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402 Chapter 398, This Film Is Too Fun (recommendation Ticket Requested)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

There was a heated discussion on the whole network, and at this time, the reporter interviewed Xiao Gang again and asked him what he thought of the shooting of "Charlotte Trouble" so quickly.

     In this regard, Xiao Gang joked: "I hope "Charlotte Annoyance" is a wonderful and good movie, but Director Luo Yiming is still a bit too impatient. It will be too fast in 12 days."

     "It will take at least one month for my movies of this type."

     In a word, Xiao Gang thought it was kind, but the media got excited.

     Haha, I finally dig a hole for you.

     At the end of the interview, a reporter from Phoenix Entertainment took the lead in reporting: "The Troubles of Charlotte" was finished in 12 days, and the director of "My Youth Is A Little Crazy" Xiao Gang complained to Luo Yiming to film churn out large quantities without regard for quality!

     The reporter from Xiaoniao Entertainment went too far: "It is also a youthful humorous film. Director Xiao Gang will shoot this kind of film for one month. Luo Yiming's "Charlotte Troubles" for 12 days. Xiao Gang expressed his disappointment with this work ."

     "Director Xiao Gang’s predecessor’s position hopes that Luo Yiming can be more attentive to his work. Time is the cornerstone of quality assurance. Whatever happens must not ignore quality for the sake of speed, otherwise he can only eat one's own fruit!"

     "It is said that Luo Yiming has personal grievances with Entertainment Film and Television, so he churn out large quantities without regard for quality. He wanted to harvest some box office on the National Day, which will cause pressure and influence on entertainment."

     It was another wave of ruthless operations. After Xiao Gang's news came out, Zhang Dadong began to buy some media and attack Luo Yiming.

     "Is the truth like this? If it is, I'm so disappointed!""In order to compete with entertainment art for the market, Luo Yiming produces movies vulgarly. This will only chill the hearts of fans who love him."

     "The fall of a variety show god has begun!"

     "I think Luo Dao changed. He entered the movie. I think he started the process of capitalization of the company. He made money, but he lost his original intention!"

     Bewitched and used by others, many reports are directly on the hot search list!

     And the key words of the hot search are Luo Yiming's vulgar production and assembly line works.

     Or Xiao Gang's criticism of Luo Yiming.

     Xiao Gang, who was filming, had no idea that what he said was completely changed by the media, but after Xiao Gang saw the report, there's nothing about it.

     In fact, in his heart, he never felt how strong Luo Yiming's play was.

     He didn't bother to deny it!

     Luo Yiming is a pink and tender newcomer. Variety shows are well produced, but Xiao Gang must tell him that movies and variety shows are completely different.

     Xiao Gang's keep silent makes the media even more prosperous.

     There are also many ‘shock’ articles.

     What Luo Yiming fell in love with, after falling into the tender country, he became less concerned about his works.

     Luo Yiming bought a video website, became the boss, and became rich. He is no longer the one he was before.

     Reporters have news to write, take pleasure in sth.

     As for the mad news from the outside world, Luo Yiming sees in the eyes and chose keep silent.

     First of all, he needs heat. For good or bad, heat is a good thing.Secondly, he doesn't have time to deal with this. Now Luo Yiming is in the backstage studio, making last fine-tuning adjustments to Charlotte's troubles, in order to make the film more beautiful on National Day.

     "The lens here is cut off, and Yuan Hua in the peach forest has a slightly brighter gloss here."

     Regardless of external propaganda, depreciation, or flattery.

     Luo Yiming didn't care.

     What he prefers to do is to speak with facts.

     After everything waits for "Charlotte's Troubles" to be released, then everything will come to a conclusion.

     The later adjustments are very fast, after all, it is minor repairs, everything is very smooth.

     In almost half a day, Luo Yiming completed the docking with the editing department.

     In the next half month of September, Youshi Video continued to send resources to the website, and the traffic and data of Youshi Video were getting better and better.

      Soldiers Sortie, Return of the Condor Heroes, Legend of the Condor Heroes, Bright Sword, hot TV drama resources, and the content side of UTV is becoming more and more abundant.

     Everything is going on regular and thorough.

     At the end of September, online comments continued.

     Luo Yiming still doesn't care about how the outside world reviews his films, including his frigid irony and scorching satire.

     Until the night when Charlotte Anxiety announced that it was online, everything began to not calm down.

