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405 Chapter 401, The Beginning Of The King's Existence (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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clear color praise!

     Later, there were several bad reviews, but including those bad reviews were all well-meaning bad reviews...

     As for box office data. Fire ran out of text?????. ?ran?ena`com

     It's still climbing.

     When Huang He told Li Sisi that he had watched the film and it was very good, Li Sisi turned around and borrowed someone else’s computer glanced at. The number of clicks on this play has gone from one million to 2.6 million!

      2.6 million... just over three hours. It can be said that the data has doubled in the next hour!

     With this kind of data, even though Li Sisi is not a professional, she knows that this is an absolute hit online movie!

     It was a success.

     His first movie was a success.

     His UTV video was a success.

     And Luo Yiming's current status in the entertainment industry may change again, in the formula that models are smaller than cross talks, singers, and actors, and both are smaller than directors.

     Luo Yiming suddenly became the figure at the top of the pyramid.


     Facts exactly like this!

     Luo Yiming is a talented person.

     There is nothing he can't do.

     All night.

     This movie written and directed by a man she likes has more and more clicks!

     And constantly looking at the data, from 11:30 in the night to nine in the morning, Li Sisi did not sleep.

     Luo Yiming's success cannot be said to have nothing to do with her, this is her favorite person.

     She wants to share this happiness.And every time she refreshed the data, her heart trembled once!

     At nine o'clock in the morning, she opened the cat's eye data and looked at those extremely terrifying numbers. The kind of ecstasy in her heart made her wish to rush to Luo Yiming, hug him, and kiss him wildly!

     Luo Yiming is great.

     Because the cat's eye data shows.

     As of nine o'clock in the morning, the data of the online movie "Charlotte Annoyance" is:

     Click: 11.03 million!

     Sub-account box office: 40.49 million!

     Added VIP: 5.01 million!

     No matter which number it is, it is creating the history of the online film industry!

     Especially the number of new members has reached a terrifying 5 million!

     The video website industry, Youku, Tudu, and Kugou are currently the three most popular websites.

     But among the three websites, the relatively weak Kugou video has only more than nine million active members!

     Luo Yiming was troubled by Charlotte, and attracted 5 million new members. He wanted to kill the Kugou in front of him and become the new three big video bosses.

     The number of users is the core thing to judge a video website!


     The users accumulated by other video sites for several years were caught up by a "** site" overnight!

     This situation, more than inconceivable, shocked the audience.

     Li Sisi originally wanted to congratulate Luo Yiming today, and the two celebrated together.

     However, Luo Yiming must be very busy today, and Si Si still did not bother him.

     And early in the morning, news about UTV videos and Charlotte’s troubles were all over the air."Fatty Wen and Zhao Xiang turned over. The first day of "Charlotte Troubles", which they collaborated with Luo Yiming, passed the box office of 40 million yuan!"

     "UTV has added 5 million new members, and UTV will soon become a first-class video app!"

     "Luo Yiming used to think I was a big man of variety shows and a producer of variety shows, but now, he has a new label, he created the history of online movies!"

     "Luo Yiming: Never let me down before, this time too!"

     "In fact, Luo Yiming opened a window to the idea of web writing, and he has to devote himself to creating."

     "Charlotte's troubles have received rave reviews, and the box office has exploded. Luo Yiming's film is well made!"

     "I want to ask, if you return to the past, what will you do? Charlotte is troubled, return to the past to find true love!"

     The news in the industry is all about UTV videos and "Charlotte troubles"!

     On the website, the top ten searches are dominated by a series of keywords such as "Luo Yiming's New Play", "Internet Movies Charlotte Trouble", "Internet Movie Records", and "Director Luo Yiming".


     This drama is bursting!

     Statistics, comments, and audience reactions all announced that this big online movie called Charlotte Annoyance has become a phenomenal blockbuster!

     And when Luo Yiming got the news, it was already ten o'clock in the morning, this time, he had just gotten up.

     Last night, Luo Yiming was discussing with Zhao Xiang and Fatty Wen about how to develop the video website behind. In the end, he still sent a lot of content to the website.Content is king, channel is king, the combination of channel and content is the biggest killer.

     The three discussed that by the time Luo Yiming went back to bed, it was already two o'clock in the morning.

     After getting up, Luo Yiming was also a little shocked in the face of the current data.

