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404 Chapter Four Hundred, Box Office Results (subscription Required)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

UTV Video.

     The staff members of the Film and Television Department and UTV Video Department of Shangteng Company did not leave!

     They are also watching the video at the same time, and constantly looking at the comments and data.

     "Fatty, don't be nervous, I think our results are definitely not bad."

     Luo Yiming’s first film, if he has not experienced a previous life, he may not be able to guarantee how good this film is.

     But this film also won at least one billion box office in the previous life.

     Moreover, in the film and television industry in 2007, it is even more rare good work. Not only will the grades not be bad, but it may be even more explosive!

     Luo Yiming is not nervous, but Kewen Fatty and Zhao Xiang are more or less uneasy, because after all, Luo Yiming has the aura of a gold medal director of variety shows, even if he fails on the road of Film Director.

     That doesn't matter.

     But if you hit the street yourself, in the future, in the field of film and television directors, you may have to dorm for a long time a period of time.

     "I'm not very nervous about myself. It doesn't matter if I fail. But once it's clear, if our movie fails," it would be a disaster for UTV. "

     "So, we still have a long way to go next!"

     "The media and entertainment stars will drown us!"

     "Fatty is right. Now the outside world is waiting to see our jokes. If Charlotte is worried about her results, UTV will face great difficulties next."

     "You are so serious, but as a director, I think you should have full confidence in your films first, right?"

     Luo Yiming asked back, the two of them were really embarrassed.Luo Yiming smiled: "Don't be so nervous. I am an actor and a director of this movie. I watched this movie and it was really touching. I also want to get married right away."

     "It's nice to have a wife like Ma Dongmei."

     Fatty Wen said: "The touch of this drama was beyond my expectation. In fact, at first, I felt that the most outstanding part of our drama was the humor and rebirth. But in the end, it was indeed the relationship between Ma Dongmei and Charlotte. I’m deep in one's heart."

     "At the end I was smiling and crying!"

     Zhao Xiang said: "It's all a dream... But when the dream woke up, we told the audience that the most beautiful and the most reliable is the wife. Simple life is also very beautiful. Sometimes, don't always think about pursuing big dreams. ."

     Luo Yiming took out the film Charlotte Annoyance as his pioneering work

     Luo Yiming uses an artistic technique different from other films to promote creation in today's film and television circles.

     He did it.

     Charlotte's troubled grades, he would not worry at all.

     As for the layout and control of the entire company, Luo Yiming believes that Charlotte's troubles are the best start.

      at the same time.

     This video was shared on buckle spaces, forums, major websites, including some small informal video networks.

     Netizens watched this video for just a few minutes, and it was simply not addictive. Following a link back to the main website, UTV Video, they continued to watch the moving, belly-hugging video.

     "Who said that Director Luo can't make a movie? This movie is very beautiful.""Actually, I said bad things about Director Luo before I watched the movie, but I now take back what I said before. When Director Luo makes movies, the quality is still the first!"

     "Entertainment films say that this film is a vulgar production, so I would like to ask, what kind of work is a work of conscience? Is my youth a bit crazy to be released tomorrow? Haha, I think it may not be better than this one. "

     "This is my favorite comedy movie in recent years. It can even be compared with the humor of Star Master's movie. A kind of alternative humor."

     "This film is great and touching... Why is he not showing it in theaters, then, I believe the box office will be very good."

     Fatty has been staring at the screen, and he is also looking at the comments at the bottom of the screen.

     Looking at them one by one, the fat man is tired enough, Luo Yiming would have thought about it. In his previous life, all video websites had activated the timely barrage function.

     The powerful barrage function allows netizens to watch and follow one's heart's desires commentary plot.

     The quality of the comments on the barrage also allows the Production team to intuitively see the quality of the film.

     "Old Pan, tell him to come here."

     UTV’s technical team must develop the barrage. Luo Yiming called Xiaoxue to visit Pan Riting.

     Old Pan, who was also browsing data in the office, hurried over.

     "Dong Luo, what's the matter?"

     For this time, Pan Riting has not seen Final Result, and he can enjoy the entire film. He knew that UTV was on fire this time.The data is constantly rising. It is not his and the technical team’s hard work, technical reserves, and video repair. UTV is likely to collapse.

