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391 Chapter 387, Champion Ownership (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     At this time, the King of Mask Singer already arrived an **, the episode in front, the feedback ratings are also the highest ratings since King of Mask Singer.

     Excluding the broadcast volume on the network side, the ratings of King of Mask Singer in this issue have already broken 4.

     The ratings are very fearful. After the online live broadcast started, it can still break the 4-character mark, and other satellite TVs almost to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up.

     Luo Yiming successfully advanced into the second round. He carried Zhang Zhaoshan's hope. At the same time, the emotions of Luo Yiming's fans were also inspired.

     The next vote, the duel between Yuquan and Jolin Tsai, ended in Jolin Tsai winning.

     Among the four promoted singers, Wang Fei's 363 votes are far ahead. Therefore, she can sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight briefly. After the three showdowns, the one with the highest number of votes will pk with herself.

     The winner does not need to sing another song. In a sense, as long as Wang Fei surpasses the performance of the previous song in final moments, she will be the last super singer of King of Mask Singer.

     Due to the excessive sensationalism in the show, the live broadcast time has been somewhat out of control. Li Sisi has experience in this aspect and tries to speed up the rhythm of the game.

     second round.

     Li Jian sang first.

      This time, he took out a song that he liked very much, Crescent Spring.

     Compared with those prolific singers, or senior music stars, Li Jian's own songs are not many, except With You Forever, other songs do not have much resonance with the audience.On the most important stage, Li Jian chose Yueyaquan to sing his poem-like feelings.

     Compared with Li Jian, Luo Yiming is more prolific in music in this World. At least he has produced a dozen good songs.

     Various styles are available.

     After Li Jian sang, Luo Yiming is the next one to sing.

     Secretly said to himself cheer, Luo Yiming was ready.

     Compared to the previous one, I chose Because of Love which was sung for Sisi. Luo Yiming's second "song" is completely different.

     He is the mainstream pop music, moreover, has a different taste from other songs.

     Once this song was sung in a previous life, it gained a large number of fans with his good melody and lyrics.

     What's more, the youthful sadness, sorrow, and thinking about life in the song give this song a different vitality.

     It's time to call for some noise and noise in the quiet scene.

     When Luo Yiming slowly sat on the stage holding the guitar, the music rang slowly. The light spilled on his body, making Luo Yiming extremely handsome for a while.

     come on.

     After adjusting the guitar's tone, Luo Yiming opened his voice:

     "When you walk into this happy field"

     All the dreams and thoughts on my back

     "All kinds of makeup on all kinds of faces"

     No one remembers what you look like

     "Three inspections have passed you in the corner"

     "Stubbornly singing a bitter song"

     This song is not easy to sing by Mao, the champion of the son of tomorrow.He used "hometown", "distance", "kindness", "growth" and other images to construct, so that youngsters who are struggling in life but sometimes feel less capable than desirable, find emotional resonance.

     In this song, Luo Yiming likes Mao's lyric the most.

     His words are steeped with a deep understanding of life, and with his own voice, Luo Yi clearly believes that he can directly penetrate people's hearts.

     At the beginning, Luo Yiming's voice was a bit lazy, playing the guitar playfully.

     Luo Yiming's appearance is no longer as serious as when singing folk songs, so once he sang it, it gave the audience a different experience.

     Moreover, this song, with just a few lyrics, makes everyone feel that the word matches the melody very well.

     Luo Yiming lowered his head, discarded all distractions, and restored his voice to the most narrative state.

     A cup of respect to the sun, a cup of respect to the moonlight

     Wake up my yearning and be gentle a life of strenuous studies

     "So you can fly against the wind without looking back"


     Luo Yiming suddenly raised his head, his eyes became sad, and his voice was slightly melancholy. The sadness that jumped up was not obvious a second, but at this moment, it hit his heart.

     At this point, Luo Yiming's voice paused, and intertwined music sounds continued to emerge, like bullet after bullet, which released all the power of Enron singing just now.

     A cup of respect to the morning sun, a cup of respect to the moonlight... The audience recalled, the lyrics of this song were heartbroken.

     The singer seems to tell you his sadness when he was slightly drunk, but the listener, everyone with different experiences, hears different sadness:It may be the sadness of remembering the past;

     It may also be hesitating about tomorrow, not wanting to be ordinary but unable to get rid of the depression of reality;

     There are also people who are living in a foreign land, only to understand the melancholy of nowhere to put their souls at night.

     In the lyrics, you can fly against the wind without looking back, which makes many people feel sad.

     This person has years and stories.

     Although he is only in his twenties, he may have suffered too much from the uneven years. That's why he can write down sorrow, so he can write hills!

     It exploded, but this is not the end.

     As the rhythm of the music gradually strengthened, Luo Yiming's voice has accumulated more strength and emotion.

     Rendered in the next second, like a bow full of strength, the moment the arrow is released, people tearing the heart and rending the lungs!

     "A cup of respect, a cup of respect tomorrow!"

