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401 Chapter 397, Luo Yiming's Movie Storm (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Luo Yiming and everyone eat almost there in hot pot, he will solemnly say: "Fatty, Zhao Xiang, next I plan to collect some fine TV series and movie rights, and use them to broadcast on UTV!"

     For self-produced variety shows, Luo Yiming can give UTV videos, but at present, UTV's resources are still too few.

     It is impossible for Luo Yiming to produce too many works in a short time, so it is necessary to collect these.

     "By the way, Zhao Xiang, you were in contact with this field before, do you have any content?"

     With that, Luo Yiming turned his head to look at Zhao Xiang, and Zhao Xiang said, "Yes, there are. Basically, these movies that have been popular have not yet entered the video. We can do it. But not necessarily exclusive."

     "It doesn't matter if exclusive or exclusive, the key is that there is something in the film library." Luo Yiming said: "Then you will work hard to find out the resources for me. I will let people talk and try to get these resources.

     "Okay." Zhao Xiang nodded.

     "In addition to a sufficient video library, the next a period of time, UTV's top priority-is the launch of Charlotte, the promotion will start tomorrow, Fatty, you are responsible for following up."

     "In short...Take advantage of this Charlotte's troubles and strive to win instant success on the video platform!"

     "no problem!"

     Fatty and Zhao Xiang are currently already working with Luo Yiming, and taking the path of major online movies, naturally, it is also critical for video websites to become popular.

     With laughter, everyone toasted, ending the hot pot at night.

     Early September.The official website of Shangteng Entertainment Company, which has been silent, suddenly released a set of movie trailers, and at the same time announced the new play of Luo Yiming and Fatty Wen, a youth comedy movie "Charlotte Annoyance" will be officially launched on the National Day file.

     The broadcasting platform is "UTV Video", which was just acquired by Shangteng Entertainment.

     The trailer was promoted by the publicity department of UTV Video, regardless of cost, mainly focused on the various online channels they had maintained before.

     This includes soft text, paragraphs, button space, forums...

     Charlotte's troubled Roaring Across the Horizon, a youthful and funny movie, entered everyone's attention.

     And because his production team is completely newcomers who have not set foot in this field, this movie completely broke the long-paced entertainment circle when it came out!

     What is Luo Yiming doing?

     A long-established variety show, director Luo Yiming switched to filming that's the end of it, was filmed and it was not shown in theaters!

     And UTV Video? ? ?

     It even quietly acquired UTV Video...

     The name of this movie is also very interesting, Charlotte Annoyance, is it Charlotte annoyance or Charlotte?

     The outside world discuss spiritedly, but for the outside audience, they think of more than that.

     First of all, is this drama a youth drama? The file is scheduled for National Day.

     This seems to be hard with Xiao Gang?

     Yes, the audience knows it. Entertainment Film and Television has long been officially announced that they will file a youth-themed movie at the National Day.Luo Yiming also announced this time, the same time, the same subject matter, the audience did not think it was a coincidence.

     Director Luo Yiming and Xiao Gang, the two PK?

     Luo Yiming has too many plays!

     The media then wrote an article, and then wrote at the end: "Seeking the truth!"

     Not only the media, there are still many night owls at night.

     Everyone did not believe the first reaction of this article.

     "I'm going, what do you think? How can it be Luo Yiming also goes to make a movie."

     "Also filming youth dramas? This is too fake, but Luo Yiming didn't reveal any news?"

     "Xiao Gang's youth movie "My Youth Is A Little Crazy" has been on for more than a month. Is Luo Yiming going to follow suit this time?"

     "No, I think it's more reasonable for Luo Yiming to make variety shows."

     Obviously, most people do not believe this.

     After all, it was too sudden.

     The melon audiences have long forgotten the long silent Shangteng entertainment company official website. As for the audiences far away from the Internet, they don't know that all this is true.

     Over the course of one night, under push the wave and add to the billows, the discussion of "Luo Yiming enters the movie market and shoots youth-themed movies" gradually soared.

      Hengdian Cinemas, the crew of "My Youth Is A Little Crazy"!

     Xiao Gang is in the process of shooting.

     Before eleven, he had to submit the film for review, Zhang Dongming's relationship had been established, and there was no problem with the film arrangement of the theater.