     When he came to Luo Yiming, he surrendered to the boss.

     "This matter is more urgent. I want you to develop the barrage function of our video website within one week. That is, every netizen can evaluate the plot in real time and display it on the screen."

     Old Pan was a little confused: "Well, it's not that everyone can't see the movie anymore, the comment is full of screen?"

     Luo Yiming did not expect that Pan’s thinking was so slow, saying: “The barrage function can be turned on and off. It is aimed at different viewers. Barrage can be a weapon to attract netizens when our website is not popular in the early days ."

     Pan Riting understood: "I understand." He made an OK gesture, "I will let myself get it done in five days. This is technically not difficult."

     "Also, Luo Dong, you are amazing, this film I like it very much."

     Luo Yiming patted Lao Pan on the shoulder, "It's your logistics supporters who are working hard. After the final results come out, let's celebrate again."

     Pan Riting repeatedly nodded.

     "Old Pan, how long will the data come out?"

     This is Luo Yiming's first film. Although the broadcast channel is a video platform, he can't care about the results.

     "Almost, the movie has been played for a period of time. It is estimated that the ‘box office’ will be released soon."

     "Okay." Luo Yiming nodded.

     Big online movies are different from cinema movies, but they also have a box office.Generally speaking, there are two ways to make money for a big online movie.

     One is that users open VIP viewing, or how long they watch online, according to the number of VIP clicks.

     This is also the approach taken by most websites.

     There is another type that even VIP users have to pay 3-6 yuan to watch.

     This type is generally aimed at hot movies that have just been released from theaters, such as most Hollywood movies.

     When they first logged in to the video client's, even if they were VIPs, they had to pay a few yuan to watch them.

     These two modes have been operated a lot in the past, and they have basically become a rule recognized by the industry in the era when Luo Yiming left.

     In 2007, although the payment model for online movies existed, it was not widespread.

     Luo Yiming's Charlotte is troubled, and the fee system he adopts is the second.

     And in order to retain users, it is set that ordinary users pay 6 yuan, and VIP users can watch the complete movie at 4 yuan.

     Counting the box office of major online movies and the ratings of TV stations is not the same software.

     What Pan Riting wants to see here is the cat's eye data.

     This software is also specially developed for some web dramas and web comprehensive.

     At first, I just clicked on the ranking list. Last year, the data analysis function of Netluo movie box office was included.

     The box office data that Luo Yiming said was not just a glance.

     He asked about his own software, real-time data that can be checked in the background.

     Fatty Wen and Zhao Xiang also look forward to the data, while everyone is somewhat anxious waiting for the results of the data.An excited staff member suddenly broke into the office!

     "Blast! Blast!"

     The comer is the new screenwriter who succeeded Zhao Xiaoying.

     She also has suggestions for this work.

     After rushing in, she looked excited: "Director Luo, Director Wen, Director Zhao, Director Pan...The data of our UTV video has exploded!"

     "Broken? How to burst? How many members are there now? How many are still in the box office? Are there 300,000 new members?" Pan Riting was quickly stopped/stood excited, his eyes staring at the incoming person.

     300,000 new members is the data Pan Riting has always dreamed of.

     Once, he couldn't even think about it.

     After watching the movie, he felt that it might be achieved today. This is also a good figure he predicted. The bottom line is the number of new members of 100,000.

     "Three hundred thousand? Ha Ha Ha Ha! Director Pan, we are more than three hundred thousand!" Unable to suppress excitement on the girl's face: "It has just been over two hours, and the number of new members is more than 400,000!"

     "The box office has more than 3 million! This is only two hours! The click has broken one million, and the box office has passed three million! This data is too strong..."

     Pan Riting takes a deep breath and said: "Inconceivable, inconceivable, for the movie and video website that our family has just launched a movie and hasn't even reached for half a month, it is simply...horrible!"

     To be honest, if this data is placed in the circle in the previous life, it is not extremely good.

     In that year, any ip-adapted drama could easily surpass this score, and there were even many major online movies with a box office of over 10 million on the first day, even if the stamina of such works was insufficient!But... you have to consider that this is 2007, this is an era when website movies are not yet mainstream.

