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399 Chapter 395, Charlotte's Troubles Are Over (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     "Luo Yiming, didn't you go to work? Drinking here, what are you doing well!"

     Li Sisi Sudden Appearance, she roared, and the atmosphere of this wine bureau changed slightly.

     Luo Yiming's whole person was already very stunned, he was even more dizzy when he saw the slightest appearance.

     Li Sisi walked to the wine bureau, she took Luo Yiming's arm and insisted on taking down the glass of wine from Luo Yiming's hand.

     After a trance, Luo Yiming guessed what happened. Certainly, someone must have told Sisi.

     Who is it? Among the three, there is only Zhao Liyong.

     Luo Yiming patted Li Sisi's hand and smiled: "Sisi, don't worry, everyone is happy today, just drink a little wine. Are you? Thank you Various Senior for your kindness, what we said, it counts, this Wine, I drank it!"

     Luo Yiming's head really came back sober after this sigh of drink. He drank this cup.

      "All right, Yiming, it's okay." Gu Dahai laughing heartily, concealing his embarrassment, reaching out, his boldness towards Luo Yiming gives a thumbs up.

     When Luo Yiming drank this glass of wine, the rhythm really had to stabilize.

     Moreover, Sisi is here, no matter how much he fights, he will make a slip.

     Luo Yiming didn't know how much Zhao Liyong and Sisi said. But he least wants Sisi to know everything he did today.

     Therefore, even if he deceives himself, he has to act this scene well.

     "Sisi, you are here, then sit down and drink together."Arranged Li Sisi on his side and ate a few mouthfuls of food. Luo Yiming stopped/stood again, and then he raised a glass with both hands and went over to Gu Dahaijing.

     Gu Gu Gu, a glass of wine without the slightest hesitation. Gu Dahai certainly knew his actions, and it was because of the "promise" between the two.

     "Yi Ming, it's okay, I promise you, I promise you, you drank a lot today, so let's make a decision, okay?"

     Gu Dahai was convinced.

     When I met Luo Yiming this kind of person, he really had nothing to say.

     Luo Yiming drank eleven cups and drank him a bottle of liquor.

     If this is not agreed, Gu Dahai will feel embarrassed.

     "No, I haven't drunk it well, I haven't drunk enough, I can't have a glass of wine less." Luo Yiming said, eating vegetables with a smile.

     He talked and laughed, "Stall for time", to press down on his stomach that was churning.

     If you look closely, the veins on his forehead are beating slightly at this moment, extremely uncomfortable, but for the slightest, for the love, he is willing to hold on.

     In the presence of so many people, on this occasion, drink six more cups after speaking out, and exchange that position.

     Even if the other party said no, his principle of life is to tell himself that he must not admit counsel.

     That was the thought engraved in his bones, a bottom line that he must subconsciously never violate.

     He told himself that the promise made by men must be fulfilled, and men have to bear it!

     Picking up the last glass of wine, Luo Yiming was just about to drink.

     Li Sisi couldn't stand it anymore, she suddenly stood up and shouted loudly: "Enough!"

     "Yi Ming, do you still have to act?"Li Sisi's voice was loud, her face was red with anger, and Sisi was not a fool. On this table, all the wine glasses were placed in front of Luo Yiming.

     Obviously, this wine bureau is in Kengluo Yiming.

     The other party just wanted to get Yiming drunk.

     As for why?

     Don't Li Sisi know these few guests?

     Gu Dahai is the chief director of the autumn evening, Guo Qihong is the deputy director of CCTV in charge of the autumn evening, and Zhao Liyong is the director of the program office.

     A few of them sat with Luo Yiming, not just for the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival party that is coming soon.

     "Sisi, I..." After being seen through, Luo Yiming didn't know how to explain, he was a little hesitant.

     "What are you? Do Not Speak first." Sisi didn't plan to give him a chance to explain.

     Snatching the wine in Luo Yiming's hand, turning around to look at Gu Dahai and others, Li Sisi said: "Guide, although I don't know why you let Yiming drink so much, I think he really I can't drink it. Why don't I toast you next?"

     "Furthermore, I will shoot a movie tomorrow. His drunk rest will not affect his state tomorrow. What do you think?"

     Sisi held up the wine glass, and Gu Dahai and Guo Qihong looked at each other. This kind of sentiment between Ming and Sisi is already understood without guessing.

     Li Sisi knew that it wasn't appropriate for her to do this, but she couldn't take care of that much anymore. She felt uncomfortable for him as long as she thought that Luo Yiming would drink a pound of white wine.

