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395 Chapter 391, Resistance From The Outside World (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The Waterloo of entertainment film and television in the field of variety shows made him give up the competition in this market and return to film and television. Entertainment is still the most important force in China entertainment film and television.

     Whose youth is not crazy, the leading actors include Shu Qi, Ge You, Huang Xiaoming, Li Binbin, from the lineup, they are super strong.

     With idols, seductive handsome men and beautiful women, and humor master Ge You, Zhang Dongming is about to face the troubles of Charlotte, who is known as a comedy movie.

     Compared with Charlotte's troubles and preparation for a low-key boot, the entertainment film and television side is still very lively. After booting, he successfully booked the hot search list again!

     Moreover, the familiar formula and familiar routines, Zhang Dongming borrowed from other media, also satirized Shangteng Entertainment's filming, which is overestimate one's capabilities.

     Zhao Xiang stepped back in the afternoon. When he saw this news, he certainly knew that it was Zhang Dongming deliberately.

     He used to work in entertainment arts. Zhang Dongming was actually very mean and acrid. He would treat you well if he was useful to him, but the lower-level employees, he didn't even look at it.

     It's his opponent, Zhang Dongming wants to kill you every minute!

     Undoubtedly, Luo Yiming is a stone of hatred for him in the entertainment industry, although in the field of film and television, he is not likely to stumble.

     But Luo Yiming now, in variety shows and the music industry, to win a victory on raising the flag, has already made Zhang Dongming sensed the pressure.

     He must want to stifle, crush, and eliminate Luo Yiming's idea of entering the film field this time.

     Compared to Zhao Xiang's anger when he told Luo Yiming about the incident, the latter was rather calm.The big cake of film and television, this was originally so the status quo that the strong get more points, and the weak get less points or even not.

     To frustrate others is just an expression of unconfidence.

     Compared to some Film and Television Company hello, I’m good, Luo Yiming thinks that China Entertainment Television should learn Hollywood.

     Either the celebrity will go straight into the battle with a real person in armor, or else just shut up!

     Everything speaks with the quality of the work.

     There are also some news about the launch of "Whose Youth Is Not Crazy" on the Internet. The only thing Luo Yiming is worried about is.

     The acting skills of his own actor may not be as good as Shu Qi. Ge has such a good acting skills.

     According to the original plan, "Charlotte Annoyance" started in a low-key manner on August 21.

     Today's scene is the first scene of "Charlotte's Annoyance", that is, Charlotte went to attend the grand wedding of the school girl Qiuya she once crushed in a luxury hotel.

     In this scene, Qiuya actor Jia Qing, Ma Dongmei actor Qi Wei and himself have important roles.

     Luo Yiming has the most drama.

     When toasting Qiuya, Charlotte has to face her old classmates who are successful in her career.

     He found that he was the only one who could not accomplish anything, and his heart was sour. With a bit of alcohol, he made a fuss at the wedding scene and even alarmed 110.

     After venting, he fell asleep on the toilet and returned to high school in his dream.


     "Charlotte's troubles are about to start filming the first scene immediately, starting from today, we are all going to be in the characters. Everyone is at the shooting scene and is also commensurate with the characters in the movie. No problem, right?"As soon as Luo Yiming's voice fell, Qi Wei shouted: "No problem, Charlotte, husband."


     The staff member of the crew laughed.

     Luo Yiming said: "You will know took advantage of me. Okay, everyone will watch this scene again. What's the problem? If there is no problem, we will start shooting!"

     Luo Yiming's confidence in this play is very full, for the hanging character of Charlotte.

     Many people think that successful people like Luo Yiming may not experience it and cannot experience it for oneself.

     But everyone doesn't know at all, Luo Yiming came from hanging silk in his previous life.

     For such a Charlotte, he may not be worse than Shen Teng.

     In this one, the relatively difficult one was Luo Yiming and Ma Dongmei.

     However, Ma Dongmei's actor, Qi Wei, is really talented in acting. What's more, Ma Dongmei, a careless heroine, is a true portrayal of Qi Wei.

     Acting in her true colors requires the least acting skills, because she is herself.

     In fact, Qi Wei likes this role very much, and she likes this big online movie very much. She thinks the opportunity is here.

     "Charlotte, I'm ready, can you ask Qiuya?"

     Jia Qing said: "Qiuya doesn't have many scenes today, I have no problem, not enough. If you think I did not perform well later, please feel free to criticize and correct me."

     "Sure, since there's no problem, then everyone prepares and we officially start shooting."

     When Luo Yiming was talking, Zhao Xiang's on-site part was also ready. Fatty Wen didn't turn on the phone first, so everyone went through the positions.

     Fatty Wen is pragmatic and professional. After the plane is ready, everything is OK!Filming of "Charlotte Annoyance" officially begins!



     At the beginning, Luo Yiming showed up in the hotel. Before he could speak, he was dissatisfied with his way of appearance and acted, so he called for the card.

     "What's the situation?" Everyone was stunned.

     Fatty Wen and Zhao Xiang also a confused face.

     This hasn't spoken yet. A scene of a character entering the scene is stuck. If you want to shoot like this, how can you finish shooting in a month?

     Luo Yiming looked serious after calling the card.

     He overlooked a key factor of comedy.

     The most important thing about comedy is to do sth when least expected, which is contrary to expectation from the audience.

     In the hotel scene, Charlotte, the protagonist, comes to the hotel in full dress. If the plot starts normally, it's no problem.

     But there can obviously be a laugh here, such as...the male lead's clothes...

     Luo Yiming only thought of this before calling card. What if his clothes and the wedding host collided?

     Do you bring your own laughter.

     "Go and find me the same clothes as the emcee. I want to wear the same clothes. My appearance will be more fun."

     Fatty Wen was clever and said, "Yes! That's a good idea. Let me prepare!"

     After getting dressed, Luo Yiming appears again at Qiuya's wedding.

     When Luo Yiming and the wedding host were in a set of clothes and presented in the same way, as expected, Fatty Wen and Zhao Xiang outside the camera were both happy.

     The people at the wedding were also happy.Luo Yiming's appearance in the movie is very earthy and ugly, and the clothes are deliberately selected that do not match the body. They are pulled together and are very ugly. He became a joke at the wedding scene.

     After seeing that Qiuya's husband is an old and ugly man, I feel very sad.

     And Charlotte, who had a few glasses of wine, smiled even more with incoherent speech.

     "She was very famous when she was in school, she was recognized by the school as the school flower, and I was even more famous, she was a joke recognized by the school...!"


     Xia Luo is telling how beautiful Qiu Ya is. In fact, what Luo Yiming is talking about now is what Qiu Ya is in Xia Luo's mind.

     I could not ask for it, the pain in my heart was affirmative, and Luo Yiming performed very well.

     But is it really that perfect?

     The reality is that Qiuya married an old and ugly person. The Mental Suggestion given to Charlotte is that she is greedy for money, but she does not want to admit that the goddess in her mind is like this.

     Luo Yiming then conveyed this sentiment, has to say, Luo Yiming is not like acting for the first time, he is very professional, but when he went to Qi Wei, he took no less than a dozen shots.

     Fortunately, Qi Wei seemed to liberate her nature during Luo Yiming's training, and she became more and more diligent. Finally, the scene passed smoothly.
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