     Thanks to the vigorous promotion of Shangteng Entertainment and Youshi Video, this big online movie can be said to be well known during this period of time and it is extremely popular.

     So at 6 or 7 this evening, many people who hadn't downloaded UTV video before also downloaded it, ready to see how this movie was made!Huang He is a new host of CCTV. Because Sisi recommended this movie to him, Huang He has followed this information on the Internet, so today, he is also waiting for this legendary movie!

     At six o'clock in the evening, Huang He finished his overtime work today. When he got home, he rubbed his eyes to relieve the pain caused by long-term use of the eyes.

     Huang He is 30 years old and is single so far. When he arrives at a room where there is only by oneself, he sighed saying that as a host, Huang He's weekend life is extremely boring.

     Therefore, he usually asks the leader to work overtime, and most of the time he comes back at night is to watch the news or watch the drama!

     It's a pity that the recent movies and televisions have become less and less attractive.

     So Huang He is very boring.

     "It's only seven o'clock... It's more than an hour since Charlotte started broadcasting there is still one. Why don't you find a newsletter to read it?"

     Forget it, look at advanced video sites?

      Hesitant, Huang He opened the UTV video client.

     On the homepage, is an album of Luo Yiming's series of works.

     His various variety shows are among them.

     Huang He has seen every variety show.

     As a fan of Luo Yiming, he likes Luo Yiming’s hosting style and appreciates all the variety shows he produced. However, Luo Yiming’s wind direction has changed recently, instead of doing variety shows, he has switched to movies!

     "I hope it can be better!" Huang He said to himself after watching the trailer of Charlotte's troubles again.

     The yellow cranes represent a large part of the urban otakus. On weekends when they usually do not work, they all choose to stay at home to watch TV and watch online videos.On the other hand, some people with special identities are also watching Charlotte's troubles.

     "I don't know how is it that this so-called Charlotte trouble filmed?"

     A certain studio.

     In one room, Zhang Feng was also waiting for the broadcast of "Charlotte's Annoyance".

     At this time, he opened the UTV video client, and sure enough, as he expected, the first big online movie "Charlotte Annoyance" directed by Luo Yiming has been updated.

     Zhang Feng is a director.

     To be precise, he is a TV drama director who is on the street. The Film and Television Company he is now contracting is a small third-rate company.

     However, although he is very downcast now, he also had a high starting point in the past. He graduated with a major in directing, and immediately applied for a job at Hairu Film and Television, becoming an intern director of "Hairu Film and Television"!

     Hairu Film and Television, Entertainment Film and Television, the two Film and Television Companies in the entertainment industry, it can be said that there are half of the sky, other small Film and Television Companies will rely on these two companies to survive.

     No one dared to offend these two big companies.

     When Zhang Feng was in Hairu Film and Television, he also filmed with big-name actors.

     However, since his debut, he was called "pretending to be crazy".

     The second work died again, because the producer suddenly divested his capital, which has nothing to do with him, but neither of the two works.

     He was given up. He had no chance in the company and had to run away, and finally came to a small company to shoot some small productions to make a living.

     Zhang Feng didn't have a big chance until now. According to his own statement, he went to film some dramas he wanted to do, and he has never been famous in the industry."Look, this might be a way out..."

     Seeing Charlotte's troubles gradually starting to air, Zhang Feng thought in his heart.

     He is an extremely smart person, especially in the profession of director!

     After learning that the cost of major online movies is relatively low, he is already planning to make a high-quality online drama. Now that someone is testing the waters for him, he just happens to see the results of this movie.

     Just then, the movie began!

     "Some people lack iron; some people lack calcium; and what I lack most is face!"

     "Today I completely lost the face I didn't have much face."

     "This woman is my wife, her name is Ma Dongmei..."

     The picture is black at first, and then a somewhat dark picture deliberately made.

     A woman with thick stems and broad leaves chased an ordinary-looking young man with a knife!

      The young man is running wildly!

      The young man is Luo Yiming, the ugly Luo Yiming.

     At this time, the camera directly gave close-ups, the woman's "fierce" expression and the young man's crazy throwing motions, full of joy.

     Especially, on the way to escape, Charlotte also tore off the bride, the wedding dress of the school girl Qiuya!

     The bride eats fruit directly!

     "Cover your face!"