     She knew that Luo Yiming did this for oneself, but she didn't want Luo Yiming to fight with her body.At this point, Gu Dahai thought about it, Luo Yiming was ready to drink, and the host Gu Dahai had already given it to her.

     Now that Li Sisi is out, she will be the host, and she should treat herself and Director Guo a glass of wine.

     "Sisi, you should also know. Actually, today this wine bureau is Yiming's sincere wine in order to give you a chance to host."

     "If you drink twelve cups, I can let you take the place of a hostess that was originally ordered. He drank eleven cups and you are here. Now there is only one cup left.

     "According to Yiming’s personality, twelve glasses of wine, he must drink. You take his wine, you can drink it for him, but you have to tell us in what capacity you are, if you are a simple friend or something, Your wine...can't replace it!"

     Gu Dahai looked at Li Sisi. In fact, at this moment, Gu Dahai wants to enliven the atmosphere and watch the excitement.

     Right now, Sisi can drink this glass of wine for Yiming, to everyone's delight and satisfaction, but first of all, it depends on Li Sisi not answering the conversation.

     Li Sisi smiled, she didn't hesitate, the next second she loudly said: "I am his girlfriend, I will drink for him, Director Gu, is this all right?"

     Before Luo Yiming could react or Gu Dahai could speak, Li Sisi picked up the glass and poured it into her mouth. When Luo Yiming snatched it, Li Sisi had already drunk the glass.

     "What are you doing? What liquor do you drink as a girl!" Luo Yiming scolded.

     Luo Yiming felt very sorry for her. He picked up a napkin and wiped the wine stains on her collar. He knew that Li Sisi was for his good, but in the style of thinking of men, he thought that some things had to be done by men.Li Sisi did not move, standing there watching Luo Yiming.

     Li Sisi, who had a strong spirit of liquor in her mouth, was quite choking. Li Sisi, who rarely drank alcohol, kept coughing, and she felt quite uncomfortable.

     But what was even more uncomfortable was her heart. When she thought of such a bad drink, Luo Yiming drank eleven cups in a row, and she wanted to cry.

     The eye circles were red for a second, looking at Luo Yiming distressedly, tears rolling in her eye sockets.

     Luo Yiming's heart softened, pressing her shoulders and letting her sit down, showing a gentle smile, and comforted: "I there’s no problem, but you, you eat a la carte to suppress your wine."

     Li Sisi just refused to sit and stood stubbornly. Luo Yiming couldn't press her at all.

     She suddenly grabbed Luo Yiming's hand and forbidden him to touch those wine glasses, and said aggrieved: "Don't drink it, okay? I know, you want to give me a chance, we don't want it."

     This sentence was crying, and the words contained deep concern and distress.

     Even outsiders can feel it. After hearing the subtext, Li Sisi is saying that you don't need to behave like this for these people.

     Luo Yiming was stunned. He had no choice but to do all this, because the entertainment industry was like a river and lake.

     There are rules and regulations.

     The rules here, come first, come first. If you want to pull someone down, you have to show your sincerity.

     As Si Si's boyfriend, Si Si can of course not do these things. She is a girl who can only suffer in the system, but Luo Yiming wants to make her less uncomfortable.

     Let her quickly become famous in this cruel arena.

     She can't use her body to fight her life, but she can!Twelve glasses of wine, Luo Yiming can handle it!

     And... Li Sisi's behavior, she finally drank alcohol, Luo Yiming felt a little painful. He looked at this pretty face of Yudai Lihua, unbearable.


     Twelve cups of wine have been drunk, Gu Dahai will laughed: "Okay, okay, twelve cups of wine have been drunk, this is the matter, we will not let Yiming drink again. Sisi Don't worry about it either."

     "Oh, a good meal. If you two drink it like this, it won't make it. Why don't we make an appointment next time?"

     Anyone with a discerning eye knows that Luo Yiming will have a few more whispers with Li Sisi next.

     This wine bureau is like this, there is no need to proceed further.

     Zhao Liyong said: "I think it is too. I drank too much today. If I make an appointment, I will organize the next time."

     Guo Qihong stood up: "Then we will withdraw first."


     Luo Yiming stopped the three of them.

     From under the table, there will be three bottles of fine wine, and Luo Yiming alone gave them one bottle.

     "Today, I didn't accompany you to drink well. One person, one bottle, take it back and pour it yourself. Also, Sisi is my girlfriend's business. Please guys must keep it secret for me. Six people know."


     Several people thought it was Luo Yiming who wanted to hide the relationship, but only the slightest knew that he was protecting himself.

     "I won't give it away yet!"

     Is Luo Yiming enough to give the wine to the three?


