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396 Chapter 392, The Show Begins (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Today is the first day of filming. It is basically the work of running the crew to familiarize everyone with the script. After the filming of this hotel scene, the following is the plot of "Rebirth" and back to school.

     Compared with the starter appetizers, the plot of the school's return is actually the first climax of Charlotte's troubled Diaosi counterattack.

     At that time, Tianyu's teacher Wang, Allen's Dachun, Jia Qing's Qiuya, will gradually reveal the character and the good show will begin.

     After the first scene ends.

     Luo Yiming left the set, and the main persons in charge did not worry about affecting the crew's progress.

     In the only hotel in Guanyuan, Luo Yiming opened a room for Zhao Xiang and Fatty Wen, and the three of them stayed in the hotel room. They continued to discuss the plot behind them.

     It can be said that in the field of film, the three of them are half-bottles of water, but each also has relative advantages.

     Luo Yiming has a far-sighted view of the film, and he has some of the highlights and laughs of the movie.

     Zhao Xiang is familiar with the film and television routines of entertainment film and television, and is familiar with audience tastes.

     Fatty Wen is better at shooting realistic movies, with outstanding technical aspects.

     If the three heads are willing to pay, Zhuge Liang is the best.

     Facing the script, the three people chatted and revised it, unconsciously the three of them talked until the evening, and when they were hungry, they called the crew for photography, and a few of them ate some supper in the restaurant downstairs.

     After returning to the room, I still studied the plot. At this time, Luo Yiming was mostly speaking, and several others listened.Luo Yiming tried his best to restore the classic and funny conversations of previous lives, and some of the bugs in the film were relatively reasonable with the help of Zhao Xiang and Fatty Wen.

     All this is done, already arrived It was more than two o'clock in the morning, and they were too sleepy to open their eyes. The few people finally dispersed and went back to their respective rooms to sleep.

     The next day, Charlotte worried that the crew did not rest and continued filming.

     In the scenes of today, Luo Yiming also carefully figured out the scenes last night for a long time, how can he judge Charlotte? How to shake the audience with the feeling of rebirth?

     How to control the overall situation?

     Undoubtedly, Charlotte is the core of the story.

     The first scene was the joy of being reborn as Charlotte. Luo Yiming still tried to figure out the character of Charlotte with the script.

     After all, a man who is born again, Luo Yiming can feel that emotion most. Excitement is certain, but compared to bursting the bubble after excitement, how to live a wonderful life in the current world is the rebirth. The most concerned thing.

     However, there are differences in the thinking of each reborn. For Charlotte at this moment, Qiuya may be what he wants most!

     Before being reborn, he was still crying at Qiuya's wedding.

     Now, to pursue Qiuya and obtain Qiuya is the main psychological activity of the characters in Charlotte.

     In the distance, Fatty Wen ordered people to set up the scene in turn.

     Today these scenes are continuous, which is a good one.

     The first scene, to be precise, was a scene where Charlotte's character began to show up and change after Charlotte was reborn.

     "Okay, get ready almost there, Charlotte, are you okay?"Luo Yiming was at the scene and asked everyone to call himself Charlotte.

     Seeing that everything is set up properly, Luo Yiming then asked the others: "I have no problem, can you all?".

     "No problem!" everyone stood up and said together.

     "Sure, then let's start, Qiuya, Yuan Hua, Dachun, Ma Dongmei, you all take your seat, Teacher Wang, you also go to the podium, and the other extras take their seats.

     Zhao Xiang loudly said: "Okay, (of the people in a group) to get into position, we will boot in 1 minute, fat man, ready to count down."


     This is a scene in which Charlotte and Teacher Wang stage a humorous plot. At the same time, it is also the beginning of Charlotte's rebirth to accept this fact and move towards personal glory.

     According to the development of the plot, Charlotte is no longer a wimp, but starts to want to launch an offensive against Qiuya.

     Another incident is that Charlotte started playing guitar and singing at school and became a star of the school.

     At this time, I was shooting the first scene in the classroom.

     Luo Yiming was crazy after rebirth, almost crazy performance!

     ""Charlotte Troubles", scene 3, mirror 1, first time!"

     1 minute is up, the filming officially starts.

     After the camera came over, Luo Yiming quickly entered the role. After he was reborn, he unbelievable all this, so he tortured himself.

     He also jumped on the window, jumped down from the first floor, he was once considered crazy!

