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398 Chapter 394: Fight For The Best (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

After filming the scene, already arrived at noon, the afternoon scene Charlotte started to have bad luck, Qiuya's betrayal, was cuckolded, got estrogen, the disease has attacked the vitals…

     The shooting progress this morning was even smoother than expected. It can be said that today's shooting task was completed ahead of schedule.

     Worried that Li Sisi would be bored, Luo Yiming had an appointment with Li Sisi at the noon stall in his private lounge in the garden.

     As soon as she closed the door, Li Sisi pursed her mouth and frowned deeply, and Luo Yiming knew that this girl was unhappy in the morning.

     "What's the matter, my princess?"

     When Luo Yiming came up, he circled Sisi's waist and pressed tightly against Li Sisi from behind, but the latter used his arm to push Luo Yiming again, with a little effort.

     "Don't hold me, take your Ma Dongmei!"

     "Puff." Luo Yiming smiled. Instead of letting go in the next second, he hugged him tighter. He pressed his cheek against Sisi's cheek and gently kissed her cheek.

     "Sisi, I didn't think you really angry anymore. No way, I'm just filming."

     Of course Si Si knows that Luo Yiming is filming, but when she thinks that her boyfriend will have physical contact with other girls, Si Si is happy no matter what does not raise.

     "I'm sorry, I, I may not be used to you making emotional scenes with other women. I know this is your job, and I will adjust my state."

     Freed from Luo Yiming's arms, Li Sisi sat on the sofa.

     In fact, in the morning, the mood deteriorated, not only because of Luo Yiming and Qi Wei's closeness.Luo Yiming was so serious about filming and acting as a director, but he was on CCTV, but lay down the flag and still the drums after the Spring Festival Gala.

     For half a year, she has been doing miscellaneous work on CCTV. If this time the Autumn Gala is not exposed, she will not have the chance to be shortlisted again for this year's Spring Festival Gala.

     Luo Yiming is very sensitive to women's small emotions. Especially, after becoming a boyfriend and girlfriend with Li Sisi, he can feel the slightest concern.

     Leaning over, Luo Yiming sat down next to Si Si, reached out his hand to embrace Si Si's shoulders, and the latter lay in gently, "Yi Ming, I'm not in a good mood, don't be angry with me."

     "Why, you have something on your mind, tell me something." Luo Yiming fiddled with her ears.

     "Yes... it's because of something in my own station, sorry for affecting you."

     "No. I didn't find out that you are in a bad mood in time, because my boyfriend is incompetent. Can you tell me, is there anything on the stage that upsets you?"

     Li Sisi sighed to herself: "No, it's the autumn evening. I want to fight for one's capabilities, but how can I get my turn. Alas, how can I tell you this? You have to make a movie in the afternoon. Don't be distracted. ."

     Li Sisi managed to squeeze a smile, Luo Yiming sees in the eyes, but knew that she was reluctant.

      This period of time, Luo Yiming was busy shooting Charlotte, ignoring the mood of his girlfriend. The CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, although not as grand as the Spring Festival Gala.

     But for a new host like Sisi, being able to participate can indeed increase some stage hosting experience.

     Luo Yiming was silent, but he remembered the incident in his heart.At least, compared to Si Si, a girl who acts cautiously in CCTV's gangster circle, Luo Yiming can really help her pave the way.

     In the several scenes in the afternoon, Charlotte was abusive.

     The bad things happened one after another, from living fame to a dismal end.

     Luo Yiming also performed the living spirit, living image of Charlotte’s downfall.

     Throughout the afternoon of filming, Luo Yiming's terrifying acting skills shocked everyone again, has to say, compared to the previous Charlotte.

     This Charlotte is a flesh and blood, a visible life.

     Even in the hospital where Charlotte fell ill, waiting for the time of arrival, the crew members who watched the show would feel a little bit sad for Charlotte.


      "All right, everyone can finish work today, everyone."

     After the end of The last battle in the afternoon, there was only the final highlight.

      Tomorrow morning Luo Yiming asked for a half-day vacation to let the crew prepare first, and he came in the afternoon to film the final part.

     After finishing work, Luo Yiming did not go back to rest. He called Director Zhao Liyong of CCTV directly to inquire about the events of this autumn evening.

     The 2007 autumn evening was not the director of the station presiding over the overall situation. Zhao Liyong organized it as a show. To put it bluntly, it could not play a decisive role.

     From Director Zhao Liyong’s mouth, Yiming learned that tonight’s autumn evening director is a male director named Gu Dahai. This male director was on Tianjing TV before, and he was responsible for the Spring Festival Gala of Tianjing TV.

     Later, after getting acquainted with a leader of the Central Department of Communication, he won the general director of this autumn evening.Hearsay also revealed that after the success of this autumn evening, Gu Dahai is likely to enter the CCTV's 2008 Spring Festival Gala candidate list.