     Several of them didn't shirk off, took the wine, and left the garden together.After the three people left, Sisi's tears couldn't stop streaming down, even if he was so uncomfortable, he still didn't forget to protect himself, and he didn't forget what he said, and didn't want outsiders to know about their relationship.

     Sisi felt regret and ashamed in her heart: "Yi Ming, why are you so good, how are you so good, how can I reward you..." wa'ed, Si Si still cried.

     The trembling body got into Luo Yiming's arms. She was like a little girl, the more she cried, the more sad she became.

     Luo Yiming patted Si Si on the back, but he was able to help Si Si handle the Mid-Autumn Festival party. He felt that everything was worth it.

     I want to comfort a few words.

     But because he drank too eagerly at the beginning, he was ecstatic by now.

     Being leaned on, he crooked in the next second and slipped under the table obediently. He had a vague impression that he returned to the villa with a soft shoulder.

     He couldn't remember the rest.

     At noon the next day, Luo Yiming only woke up. Yesterday's clothes were already hanging on the window sill. Don't think about it, Sisi must have washed him.

     It's just that Sisi is now gone.

     Fatty Wen and Zhao Xiang made several phone calls respectively, and they were all told to go to the set to film.

     Luo Yiming drank too much alcohol yesterday, so he was groggy in the morning. Now that he saw the whole group waiting for him, he quickly called back and said he was almost there!


     "Charlotte, you said, this person is actually quite funny!""Ma Dongmei" has an inexplicable peace on her face. One hand holds "Charlotte" while the other hand gently smoothes the quilt on Charlotte.

     Beside them.

     With a ventilator, Charlotte was lying flat on the hospital bed, her eyes closed motionless like a statue.

     This is Charlotte's troubled studio.

     At this time, Luo Yiming, who had rushed over from Guanyuan, quickly entered the state, and what he was doing was Charlotte's troubled The last battle.

     After being reborn, Charlotte chased the school girl Qiuya and became a star.

     He made a lot of money, both fame and fortune.

     But in the end, he realized that his favorite is not those, his favorite... is Ma Dongmei.

     Unfortunately it was too late.

     Now that Ma Dongmei is married to Dachun, he himself has AIDS and is about to die.

     "...Playing house, I will be a father, and you will be a mother... Then you and Qiuya get together, and I just know that I like you."

     "Later, you became a big star, and I would never dare to like you again!"

     "My favorite is the song you gave Qiuya back then... I sing it for you..."

     "Just once, I will show you until the end of time...Laughing on the day of as brilliant as a sun..."

     The singing made the hearts of the whole group sour. With Ma Dongmei's singing, a drop of tears quietly left on Charlotte's handsome face and the corner of her eyes!

     Ordinary actors may not be able to do this, but Ke Luo Yiming was moved by this tear in this drama in his previous life.

     "Okay, this tear is good, close-up! Take a close-up of Charlotte! Don't let this tear go to waste!"Not far away, Fatty Wen sat in front of the monitor and yelled to the photographer.

     Zhao Xiang, who was watching from the side, couldn't help but nod secretly. This shot was really touching, especially the acting skills of the male and female actors were very good.

     Looking at the emotion on Qi Wei's face, he could see that this girl has feelings for the lying boy.

     Whether it is Ma Dongmei vs. Charlotte in the script, or Qi Wei vs. Luo Yiming in reality.

     I really had a similar emotional experience, so I entered it.

     Otherwise, this kind of lens, a newcomer who hasn't filmed anything before, could not shoot so well.

     However, Luo Yiming still left, leaving with Ma Dongmei's singing.

     After his death, this dream ended.

     Luo Yiming followed the next set of shots.

     When he woke up from his dream, opened the door, rushed out, and immediately hugged Ma Dongmei.

     Then, there are many shots of Charlotte sticking to Ma Dongmei.

     The crew on the scene looked at the scenes of a group of groups, crying very embarrassed.

     Everyone's crying and tears didn't only end here, Charlotte's troubles were about to die.

     Rather, besides the loath to part, everyone was also infected by the feelings of Charlotte and Ma Dongmei.

     Because combined with the whole film, it is really sad and uncomfortable.

     Charlotte and Ma Dongmei bring everyone into the movie, and experience with the protagonist to feel the happiness of holding his wife lose sth and then regain it.

     How precious is this!

     This movie finally told everyone.

     How much does a wife who is the same as Sweep let herself love sth too much to part with it.The ending is quite good. A few simple shots don't show a procrastinating ending, and a few shots highlight the characters' love and transformation.

     Let the feelings of the crew members burst out wantonly.

     "I declare! Charlotte is troubled, now officially finished!" With Fatty Wen's voice, the whole crew put away their sad emotions, and finally cheered!

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