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392 Chapter 388: Winning The Championship (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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      "All right, the votes have been counted."

     After the commercial, I returned to the final stage of King of Mask Singer.

     The number of votes for Luo Yiming and Wang Fei was written on the paper card.

     The one with more votes will become the overall champion of the first season of King of Mask Singer.

     The media are paying attention to the final result, and once announced, their drafted article will be published immediately.

     Of course, each media has prepared two sets of articles, one is aimed at Luo Yiming's winning the championship and brags about Luo Yiming's musical genius.

     The other is an article aiming at Wang Fei's winning the championship, promoting her re-entry in the music scene, treasure knife does not age.

     And on major music websites, China Original Music Base, they are also preparing to include champion songs.

     Including the fans of Queen Wang Fei, Luo Yiming's fans are also guarding the TV, in front of the video website, preparing for the carnival after their idol has won the championship.

     This night is destined to be extraordinary!

     Li Sisi stood on the stage, holding a paper card.

     Seeing the final result, she felt unspeakably sad.

     "Five hundred public judges, after two minutes of difficult choices, cast their precious vote. But the valid number of votes is only 360 eight votes, and there are two 130 people, and they did not cast a vote in their hands."

     "This is the first time in the history of King of Mask Singer's duel. It also shows that the strength of the two singers is very close, and the last song became caught up in an irresolvable situation, making the audience unable to choose."

     There was a groan from the audience, it was really too difficult for the two to decide.Therefore, they would rather give up one vote in their hands.

     "Here, I first thank the audience friends who supported King of Mask Singer until now, and I also thank every outstanding singer who participated in King of Mask Singer."

     "Furthermore, I am grateful to the two standing on the stage, Wang Fei and Luo Yiming. You are all incomparable excellent singers. Today, you have not failed. It is all right whoever wins the championship."

     When Li Sisi said this, she looked at Yuan Chengjie.

     The latter brightened his throat and said: "This summer, King of Mask Singer walked with us and brought us countless surprises and surprises. Tonight, King of Mask Singer will also end, who can win the No. The overall champion of King of Mask Singer in one season is in our hands."

     Li Sisi raised her tone: "Then, the one who won the first season of King of Mask Singer..."

     "Who is it?" Yuan Chengjie sold Guanzi cooperatively.

     "I got 180 eight votes, the more votes...Luo Yiming."

     "Congratulations Luo Yiming!"

     Li Sisi struggled to shout.

     "Congratulations." Yuan Chengjie said: "Wang Fei's vote is 180 votes, which is only eight votes different. We also congratulate."

     Yuan Chengjie said: "This summer's King of Mask Singer, the final champion is Luo Yiming. Below, let us bless with the warmest applause, Luo Yiming, the overall champion of the first season of King of Mask Singer!"

     "Bless Luo Yiming!" Li Sisi looked at him proudly.

     At that moment, in the Guanyuan studio, Luo Yiming was surrounded by the voice of the first season of King of Mask Singer.

     The champion Luo Yiming, that second, was relatively quiet.Is it me...have won the championship?

     Luo Yiming looked at the crowd cheering at him in the audience, a little bit like a world away.

     "Congratulations, Luo Yiming."

     Wang Fei walked to Luo Yiming and blessed him with a smile on his face.

     If any other junior won the game, Wang Fei would feel ashamed.

     The winner is Luo Yiming, who is destined to have boundless prospects in the music scene. Wang Fei really feels honorable even in defeat.

     "Thank you, Teacher Wang Fei."

     Luo Yiming retracted his mind, he was a bit unbelievable, and Wang Fei would bless himself.

     "No thanks, you are great."

     In the next second, Jolin Tsai, Jian Li, including the judges Eason Chan, Jielun Zhou, Han Hong, and Junjie Lin all came on stage to send their blessings. This made Luo Yiming sure that his sorrow and this kind of person like me really won Everyone’s approval.

     "Luo Yiming, you are the champion of King of Mask Singer, but you have a lot of gold. I believe your future achievements on the road of music will surely make all fans who love you happy."

     eason said first.

     Then Han Hong said: "Luo Yiming, from your good voice program, I know your talent in music. Today, your song of sorrow and this kind of person like me can be said to be a rare good song in music today. , Your champion fame follows merit."

     Zhou Jielun said: "You have your place in the Chinese music world. Come on!

     Lin Junjie gave Luo Yiming a thumbs up."Below, Mr. Ou Balcony will present Luo Yiming with the trophy of the King of Mask Singer championship." Seeing everyone sending their blessings to Luo Yiming, Yuan Chengjie is also in the awarding session below.

     Ouyang is very familiar with Luo Yiming. This once-owned artist is still his a legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken, but unfortunately, he was pitted by Zhang Dadong.

     Seeing him, Ou Balong's long face smiled into a flower.

     After presenting the championship trophy to Luo Yiming, Li Sisi leaned forward and asked: "Luo Yiming, I won the championship of the first season of King of Mask Singer. Now, what do you want to say to the audience? ?"

     Holding the trophy symbolizing honor, Luo Yiming's heart is very heavy. Since participating in the King of Mask Singer, Luo Yiming has no idea how far he can go.

     The first song, Su San's song, was even sprayed by many people.

     However, Luo Yiming's one step, one footprint finally proved himself through a song.

     It proved that in the field of music, I can really make a difference.

     "First of all, I want to thank all the loyal viewers who love the King of Mask Singer show. It is because of you that I have this stage, and I can attack my music dream on this stage."

     "Speaking of which, many people know me because of the host."

     "The identity of the host is also the identity I made everyone familiar with at first, but after hosting a good sound program, I planted a musical seed in my heart."

     "In the unnoticeable influence, the music power in my body was urged, so I went to compose a song to express the emotions in my heart through songs.""I am very fortunate that these songs have been affirmed by everyone, which also strengthened my determination to participate in the King of Mask Singer. Along the way, I never thought I could win the championship."

     "Since everyone has given me this honor, I think that next, I should create better works on music to give back to everyone. Please rest assured that I will work hard to blossom and bear fruit in the world of music."

     "This is not only for my own dream, but also for you who support me. Thank you everyone."

     Luo Yiming bowed 45° after speaking, facing the audience. The audience once again responded with warm applause and cheers this time.

     "Also, Because of Love, the one who thanked me...I may have to go back and spend time with her in a while." Luo Yiming said, looking at Li Sisi, the latter's face turned slightly red.

     Who doesn't know at all, the girl Luo Yiming who wants to spend with him is himself!

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