     The shoulders that support my body are thick

     "Although I never believed in the so-called high as the mountain and long as the river"

      a man's life is short, why keep in mind constantly

     The mellow and ethereal transition is not thin, but heavy, just like the confession of the elderly, hitting your heart down and down.

     The philosophies and connotations in the words are constantly bombarded by the songs, and they are completely felt by the listeners at this moment.

     For the first time, when they were listening to a song, they began to appreciate the creator.

     Well written, really good, even if it is the song of Queen Wang Fei, compared with this one, it feels dull and tasteless.

     The audience can't help but feel that this is the most successful work on King of Mask Singer, and Luo Yiming, he is really a genius in the music industry.Especially the last sentence, looking at the happy laughter and cheerful voices of all kinds of people in the pastime, who is not going back to their original track at dawn and continuing to live the life that maybe does not belong to oneself.

     That's why it is. Sober people are the most absurd.

     It’s a good sentence, "Well, after daybreak, people always leave the scene in a scribbled manner. Sober people are the most absurd."


     Luo Yiming's song was sung only the first time, and the listener couldn't stand it anymore.

     The song at this time is more like an inexhaustible Ability Origins, a deep well that cannot be dug.

     Listening to him gave the listener strength.

     And the most real experience is that after drinking, I am still the one who dares to love, hate, and dare to do, I can still be willful and wanton.

     Said it is sad, but the song will give people a kind of thinking, a kind of philosophical reflection, in the end still is let people come out of sadness and face life better!

     This... is almost impossible for other saliva songs.

     "Yi Ming, it seems to be the champion tonight."

     "Sorrowfulness in this song, people who listen to it don't feel sad."

     "This song, when I go back, I will definitely have a single loop, great!"

     In his previous life, Mao Buyi's sorrow that night sang was launched on major domestic platforms and it caused controversy. The singles played "breaking ten million in a single day" record.

     And for a week in a row, he won the top spot of the Golden Songs chart, the weekly broadcast volume exceeded 100 million, and the circle of friends was maxed out.

     Therefore, in the face of people who are frequently praised and intoxicated in the song at this time, Luo Yiming is not at all surprised.

     This song, if so.Luo Yiming wants to sprint for the championship, maybe he can beat Li Jian with this song, Jolin Tsai is right.

     But Luo Yiming certainly not only so, he has greater ambitions!

     The super king of singer, maybe he will be his own tonight!

     One cup for the morning sun, one cup for the moonlight, one cup for the hometown, and one cup for the distant place.

     One cup for tomorrow, one cup for the past, one cup for freedom, one cup for death!

     Wang Fei was reading the lyrics.

     She rarely confirms the songs of a younger generation, but Luo Yiming is an exception.

     From Luo Yiming's Because of Love, Wang Fei knew that Luo Yiming would be the top Uranus star in the music scene in the future.

     She felt that within three years, Luo Yiming's fame could surpass her.

     However, Wang Fei thought about it later and laughed again, because he was afraid that it was this song that he would defeat himself, and after he crushed himself, he would get the Super King of Singer. It would take three more years!

      King of Mask Singer’s super king of singers, it’s probably his!

     Everyone thought it was just that, Luo Yiming's sorrows allowed his musical talent to explode.

     However, the melody of the sorrowful music stopped in the next second, a clever chord, and the band suddenly accompanied the tune of another song.

     Luo Yiming picked up the guitar at this time, and he sat back on the stool safely.

     He sang again:

     "A good person like me"

     "Should have lived a splendid life"

     How come over twenty years

     Still floating in the crowd


     A smart person like me

     Say goodbye to innocence

     Why did you still use loveGo get a scar


     Luo Yiming wants to beat Wang Fei. He knows that one song may not be enough to relieve worries, but if you add another song like me, this kind of person, Luo Yiming feels that the winning rate will be at least doubled.

     Sure enough, after Luo Yiming sang the song, the audience continued to quiet down, and they fell into the song instantly.

     This lyrics is more catching.

     It makes people feel more cordial!


     "A lost person like me"

     Someone looking for like me

     "People like me who attempt nothing and accomplish nothing"

     "How many people have you seen?"

     Like me, this kind of person is not as shocking as Xiaoshou, but the simple and simple lyrics are more heart-warming. Every line of Luo Yiming's lyrics sang the voice of countless listeners.

     Online, the comments for this song have increased exponentially, which is more violent than sorrow.

     "For baffling people like me, will someone feel distressed?

     The song ends.

     Luo Yiming sang the song shallowly, wished to continue, the audience enjoyed the music, and I really didn't want Luo Yiming's voice to stop like this.

     What a great singing, what a great lyrics.

     Only the most kind and sincere people can write such lyrics, caught off guard.

     Then with no difficulty captured everyone's hearts and wrote the audience's deep in one's heart deepest desire.

     Luo Yiming exited the field, but the applause for him did not fade.

     Jolin Tsai's singing then ended, and the audience voted for the songs of the three people, all within expectation, Luo Yiming won the first place in this round.He also played against Wang Fei, who had already been promoted, with this kind of person like me!