     On the CCTV side, only two hosts can be guaranteed to enter the host echelon. Zhu Jun is the benchmark of CCTV, and the ace host is naturally indispensable.

     Lu Jian happened to have cooperated with Gu Dahai before and entered the queue.

     Gu Dahai’s remaining hosts were not selected in the CCTV team, so, like Ye Xuan, Hou Peiqin, Cao Zhong and others who are active on the satellite TV channel, as well as the host talents of Tianjing local activities entered the shortlist.

     In addition to Gu Dahai, the chief director, CCTV has an assistant director. Guo Qihong is the deputy director of CCTV's media department and usually directs some small evening parties.

     This time the two of them worked together to finally finalize the host of the party, including the show and so on.

     Luo Yiming asked Director Zhao to help with the game. He invited him to the hotel tonight in the Guanyuan. Let’s meet everyone.

     Director Zhao Liyong's face, Gu Dahai and Guo Qihong both wanted to give him a call and heard that Luo Yiming, who was overshadowed by the entertainment circle, wanted to get to know them. Gu Dahai wondered if Luo Yiming wanted to be on CCTV in the autumn night!

     Gu Dahai of course not refuse to patronize such "stars", and readily agree, tonight at eight o'clock, to view the garden Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave!

     Leaving Li Sisi alone in the villa, Luo Yiming excused that the company had a little bit of going out beforehand, and after coming out of the villa, Luo Yiming turned and walked towards the hotel where the guests were received in Guanyuan.

     Guanyuan can now be said that the layout of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues is complete.Whether it is a ZF person, a businessman, or a friend, Luo Yiming can complete the reception at Guanyuan.

     The reserved stage can still be used to call the old opera singers, and some fans who like to listen to the opera are ushered in. The fun in the garden is no less than other places.

     Gu Dahai prefers to listen to theaters, so after Luo Yiming and Gu Dahai met for the first time, they talked for a long time in front of a stage outside the hotel.

     Gu Dahai’s hometown is in Shan Dong. An authentic Shan Dong man with a refreshing personality, he came to chat with Luo Yiming.

     At the beginning of the meal, Gu Dahai and Guo Qihong's identity as a wine man was undoubtedly revealed, and the glass wine glasses were all filled.

     It's all one or two cups.

     Before coming, Director Zhao Liyong had already said that Luo Yiming was for the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival party this time.

     As soon as the dishes were ready, Gu Dahai patted the table and said first: "Yi Ming, cut to the chase, you are going to this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, but Xiao Guo and I have already identified programs and candidates. If you go now, you must Show some sincerity!"

     "So, there are four people on our table, except you, there are three of us, you drink three glasses, I will let you go to the Mid-Autumn Festival party, how is it?"

     Gu Dahai is a person from Shan Dong, in fact, he is just to find a reason for drinking!

     Outstanding personality, pass like thunder and move like the wind, if Luo Yiming doesn't drink at this moment, I really need to discuss this matter again.

     If three glasses of wine can handle this, then you ask Luo Yiming, does he drink it?


     Must drink!

     After considering it for less than a second, Luo Yiming decided!"I drink, but Director Gu, I have to say, I want the position of the host, not the actor."

     "Ah? Aren't you going to perform?" Gu Dahai was still quite interested, but he was a little embarrassed to hear that he was the host.

     He had already selected Zhu Jun and Lu Jian in front of him, and he was actually planning to give the remaining one to the courtyard fellow.

     No matter, Gu Dahai said: "Yes, but if you are a host, you can't drink three cups, you can add three more cups."

     "Let's pay attention to one brother and two good, even numbers."

     Gu Dahai held up two fingers.

     In fact, Luo Yiming knew that today, his three glasses of wine will definitely not get the job done.

     "Okay. I think there are exactly six glasses on the table, I drink all of them. However, the position of the host is not for me, I am for someone else."

     "For others?" Gu Dahai and Guo Qihong were both surprised.

     What's going on in the end.

     Luo Yiming didn't care about their doubts. He picked up the wine glasses on the table, one cup, two cups, three cups, and he went down.

     After drinking three cups, the cup fell crisply, and with a bang, Luo Yiming's boldness made the initial doubts of Gu Dahai and Guo Qihong disappear.

     Instead, he admired Luo Yiming's free and easy drinking.

     "Okay, bold! But what did it mean you just said?"

     As soon as Luo Yiming finished drinking, he felt a rush of alcohol, but his purpose for coming today has always been clear. He said: "This year's CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival, I want a female host location, this location, I hope you stay."

     "Who is it for?" Gu Dahai got serious.

     "To Li Sisi."Every word is very clear.

     After speaking, Luo Yiming stood up and placed three more glasses in front of him. The glasses were full of wine. Luo Yiming did not wait for a definitive answer. He took another drink after another, reimbursing the three glasses of wine!

     The court was quiet, and several people fell silent quickly.

     This banquet, this will slightly change the taste.