     "it is good!"After the filming of a scene was completed, Xiao Gang also shouted ‘ka’, and at the same time said to everyone: "Let’s take a break!"

     Zhang Dadong, who was on the side, leaned in and said with a smile, "Director Xiao, how soon can we finish the filming with this progress?"

     "It will take twenty days at the earliest."

     Xiao Gang thought for a bit and said: "The next few scenes are going to Thailand, so it will take a little bit time."


     Zhang Dadong sighed and said: "We are going to come out before November, I mean can we speed up the progress?"

     "Speed up?"

     "Didn't we say that we can come out a few days before November? How do you think about you..." Xiao Gang frowned, "What happened?"

     Zhang Dadong is the director of the production department of this movie, but he knows that Luo Yiming is also making movies.

      This time he talked about today’s news, and then chuckled: “The production team of Shangteng Entertainment is not weak. The movies that Luo Yiming wants to shoot have always been in a state of secret, but now that they have revealed the wind, then I guess it’s almost done."

     "You said this."

     Xiao Gang smiled and said very confidently: "It doesn't matter if Luo Yiming really drove the film ahead of us. It doesn't matter who shoots the film as fast as it is, the most important thing is quality."

      When he spoke until here, Xiao Gang paused and said, "However, I really should speed up the progress a little bit. I don't want to give Luo Yiming a wedding dress in the early publicity."At noon, Shangteng Entertainment announced a piece of news on Jinghua Entertainment. This news can be said to let the entertainment circle know the news of Shangteng's entry into film and television...

     "Charlotte Annoyance" is a youth film directed by Luo Yiming, cooperating with Zhao, and produced by Shangteng Entertainment, starring Luo Yiming, Qi Wei, Jia Qing, Allen, Yin Zheng, Wang Yu, etc.

     The movie will be broadcast on UTV during the National Day.

     Once the news was released, it quickly exploded.

     "All newcomers. Except Teacher Wang Yu!"

     "Khan, this brand new lineup, how can we have the desire to watch!"

     "Xiao Gang shoots youth movies, and you Luo Yiming also shoots, but can you use some well-known ones?"

     "Except for Luo Yiming himself, these leading actors do not have one first-line. Is this for cheap?"

     "By the way, Yuyi has fought a few battles with Shangteng, and this should be considered a hard shot."

     Everyone kept discussing. Obviously, as soon as the news of Jinghua Entertainment came out, this matter was considered solid.

     Xiao Gang was also taken aback by the news.

     Luo Yiming's variety show, not without invited big-name celebrities, but his movie is a brand new lineup.

     Moreover, the reputation and appeal of these people can be called very low.

     Take a look at the lineup of "My Youth Is A Little Crazy", Huang Xiaoming, Shu Qi, Ge You, and then take a look at Luo Yiming's "Charlotte Troubles" lineup.

     This is completely without comparability!

      At the same time, the media also started to take action.A part of the media first came to the crew of "My Youth Is A Little Crazy" and began to ask Xiao Gang's views on Luo Yiming's film and whether it was under pressure.

     The media intends to make the two sides fight fiercely, the purpose is very clear.

     "Hehe, I’ve heard of Luo Yiming’s movie a long time ago. I can only say that heroes usually agree. We belonged to the theme crash. He is youthful and funny, so am I, Ge You, the humor master of my movie I don't need to say more."

     Where does Xiao Gang know what Luo Yiming's movies are, he actually brags casually.

     Seeing that the media loves to listen, he continues to open up the commercial mutual blowing mode: "Luo Yiming is a very talented variety director in the younger generation, but I don’t know if he has the same talents in the film field. To be honest, I am looking forward to him. What about this movie."

     "Then how do you think his movie compares with yours?" The media dug a hole.

     "As for the comparison? I think there is no comparability for the time being. After all, both sides are in the preparation stage, and no one has seen the final version."

     "Then do you think Luo Yiming is your future opponent in the field of film production?" The media pursued it.

     "It doesn't exist. I have never regarded Luo Yiming as an opponent. We are not in a competitive relationship. Everyone has contributed good works to Chinese-language films. We all hope that Chinese films can be made bigger and stronger."

     On this side, Xiao Gang was not fooled. On the other side, after suffering untold hardships, the media finally contacted Luo Yiming.Luo Yiming was in the reception room, facing the visiting media, kindly said: "I admire the talent of director Xiao Gang very much. I think "Charlotte Annoyance" can't be compared with "My" regardless of the production cost and the cast. Compared with "Youth is Crazy", I shoot with a learning attitude."

