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370 Chapter 366, The Single-issue Singer Turned Out To Be You (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Hurry up and announce the result."

     "In prayer, the whiteboard must succeed."

     "Little brother's plum cut is also a god, I guess some of it."

     "Brother is a singer at the level of a big Taipei star, King of Mask Singer. Everyone has guessed his identity. I think he must be successful in this issue."

     "Yeah, King of Mask Singer, if there is no difference between masking and not masking, the show would be boring, so it should be my brother."

     In the front, many viewers are still optimistic about the whiteboard.

     Considering the actual situation, it is true that there is a greater chance that the younger brother will spend a lot of money on the face.

     Netizens and the audience had a heated discussion.

     But the discussion eventually stopped after Yuan Chengjie raised the paper card in his hand.

     The result is in Yuan Chengjie’s hands. He will say: "The vote of the 300 on-site public judges voted for tonight’s championship according to their preferences. I will announce the votes of the three singers in order, in no particular order. First is Anonymous."

     Zhang Zhaoshan looked at Yuan Chengjie, very calm.

     "Anonymous has 78 votes."

     "Thank you…"

     With 78 votes, Zhang Zhaoshan is already very satisfied. At least 300 people, on average, only 100 votes per person.

     Moreover, it is not that each person will vote, the number of votes is not low.

     "I want to say here that the number of votes for Anonymous is indeed the lowest among the three, but thanks for his amazing performance on stage. Especially Teacher Zhang Yusheng’s my future is not a dream, so I listened with passion, thank you ."

     Zhang Zhaoshan said: "It doesn't matter, I will bring nice music to everyone in the next issue.""Un." Yuan Chengjie finished speaking, and continued: "Next, I will announce the votes of the remaining two singers. The number of votes for the three singers and the number of votes for the whiteboard, wow, they only differ by 12 votes. It can be said that the results of the two Very close. So, who is it won the singer of this issue."

     Yuan Chengjie be eager to give sth a try, the name is also ready to appear at the call, but the audience friends in front of the TV stared wide-eyed, and when they listened with their ears up, the fucking voice came: "A short paragraph Come back soon after the ad."

     "Mom sells batches."

     "Suppose something."

     "Bah, can you play an ad at a critical time?"

     "Damn it, I'm about to ignite, but you show me ads."

     "Please, please, the advertisement shouldn't be too long. I want to see my whiteboard to win."

     In front of the TV and the Internet, the audience had torn Yuan Chengjiesheng's heart. At such a critical moment, adding an advertisement would make everyone suffer enough.

     The advertisement once again helped Peacebird and Pepsi to promote a good one, because the advertisement time was very short, and no one changed channels.

     After a minute and a half of the commercial, he already returned to the stage of King of Mask Singer.

     "It can be said."

     "Don't sell it anymore, if you don't talk about it, I won't watch the mango stand after the fourth post."

     "The show is a good show, it's just this commercial that is annoying."

     The audience was in high spirits, and they looked forward to the final result.

     Yuan Chengjie said: "The number of votes for Three Lanes of the Plum Flower is 104, and the number of votes for Whiteboard is..."

     "Say it!"The audience at the scene could not help but stand up. They voted for this number. Of course, everyone hopes that the one they voted is the winner.

     However, tonight, the level of the three players is too high, among the best, so whoever wins and loses is possible.

      This is it makes the show very enjoyable and beautiful.

     "The number of votes for the whiteboard is..."

     The second time, Yuan Chengjie stopped again.

      At this time, the hearts of the audience became even more twisted, with a difference of only twelve votes, so I really can’t say who must have gotten the singer of this issue.

     "Say it quickly, we can't take it anymore."

     "Is it the height of the whiteboard?"

     "My little heart is about to explode, host, don't sell it anymore."

     "The singer of this issue has the highest gold content, and I can accept whoever it is."

     "I guess it's still little brother." The audience said, their eyes fixed on Yuan Chengjie.

     Yuan Chengjie finally stopped creating suspense. On the third time, he said in the loudest voice: "The number of votes for the whiteboard is 116. Congratulations to the whiteboard. He became the King of Mask Singer tonight."

     "Su San's song, Nanshannan, Big Fish, and Whiteboard used three songs to achieve a counterattack at this stage."

     "Let us greet the king moment belonging to the whiteboard with the warmest applause."

     Yuan Chengjie shouted vigorously, he was very happy.

     And those netizens who originally speculated that it might be troublesome, but also analyzed clearly and logically, have been trapped.

      King of Mask Singer has no routines. He really has no traces of manipulation by the crew. At least, the look and feel of the show is similar to everyone's preferences.Otherwise, the winner today should be the brother who revealed his identity in advance

     "The king's stage, open for you, reveal the moment, start."

     On the other side of the stage, a glittering golden door opened. After Yuan Chengjie announced the launch, a small round stage rose slightly.

     A beam of light shone on the whiteboard at this time.

     "Go to your stage of the king." Yuan Chengjie continued to render, and this time, all the audience's focus is on the whiteboard.

     And he who is it, what his appearance, is he an old man in the music scene, or a rookie, the audience impatient wants to know the answer.

     Luo Yiming walked forward with heavy steps. He won. This victory was earlier than he expected.

     But after all, there will be such a day, if you win, then the king will reveal his face.

     Luo Yiming smiled, his pace quickened, and after a running as fast as flying jump, the white board was already standing on the king's stage.

     The surrounding lights gradually dimmed, and in the center of the earth, small lights flashed, and the small stage that was highlighted for a while was as bright as day. Luo Yiming stood there wearing a whiteboard mask, and he became the only focus of the audience.

     "The King's Reveal is always open, please whiteboard the King, and honor the Reveal!"

     Luo Yiming is nodded, his hand will slowly stretch out to the back of his head, he lightly untie the rope tied behind, everyone's expectant eyes will all freeze in front of him.

     "It will be revealed right away, so nervous."

     "Who is it? I still don't have a slight clue."

     "In the Chinese music world, I still can't think of this person.""This singer, I really look forward to him, how does he look, how old is he?"

     The audience raised different questions.

     The whiteboard will take off the mask soon.

      At this time, audiences all over the country are looking forward to the unveiling, and among almost five families, one family is watching King of Mask Singer.

     However, compared to the crazy ratings that will appear the next day, at this moment, everyone is more looking forward to and paying attention to the true content of the whiteboard.

     A second before the mask was about to be removed, Luo Yiming turned his back. His tall and well-proportioned figure entered the audience's field of vision.

     He looked like someone from the back, which made some viewers shout out: "This back is very similar to our host Luo Yiming."

     A few people looked at the center stage. In the dim lights, the host "Luo Yiming" was still standing there like a bamboo pole, very abrupt.

     The audience shook their heads. He is not Luo Yiming, but just like him.

     Everyone restored their gazes and looked at the figure from behind. At this time, the white board had slowly turned around.

     What should come is still coming.

     After Luo Yiming took off the mask, he turned his face slightly.
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