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380 Chapter 376, Win-Win (see Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     The jury, Eason seemed to have forgotten a dancer in front of him, and said to the Wumingshi: "Hill, I think this song will become popular this year. His charm is worth repeating after singing. It feels very good."

     Although Zhou Jielun liked Jolin Tsai’s performance, Wuming had to admire him this time. He said: "I guessed some singers for the previous songs, but now I find that I was wrong. His musical ability has been underestimated. Now. He should be Brother Li Zongsheng, yes or no? "

     According to Zhou Jielun's words, Lin Junjie really has Li Zongsheng's style compared to Wuming's shallow singing. He said, "Don't say it, it's really quite similar."

     "Middle-age uncle, with sophisticated voice, singing like a story. Very similar. But I don't think it is." Wang Fei said.

     "He must not be Teacher Li Zongsheng. From the previous songs and adding this song, I think he may be the same as Yiming, a clumsy singer." Han Hong said.

     Among several people, only Luo Yiming did not comment.

     Only because of this, he already knew that the Anonymous was Zhang Zhaoshan.

     His song is good, but it has not been discovered by the music circle for a long time. This until now is the loss of the music circle.

     And if the sound becomes sophisticated and nice now, it takes a long time to make a big pot, then the show is really a success.

      In whatever the case, it was King of Mask Singer who gave Zhang Zhaoshan a new life. Compared with other judges, Han Hong who was in the guessing group was curious. Since he has the ability to create the song "Mountain", why hasn't this name been popular for decades? Too!"I didn't pay attention to who wrote the lyrics and composer of this song. Compared with Wuming's singing skills, I think the composer and lyrics of this song are more powerful."

     Han Hong reminded everyone of this problem.

     Yes, singing is one aspect, but good music core and good works are the key to success.

     "Yeah, who created this song?" Li Jian asked.

     "The person who writes such a song must have a rich experience and must be an elderly person." Lin Junjie said.

     Everyone agrees.

     But no one noticed that Luo Yiming only smiled faintly on the side.

     Zhang Zhaoshan stepped down to the applause that followed. This time, Yuan Chengjie stepped onto the stage again.

     After the performance of the three singers, it is time for the audience to vote.

      This time is undoubtedly the most nervous.

     It is also the biggest highlight of this issue.

     Three hundred spectators voted for the three singers, and the one with the highest number of votes will be the singer of the show, welcoming the moment of glory.

     The remaining two can only bid farewell to the audience on the King of Mask Singer stage.

     "Dear friends in front of the TV and the audience, here is The last battle of the regular season of King of Mask Singer, and the seventh round of the final battle of King of Mask Singer. This issue will produce the last King of Mask Singer in history. ."

     "After the birth of the king of singers in this issue, we will fight the king of singers in the previous six phases, Wang Fei, Li Jian, Luo Yiming, Fei Yuqing, Sha Baoliang, and Yuquan."

     "So, the vote below is extremely important. Please also treat your votes carefully.""The voting time is one minute. The three hundred public judges on the scene cherish your precious votes. Every vote is precious to the singer. Please consider carefully for five seconds before casting your vote."

     ", start voting."

     When Yuan Chengjie counted down, the audience also cast their votes.

     The number of votes was successively collected in the hands of the live director Zhao Xiang. This time, the three people waiting in the audience were the most suffering.

     Compared to Jolin Tsai and Zhang Zhaoshan, Xue Zhiqian is relatively relaxed.

     Because the singing of the two opponents was too strong, he didn't need to look at the tickets, he knew how much, and he was promoted to no show.

     However, he felt very happy during this journey, at least, in music, he had a wonderful journey.

     In contrast, Jolin Tsai and Zhang Zhaoshan both regarded this final fight as honor and fate.

     Jolin Tsai is unimaginable what will happen if she loses. She vowed to take the Super Singer back.

     But now, the first issue of the singer has not been obtained, Jolin Tsai definitely encountered Waterloo.

     After one failure, and another encounter with the strong team in the second game, Jolin Tsai felt too confident this time.

     She never expected that in King of Mask Singer, hidden dragon, crouching tiger.

     Music in the Mainland has already risen.

     If Jolin Tsai feels bad, Zhang Zhaoshan is not sure of winning.

     His performance of the hill is more than wonderful and moved countless audiences, but voting is a very mysterious thing.Compared with Tsai's existence as a queen, many people will consider more about the issue of voting to decide whether to stay or stay.

     There are still many magic weapons that Jolin Tsai will use in the next battle for the super king of singers. Then, what about Anonymous?

     Jolin Tsai is a goddess, and Wuming is so old. After taking off the mask, can he go on?

     The 300 audience present here, the public judges, their tickets represent the audience in front of the TV, which makes their considerations more complicated.

     Five minutes, ten minutes.

     In front of the TV, it looks like a minute or two during normal broadcast, but when it can be recorded, it takes more than ten minutes.

      After fifteen minutes, the votes of 300 public judges were counted.

     And the final result was passed by Xiaoxue's hands to Yuan Chengjie, who was standing on the stage.

     Seeing the votes of the three, Yuan Chengjie felt surprised at first.

     This turned out to be the result!


     The results here have not yet been announced. Liu Zhixin and the program team have reached a consensus that they can throw this song out first.

      King of Mask Singer also wants to help the show hit songs on the music chart.

     The two be together from the first beat, and Liu Zhixin then pushed the song to the list editor. After a while, Hill won the golden recommendation on the homepage.

     In music critics, Liu Zhixin has golden ears and silver eyes, and none of the songs he praised is not popular.

     Once a song was discovered by him, the singer went from being a farmer to a sign for a lot of songs, advertisements, and movies.The music chart is the place where Chinese singers pay the most attention.

     Some big names in the music industry have heard of several songs by Luo Yiming on King of Mask Singer, and they sound really good.

     But what the hills are, the big guys say it doesn't seem to be on this show.

     When the commentary said that this is a newly recorded song from the new show, it was sung by Wu Mingshi, or Luo Yiming was writing and composing the song, the big coffees became curious about this song.

     This hill is so highly praised by Liu Zhixin in the list. Big coffees choose to listen to it, and Chinese singers who are concerned about this list can't help but click to listen to it.

     The name Anonymous also jumped into the eyes of singers for the first time.

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