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379 Chapter 375, Luo Yiming's Adaptation (recommendation Request)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Even though I have turned my head over the hills

      chatter is not my sorrow

     I have not yet seen immortality as I wish

     Lose yourself first

     After crossing the hill, I found no one was waiting

      chatter can't recall tenderness anymore

     Why can't I remember who gave me the hug last time

     At what time

     Jiang Yang moved this section of the hill to the forefront and opened it with a shallow singing method. After Li Dashan finished singing this section with a mask, the sound of Matouqin matched the sound of the band. Into.

     All of a sudden, the audience at the music scene fell into the melody.

     As for the previous lyrics, Li Dashan's voice amazed the audience. They have not fully heard the taste yet, and successfully attracted everyone's interest.

     I want to say but haven’t said a lot

     I save because I want to write a song

     Let people sing and remember lightly

     It's worth even if I finally forgot

     Maybe my life trickles down

     Luckily Huichenghe

     Then we each end

     Looking at the big river, finally dared to be bold

     Hippie smile face the difficulties of life

     Li Dashan entered the music quietly and sang quietly. He narrated the story like a story. While singing, he stretched a hand into the distance, as if he was touching something.

     His voice and music blended perfectly, cooling down the heat created by Jolin Tsai in the previous minute. He declared that he had entered his own musical time.

     Maybe we are immature

     I'm getting old before I know it

     Although the young man is still aliveI look back frequently because of anxiety

     Ignorantly ask for help

      infinite stamina over every hill

     When Li Dashan sang this, his voice was completely opened, and the chorus sung before was released again at this time. The voice was heavier, the mood was fuller, his eyes were firmer and hotter, the melody and music violently hit the hearts of the audience, especially the elderly The audience, after letting them listen to this song, their eyes slowly reddened.

     It sounds good, but it's not just what can be described with good sound. It has one type of strength, and the lyrics have one type of strength. This kind of power makes you think about life, makes you examine the way forward, and suddenly finds a pair of leading Wings, found the lighthouse in the dark night, moved forward, and became directional since then.

     During the recording, some audience members used their mobile phones to shoot, and at the same time, they sent out the first segment of the song's singing video.

     In order to avoid being discovered, more often, the video is just black and white, but the sound is very clear.

     The first performance of Shanqiu’s song was released. Although there is no live video, it was discovered by some music critics and pushed to the music base. Music Director Liu Zhixin on the music chart listened to this song. , Sensed unprecedented ripples of the soul.

     Liu Zhixin is forty-two this year. He went to Guangzhou to work hard when he was a teenager. At that time, he worked as a waiter in a hotel, brushed dishes, and worked as a construction site worker. Suddenly when he was in his twenties, there was a By chance, he learned to sing from a teacher, and then with a good voice, he entered this circle.At the age of 30, he came to a music company as the editor in charge of Later, because of his musical appreciation, he was promoted to the editor-in-chief of youngest music.

     At the age of thirty-eight, I came to the top of the music chart, a place where music leaders gathered, and I just came to observe as the deputy director.

     It took three years to stay in this position. At the age of forty-two, after a few songs were selected, it became popular and verified the ears I found again.

     Thus became this director.

     Although Liu Zhixin's life is not (of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate, there are successes and failures, which are full of tears and sorrow, and finally gain happiness and pride.

     The hills sang the feeling in his own heart. After singing for so many years, he forgot to turn his head and look back gently.

     If you are tired, you won't go to climb the hill. The hillside may not be the scenery. We do not have so much time to ask for me, rare moment, rare relatives around us.

     Let go, try to give, you will find that you can really gain more.

     Don't wait until it's like a song, turning your head back, and climbing over every hill tirelessly.

     The music chart hardly recommends this kind of secretly recorded song, but this song was discovered by him. Liu Zhixin thinks he can go to promote the song for Uncle Beard, the singer of this song, maybe, this song The success of the song can make Uncle Beard continue to live in the music circle, even if he is eliminated in King of Mask Singer.

     Liu Zhixin never felt that such a song would be weaker than the new song of the big music circles.When the throbbing and banging appeared, it was like meeting a lover for the first time, and Liu Zhixin decided to rush forward regardless of costs and gave the hill a recommendation.

     In the audition area of the music chart, Liu Zhixin also wrote a recommendation.

     I have listened to songs for more than 30 years. I rarely heard such a song that made me faintly cry. The waves in my heart were stirred up like spring ponds. I was restless and restless. Maybe, in another ten years, I can still Fortunately to have this kind of touch, but ten years now, the appearance of this song is our fortunate, we should not miss it, please listen to this song with gratitude.

     Liu Zhixin is in the music critic circle. It is golden ears and silver eyes. There is no song praised by him that is not popular. Once a song was discovered by him, then this singer suddenly became a signer from a farmer. , The advertisements continue, and the entertainment of the film is also sweet.

     The music chart is the place where Chinese singers pay the most attention. Some big guys in the music industry have heard of the serious snow on King of Mask Singer, but what the hills are, big guys said that they don’t seem to have this show. When the commentary said that this was a song from a new show just recorded and the bearded uncle sang it, the big coffees were impressed by the singer.

     But it seems that Uncle Beard has never composed a song, right?

     This hill is so highly praised by Liu Zhixin in the list. Big coffee people still choose to listen to it. Chinese singers who follow this list can’t help but click to listen. Uncle Beard’s name is also number one. Once jumped into the eyes of the singers.

     At the scene, when the singing is over, Jolin Tsai, who is the singer of this season, is planning to celebrate the victory in advance, but the changeable situation on the field makes her no time to deal with it.Refusing to listen to her opponent's song, she thought that Uncle Beard's song was not good, but the hill couldn't help but ran into her ears.

     I want to say but haven’t said a lot

     I save because I want to write a song

     Let people sing and remember lightly

     It's worth even if I finally forget

     Maybe I've been dripping thoughts for half my life

     Luckily Huichenghe

     Then we each end

     Looking at the big river, finally dared to be bold

     Hippie smile face the difficulties of life

     When Uncle Beard’s voice rushed to the time of departure, Jolin Tsai was a little surprised. She thought that Uncle Beard would continue to choose those middle-aged man. I’m ugly, but I’m very gentle and similar songs, or like those little meats that are now red. The song is the same, after chirp chirp twitter twitter, there is no trace left.

     But this song is completely different.

     This uncle should be more than 40 years old. It seems that he has been in the field of music for many years. This song matches the matouqin. The sound of many instruments is simply better than his own dance.

     Jolin Tsai listens to songs not just to listen to the sound, she listens to the music, to the emotions, because the song is perfect and impeccable because of the composition, lyrics, and singer's voice.

     Could it be that Uncle Beard will win!

     Jolin Tsai also began to be on tenterhooks.

     At the scene, Li Dashan finished singing. He didn't know how many people in the field moved because of his song, nor did he know the outfield. Someone on the music chart helped him play the song.

     All this thanks to the secretly recorded young man, just a half song of still not ended, which made Li Dashan's hills on fire.At this time, Li Dashan can only wait for the final judgment of the audience.
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