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403 Chapter 399, The Film Launch Date (subscription Required)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Zhang Dadong immediately logged in to the UTV video. He wanted to see Luo Yiming, what he could do besides filming variety shows.

     Unexpectedly, in the six minutes of free time, what he saw was... interesting.

     Zhang Dadong wants to analyze the whole film, because tomorrow night, My Youth is a bit crazy, and both films are in the National Day file. They will definitely be compared by the audience.

     Zhang Dadong ordered the payment and bought the entire film.

     In fact, there's nothing about it. Zhang Dadong also thinks that it is not enough to fight my youth a little crazy, but after a few minutes, Zhang Dadong has been lost.

     Because it's fast.

     Charlotte lost all the face that Ma Dongmei had stigmatized. In the "chase", he, Charlotte actually lay on the toilet-through!

     Your sister!

     It's so bizarre.

     But he was back in high school!

     One piece in 1997, told the audience that he was back in the 90s.

     Charlotte changed, it was no longer the hanging wire.

     He did everything he dared not do when he was in high school!

     He encouraged the students to beat the teacher!

     He burned a corner of the classroom!

     He was also very presumptuous, and under thousands of staring eyes, he kissed the school girl Qiuya!

     Even if Zhang Dadong hates Luo Yiming very much, he is extremely disinterested in this work, but he has to acknowledge at the moment, Luo Yiming's technique is very clever.

     This episode of his story is enough to make people want to suppress and crush the uncomfortable feelings of being ridiculed and ridiculed at the beginning, which makes people very happy.

     Not only Zhang Dadong felt that way, but the things that Xia Luo did were also things Huang He dared not do back then!So he was so happy to see here.

     Especially among them, there are constant laughter, very interesting!

     "Envy Charlotte! If only I could be born again, I would also like to kiss the schoolgirl...!"

     "Qiuya is really good-looking. Who played Qiuya in school uniform? I have a little impression of this actor. I want to pursue her..."

      Each person has the memory of a schoolmate or classmate. In the stage of youth enlightenment, everyone wants to kiss his schoolmate.

     Huang He, Zhang Dadong, and Zhang Feng are the same.

     Everyone has already entered in the plot and can't help themselves!

     Charlotte "crossed" to 1997, his high school era!

     Then Charlotte decided!

     Live by yourself, live according to your own ideas, and restore the regrets of the year.

     And his first goal, of course, is to chase the school flower-Qiuya.

     "Innocent! I want to chase the school flower after I'm born again, you're born again, you're still a scum."

     Zhang Dadong doesn't want this movie to be full.

     Get everyone's appreciation.

     Therefore, he ambivalently hopes that Charlotte is mediocre, and sometimes he will unconsciously hate and jealousy of Charlotte as Luo Yiming.

     But sometimes, he replaced himself as Charlotte.

     He enters the plot unavoidably, but he cannot decide the direction of the plot.

     He threw himself on the bed, leaning against the bed, Zhang Dadong watched the movie, and Charlotte was snorting disdainfully at the "review conference", saying that he was responsible for Qiuya and decided to chase Qiuya.

     Only with money can there be love and a goddess.Such Charlotte, he felt that there was no chance at all.

     Zhang Dadong thinks so. Compared with Zhang Dadong’s personal feelings, Zhang Feng, as a high-achieving director, is very impressed with the arrangement of this film.

     It is not for no reason that Charlotte pursues Qiuya. The scene at the beginning of the movie has already told everyone that Qiuya is in his heart.

     Zhang Feng can guess that in the next plot, Charlotte will act to get Qiuya's heart and return carrying a beauty, which will also make many viewers feel the same satisfaction as him.

     Everything is consistent with what Zhang Feng thought.

     In order to pursue Qiuya, Charlotte exhausted everything.

     Strongly changed seats with Yuan Hua and sat next to Qiu Ya.

     For Qiuya, the front wheel of Qiuya's bicycle was taken off so that he could pick Qiuya home.

     And these methods did not succeed.

     He finally relied on the "talent" to copy songs that he liked music very much in his previous life.

     A popular song changed Qiuya's understanding of him!

     Because of the rise of Charlotte, the characters began to come alive.

     The first is Yuan Hua. He felt that Charlotte was threatening him, and the goddess Qiuya had changed him!

     He shouted during the meeting with Qiuya at school: "No... No... No!..."

     The teacher who appeared next to him pushed his glasses suspiciously, "Isn't this classmate Yuan Hua? What happened?"

