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369 Chapter Three Hundred And Sixty Five, The Daily Life Of A Young Couple (recommendation Ticket Required)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Yi Ming, are you the king of singers this time?"

     Li Sisi asked, but Luo Yiming deliberately sank.

     "I will not tell you…"

     "Say it quickly." After being sold off by Luo Yiming, Sisi with a hearty personality is even more curious. She shoved Luo Yiming's arm, but the latter is hard to open.

     "Yi Ming, if you don't say anything, I will ignore you from now on. Humph."

     Luo Yiming smiled and looked at Si Si, his eyes were bad: "Si Si, I can tell you, but you have to promise me one condition."

     "What conditions?" Li Sisi was very cautious.

     "You have to promise me first."

     Li Sisi pursed her lips: "You have to say it first."

     Despite this girl, Luo Yiming said readily: "Okay, my condition is that you kiss me."

     Luo Yiming patted his face with his hand, and then slowly leaned his body over, wishing to dedicate his entire face to Li Sisi.

     Being attacked by a handsome face, Li Sisi's heart began to stir.

     The two are boyfriend and girlfriend. It's normal to kiss each other, but after don't know why, to be almost within reach, it is difficult for Li Sisi to kiss her mouth.

     Seeing Li Sisi stunned for a long time, her cheeks were all red, and her rosy lips looked like two pale red petals that were opening.

     Luo Yiming suddenly fell on the petals like a speeding train, and quickly escaped!


     Tender and smooth.

     It seems to have eaten chocolate marshmallows.

     Luo Yiming felt extremely happy.But Li Sisi, who was stolen from her kiss, did not teach Luo Yiming this time. Her lips were pressed, as if she was also reminiscing about the sudden tenderness.

     The two didn't say much, the atmosphere was ambiguous and warm.

     The two of them watched TV at the same time, shifting the embarrassment of kissing.

      King of Mask Singer's infield, Zhang Zhaoshan sang one's heart's content, his song My Future is not a dream, he sang all the injustices, ignorance, and hard work of the first half of his life.

     The most important thing is to sing a song with sincerity. Zhang Zhaoshan used his true feelings.

     No dazzling skills, no goosebumps high pitched by Zhang Yusheng in his previous life.

     But the thick emotion is like a mountain, inspiring people who are confused like him to find confidence, find the direction of their efforts, and rush to the future.

     Anonymous’s singing ended, and the audience responded with warm applause. Several middle-aged men stood up immediately, and more than half of the audience also stood up and applauded.

     "Thanks to Wumingshi (of a singer etc) excellent in voice and expression for singing. It has been ten years since Mr. Yusheng left us, but listening to his songs is still like yesterday. Remember Mr. Yusheng’s clearness in this song Spring, sound as tough as a sword."

     "When I heard his songs when I was young, I felt, oh my god, there is such a good voice."

     "On the King of Mask Singer stage, in this brief moment, being able to use a song that my future is not a dream is my own competition song. When I sing my own voice, it is also a tribute to Teacher Zhang Yusheng."

     "Thanks to Anonymous. Thanks to Teacher Zhang Yusheng."

     Yuan Chengjie's host became more and more confident, which also made him more like Luo Yiming who once stood here."Now, the first whiteboard has finished singing, and the second Anonymous has also performed. By inviting Three Lanes of the Plum Flower on stage, we only have this last song to decide who the singer belongs to today."

     The lights dimmed, Three Lanes of the Plum Flower took the stage, Fei Yuqing held the microphone, and what he wanted to sing was his classic song, a plum.

     The winter in the north is early already left, and it is summer now, but when the lyrics of the winter plum stand proudly in the snow, it still reminds the audience of the heavy snow last year.

     Fei Yuqing's singing is very good, as long as hearing an echo in a valley.

     At the same time, his music has a strong ability to outline the picture. When singing fluttering snowflakes and the north wind whistling, the audience even felt that the wind and snow in the north was coming in advance.

     The singing of the three people all brought out their own assassin. Compared with the unknown identities of the two previous ones, this song by Mr. Fei Yuqing reveals his identity even more.

     That's right, it's the little brother.

     Cut the plum and sing, and it's time for the final vote.

     In the second round of the decisive battle, votes were cast directly from 300 audience members. Among the three, whoever has the most votes is the singer of this issue. The rules are simple and brutal.

     Yuan Chengjie came back to the stage this time.

     Today’s issue is different.

     Because of the number of votes for a while, it is very likely that the whiteboard will win. If the whiteboard has the first vote, there is no doubt that Luo Yiming will reveal the face.

     So, next, the scene that the audience faces is very probably may be. After the whiteboard was unveiled, everyone saw Luo Yiming. And this Luo Yiming's actor is not Luo Yiming.

     Will cause a controversy.To be honest, Yuan Chengjie is very afraid of facing this situation. After all, he can host with confidence because he regards himself as Luo's guide.

     But after a while, he might be stripped of this coat.

     Lost the umbrella from these three phases.

     But no matter what, what should be faced must always be faced. He also hopes to see Luo Yiming unveil his face on this stage.

     In the next second, the white board, Three Lanes of the Plum Flower, Wuming was called on the stage by Yuan Chengjie, and the three were waiting for their different destinies.

     Among the three, Luo Yiming had the most complicated mood.

     In order to hide Yuan Chengjie's identity, he created the illusion of his own presidency.

     Luo Yiming can be said to be original and ingenious in the show, but facing this moment that is about to happen, Luo Yiming is also a little nervous and uneasy.

     After all, everyone thinks that the host is himself, but it is Yuan Chengjie who is standing on the stage.

     It's me who sings.

     This is bound to cause an uproar.

     Of course, Luo expected this uproar tomorrow morning, and he had been imagining how to deal with this problem for countless days before.

     And if handled properly, there will be a wave of unimaginable climax at the scene.

     The show will also reignite.

     The ratings, in this stall, is likely to set a rating that is close to the champion Super Singer Ye.

     Everything will develop in a better direction.

     In order to enhance the hot spots of the show, Luo Yiming has been preparing for this moment from the beginning. Although he is not sure yet that he will defeat Wumingshi and Teacher Fei Yuqing, he must think well in advance."Thank you very much for the wonderful performance of the three masked singers tonight. Now that all the performances are over, the votes are counted in my hands."

     "Three hundred live audiences voted according to the second round songs of Whiteboard, Anonymous and Three Lanes of the Plum Flower, and the one with the highest number of votes will also be today's singer, and will be unveiled at this stage."


     Yuan Chengjie brightened her throat, and the audience was most looking forward to this result.

     He paused deliberately, naturally wanting an explosion on the scene.

     The audience also let him do what he wanted. At this moment, everyone was looking at Yuan Chengjie, looking at the card full of results in his hand.

     Yuan Chengjie hasn't announced it for a long time, and the audience finally can't stand it. In their hearts, they undoubtedly want to know how many votes the Anonymous has and whether he will be successful tonight.
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