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367 Chapter 363, Song Of A Big Fish (recommendation Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Won, the whiteboard has successfully entered the next round, which is worth seeing."

     "I don't know what song I will sing next."

     "I'm even more curious about the next song on the whiteboard."

     "You have ignored the Anonymous, he is actually very burning."

     UTV’s traffic was not good at the beginning. It was just college students who commented on the screen, but with the release of a few songs from King of Mask Singer, more and more people poured into UTV to watch “live broadcast”. .

     Netizens like Anonymous who are not afraid of powerful enemies, like the whiteboard of the more fights the more brave is, and like at home wherever one is, Three Lanes of the Plum Flower, which seems less eager for victory.

     I also like that after losing all three games, she still chooses to reveal her face and face the morning light of audiences who like her.

     The moment Jia Qing took off the mask, everyone hadn't thought that there was such a beautifully born girl under the mask.

     And Jia Qing can sing like this, and he is not far behind in the duel with the masters, and has also attracted many fans.

     Jia Qing left, and the stage was handed over to the three winners. Among the three, the first one to play was the whiteboard.

     Yuan Chengjie returned to the stage and asked Luo Yiming, because he knew that this second song was extremely important for the success of today's unveiling!

     "Panban, the audience listened to the song Nanshannan very enjoyable, so what is the second song you will bring today?"

     The white board said coldly: "The name of the song is Big Fish."

     "Big Fish? Is it also original?" Not only Yuan Chengjie, everyone present, including the audience in front of TV, had never heard of such a song.

     Luo Yiming nodded: "Yes."

     "Then start your competition."So when I chose this song, a bright idea suddenly occurred in the rain that day.

     In the previous life, Dayu was written by Yin Yue, composed by Qian Lei, and Zhou Shen, a student of the Voice of China, sang it live.

     He was born in the previous life from the anime movie "Big Fish and Begonia", which is its impression song. However, this song is better than understanding the relationship between the characters in the anime movie through songs.

     Luo Yiming feels that, in fact, she is a very common relationship between three people in life.

     Singing through the world of fish can bring in human emotions.

     Luo Yiming liked this song very much in his previous life, and singing the delicate emotions and the expansive and ethereal feeling of the chorus is also a big challenge for himself.

     The light dimmed this time, leaving only a beam of brilliance for Luo Yiming. Holding the guitar, slowly approaching the chair on the stage, standing in front of the chair, Luo Yiming did not rush to sit down.

     He tuned the guitar and said, "Now, please closes the eyes. In the next few minutes, please peacefully listen to me singing this song. Thank you."

     If there is a noisy sound in front of another point, after the whiteboard finishes speaking, the scene is as silent as late at night.

     A needle dropped to the ground at this time, I'm afraid it can be heard.

     The hand began to pluck the guitar, and then the live music rang.

     At the very beginning, Luo Yiming just reminded everyone to be quiet and simple. Appreciate and listen to the song below without distractions.

     Because of the big fish, this song is like a dream, close your eyes and listen carefully, you will be in it, experience it for oneself.The audience at the scene closeds the eyes one after another, the audience in front of the TV was infected, and some also closed the eyes.

     The silent waves flood the night deeply~

     Over the corner at the end of the sky

     Quiet, quiet, harmonious, and purely broken, Luo Yiming's voice came quietly.

     In Nanshannan's performance, Luo Yiming has a slightly thick, high-pitched voice, but among the big fish, his voice is very delicate, with a little sadness. After the voice came out, everyone was shocked. .

     Surprisingly, it was only for a second. After that, the gentle and tender voice and the unique and delicate voice made everyone who closes the eyes feel the sea breeze, and the big fish was swimming under the sea. Picture.

     Look at the sea and the sky, listen to the wind and rain

     Hold your hand and blow away the vast waves of smoke~


     Luo Yiming's clear gaze fell on the guitar strings, and his fingers touched lightly, as if to retain time, but time is difficult to retain, and years are easy to pass, so the song is full of helplessness.

     Combining the cello and piano of the band teacher, the tune of this song is perfectly combined with Luo Yiming's voice.

     The clean voice, from low chanting to shallow singing, to Distant and Lengthy, rich in layers and affectionate, permeates the mood of crushing the soul.