     No matter how stupid, Gu Dahai and Guo Qihong, including Zhao Liyong, know that Luo Yiming is here to fight for Li Sisi.

     He drinks, not that he is going to the Mid-Autumn Festival, but Li Sisi.

     Why did Luo Yiming help Li Sisi still have to ask, the relationship between the two is extraordinary.

     "My head is a little dizzy. I sat down and laughed!"

     After sitting down, Luo Yiming said: "I've had six drinks, Director Gu, you can leave me the position of the host. All I want is a word from you."

     "It doesn't matter, you don't have to give me this position, and I will accept it."

     "All I want is your word!"

     Luo Yiming's face was already red, and the smell of alcohol spread out at the banquet.

     It was very light, but the questioned Gu Dahai was put on the fire. In this situation, if he didn't agree, it was obvious that Luo Yi understood that he could not be justified for the six glasses of wine.

     If he agrees, then one of the three hostesses that were originally prepared must end the get out of class.

     Gu Dahai was in a dilemma.

     Zhao Liyong had noticed that there was something wrong with today’s game a few minutes ago, so after Luo Yiming went down three cups and three cups, he sent a message to Li Sisi, asking her to come to the garden and clean up what might happen. Endgame.Sisi was in the villa in Guanyuan. I heard that Luo Yiming was not busy with his work now, but was drinking at the Guanyuan Hotel and CCTV's bigwigs. Li Sisi immediately put on her clothes and went straight to the hotel.

     Gu Dahai decided on the three hostesses. To put it bluntly, which one has no private relationship.

     When it comes to Dong Qing and Zhou Tao, why did they give up this host? Gu Dahai had already managed it. In fact, they said they gave up because they also got the hint from the leadership.

     If Luo Yiming goes to the male host to take up a position, Gu Dahai can do this, but it's a female host, Gu Dahai is not for not giving Luo Yiming face.

     It really doesn't work!

     Thinking that it would be inappropriate to refuse directly, Gu Dahai came up with a way.

     "Yi Ming, the hostess is a real candidate, we already finalized it. If you want to change it, you can't change it. But you have already gone for six drinks. If I say that, I won't give you a place. You must blame your brother.

     "Then, I will give you another chance."

     Gu Dahai stood up, took the wine glass, and poured the remaining wine in the bottle of white wine into six cups.

     Every cup is eighty full.

     Gu Dahai pointed to the cup and said, "Here, here are six glasses of wine again. If you can drink these six glasses of wine, I'm afraid to slap my head and make a decision to let Li Sisi take charge."

     "But if you can't drink it, Yiming, don't blame me for not giving you a chance."

     As soon as Gu Dahai stretched out his hand, he signaled Luo Yiming to make a choice.

     Director Zhao Liyong knew that Luo Yiming had already drunk half a catty of liquor, and if he drank like this, something might happen, so he naturally stood up and stopped."Ocean, I can't drink anymore. You are the chairperson. I don't want it....Yiming, listen to me, we can't drink anymore."

     In this circle, Luo Yiming certainly knows that there is no such transparent fish tank.

     It is not so easy to get a female host for Sisi.

     But now, after six glasses of wine, you want me to give up, how can it be!

     Drink, must drink!

     It is said that people should assess one's capabilities and act accordingly, for a woman who can be especially for oneself, challenge the limits of the body, what can't be!

     Moreover, Luo Yiming thinks that his drinking volume is certainly not only half a catty.

     Half a catty is not called wine, a catty walks with a wall, and a catty walks with a half wall.


     Luo Yiming smiled and looked at Gu Dahai, raising Jieyu: "What Director Gu said is true. After six glasses of wine, Si Si can host the Mid-Autumn Festival party. It's a deal, won't you break her promise?"

     Gu Dahai admires Luo Yiming's courage a little. He has been in the wine shop for many years, and he has seen a lot of people who can drink up to a catty, but in a short time, there is really no such hero who can drink up a catty of white wine.

     "I Gu Dahai mean what one says. But it is clear that young people should not be aggressive in anything. I think that when you can't drink it, I will stop you. Drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking to hurt the body."

     "Gu director, you don't have to stop me, don't worry, I will definitely drink the wine."

     "It's a big deal. I drank and lay down under the table. I'm not afraid to be embarrassed. When we do funny variety shows, we never lose face!"Luo Yiming put all six glasses of wine in front of him, one, two, and by the time he drank the third, he was a bit unable to drink...

     But his stomach was uncomfortable, and Luo Yiming did not show any sadness on his face.

     Seeing that Luo Yiming was doing this, Gu Dahai was already shaken. He wanted to stop it and said that it was all right, but he can't open the mouth again.

     "Refreshing!" Gu Dahai suffocated such a sentence for a long time.

     "You are really fooling around!" Director Zhao Liyong wanted to stop, but Luo Yiming couldn't stop a stubborn person. Picking up the fourth cup, Luo Yiming was about to drink, a voice drank him!
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