     Teacher Wang, played by Tianyu, said solemnly at this time: "Charlotte, don't threaten the teacher with self-harm. You are giving up yourself."Where is our Charlotte giving up, where is thinking of self-harm, he slowly accepted the fact of rebirth.

     This is real.

     After a series of incomprehensible actions, Charlotte said: "Until now, I was wasting my time, but I didn't expect God to give me another chance to be born again. So, I want to thank God and thank God. "

     The principal stood at the door and said: "You have to thank the school, thank the teacher, and thank you for the low floor of your class."

     Charlotte nodded.

     There was a gleam in his eyes.

     I come, I see, I conquer.

     Reborn, I must realize my previous dream.

     At this time, seeing Qiuya at the same table with Yuan Hua in the front row, he wanted to be with Qiuya.

     Charlotte raised her hand and said: "Teacher, Ma Dongmei always eats melon seeds in class, which affects my grades."

     Teacher Wang is an old man, and said, "Just your grades can still be affected. Is there room for your grades to drop?"


     Xia Luo Biao jokingly said: "I ask to change positions. I want to sit down with Qiuya."

     "Did you go to study there? I am embarrassed to break you." Teacher Wang still said calmly.

     Charlotte not to accept as correct: "Then how can Yuan Hua sit at a table with Qiuya?"

     Teacher Wang laughed: "You can compare with Yuan Hua, who is a good student and outstanding cadre every year. By the way, I would like to commend Yuan Hua. Just yesterday Yuan Hua won the regional composition competition. The first prize." "The title of the composition is "My District Chief's Father". Applause encourages."puff. Charlotte snorted, "Teacher Wang, is that better than learning? That's Daddy."

     Teacher Wang show white eyes Charlotte, said: "What is better than you in charge of others? If you are better than you, just sit here obediently and honestly. Anyway, wherever you sit, you are sleeping."

     Charlotte said: "Then I want to sleep in another place."

     Teacher Wang raised his voice: "Charlotte, you have finished or not. The school is opened by your home. You think you are the principal. Sleep where you want to sleep."

     As soon as the voice fell, the principal stood at the door this time. Upon hearing this, the principal said: "Mr. Wang, come out."



     After filming this scene, there are also several consecutive shootings.

     The last scene that came out was Yuan Hua's.

     This scene is also a classic plot of Charlotte's troubles. Yuan Hua, who cuts plums, sees Charlotte and Qiuya to rest and fly together and kneels in the plum forest.

     Although there's nothing about it lines in this scene, it is a test of acting skills. Need expressions, actions, all in place.

     "Walk! Yes... eh, yes yes yes... Kneel down with a strained expression on your face... stop!"

     "How did you do it? I can't get through this scene several times?"




     Fatty Wen got angry for the first time, and today's scene is very smooth.

     When I got to Yin Zheng, I got stuck. Everything can't come down.

     Fat Wen can only talk to Luo Yiming.

     After looking in the camera, Luo Yiming discovered that Yin Zheng's expression in the scene was not very good, and he did not detect the feeling of loss and sorrow.This scene is not too difficult. In theory, the shooting should go smoothly, but it is clear that Yin Zheng was in a bad condition today and has not been shot many times.

     "Stop, Yin Zheng, go over there to calm down and find your feelings."

     After a few more minutes, Fatty Wen paused filming, and then said to Yin Zheng.

     "I understand, cultural guide." Yin Zheng nodded, he also knows that he has a lot of problems today.

     Yin Zhengchao walked over in an empty corner. At this moment, a voice rang in his ear: "Don't be nervous, Yin Zheng, your acting skills are OK, just relax!"

     Yin Zheng raised the head to look, and then smiled bitterly: "Director Luo... is you here? Did you see the scene just now? This story is actually quite funny, but I just can't act it out." He touched his head. Somewhat embarrassingly said: "I don't know what's going on, I feel like I don't know how to act."

     "Didn't remember correctly, it should be your first time making a movie?" Luo Yiming said.

     "Yes..." Yin Zheng sighed: "After graduation, I filmed a small role in a TV series. I have never tried a movie. It is the opportunity given by Director Luo to play Charlotte Trouble."

     Luo Yiming smiled: "The first time I stepped into the movie circle, I was only shooting a small role in a TV series before, and I couldn't accurately find the feeling of a comedy. This is nothing. In fact, comedy can't have any pressure and baggage. Just relax. Just heart!" Luo Yiming patted him on the shoulder.