     "Whiteboard is too powerful. If Nanshannan is a peak, this song is another transcendence."

     "How can his voice and emotions be so full of emotions, and the picture feels so full."

     "Strong, I think the king of singers tonight must be his."On the network broadcast side, more and more netizens support the whiteboard, and they have joined the team to guess who the whiteboard is.

     Guess the six judges of the jury, dumbstruck.

     The energy of this whiteboard is far more than that. The song of Su San in the first scene seems to be really just a warm-up, only one snack before dinner.

     The song of Big Fish is successful, rich, and has a sense of story.

     Luo Yiming has always felt that singing is to resonate with listeners in the process of telling stories and talking.

     And this time, the audience began to appreciate the lyrics. In the lyrics, the emotion of "big fish" was sung. Isn't it the emotion of people?

     Human emotional destiny is the same as fish, entangled, lingering, helpless, sad, everything makes people feel deeply. Listening to the sound of the whiteboard, I feel that it is delicate and tragic, empty and moving.

     ……Wu Xiaodi just fell apart a week ago. To be more precise, it was her boyfriend and yet another girl.

     But Wu Xiaodi still deeply loves that guy and that guy, facing the feelings with Wu Xiaodi, he is also very reluctant.

     However, the other girl is a girl who has always been secretly in love with him, and has paid too much for him. Compared with her harshness to her boyfriend, that girl is giving, never asking.

     Listening to this song, Wu Xiaodi was silent when thinking of his feelings.

     Perhaps, she really has to think about her own reasons in the relationship between the two!

     A song can give people a kind of aftertaste and thinking, a kind of enjoyment and happiness, and a kind of regret and sadness.

     Big fish, did it.Luo Yiming put down the guitar at this time, he got up from the chair, took out the flute prepared in advance, and started playing.

     The tune of the interlude is sad, the flute is in harmony with the lips, and the flute sounds melodious.

     The white shirt was set off by the flute music, and the audience on the white board could see it, so clear and firm.

     In this music, he is the one who keeps paying, wandering in its world.

     But...Qiu swims again, he can't swim in the ocean, and Chun, what he wants is Kun, it belongs to the sky. Qiu and Chun's love is destined to be fruitless.

     Putting down the flute, Luo Yiming sang in a touching voice: "Look at you flying away to see you leave me."

     "So you belonged to Skyrim from birth."

     "Every drop of tears flows to you... to go."

     "Go back to the original encounter."

     The audience was silent in the song, and some pictures were shown on the big screen at this time.

     The morning glow is shrouded on the round roof of the earth building, making up a group, forming a troupe. The big fish swims through the blue clouds into the glowing sky, wonderful and imaginative.

     Chun jumps up suddenly, spinning in the air and transforming into a fish, then diving out of the water and returning to a human form;

     The small fish Kun grows from the glass tank of the tree to the big fish, jumps out of the water, spreads its wide wings, and soars freely in the sky;

     And Qiu looked back blankly, standing behind Chun, he shouted loudly in front of the raging water waves.

     He knew that Chun left, she could not be with herself.

     The picture is about the emotional entanglement of Qiu, Chun and Kun.Everyone just understood this time, it turns out that this big fish sings the emotions of Chun, Qiu, and Kun.

     On the big screen, the blooming branches of crabapples, the giant water column rotating straight up between the heaven and the earth, the branches of thousands of crabapples blooming, and the kun swimming across the sea of red flowers, the picture is full of story.

     In conjunction with Luo Yiming's singing, "Big Fish and Begonia", which had not been broadcast, was actually impressed by the audience.

     One is in the sky and the other is in the ocean. Falling in love is a mistake.

     This kind of mistake requires a lifetime of waiting, hoping to have a chance to meet in the future, but in the end, there is no chance, and I have to give up.

     All Luo Yiming’s hoarding emotions exploded this time, and the song’s climax also came:

     Big fish's wings are already too wide~

     I loose the rope of time~

     Let her go, this is Qiu's sigh, this is also the sigh of the white board, which has caused a sigh from the heart of every audience!

     The audience exploded, the netizens exploded, the six judges of the jury, and other singers in the background all exploded.
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