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390 Chapter 386: The Championship Battle Begins (recommendation Ticket Requested)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"The 500 public judges on the scene, your vote is extremely important. Now is the time to vote for Jiang Yang and Li Dashan. Please choose."

     Fang Qiang’s voice said that the audience will vote right away this time, and Li Dashan said: "Please wait a minute. I have a few words to say."

     Li Dashan considered, he in the end still is to express what he wanted to say, Fang Yu hesitated for a moment, but did not stop Li Dashan.

     The audience's hands to vote also stopped. Everyone wanted to hear what he said before continuing to vote.

     Li Dashan said: "From the time I boarded on this stage of King of Mask Singer, until I finally revealed my face and became the singer of the seventh episode, some words have been hidden in my heart. At this moment, it is the last one of King of Mask Singer. Period, so I have to tell him."

     "Jiangyang, yes, these words are what I want to say to you, whether you want to hear them or not, I have to say them. If this is not the case you, I cannot stand at this stage, nor can I still be at this moment I can compete with you at the top. I must admit that you are a genius in the music world. Not only do you sing well, but also your creative ability should not be overwhelmed. Audience friends, the hill I sang in the last issue is actually Jiang Yangwei I wrote the song, so I rely on the hill to ascend the current seat of the king of singers. However, if there is no that song, I would not stand here at the moment. I said that this is not to express anything else, or to Jiang Yang, my most sincere thanks to my opponent. Okay, I'll just say so much."

     Li Dashan was emotional when he spoke, and when he told the audience that the hill was actually created by Jiang Yang, everyone was shocked again.The song "Hills" can be said to be very flavorful and never tire of listening.

     He is more like an elder, telling stories to young people diligent and never slacking.

     However, such a song full of telling and admonishing tastes was actually written by a 19-year-old boy, Jiang Yang, is it really not a genius in the music world?

     Such a genius is not only working on pop music, popular, ethnic, and folk songs, but now he is also committed to the revival and inheritance of traditional Peking opera. He has exhausted all his strength to work hard for the national and national quintessence culture. The votes should support him.

     The audience who originally wanted to vote for Li Dashan changed their minds again, because Jiang Yang's songs belong to a broader world, and Jiang Yang's responsibility is heavier. This time, he should be pushed.

      Without too many consideration, the audience's votes have been selected. Jiang Yang has something to say, but he has no time at all.

     "Okay, the voting of the 500 public reviewers is over."

     After the advertisement, Tian Yuan received five hundred public reviewers to vote for Jiang Yang and Li Dashan's. This result is a little surprised.

     But because both of them have good strength, in fact, whoever wins can understand.

     "Jiang Yang, a piece of Su San Qi Jie, sang a national Peking opera. He conveyed the image of Su San in the opera very concretely and profoundly. Peking opera sings with a master demeanor. Li Dashan, the sung is Teacher Luo Dayou The famous song "Drinking Dry Drinks". This song is about the story of a dumb grandfather and her singer and granddaughter. It's very touching, and it's also played by Li Dashan.""I personally like the two performances very much, so no matter which one advances, I believe that the audience friends will be able to accept it as well as me. Below, I will announce the result of the match.

     Tian Yuan looked for a moment paper card, afraid of saying the wrong number of votes, when he finished watching, he raised his head to face the audience.

      This time, not only was the audience holding their breath, but in front of the TV, the audience friends did not dare to catch their breath.

     This duel can be said to be the closest in strength, but at the same time the most beautiful and most enjoyable duel. And the winner of these two people is likely to be the one who competed with Faye Wong for the championship.

      King of Mask Singer's super king of singers will naturally have a place in today's music world. The program itself has a high degree of attention. After the program is over, many Record Companies and even Film and Television Company may vote for it.

     "Jiangyang to Li Dashan."

     "Jiangyang has 219 votes."


     Following Tian Yuan's 219 votes in Jiangyang, Jiangyang fans, including Li Dashan's heart, were thumped.

     Five hundred public judges, 219 votes, this number of votes does not account for half, and it is nearly 20 votes lower than half, so this number of votes very probably may be lost.


     At the scene, a Jiangyang fan's tears fell after a brief mention. He wanted to say something, but Li Dashan's did sing very well.

      Jiang Yang, the idol of including yourself, also stands for him, so that he can say something.

     "If you lose, you lose. Li Dashan is also a good singer. We don't cry. We have to be as strong as Jiang Yang." Another Zhong Fen said."Yes, although we lost in this duel, we are honorable even in defeat to be able to use Peking Opera to beat the opponent."

     "Hey, what you said is so true, but it seems that Li Dashan's ticket hasn't come out yet?" A fan in the front row turned his head back, he was upset that the people behind came to conclusions so quickly.

     Everyone, nodded, continue to look at the garden. Even if you lose, you still have to hear the number of votes in the garden. Only then did you realize that one step was missing.

     "Li Dashan's number of votes was 216. Therefore, Jiang Yang defeated Li Dashan with a slight advantage of three votes and successfully advanced to the second round. However, the two people's votes are very close, only three votes difference, so we congratulate Li Dashan as well. , You are also an absolute hero in this arena."

     Hearing that he had 216 votes, Li Dashan's heart was unusually safe. He smiled, and he was satisfied with the result.

     Jiang Yang can finally attack the champion.

     Yes, compared to fighting Wang Fei with a song that is not extremely certain compared to the next round, Li Dashan thinks that the more favorable contender for this championship is Jiang Yang.

     He sweep everything before one in the world of music, he is covered with glow, he should be the one who can pick the most dazzling starry sky.

     This victory should be his.

     "Bless you, Jiang Yang."

     Li Dashan approached Jiangyang and immediately smiled and stretched out his hand to send blessings.

     Jiang Yang's hand was on Li Dashan's chest. When Tian Yuan was worried that he was going to have another moth, Jiang Yang held Li Dashan in his arms.

     "We need to hug each other."I hugged Li Dashan for ten seconds, and watching the two people hugged tightly, the audience, Jiang Yang's fans cheered again.

     Even some people's eyes were red.

     This victory, this duel, is too rare and too touching. On the one hand, they have brotherly emotions, on the other hand, they are passionate about music and each other.

     After the hug, Tianyuan said: "All right, belongs to Li Dashan's music time is over, this stage, go well."

     Just as Li Dashan smiled and was about to step down, Jiang Yang said, "Li Dashan, remember, flowers are not fully open in spring. So happiness and music are not all on the King of Mask Singer stage. At this stage, your music ends Yes, but if you go out to a broader music world, your future has just begun. Come on."

     Li Dashan looked back, facing Jiangyang extend the arm, and shouted: "Jiangyang, my music dream at this stage is not over yet, you are mine good brother, I want you to help me win the championship."

     Jiangyang nodded, champion, champion...
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