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383 Chapter 379, Deserved Applause (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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With the sun shining warmly in the cafe, Li Sisi's black straight hair spread out like a waterfall, she was youthful and elegant leaning on the soft sofa.

     When Luo Yiming had just crossed the road and held her hand, Li Sisi naturally leaned her head in her arms. The comfortable feeling of close relation, no gap between men and women made Luo Yiming feel very beautiful.

     To be a host at CCTV is Li Sisi's dream, and to become a sister at CCTV may be Li Sisi's next homework.

     Today's CCTV, Zhou Tao still has the aura of a sister, Dong Qing through several Spring Festival gala hosting, the reputation has greatly improved. In contrast, Li Sisi of the young age is actually a newcomer on CCTV.

     This road is not easy to follow. Luo Yiming hopes to help Li Sisi achieve her dream. At the same time, in the future, Luo Yiming even wants Li Sisi to step out of CCTV and stand on a larger stage.

     And Li Sisi's potential is explored, which will help her growth.

     "It's the finals of King of Mask Singer soon, Sisi, I would like to invite you to host our finals, are you interested?" The coffee came up, Li Sisi put the sugar cubes into the cup, stirring, I heard Luo Yiming's words.

     Li Sisi raised her head, a little surprised in her bright eyes, she said, "Let me host the King of Mask Singer. I have no problem. But over there, I'm going to ask."

     "No. You just have to agree to host and I will take care of the rest!"

     Li Sisi was puzzled: "However, there are regulations in our station that the host of CCTV cannot receive programs from local stations. I think this is still quite difficult.""Difficulty? I think shouldn't have so difficult, right now, what you need to care about is that you have uninterested, if you want to host, you can."

     Li Sisi knows that Luo Yiming is capable of reaching the sky, and through the variety show of Long Reader, he has an extraordinary relationship with the bigwigs of CCTV.

     Even director Shan Zhifeng admired Luo Yiming.

     "I... I must be interested, my boyfriend's show, I must help him."

     "That's OK, then, you just wait for my notice!"

     After tasting a cup of coffee, Luo Yiming asked Li Sisi to go to the Guanyuan house to tell her something.

     Li Sisi had to work overtime in the station at night, but after she promised Luo Yiming, she returned to the station ahead of time to finish the rest of the day.

     ……Leaving from CCTV, Luo Yiming returned to Guanyuan’s home and began to practice his King of Mask Singer finals song.

     I met with Director Zhao Liyong during the day, and Li Sisi came to the King of Mask Singer to preside over things basically done.

     And the other party was so happy because Luo Yiming asked Li Sisi to preside over and kept wearing a mask without revealing her face.

     As the masked host, the audience doesn't know who it is, so Li Sisi's true identity will not actually be exposed.

     To Zhao Liyong, Luo Yiming said so.

     But why he did this, Luo Yiming actually had his later plans.

      The last issue of King of Mask Singer will kick off on the 17th of this month. The first song, Luo Yiming considered repeatedly, decided to sing exclusively for Li Sisi.

     Luo Yiming is not a particularly romantic person, nor has he done any romantic things for the person he likes.Since I have created a lot of works in the music circle, then, for the people I like, sing a song exclusively for her on the most important stage of King of Mask Singer.

     As a gift to commemorate the 48 days of love between the two.

     Luo Yiming felt that this was still quite romantic.

     The song she chose was Because of Love sung by Wang Fei and Eason in the past.

     Choosing this song, Luo Yiming wants to speak to Li Sisi, Because of Love, the two people go together.

     He wanted to use the simplest song, on the same stage, to show Li Sisi what he wanted.

     He personally cooked a table for Li Sisi, Luo Yiming tasted it, and the taste was indeed not what kind of.

     I went downstairs and packed two more dishes. By the time I got back, it was almost nine o'clock in the evening.

     The twilight was dark, the street lights were shining, but the night view of the garden was not the same. A few months ago, Luo Yiming asked a friend to bring some stones and plants from Yunnan.

     Placed and planted in the garden, the barriers of rocks and plants resemble the general existence of landscape paintings. The originally sluggish garden decorated with vigorous vitality.

     At 9:15, Li Sisi arrived at home. She was very tired. Seeing a large table of dishes prepared by Luo Yiming, her heart suddenly became warm.

     "You have been waiting for me without eating?"

     "I've been in the cycle of warming, cooling, and warming dishes. I can hardly put down my chopsticks when I watch the dishes are hot, or should I order takeaway?"

     Luo Yiming was a little embarrassed.

     Li Sisi smiled: "Why do you want to order takeaway? My boyfriend cooks for me, I will eat it no matter how bad it is.""Hurry up and serve me rice."

     Li Sisi was already sitting at the dining table, picked up the chopsticks and delivered food to her mouth.

     Luo Yiming stared at Si Si's mouth without moving. He was waiting, waiting for Si Si to say it was unpalatable.

     After chewing a few times in her mouth, Li Sisi smiled, enjoying herself: "Well, it's delicious."

     "It's delicious? You... are you sure?"

     Luo Yiming hard to believe, because his craftsmanship is really not high.

     "I lied to what are you doing. It's really delicious. It's much better than the fast food boxes I ate. It's nice to have you..."

     Li Sisi didn't seem to be a lie, Luo Yiming couldn't help feeling sad when she heard her.

     What a nice girl, but how have the years treated her.

     How many unnutritious boxed lunches she had.

     "If you like to eat, I often cook it for you, and my cooking skills will get better and better. As long as you want to eat it, I will cook it for you all my life."

     Luo Yiming felt a little uncomfortable, and turned to the kitchen to add a bowl of rice to Sisi.

     "Yiming, sit down and eat together. By the way, what's up, what's the matter?"

     "Eat first..."

     After the two had eaten, Luo Yiming took out the watch and handed it to Si Si.

     At first Si Si said she would not ask for anything. In the end, Luo Yiming said that it was a birthday gift given to her in advance, and Li Si Si took it for a difficult job.

     Luo Yiming didn’t tell her about the song he did for her, thinking about giving Sisi a surprise on the day of the game. Luo Yiming also hoped to win a championship for Sisi on that night as a commemoration of their love. .In the seventh episode of King of Mask Singer broadcast on the 10th, just like the recording, Zhang Zhaoshan successfully unveiled the song with the song "Hill". In the previous few days, in the major music charts, the famous hills on the charts, after the official broadcast of the King of Mask Singer, once drifted between the first and second places on the charts.

     Alternately with him on the list is Luo Yiming's Nanshannan.

     The poetic and picturesque songs have made Luo Yiming's status as a singer affirmed by more people.

     Compared with Nanshannan, it is more popular with young people, and the evaluation of the song by the hill is more appreciated by professional senior music critics.

     At present, the real creator of the hill is Luo Yiming has not been exposed, only a few musicians understand that once this fact is told, Luo Yiming's musical reputation will undoubtedly rise again.


     When singing this song, Luo Yiming did not want Zhang Zhaoshan to mention this. In fact, this is also where Zhang Zhaoshan felt he was sorry for Luo Yiming after the program was officially aired.

     He is also counting. In the final finals, the author of this song should be announced as Luo Yiming.

     Give Luo Yiming back, he deserves the applause!
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