     Cinema movies, television media, these are the main consumer positions for movies.

     A website, a YouTube video with not how many traffic, has such results, it can be said to be very powerful.

     "400,000, which is a bit close to what I thought. This shows that our content is still not enough. We need to introduce more popular dramas to attract traffic."

     Luo Yiming's words shocked everyone again.

     Four hundred thousand, he said no.

     Luo Yiming’s idea is definitely more dreamy and more challenging. Who doesn’t know at all? In Luo Yiming’s vision, the data of this movie should exceed one million in three hours, but now this data is barely possible. Accept, he is not exacting.

     "Now you can rest assured." Luo Yiming said shook the head with a smile.

     "Don't worry!" The fat man on the side was relaxed. Although Luo Yiming's previous TV series were used for the bottom line, UTV has some foundation, but now with this movie, you can get a large number of VIP users and users... It's more than half stable!

     Of course, Wen Fatty said that you can rest assured, in fact, it is not time to relax. With fixed users, you have to use content to catch these users!

     Therefore, what Luo Yiming said is to enrich the content, which is very important.

     With the current results, Zhao Xiang, Wen Fatty, Luo Yiming, and Pan Riting are discussing continuing to introduce hot dramas, if they are not enough.

     Several people discussed, and our own will become a hit producer.

     the other side.

     The power of Charlotte's troubles continues to spread!It's just less than ten o'clock now!

     Luo Yiming broke one million in three hours, and the power in front has not really started.

     Ten o'clock is the best time for young men and women who do not have "x" lives in the metropolis. This is also the time when the nightlife has just begun!

     An Academy of Arts in Beijing. female hostel.

     There are five people in the dormitory, and several of them are busy. The dormitory is extremely quiet.

     But suddenly, one of the girls who watched the movie cried and laughed, which made people look at her.

     "Xiaoling, what action movie are you watching?"

     The other party was joking with Xiaoling, because that time, the girls in their dormitory heard Xiaoling peeking at a literary action movie.

     "Not this time. Don't wrong me. I watched a particularly touching and funny movie this time."

     "Hey, what kind of brain-dead Korean drama are you watching again? I just said, don't be fooled by those bubble dramas."

     "It's not a Korean drama...uuuuu... I don't know either why I want to cry, this is obviously a comedy, I just laughed very happily!"

     The woman at the computer desk, can not help but want to recommend this movie to her roommates.

     With tears on her face, she sobbed and said, "Look at this film. I don't know why. After watching it, my heart aches."

     "Just feel, Ma Dongmei is so pitiful."

     "And Charlotte is too worthless. The school girl you are looking forward to for a long time is still cheating on the old lover, and in the end it is not the wife of the previous life who can live!"

     "Make you bastard! Make you think! Get AIDS, fool!"The words of a woman make her roommates feel nervous, but what kind of film can make a girl like this.

     The girls in the dormitory are looking forward to it.

     Everyone gathered around and began to watch Charlotte's troubles.


     "Isn't this Luo Yiming? He started acting in movies? Stop being a host?"

     "Impossible! Luo Yiming is still a variety show director, why became an actor?"

     "Look, it's not him!"


     "I didn't expect that Luo Yiming's acting skills were so good."

     "Do you know? I just read the post on the Internet. Luo Yiming is not only an actor, but also a director!"

     "Well, it is said that his play is still a bit crazy with my youth who will be on the theater line tomorrow!"

     Many people are like these students, they are unbelievable Luo Yiming has entered the big movie.

     Not only does he act as a director, he also acts as an actor.

     He proved that his acting skills are on the one hand, and the talent and talent of the director is even more amazing.

     Online comments broke out again.

     "Charlotte Annoyance is a rare domestic comedy recently!"

     "The variety show produced by Luo Yiming in the past must be a boutique, but now it is produced by Luo Yiming and it must be a boutique!"

     "One word, good! Two words, funny, three words, so touching, highly recommended!"

     "It's a bit similar to the style of the web, but it's not out of the ordinary. It's very novel in the movie, and it's a very good comedy!"
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