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386 Chapter 382, The Expression Of Love
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Luo Yiming stood on the stage with the lights shining in front of him, and then Luo Yiming cleared his throat and directly sang the melody of "Because of Love".

     "Give you a CD from the past and listen to at that time."

     Psychedelic, romantic, warm and memorable voice, kneel open!

     Who doesn't know at all, that's the first sentence, Luo Yiming practiced countless days and nights.

     Not only does he look back at the singing of eason in his previous life, but he is also trying to figure out the mystery of each word.

     Can bring the listener's feelings.

     Pause, breath interval, and let the music be the best.

     He did it. In the first sentence, Luo Yiming made people enjoy the beauty of the music. His slightly melancholy eyes, matched with his voice, made people fall into the song unconsciously.

     "Because of Love, love is really great."

     "I believe this will be a romantic love story."


     "Because of Love, will not easily be sad, so everything looks like happiness."

     "Because of Love, simple growth can still be crazy for you at any time."

      Because of Love’s creation of the song is actually based on the continuation of the story of the TV series carrying love to the end, based on the emotions of male & female leads in the TV series.

     However, the story of this song is applicable to most couples and love.

     It can be said that such a song is the easiest to affect the listener.

     As long as there is a love audience, they all feel as if it had happened to oneself.

     A song that can be remembered by Time Travel is simple but the easiest to get a real touch.On the chorus, Luo Yiming didn't blindly soar the high pitch and show off his singing skills like other songs.

     On the contrary, simple and unadorned, singing only with emotion, is the most beautiful sound.

     When Luo Yiming sang, his voice was warm. Although the feeling of years in the voice was a little thin, it couldn't hide the beautiful and special features of this song.

     At first, the audience remembered that this was what Luo Yiming sang to his girlfriend. They were a little out of the way, but after listening, they brought it into the song.

     Everyone who has fallen in love has a memory of this kind of love.

      Because of Love, so you can ignore some, so you can hold back the sadness, even if the river flows upstream, still choose to love.

     Love is the most beautiful thing, and at the same time it can be the most suffocating and sad thing.

      Strength of Love is great. It is not easy to sing the joys and sorrows of love and to create stories with sound.

     "Well, the melody is beautiful, and the arrangement is great. Luo Yiming is really a musical genius." When Wang Fei listened to this song Because of Love, she has to acknowledge that Luo Yiming's creative ability is above herself.

     She rarely took the initiative to praise a song.

     Eason likes this song very much. In Luo Yiming's voice, he found the singing feeling he most wanted to find, his favorite voice.

     He nodded frequently. In the Chinese music world, Luo Yiming must be a coordinated character in the future.

     Network side.

      The fifth song of the King of Mask Singer finals finally cheered everyone up again.

     Nice, Luo Yiming's song is very nice.Not only did the song spark a heated discussion, this song "Because of Love, the heroine in Luo Yiming's song, but also widely discussed by all netizens.

     For possible girlfriends, a survey was also opened online.

     Dong Qing and Qiao An ranked first and second respectively. The other four small flowers of Shangteng entertainment company also had some votes, and the real heroine Li Sisi did not make the list at all.

     At this time, at the headquarters of Guanyuan, the employees watching the live broadcast, the artists are frying.

     Qi Wei, Jia Qing, Zhang Junmi, including Zhao Xiaoying, all have love for the boss. They only feel that they have little qualifications in the entertainment industry and are not worthy of the boss, so they have not dared to pursue it.

     Now, their boss has a partner, and a few girls are no longer good.

     Compared to Zhang Junmi and Zhao Xiaoying's introverted and shy, the eldest sister Qi Wei shouted directly: "Who took our boss, no, she must change the boss back."

     Jia Qing said: "I'm going to make a movie with my boss soon, and I still want to be in love because of the drama. Now it's okay. I've been the quick-footed climb up first. I've been in love for almost two months. Why didn't I? know at all."

     The selection of actors for the big online movie directed by Luo Yiming and starring is almost complete.

     The construction work of the crew is also in place one after another. Right now, just waiting for the end of King of Mask Singer, the main force turns around and throws in, and the film can be shot.

     Who knows, this time, Luo Dao has a girlfriend.

     Jia Qing and Qi Wei were depressed, they thought to themselves that they must carefully examine who took the boss away.

     If this woman is not even as good as oneself, they must have the masses rise to attack it.There are many female fans who think like Jia Qing and Qi Wei. The sandwich groups have long been messed up.

     Luo Yiming had a girlfriend, which also became their reason to buy drunk.

     At this time, Luo Yiming didn't know what happened. Li Sisi stood under the stage of King of Mask Singer, facing Luo Yiming's affectionate singing.

     Slowly, the inner psychological defenses are also collapsing.

     Luo Yiming sang emotionally, looking in her direction from time to time. Although she was behind the audience, many people would not notice that Luo Yiming was singing for her.

     But Li Sisi knew that Luo Yiming gave every voice to herself.

     This song, Because of Love, was written for the love between them.

     Now that Luo Yiming sang bravely, then he is ready to open love and meet the determination of this love.

     But in order to protect himself, he had to hide his name.

     For love, should I make a little sacrifice?

     "Because of Love, how can there be vicissitudes of life, so we are still young."

     Luo Yiming's singing slowly made the audience feel worried.

     This kind of love is very carved in bones and engraved in the heart.

     "Because of Love, there are still people wandering in that place, people coming, people going."

     Finally, Luo Yiming's voice ended in the melody.

     He performed the whole process with heart and sang his love story, which has infected many people. This song Because of Love has become the most popular song for the audience so far.

     take a bow.Luo Yiming bowed to the audience and friends, this time, there was unconscious applause from the audience.

     In the applause, Luo Yiming wanted to confess to Sisi and tell the world that my girlfriend is called Li Sisi.

     However, he cannot be so selfish.

     Although he would feel happy and proud, it was not fair to Si Si.

     When Luo Yiming was about to step down, the next second, Sisi from the stage walked towards the stage. She was the host, the host of the King of Mask Singer finals, so when she came up, Luo Yiming did not feel too much. Very strange.

     However, at this juncture, Luo Yiming's heart still agitated.

     "Wait a minute." Suddenly, Sisi called to Luo Yiming, who was going to step down. Looking at her full of tender feelings eyes under the mask, Luo Yiming had a strong feeling welling up, Sisi should be saying what!
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