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381 Chapter 377: Unknown
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     The popularity of Anonymous is rising.

     But when he was recording that day, he still doesn't have any fame.

     He is still a small character in the music world.

     Yuan Chengjie has thought that Jolin Tsai is a diva and has a strong fan base in the Mainland. It is also popular because of rewind and other songs.

     Therefore, although Zhang Zhaoshan's hills are good, he may lose the game because of his poor popularity.

     And now the result in my hand is really...a bit embarrassing.

     "The votes of the 300 public judges are already in my hands. This is the single-issue singer of the final stage of the competition. Among the three, the one with the most votes will enter the battle of the super king of singers. Sorry to be out."

     "To summarize the votes of 300 viewers, Xue Zhiqian's votes are 53 votes. Thank you, you can only go to here on your King of Mask Singer journey."

     Xue Zhiqian was not surprised by Yuan Chengjie's result.

     "Thorn. Leaving is not necessarily bad, bless you, the future music road will be broader." Yuan Chengjie smiled and blessed Xue Zhiqian.

     Then, he looked for a moment with two votes left and raised his voice.

     "Between Red Rose and Anonymous, someone will become the king of singers in this issue. In the next Super Singer contest, they have a chance to win the first season of King of Mask Singer."

     "The votes are already in my hands, let us congratulate Red Rose."

     Yuan Chengjie blurted out, and he just said it.Guess the judges of the jury thought that the host would sell off, but unexpectedly, what he said was so sloppy and sloppy.


     "Jolin Tsai is the king of singers?"


     Jolin Tsai got the King of Singer.

     This is the same as many viewers guessed.

     Yes, Jolin Tsai is the Queen of Heaven. If she is not even qualified to reveal her face in King of Mask Singer, wouldn't it be a joke in the music world. Therefore, Mango TV is only tempering and makes Jolin Tsai the singer of this issue.


     The audience yelled out their voices, because there were not a few who supported Anonymous and voted for him.

     This king of singers is controversial.

     The judges of the guessing group were also quite helpless. The last song of Wumingshi was too strong. There was no reason to lose, even though it was facing the absolute strong.

     "What the hell."

     "The hills sang so well, did you tell me that I lost?"

     "Stop singing King of Mask Singer, it's shady like other shows." The audience cries of complaint fill the roads.

     Luo Yiming, the big boss, couldn't help but want to ask what's going on.

     "...Wait, I have something to say."

     At this time, Yuan Chengjie pressed his hand, and his words quieted the noisy audience temporarily.

     The audience is also waiting for Yuan Chengjie's explanation.

     The audience looked at Yuan Chengjie expectantly. Yuan Chengjie pinched the paper card in his hand, showing the number of votes of Jolin Tsai and Zhang Zhaoshan.

     "Let me announce again..."Speaking of re-announcement, Jolin Tsai panicked. She was still enjoying the joy of promotion a second before she was in the room, so that returning to Taipei would not attract ridicule from others, but how could she re-announce now.

     The audience felt even more tricky now.

     The program group must be pressured to re-record this section.

     Yuan Chengjie ignored the discussion in the audience. The more intense the audience, the higher the ratings of King of Mask Singer.

     At this time, Yuan Chengjie was just like the director Lu Tao of I Am a Singer in the previous life. He deliberately paused for a few seconds, which was annoying.

     "The singers who won the seventh issue of King of Mask Singer are Red Rose... and Anonymous."

      "Ah?" The audience was dumb.

     "Because, both of them have 112 votes!"

     As Yuan Chengjie said, he stretched the paper card in his hand and pulled in the lens this time, and the result of 112 votes for the red rose and 112 votes for the anonymous was presented to the audience.

     That's right.

     The close-up is very clear.

     The votes of the two were even tied!

     Both are 112.

     "Oh, no wonder the host said so quickly, it turned out that the two were a tie."

     "Let me just say, there shouldn't be less votes for anonymous people."

     Everyone laughed and satisfied.

     Yuan Chengjie said: "The rule of King of Mask Singer is that only one singer can be produced in one issue, but since Red Rose and Anonymous have the same number of votes."

     "We need to discuss with the director and make a decision."

     There can only be one singer in each issue.When Yuan Chengjie went down to discuss with the director, Luo Yiming of the guessing group said: "Tonight's issue of King of Mask Singer is the best I have sung in the past few issues."

     "Regardless of whether it is Red Rose or Anonymous, the singing ability and song expressiveness of the two are very powerful. I think which one is eliminated is the loss of King of Mask Singer. I think that you can apply for both of them to be the singer of this issue.

     With Luo Yiming's words, the audience immediately applauded and clapped their hands.

     Han Hong said: "Indeed, Red Rose and Anonymous have their own strengths. Otherwise, the two will not have the same number of votes. The rules are dead. I think we can make a change for both of them."

     Zhou Jielun said: "Yes, we strongly recommend that both of them are singers."

     A few minutes later, Yuan Chengjie returned to the stage with the director's decision. To put it bluntly, Zhao Xiang followed the public opinion for this decision.

     Yuan Chengjie said: "After discussing with the director team, we made the decision to produce two singers in this issue."

     "In other words, Red Rose is the king of this issue, and Wuming is also the king of this issue."

     "Let's now applaud for Red Rose and Anonymous. Thank them for their wonderful performance tonight. Below is the glorious unveiling moment for both of them."

     "it is good."

     The audience began to cheer.

     Both the show and the audience are win-win.

     Jolin Tsai and Zhang Zhaoshan, no matter who loses, is not a good thing for the crew.

     Jolin Tsai is the queen of Taipei, and she lost at King of Mask Singer, which is not a good thing for the development of the Hong Kong and Taiwan TV viewing market.And Zhang Zhaoshan, as a new face created by Luo Yiming, he is more suitable for King of Mask Singer, who is based on the tenet of singing.

     Both can advance. For fans and for the show, it is to everyone's delight and satisfaction.

     Jolin was shocked in a cold sweat. Fortunately, it was the host’s deliberately mystifying in the end, and she was finally promoted.

     In the last round of the contest, Jolin Tsai knew that she did not have any advantage, so she was able to equal the number of votes of Anonymous. I am afraid that she also revealed her identity in advance because of the votes given by the famous audience.


     I am promoted?

     When Zhang Zhaoshan heard Yuan Chengjie said that he had also won the seventh episode of the King of Singing, and would welcome the unveiling moment of glory with Jolin Tsai, Zhang Zhaoshan’s tears landed.

     For ten years, Zhang Zhaoshan has been drowned in the music scene, and he almost forgot that singing was also his favorite.

     Time is merciless, slowly pushing him into a year when he is willing to sink, if this is not the case, because Luo Yiming, he doesn’t know whether he can still stand on the stage illuminated by fluorescent lights in this life and sing A moving song.

     He did it!

     He succeeded!

     Thank you, Luo Yiming.

     Looking at the benefactor on the screen, Zhang Zhaoshan told himself that in the future, he must work hard with Luo Yiming and sing well.

     In the next ten minutes, Red Rose and Anonymous took the stage. Under the expectation of all the people, Red Rose took the lead on the stage of the king and unveiled it in glory.

     Her crimson lips smeared extraordinarily sexy, and a red open-necked dress made her stand there, looking extremely shiny.Compared with Jolin Tsai's identity, it has been known to the audience for a long time.

     When the Wumingshi slowly walked towards the king's stage, his eyes did not drift away for a moment.

     Who is he?

     Now, the answer can finally be revealed.

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