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400 Chapter 396. Successful Acquisition, Online Video Boss (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

After more than half a month, Charlotte's troubles were smoothly resolved.

     Compared with the difficult situation that other Film and Television Company often describe in making movies, Luo Yiming and his crew do not seem to have encountered any setbacks.

     In the evening, the entire Charlotte crew went directly to the five-star hotel where Guanyuan shot the first scene and opened the finale dinner.

      Wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined, the most toasted are Luo Yiming, Wen Fatty and Zhao Xiang.

     As the director, male lead, producer, and sisters, Luo Yiming is the most aggressive against him.

     Yesterday, the wine was already unconscious. Luo Yiming pushed as soon as he could push it today. After half the time, it was an excuse for the beautiful lady to wait and leave first.

     When Luo Yiming said he wanted to go home, Fatty Wen grabbed Luo Yiming drunk, and totally devoted: "Don’t go, Yiming! You have to tell me about this movie. How? Can't tell lies."

     Luo Yiming was a little drunk, but he was annoyed by Charlotte. He was full of confidence and did not drift at all: "Very good, it is estimated that if you go to the theater line, you will start at 500 million!"

     In 2007, this result was fine.

     Fat Wen heard five hundred million, and he floated: "Hey, I know our play is good! But I also understand that my level should be three or four billion, it's not bad, and the rest is your credit!"

     "It's everyone's hard work, and I sees in the eyes for your efforts." Luo Yiming patted Fatty Wen on the shoulder.

     Since this period of time, Fatty has really taken care of this big online movie.Not only did he guest star in the characters in the play, he also took pictures and listened to the sound during the whole shooting process, and used free time to make rough cuts of the daily shooting materials.

     Fat people often work until two or three o'clock every day, and then get up at four or five o'clock to prepare for the next day's shooting.

     "Thank you Yiming...but we are not going to the theater line!" The Fatty Wen thought of the broadcast channel and said in a disappointment.

     Luo Yiming said: "Fatty, don't say this, even if it is played on a video platform, our movie will be popular with the audience! Why? You ask me this, don't you have confidence now?"

     "I rub! I have no confidence? How can it be!" Fatty Wen drank a glass of wine, patted his chest and said: "I am confident, but I am thinking at what time I can release it! I will soon..."

     "Then hurry up, I also want to see our results quickly."

     After that, Luo Yiming didn't linger much, and took the rough cut film back. Luo Yiming also wanted to show Sisi at home.

     Speaking of which, Sisi watched a filming with herself that day, but she did not know the whole story of Charlotte's troubles.

     Luo Yiming also wanted to hear from Si Si, in the end, what did she think of the play.

     Back downstairs in the villa, the light in the room was on, Luo Yiming leaned on the railing and opened the door, Li Sisi was lying on the sofa watching TV.

     She cooked the dishes on the restaurant table, but it was mostly cold by now.

     After Luo Yiming opened the door and returned, Li Sisi hurriedly got up to greet him, "Is you tired? Have you finished shooting so late?"

     When Luo Yiming saw Li Sisi, he also smelled the fragrance of the food."Finished."

     "Have you eaten? I cooked for you, but so late, I think you have eaten too." Li Sisi's eyes flashed with regret.

     "No, I haven't eaten it yet."

     "Lie..." Li Sisi whispered. From the smell of wine on this guy, Si Si knew that he had already eaten it.

     Can not be dismantled.

     Luo Yiming was like that, sat on the table, ate a large bowl of rice, and reimbursed one plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

     "Yes, my wife's craftsmanship is good." Luo Yiming clicked his mouth, enjoying it.

     "It's delicious? Then I will get off work early and I will make it for you when I have time..."

     "No, what did you call me just now, wife? I became your wife at what time?" Li Sisi pouted.

     For the clinker, Luo Yiming pulled Li Sisi directly on her leg with a big hand.

     "Aren't you my wife? My wife and I have done everything you did... You are not my wife, then who is my wife?"

     Luo Yiming is a bit drunk and courageous, listening to such provocative words, of course she feels ashamed.


     Luo Yiming approached Li Sisi's Xiuxia, "Oh, yes, there is one thing you haven't done for me yet, that is, give me monkeys. Or, let's work hard now..."

     Luo Yiming slapped her mouth and wanted to get on intimate terms with. Li Sisi said no, she slapped Luo Yiming at the door.