     Yuan Hua didn't dare to say that he was in love, and cried: "I can't do this question, I can't do it! It's too difficult, too difficult!"

     Then came Dachun Dachun, "the toad wants to eat swan meat" pursuing Ma Dongmei.Being laughed at by Charlotte, are you blind? Ma Dongmei is more beautiful than Qiuya!

     After that, Yuan Hua found the Iori "Brother Chen Kai" and repaired Charlotte, but the two were accidentally rescued by "hidden master" Teacher Wang.





     All kinds of plots, all kinds of performances, make people want to stop but can't watch, and itchy in their hearts......

     And this time.

     "Sister", come to buy a song with Charlotte!

     Charlotte was on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala as he wished!

     He is on fire! This time it was completely hot.

     After Charlotte win success and recognition, the netizens who watched the film also got the greatest satisfaction and the greatest enjoyment.

     It's like being reborn.

     Charlotte slept with Qiuya.

     Lying on the bed, holding some of Qiuya's plots, people feel as if they have conquered the world.

     After being available, the sadness and regret have undergone subtle changes.

     Don't lose the wretched wife. The audience and netizens start to miss Ma Dongmei!

      This time, the two sad people became another highlight.

     One was heartbroken, Yuan Hua, who had a crush on Qiuya. When Qiuya refused to tell which university to take the exam, he shouted "No!" beside the telephone booth in the heavy snow.

     In this section, Huang He saw more than laughing heartily.

     It is also this classic clip, Yuan Hua is covered with heavy snow, fluttering snowflakes, North Feng Xiaoxiao's song of a plum cut has become the essence of previous movies!

     Achieved Yin Zheng.

     Exaggerated special effects coupled with familiar music, continuous push, made Huang He almost laughed!Here, the yellow crane is watching with keen interest.

     the other side.

     The director named Zhang Feng is also analyzing the film.

     "Seeing this in this film, the theme should be redemption."

     Sitting in front of him, Zhang Feng talked to oneself with a serious expression on his face: "Middle-aged old men may have redemption for love. In this case, the aforementioned foreshadowing of Ma Dongmei being dragged into the grove is useful! "

     "However, probably not really was ruined, otherwise, it would be poisonous."

     He thought silently.

     "Well, developed and developed, Charlotte should also be enlightened. Otherwise, this movie will not be sublimated. It seems that this is not a purely funny movie, and there is still deep thought."

     The plot is as Zhang Feng said.

     After Charlotte became the godfather of Chinese music, he finally felt empty...

     He found that the people around him did not have one who could have a heart-to-heart, but also at this time, Xia Luo, who was out to relax, met Yuan Hua.

     He learned from Yuan Hua that what Ma Dongmei did for him back then was to find Big Brother Iori for him, but also lost the house and stayed away from home!


     Charlotte started to miss Ma Dongmei!

     Charlotte had regrets!

     "The salvation has begun!"

     Zhang Feng, who has been staring at the plot, thought so.

     The more he watched, the more he felt the film with keen interest.

     Then, the schoolgirl's wife derailed her old lover Yuan Hua, the wife of the previous life was with Silly Chun, and Charlotte began to be abused.

     "It's not ruthless enough..."

     "not enough!"

     Watching.Zhang Feng frowns, sometimes followed the plot laughing heartily, but in this kind of laughter, they can always advance the plot, and the emotion contained in it also makes Zhang Feng feel heartily.

     But this seems not enough!

     The salvation of a middle-aged man can’t just be that doesn’t hurt, doesn’t tickle, but it’s more cruel!

     Charlotte is tired of the prosperous city life of lanterns red, wine green, and he is also tired of the school flower named Qiuya who only cares about whether he makes money!

     He is tired of everything he has now.

     He began to miss the former Ma Dongmei.

     That Ma Dongmei who shared the tribulation with him, hiding in a forty square meter hut.

     I miss that Ma Dongmei who eats melon seeds for him!

     Miss Ma Dongmei who made him fennel noodles!

     Miss Ma Dongmei that single-minded good for him.

     But everything can't go back.

     Now he can only watch Dachun riding an electric bike, leading Ma Dongmei past him, and impotent!

     When Xia Luo and Dachun offered to use what they have now to exchange for Ma Dongmei, Dachun knocked down Xia Luo!


     Charlotte went to the hospital.


     Zhang Feng, who has been staring at the video, finally shines.

     Intuition tells him that the real climax of this play is that the protagonist's theme of redemption is finally about to explode!

