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384 Chapter 380, Masked Singer Finals (recommendation Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Luo Yiming would not let Zhang Zhaoshan say that he created the hills.

     It's that he doesn't want to get involved in too much discussion.

     Hill’s song is different from other songs.

     The story and experience of this song are very rich.

     Like a singer in his twenties, writing such a song is always suspicious.

     Luo Yiming now has enough labels on his body. Prolific singer, creative talent, versatile host, variety show producer, and director.

     He wants a relatively calm and small space for self-reflection. He doesn't want to be made thoughtless remarks by those so-called music critics too much.

     Hill, this song really needs age precipitation, Luo Yiming temporarily throws out this message, and he can't bear it.

     Therefore, he chose to let Zhang Zhaoshan sing this song and bomb the music industry.

     He is behind, enjoying the success of King of Mask Singer and Zhang Zhaoshan is enough!

     In one week, the crew prepared for the finals of King of Mask Singer, and various music heroes also cheered for King of Mask Singer's own friends, making King of Mask Singer the hottest music variety show this summer.

     This music wave is not only blowing in the Mainland, but also in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, and other areas where the Chinese are located. The influence of King of Mask Singer is also unprecedented.

     Anonymous Zhang Zhaoshan and Li Jian are less famous than when they first participated in the King of Mask Singer, and they are now the most popular fried chicken in the music scene.

     And Luo Yiming, who took on a new lease of life, lost his role as a host, and has become a major player in the music industry.

     Before I knew it, August 17th came.King of Mask Singer After experiencing the heat of most of the summer vacation, the final battle of King of Mask Singer and the battle for the super king of singers also made the students who still have a half-month holiday look forward to it.

     In the evening, turn on the TV on time, and the students waited for their idol to appear.

     White-collar workers and blue-collar workers who go home at night are also looking forward to the King of Mask Singer who can relax the body and mind.

     The peak showdown in this game can be said to be the most interesting show.

     In addition to Luo Yiming, Li Jian and other new creative talents, there are also dark horses like Zhang Zhaoshan, Roaring Across the Horizon.

     In addition, the music giants, the little brothers of the Queen of Heaven, Wang Fei, and Jolin Tsai, their music is very shocking.

     In the end, the host of the Super Singer Controversy was not only Yuan Chengjie, but Luo Yiming specially invited a masked host to increase the gimmick and attention to King of Mask Singer.

     The identity of this person is kept secret, no one knows who she is.


     Li Sisi wears a mask to host the King of Mask Singer, which is also the benefit of the last super singer contest.

      For this stage, Li Sisi never thought that she could stand on top, and CCTV could allow her to host it. Li Sisi doesn't know at all, and Luo Yiming how did he achieve it.

     Of course, Li Sisi is willing to do her best for oneself boyfriends, and moreover, viewing the garden is the place where Luo Yiming's dream started.

     Here, she hopes to leave her own footprints.

     Eight singers compete in two rounds.

     In the first round of the matchup, half of the singers will be eliminated, and one of the four winners will be promoted directly.In the second round, the remaining three qualified singers PK again, and one singer revealed one's talent.

     Instead of singing again, he used the songs sung in the second round to compete with the singer who was promoted first.

     The winner will be the super king of the first season of King of Mask Singer.

     This method... was decided after final consideration by the production team of King of Mask Singer.

     In this way, no matter which singer is, he can only sing two songs on the stage. Relatively achieve fairness.

     Naturally, a singer who is promoted to reveal one's talent first has the advantage of singing order, that is, he can sing last in the second round, and it is easy to pull the audience's emotions to his side.

     Therefore, the first place in the first round is very important.

     Won the first round, in a sense, has won a small half.

     Not surprisingly, in the second round, he will continue to lead and eventually win the Super Singer King.

     "The format of the show's competition is what I told you just now." On the side of Yuan Chengjie, stood a masked host.

     She is a girl, and the audience only sees this.

     Who is she, where is she from, what is her relationship with the show crew, and will she be revealed last? The audience doesn't know at all.

     Li Sisi would say: "Now, we are going to draw the battle situation of eight singers. Pair by pair. Whoever draws the name, the singer you are fighting against is him."

     "Below, ask the eight singers to draw lots in the order in which you became the singer of the current period. The first is Wang Fei."

     Wang Fei was the first singer of the King of Mask Singer. She was the first to draw, and when she stretched out her hand, she took out a card with the names of other singers."Wang Fei drew Sha Baoliang." Li Sisi called out the name, and when she heard the contest with Queen Wang Fei, Sha Baoliang was a bit withered.

     The second is music poet Li Jian.

     Li Jian hesitated for two seconds, stretched out his hand, and handed the card to Yuan Chengjie. Yuan Chengjie saw the singer's name.

     "Music poet Li Jian vs. Three Lanes of the Plum Flower, Fei Yuqing."

     Brother is an evergreen tree in the music world, and Li Jian is Soul Singer. Both are good at affectionate. They have to play against each other, and the audience finds it very exciting.

     As the parties involved, both of them felt a certain amount of pressure.

     Then it was Luo Yiming's turn to draw lots. Li Sisi said with a smile: "The one who draws the lot next has a deep fate with this stage. He used to be a tutor for his students in another music show. Search for music."

     "Now, he is a musician, and he will show his charm as a singer at this stage. Please draw lots on the whiteboard."

     When Li Sisi was sensational for Luo Yiming, the latter's fans including the audience couldn't bear a bit.

     They like Luo Yiming too much.

     The ultimate super singer, Luo Yiming's voice is also very high. He is almost the same as the queen Wang Fei, and is considered to be the final candidate for the first season of King of Mask Singer.

     Luo Yiming stepped forward to draw lots. What he drew out was the biggest dark horse of King of Mask Singer this season, and the person he didn't want to face the most, Zhang Zhaoshan.

     Hearing that he was facing Luo Dao duel, Zhang Zhaoshan's mood was very calm, maybe everything is doomed, he didn't expect to win the championship in this period, and the opponent he faced was Luo Yiming.

     He knows better what to do.After a few groups were drawn, the last thing left was that Jolin Tsai and Yuquan automatically formed a duel.

     These two are also super-strength factions, and only succeeded at the last moment.

     Now, the two are playing against each other again on the King of Mask Singer stage, which is bound to be exciting and enjoyable.

     The draw for the duel of the eight singers is complete, and then there is a short preparation time. According to the order of the draw, the first to play is Wang Fei and Sha Baoliang.

     Then came Li Jian and little brother.

     Then there are Luo Yiming and Zhang Zhaoshan.

     Finally, Yuquan and Jolin Tsai.
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