     Just as the bride was yelling, and when she was covering her chest, there was a voice covering her face next to her, which made the bride wake up and cover her face.

     Seeing this, Zhang Feng, who had been holding back a smile, couldn't help his mouth twitching slightly!

     Cover your face?

     He really is a talent!The plot is the beginning of the funny, and then quickly unfolds.

     At the beginning of the feature film, the first plot is that the protagonist Charlotte sits with Maserati of the "brother-in-law" and comes to the hotel to attend the wedding.


     The movie's habit.

     "The first paragraph should be to attract the audience to learn more. The next paragraph is probably not so good." Zhang Feng thought.

     "Um... well, it's okay. The protagonist borrowed a car to attend the wedding. He was dressed very fashionable. He wanted to show off that he came in a luxury car, but was taken down by a second fool..."

     "Tsk tusk, by the way, there is the driver, brother-in-law Charlotte, who is rushing to give his wife his 60th birthday????? This is a bit of information! Is it ironic? Or deliberately funny?"

     "But Thus, there is too much information for the audience, which will make the audience lose the focus."

     While watching, Zhang Feng commented silently in his heart.


     The camera turns.

     Through the narrative of the protagonist Charlotte.

     Instead, I introduced Charlotte's purpose for coming to this place-to come to this place just to pretend to be forced.

     By the way, let the school girl whom I could not get in high school, regret after seeing him who is so glamorous now!

     But it is a pity.

     After walking into the hotel, Charlotte, who was glamorously dressed in feathers, had hit her shirt with the emcee!

     Yuan Hua saw Charlotte and said, "Go to the banquet alone!"

     "All the classmates pretend to be chicken feathers!"

     Yuan Hua's "composition of poems", Charlotte was sturdy and satirized!

     The students around laughed wildly.Yuan Hua said it was a joke, but Charlotte was embarrassed.

     See here.

     A trace of uncomfortable flashed in Zhang Feng's heart-because he had also participated in the class reunion, he could feel the mood of Charlotte being ridiculed at the time, because he was also the worst among classmates at that time!

     "This is not good... it shouldn't be made up like this..."

     Zhang Feng felt sad.

     He felt uncomfortable because the plot hit his wound, but... I don't know why... There is still an inexplicable emotion in his heart, seduce him to keep watching!

     Six minutes free viewing time has come.

     The video page prompts that if you want to continue watching, you have to pay...

     Six yuan!

     Zhang Feng, who had just been poked by the center of the movie, didn't even hesitate to order payment!


     In a rental house of more than 20 square meters.

     Huang He's laughter came from inside the house.

     It is different from Zhang Feng.

     He is not a director, nor has he understood the filming techniques and techniques, nor has he experienced those feelings in his world, and frankly speaking, he has not so much experience.

     But he was very happy to watch this funny story!

     Although... it is slightly trivial, but for an audience, a movie is good-looking!

     There are not many movies that can make people laugh, but Charlotte is troubled, and has done it in six minutes.

     So he didn't hesitate, just clicked the payment and bought this video!Originally, the main feature of this film was the rebirth plot, and Huang He was also looking at Luo Yiming. As a result, it has been ten minutes since the film has not been reborn!

     However, Huang He does not have the impatience of one thread, one hair!

     Because of the plot or the lines...It's really funny!

     Every ten minutes of this play may allow you to find a source of happiness.

     At the same time, it is also of practical significance.

     For example--

     Charlotte's wife, Ma Dongmei, appeared when Charlotte was preparing to confess to Qiuya with Jiujin!

     She said to Qiuya's husband, "Congratulations, uncle!"

     Qiuya explained with embarrassment: "This is my husband!"

     Ma Dongmei is such a clever person, of course she knows who it is, but she deliberately apologized: "I'm sorry, sorry uncle!"

     Ma Dongmei is so brilliant.

     She secretly mocked Qiuya for finding a man who could be his father.

     The classmates around were holding back a smile.

     However, the effects of the film are all out.

     After that, Ma Dongmei saw Teacher Wang again, and deliberately said in a surprised tone: "Ah, Teacher Wang, you are here too, are you still alive?"

     At this moment, everyone couldn't hold back anymore, they turned their heads and laughed while pinching their throats.

     Huang He is very gentle, and the education he receives is mainly smile, try to control.

     But at this moment he also made a quack of laughter. This film was so fun.
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