walker. The audience chanted the name of the walker, and the host Tianyuan completely without thought it would be like this A situation, standing there, was a bit frightened by the battle.
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