     "Doctor, is Charlotte all right?"

     "Doctor, presumably you know who he is? Probably not influence his creation, right?"

     In the video.Charlotte's schoolgirl girlfriend, agent Zhang Yang, and the original monitor Yuan Hua were all around the doctor. But their attitude is different, especially Qiu Ya.

     What Qiuya asked is not that there is no problem with Charlotte's body. She only cares about whether Charlotte can compose songs. In other words, this person can...make money!

     "Calm down, everyone," said the doctor deadpan: "We found HIV in Mr. Charlotte's blood, and it is positive!"


     Seeing this, Zhang Feng had to admire the arrangement of the director and screenwriter, "Yes...the protagonist has AIDS! Enough! This is so profound!"


     Then Zhang Feng broke out a foul language about Unable to Restrain Emotions.

     ——Because in the movie video, Charlotte learned that her mother and her high school classmates and her good buddies made public!


     "What are you looking for? Dad will help you find it!"

     Listening to Zhang Yang's words, Charlotte picked up the other side of the infusion and hit Zhang Yang.

     But when he saw his mother standing in front of Zhang Yang and shouting: "You are not allowed to do this to you Uncle Zhang!" Charlotte collapsed completely.

     Zhang Feng knows why the director plays like this.

     This is actually a big reversal, that is, to mess up the seemingly beautiful life.

     Just to make this story more sadistic.

     Watching Charlotte fainted because of a nosebleed in the play, after a long time, she did not have one person to clean up the embarrassment on the bed!

     At this time, Charlotte can be said to be not having anything at all, he only has money.This is how the movie told the audience.

     He lost everything-his mother and his buddies ran away.

     His wife and classmates ran away.

     "Ex-wife" marries the fool under his influence.

     Family, love, friendship!

     He is all gone!

     Even his life is gone in the end!

     The plot at this time also came to a sensational climax in a song by Ma Dongmei.

     Just the first time.

     When Ma Dongmei sang to Charlotte, many netizens cried.

     Just once, I am willing to accompany you until the end of time.

     The lyrics are heart-stirring, and people can't help but miss. In fact, the little days when Charlotte and Ma Dongmei are together are the most beautiful and memorable little days.

     In fact, Charlotte and Ma Dongmei together are a happy life.

     Money may make you beautiful, but only companionship, affection, and love can wrap you through this life.

     "so touching."

     "Dao Luo's eyes are sore when I see it, I want to cry."

     "Did Charlotte die like this? Can't he be with Ma Dongmei?"

     While watching, netizens hope that Ma Dongmei and Charlotte will be well, but, Charlotte can't live anymore, he seems to be going to die!

     Zhang Dadong was stunned.

     If Luo Yiming is a variety show director, the design of his movie is so complete.

     When Charlotte died, Zhang Dadong felt that Luo Yiming still had plans

     Sure enough, Xia Luo woke up from "traversing", he returned to Ma Dongmei's side, he was tired of Ma Dongmei's side, and he did not leave Ma Dongmei for anything.He finally cleared, who his true love is and what he lacks.

     Seeing the reunion scene in the plot, Zhang Feng sighed in relief.

     He is most afraid that Charlotte will die at the end and the film ends. That way, it will be a great pity for viewers and netizens.

     As a professional director, Zhang Feng feels that the design of the entire film is very organized. Compared with the general logic of youthful and funny movies, Charlotte has succeeded in troubles.

     the other side.

     The host Huang He likes it very much!

     To him, this is an ordinary comedy, a film that can make him laugh and relax.

     Especially the happy ending at the end made Huang He very moved.

     "Sisi's recommendation is really good, I was a little touched after reading it..."

     Huang He touched a trace of tears in the corner of his eyes, still immersed in the movie.

     "Such a good film, no, not my one person, I have to share it with my colleagues!"

     Turning his eyes, Huang He opened the Charlotte movie, and then clicked to share it with his buckle friends-with the sentence "Super funny comedy, and tears in the last laugh, I am very moved, I suggest you see it!"

     After that, he shared the movie to the space.


     And at this moment.

     There are people who make the same actions with Huang He very many very many!

     Because this movie is really grounded.

     Whether it is a sense of the times or rebirth routines, they are all familiar stories.

     Even some of the spoof plots inside make people feel happy.This year.

     Want to find a movie that suits your appetite, a movie that can laugh, cry, and relax without thinking too much, really little and very few!

     and so.

     After they watched Charlotte, immediately shared it!
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