     Luo Yiming still appreciates Yin Zheng.

     Even if Yin Zheng is only one pure newcomer, he can be signed to Shangteng and give him the role of Yuan Hua. Luo Yiming recognized his acting skills.It was not accidental that the character of "Charlotte Annoyance" became famous. Luo Yiming knew that he was talented in acting. For the time being, he just needs one step, one footprint to temper his acting skills.

     "Director Luo, your acting is very dedicated and wonderful, I just want to ask you, how did you act?" With this opportunity, Yin Zheng naturally wanted to steal the lesson.

     Luo Yiming said: "Actually, in acting, you must first understand and be familiar with the character you are acting. Although comedy is different from other realistic dramas, in essence, dramas are all about shaping characters. If you shape characters, you have to Analyze him."

     "I, you, Qiuya, is a love triangle in this drama."

     "For example, when I play Xia Luo, in Xia Luo's deep in one's heart, I actually admit that Qiu Ya and Yuan Hua are talented man and beautiful woman. The implication lies in the details."

     "In the script, Yuan Hua had a head shake when he was a student, and Qiuya also had a head shake when the two met for the first time after they grew up. Using the same action or language, this is a match for the two. Kind of expression."

     "The coincidence of the details of the two people makes the shaping of the two people's images completely reflect the reality, and the period is also full of various hints.

     "Knowing these details, and matching the character of the characters, paving the way for you, your play is expected."

     "A good actor will not only act according to the script, but also ask the script to add drama to himself and reflect his character. This is a good actor. I will review the script every year and enter the character role."

     "I think you can work hard in this direction.""Well, I seem to understand Director Luo." Yin Zheng pondered for a moment, then heavily nodded.

     When Yin Zheng left and went back to filming, Fatty Wen ran over.

      "How is it? Talk to him, isn't it better?" Fatty Wen also appreciates Yin Zheng. This kid is clever, but sometimes, just in bad condition, he can't get it back.

     "I chose Yin Zheng. I think I should be able to take a picture of a plum in a while."

     Luo Yiming is on the scene, just to train these new actors, and Luo Yiming has this kind of affinity and cohesion.

     Even if you talk about actors more seriously, everyone doesn't care.

     "That's good, this scene is very brilliant, so I asked Yuan Hua to perform funny effects."


     "I don't have one. You are the most tiring person on the scene. It is not easy to perform psychological communication and construction with the actors."

     Fatty is not flattery, Luo Yiming is indeed very good.

     As a director, there is an important criterion for judging whether he is good, whether he will train the actors.

     It is a pity that Fatty Wen is very weak in training actors, especially male actors.

     In comparison, Luo Yiming is a strong point in this respect, and this is also due to the fact that he used to be the host.

     And this communication is not good. Fatty Wen still has a strong ability to use the camera. As for the actors, he thinks it is enough to leave it to Zhao Xiang and Luo Yiming!

     With Luo Yiming's understanding and pressure, Yuan Hua's plum-cutting scene, after the filming was restarted, did not expect one to pass.However, Yuan Hua was not satisfied with his performance and asked for a remake.

     I took three shots in a row, and each of them was excellent. Yuan Hua thanked Luo Dao after finishing the scene.

     In Charlotte's troubles, all his scenes, here can be said to be the thickest and heavy in colors!


     In a few scenes, the progress was very fast and the shooting was very good, especially in the plot part of Charlotte, Luo Yiming almost did not exceed three, which can achieve the desired effect.

     The filming of the day was almost done. In Ma Dongmei and Qiuya's classic lines, What do you know?! Is it called Dong Shi imitates Xi Shi's frown? Ma Dongmei said, who is Dong Shi, why is he urinating frequently, and the laughter is over!

     At the end of the filming, Luo Yiming didn't stay on the scene for long. After watching a few scenes, he greeted Fatty Wen and left.

     There is basically no major problem with this movie. After all, Fatty Wen has previous shooting experience, and with Zhao Xiang, they can handle this.

     As for Charlotte’s worries, there will be new discoveries in daily shooting. The script is revised and shot at the same time...

     These images, Fatty Wen had to be handed over to the editing team, and Luo Yiming, after three consecutive days of shooting, also invited Sisi to his home, wanting to reminisce with Sisi at night.

     It happened that Sisi didn't work so much in the past two days, so she simply asked for leave. She knew that Luo Yiming was making a comedy, and she was also going to accompany him for two days.
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