     As Li Sisi got up and fled, Luo Yiming couldn't sit firmly on the stool with that push, thumped, and fell on his back.


     "You, Sisi, you, this is the murder of her husband.""No, I don't know you, you deserve it!"

     Luo Yiming didn't succeed in kissing. After getting up, Si Si had gone to the kitchen to clean up.

     Looking at Si Si's back, Luo Yiming thought that he could live a simple life with her in the future, and he smiled.

     After get off work, there is a light in the room, and it feels like someone is waiting... It’s great.

     When Sisi came out of the kitchen, Luo Yiming showed Charlotte's troubled rough cut film to Li Sisi on the computer.

     After watching this play, Li Sisi felt strange in her heart.

     "The three views of the story in this play are not correct!"

     The host of CCTV, the first sentence is this evaluation.

     "Oh? What's wrong?" Luo Yiming asked.

     "I think, many places are handled very casually... and do not respect women!"

     Li Sisi's wrinkled little Qiong nose, act as if one is taking things very seriously and said: "For example, the setting of school flowers, school flowers must be snobs?"

     "For example, the perverted person also laughed at all kinds of things, and hinted that this is an x worker."

     "Besides, I didn't see any humanity from the male lead you played. He was reborn, and then he woke up. Why did he wake up? I always feel that this character is not full..."

     Li Sisi is a top student. The insights she put forward are indeed more social and more in line with correct life values.

     I heard her comment.

     Luo Yiming was not at all surprised.

     He also recognized.

     To put it simply, this script does have many loopholes, but it can be labeled as "Three Views" and the hat is big...Luo Yiming feels that there may be some wrongs in the wrong, but sometimes these are the reality.

     Of course, this must project negative social emotions.

     In a society where mainstream values are admired, such a plot is a bit risky and may not be recognized.

     However, Luo Yiming’s work is a comedy. As a comedy, the negative emotions only attack reality. This work is considered qualified...

     "But having said that, this movie is quite humorous. Your acting skills are online throughout..."

     Luo Yiming smiled, finally being praised.

     "One more..."

     "Your movie is ready to be released at what time!".

     Sisi said her point of view, but overall, she must admit that the comic effect of this play is very nice's.

     Luo Yiming said: "It's still in the late stage, maybe it's one third... I don't know if I can make it to the National Day file at the time of the show."

     "National Day?" Li Sisi thought for a while, and said: "It seems that back then it was the main theme of blockbuster movies. There were more movies praising the country. I don't think it is very good, and the entertainment film and television movies seem to be released at that time... …"

     "Entertainment?" Luo Yiming hesitated for a moment. In fact, every time a movie of Entertainment Arts is filmed, there are already difficulties and hardships. They shot my youth a bit crazy, and they have always been the focus of the media.

     Meet him, the probability of death will be high.

     "I know, it's also a youth theme, I don't know how the effect will be...""Probably not bad. I heard that it is the work of Xiao Gang, a big-name entertainment director. I think if it's fast, we shouldn't run into him. Can it be released half a month before the National Day?"

     Generally speaking, the box office breakout period of a movie is the first two weeks. After the first two weeks, box office earnings in the next two weeks will be greatly reduced.

     Therefore, when there is a scheduled crash, relatively speaking weak directors will raise their files for release in order to win more audiences and avoid box office losses.

     What Sisi said makes sense, but Luo Yiming is very determined: "If you don't advance, why do you want to advance? It is a rare experience to play against the directors of top domestic entertainment film and television..."

     Luo Yiming muttered, his face raised with confidence.

     "Okay." Si Si was silent.

     Entering the movie circle, he will inevitably compete with entertainment.

     It’s just that, in fact, this duel is not sharply opposed to each other, with neither prepared to give an inch.

     Yuyi did not pay attention to Shangteng Entertainment at all, because Shangteng Entertainment’s movies are major online movies and do not enter theaters at all.

     It can be said that this is still small-scale in the movie, and it is difficult to be elegant.

     The other party has no intention to fight, and Luo Yiming doesn't need to launch a special challenge. For him, there are more important things next.

      The explosion of King of Mask Singer and Luo Yiming’s previous variety shows in UTV has brought a lot of traffic to UTV.

     However, after King of Mask Singer ended and other programs were repeatedly broadcast, the video website was not updated and had to accept it. Traffic popularity dropped sharply.As an important cooperation partner of UTV, Luo Yiming, after spending a gentle night with Sisi, the next day he brought Charlotte's troubled internet movie to the website again.