     11 is greater than 3, Luo Yiming's second-round performance was amazing, and Wang Fei, who had only one song left, was particularly stressed.

     At the end of her singing, the dust has settled as a result of this season's King of Mask Singer.

     The stage has been handed over to Wang Fei, and Wang Fei this time also took out her most classic songs that she must sing during her Asian tour, fleeting.

     In the era before Wang Fei's legend, Because of Love and Fleet of Time, fleeting years can be said to be one of Wang Fei's most successful and representative songs.

     This song won the top 20 golden song in the 8th Global Chinese Music Chart.

     Top 10 Chinese Songs of the Year at the 2nd Chinese Music Media Awards.

     The 2nd Music Billboard Top Ten Hong Kong and Taiwan Golden Melody, and the 13th Taipei Golden Melody Award for Best Music Video.

     This song portrays Wang Fei's voice like an elf, and its natural expression, all of which are portrayed.

     Moreover, compared to Luo Yiming's lyrics, this song is the work of Lin Xi, the most popular lyricist in Xiangjiang.

     His delicate and lingering brushstrokes depict the extreme saturation of Wang Fei's psychological history and emotions at that time.

     As soon as Wang Fei opened his voice, he surprised the audience, until the end.


     "It's so hard to choose. Luo Yiming sang a lot of sorrows that made people feel a lot of sorrow, but Wang Fei sang a memorable fleeting year. Has to say, there is a way to say it."

     "This first fleeting year brought me back to my youth. I can hear the past, eyes brimming with tears of excitement."For other songs, Wang Fei is not sure that she can beat Luo Yiming, but the song of fleeting years can be said to be a song that made her understood by everyone in the music world.

     When Wang Fei finished singing, she knew through the enthusiastic shouts and applause that she would win.

     Wang Fei accepted everyone's applause.

     Although there's nothing about it in her entire song, there's nothing about it amazing treble, and there is no test of singing skills, but only through memory killing, Wang Fei has won.

     The fleeting years, the fleeting years, when Wang Fei’s first sentence came out, many viewers were substituted in Unable to Restrain Emotions.

     Some songs are full of infinite power.

     "Luo Yiming and Wang Fei, who do you vote for?" an audience member below asked.

     "I don't know either, both of them can sing very well. This passing year reminds me of my childhood scenes. It's so warm."

     "But Luo Yiming's sorrow and this kind of person like me are also very storytelling, so I decided to vote for Luo Yiming."

     "I vote for Wang Fei."

     "Well, I also voted for Wang Fei. After all, she is a queen. According to seniority, she should support her."

     "I don't think so. This is the scene of King of Mask Singer. Luo Yiming is playing at home. He is both a producer and a singer. It's hard work, so I should vote for him." Five hundred public reviewers had different opinions. .

     When Li Sisi and Yuan Chengjie announced the start of voting, 500 public reviewers struggled to cast their votes.

     This time the voting lasted the longest, two minutes of voting time, until the end one second, there were people hesitation and indecision.In the end, some people made their choice, but more people were stunned there, but they were still choosing.

     However, with this hesitation, their votes were invalidated.

     It is the five hundred public judges who have the right to vote, and the on-site judges have their experience of these two songs.

     When Chen Yixun went to recollect the lyrics, he found that Luo Yiming's "Sorrowfulness" song seemed to write one's life, a cup of respect for the sun, a cup of respect for the moonlight, that was Chasing the Dream when he was a teenager.

     A cup of respect to the hometown, a cup of respect to the distance. That is the young man's aspire to travel far and make one's mark, leaving his hometown and fighting in a foreign country.

     A cup of respect for tomorrow and a cup of respect for the past are people who have already arrived.

     And in the end, a cup of respect for freedom, a cup of respect for death, it is an old man.

     In the old age, no matter how hard it is, it will only have enough energy.

     The elderly are willing to be ordinary, but they are powerless.

     The title of the song is sorrow, but it is a lifelong thinking about the destiny. There are too many stories and too many emotions. This song can be said to be the most thoughtful, connotative and philosophical of all the songs written by Luo Yiming. song.

     And if eliminating sorrow is the helpless tolerance of the world, then this kind of person like me is self-deprecating after the world.

     It is said that people are unwilling to be ordinary, yearning for poetry and the distance, but they are as ordinary as ever for a lifetime.

     In the two songs, Luo Yiming’s stand aloof from worldly affairs mentality, seemingly sad, but in fact a positive life, that is a depth of the song.Compared with fleeting frailty in this respect, although Wang Fei is his good friend, if Chen Yixun voted, he would still choose Luo Yiming.

     Han Hong also thinks Luo Yiming's songs are even better.

     Lin Junjie and Zhou Jielun are inclined to Wang Fei, after all, she is the queen of singing.

     But in the hearts of both of them, they already admired Luo Yiming's prostrate oneself in admiration.

     They could even imagine what impact Luo Yiming would have on the music scene today.

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