     "Then you regard Director Xiao Gang as the opponent of the National Day file?"

     Luo Yiming smiled: "Being an opponent? How can it be? I think that director Xiao Gang once won the best director is fame follows merit. I didn't want to compare with him in the past and just be myself."

     "That's it." The media continued to bombard, but Luo Yiming didn't give them much opportunity: "As for the plot of "Charlotte Troubles", I am temporarily inconvenient to disclose, I just want to say please look forward to it."

     Luo Yiming's answer is also not to show, which makes the media somewhat grudgingly.

     The media on both sides got a bad nose, no actual gains

     But everyone still reported the two youth humorous movies "My Youth Is A Little Crazy" and "Charlotte Troubles".

      Several days pass, "Charlotte Annoyance" succeeded in a wave of existence.

     The influence in the circle has gradually increased. At the same time, Zhao Xiang also won several once popular film and television dramas. Luo Yiming successfully negotiated and entered UTV's resource library.

     In addition, Luo Yiming continued to release explosive news in the entertainment industry. A piece of news today swept the screen again.

     The first film directed by Luo Yiming was not finished within two weeks.

     The news spread quickly.

     The crew of "My Youth Is A Little Crazy"!

     "Finish?"Xiao Gang, who was filming, asked people to inquire about the detailed circumstances of Charlotte's troubles. He didn't get any results. Now he heard that the other party has finished, he said unbelievable: "What a joke?"

     Zhang Dadong is also somewhat grudgingly: "Director Xiao, it's really not joking, "Charlotte Annoyance" was finished a few days ago."

     "This is impossible."

     Xiao Gang didn’t believe it at all: “According to what you said, Luo Yiming’s filming of "Charlotte Annoyance" will take at most half a month, and it will take a month for a movie to be shot as quickly as possible. Nothing?"

     No wonder Xiao Gang was shocked.

     He thinks that he has been filming fast enough, and he has been filming the fastest humorous youth theme for over a month.

     But the movie "Charlotte Annoyance" was over in just two weeks.

     Even shooting sitcoms and the like takes more than a month.

     Luo Yiming will finish in two weeks, what the fuck is that?

     Xiao Gang felt his little heart beating, which is definitely impossible.

     Unless it is, this movie is super trash.

     Zhang Dadong feels the same way, but he has suffered many defeats at Luo Yiming, and this time there's nothing about it confidence: "This kid is really a god and man. The key is not to be finished within half a month. The problem is indeed Really."

     Xiao Gang affirmed: "Don't worry, this Luo Yiming must sacrifice quality and pursue efficiency."


     "Entertainment film and television have long dominated the field of film and television. In the production of variety shows, Shangteng was fascinated by the showdown with entertainment. Therefore, he thought that he could make movies."But it definitely won't work to bring the set of variety shows to movies."

      After spoke until here, the two seemed to have found a tacit understanding, and both smiled.


     On the Internet, the shock is still happening, and the group brush mode is on!

     "The Troubles of Charlotte" was completed in 12 days. It can be said that it has set a record for shooting a youth comedy movie!"

     "Shocked! "Charlotte Troubles" was finished in 12 days. Is it churn out large quantities without regard for quality or is it a trend?"

     ""My Youth Is A Little Crazy" is still being filmed, but "Charlotte Annoyance" has been completed a few days ago. Both movies are launched on National Day. Let's wipe one's eyes and wait!"

     "Can Luo Tao's new movie set the next milestone?"

     A lot of news was released, and this time the publicity of Shangteng Entertainment began to spread out.

     Looking at these news, the industry is also a bit baffling.

     I rub?

     Finished in 12 days?

     How can it be?

     Are you going crazy?

     Many directors are at a loss, and others are also a bit unbelievable.

     And everyone and Xiao Gang's ideas are exactly the same.

     What international joke?

     Even Luo Yiming's sandwich fan base is a bit sudden. Countless fans started to discuss...

      "Damn it, what's going on? Director Luo, what are you doing?"

     "I want to ask if this is a joke or a joke?"

     "Director Luo, it's great to enter the movie, but don't pit it."

     "Director Luo, you have a variety show level, right?"

     "Don't let us down!"
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