     As soon as the meeting was held, the Huang brothers and Longjiang fell to Luo Yiming's side.

     To be honest, even though Pan Riting holds the most shares in his hands, the Huang brothers and Longjiang have long planned to switch to other industries and give the shares of UTV to Luo Yiming.

     Therefore, with continuous acquisitions and integrations during this period of time, Luo Yiming has become the actual power holder behind the scenes.

     After giving Pan Riting a step down and retaining some of his shares, Luo Yiming finally successfully acquired UTV.

     He became the group chairman of UTV Video, and he also hired Pan Riting as the group CEO.

     At the same time, Luo Yiming merged the second variety show of Shangteng entertainment company into Youshi, and Xiaochao and Li Yawei were responsible for creating a variety show Reality TV Show as soon as possible.

     The Internet has developed rapidly in recent years. When major TV stations were still introducing variety shows and broadcasting on TV, Luo Yiming had already set his sights on the Internet.

     The key to a video platform's ability to retain viewers is the content on the website.

     What UTV Video previously relied on was to pull content from outside, relying on its pure player function to generate revenue.

     But such a function is too tasteless.

     The rise of the video platform industry will rely on independent innovative content in the future. In this regard, the love of riding rain in the past life is the same!

     of course.

     Although UTV lacks content, his installed base is still there. The function of the player is among several video bigwigs, and his technology is leading.Because of this, Luo Yiming chose the advantage at the beginning and eventually acquired it.

     If you win this company right now, you have tens of millions of potential audiences. Luo Yiming's layout in online video, online variety shows, and big movies is announced!

     However, Luo Yiming also spent a lot of effort and money in the acquisition of UTV.

     First of all, the Huang Jiang brothers and Long Jiang originally wanted to own shares and pay dividends at the end of the year. Luo Yiming did not agree, and eventually sealed their mouths with one billion.

     Pan Riting’s vision is comparable to those of those poisonous people. From start to finish, he felt that since Shangteng Entertainment acquired Ushi, then it is very likely that Ushi’s video will be out of control in the future.

     As a veteran, even if there's nothing about it dividends, he may still face the risk of losing money, but he is worth investing in In the Future We Trust.

     Under negotiation, Pan Riting owns 10 percent of the company's shares. As the group CEO, he will fight alongside Luo Yiming in the future.

     The news of the acquisition is very secret.

     In other words, the news of the final confirmation of the acquisition is very secret. Who doesn't know at all this time, UTV has changed ownership, and his new owner has launched a new round of competition in the entertainment industry.

     Four days later.

     Inside a hot pot restaurant in the Imperial City.

     Luo Yiming, Fatty Wen, Zhao Xiang, and the other two heroines that Charlotte is worried about are sitting in a box in Haidilao.

     "Everyone saw the film that was just cut and thought how is it?" Fatty Wen called everyone here today to watch the film made by him and the editing team.

     "It feels okay overall, quite funny." Zhao Xiang said with a nod."Why is this school girl I played like this? I don't like it..." Jia Qing despised this snobbery a bit.

     "You don't like or hate her. That means you acted well." Luo Yiming turned to say: "However, I can hear someone say that our movie is a comedy with three wrong views.

     "Isn't the Three Views correct? I don't think it!" The Fatty said, and he felt that this film super-reflected reality.

     "I didn't think the Three Views were wrong, my opinion is not bad, a comedy above the passing line!"

     Luo Yiming finally nodded.

     Zhao Xiang will look at Luo Yiming and Fatty Wen a little seriously, and said resolutely: "In addition, you two really don't think about it. Arrange the schedule and go to the cinema?"


     The atmosphere is a bit different.

     If you go to the theater, it will be the big screen. Naturally, Zhao Xiang said that, he was optimistic about Charlotte.

     Luo Yiming said: "Zhao Xiang, it's actually good to have you!"

     "But...the theater line is still not going! Be steady! We can't be too bloated. Let's take the mass line first, and lay a solid foundation for the road.


     Now that Luo Yiming had made the decision, and it made sense, Zhao Xiang didn't persuade him much.

     And Luo Yiming, abandoning the theater line, he also needs this online movie to open up the situation.

     As for how to take the road behind, Luo Yiming will surely surprise those Film and Television Companies who still stake all on one throw to beg grandpa and call on grandma to run the theater.
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