     Because generally speaking, regardless of whether a major online movie or online drama, the first two hours before the first day of broadcasting is basically the time when users are most concentrated.

     Roughly speaking, even in the first two hours, the broadcast volume on the first day is about 7 percent or 80.

     So when he learned the data for the show two hours later last night, Luo Yiming felt that the box office on the first day was probably between 4 million and 5 million.

     Although it is a little bit small, considering that it is a "new station", the traffic was relatively collapsed before, so Luo Yiming is not in a hurry. When the public praise is fermented, the results will naturally rise.

     But I didn't pay attention to it all night, he couldn't think, and in just one night, there was such amazing data.

     Seeing the message Sisi sent this morning, she congratulated herself and said that she would come to see him when she was not busy.

     Luo Yiming missed Sisi a bit, and sent her a message back to let her work hard.

     Luo Yiming went to the restaurant downstairs and barely took a few bites of rice, and then he went to the company.


     Yin Zheng, Jia Qing, and Qi Wei are all actors who are troubled by Charlotte, and their three people are also signed with Shangteng Entertainment Company.

     After coming to the company, the three began to discuss the same topic.

     That is, were you recognized on your way to the company today?

     The answers of the three are very unified.

     Recognize it.Especially Yin Zheng was called Yuan Hua by many people, and he was snorting disdainfully to him.

     If it is really sprayed by someone with no cause, no reason, Yin Zheng will be sad.

     But he knew that it was because he had portrayed Yuan Hua as a character. Everyone hated Yuan Hua and only sprayed him. On the contrary, he enjoyed it very much.

     Not only Yin Zhenghuo, but also Qi Wei, the actor of Ma Dongmei, and Jia Qing, the actor of Qiuya.

     At the beginning of their acting, they were newcomers in the entertainment industry and had no filming experience, but the troubles of Charlotte made the three of them become the little flowers and grasses of Shangteng Entertainment.

     In the future, it can be used as a trump card to shoot more good movies.

     When Luo Yiming arrived at the company, Zhao Xiang and Wen Fatty were waiting for him with great interest.

     A few minutes ago, the two were also indulge in loud and empty talk.

     "Now that the box office of the split account is 45 million, our first movie is so awesome, and we can gain a foothold in the film and television circle in the future!"

     Zhao Xiang said, "I still benefit from this film. It's really good."

     "Hey, Zhao Xiang, 45 million box office? Let's calculate how much money can be allocated this time?"

     Luo Yiming, Zhao Xiang, and Fatty Wen are all directors of this play.

     Zhao Xiang and Wen Fatty each have a box office share of 5 percent.

     "What counts. I work with Yiming, and he always divides the accounts for me."

     With that, Luo Yiming entered the room at this time.

     "If the box office is good, in addition to your share, I am giving you a red envelope of 20,000 yuan each."

     In the office.Luo Yiming smiled and changed the subject again, "Money really doesn't care, fat man, let's not talk about it, our Charlotte is troubled, how much is the box office now?"

     "Hey, it was 45 million just now!" The fat man suddenly smiled to bare one's fangs.

     "Well, the data exploded, and there were a lot of praise on the Internet. This time everyone became famous in one fell swoop!" Luo Yiming was also happy for the fat man.

     "I dare not say that I became famous, but at least no one in the circle will know it!" said the fat man.

     "By the way, Fatty, you want to increase your popularity. I think you and Zhao Xiang are going to participate in some talk shows? Add some popularity to this movie at the same time!"

     Luo Yiming didn't want to over-hype himself for such a thing.

     Fatty Wen and Zhao Xiang, on the contrary, can get fame through Charlotte's troubles.

     "Yes, we can find resources. I believe many media will be willing!"

     "Aren't you attending?" the fat man asked.

     Zhao Xiang replied for Luo Yiming: "He will not go, I know the person as Director Luo, he is very low-key."

     "Nor." Luo Yiming waved his hands again and again: "It is fake to say that it is in the entertainment industry, and it is not to say anything. In addition to telling stories to make money in this filming, isn't it the name?

     "You said someone asked me to do a show, gave me money, and praised me for being famous, why don't I participate in it!"

     Zhao Xiang didn't understand: "Then why don't you go?"

     Luo Yiming said: "Charlott bothers that I am an actor and director. Actually, I have enough fame and profit in this play. I have to let my brothers take some. This is me why not to do the show. the reason.""You can take work on yourself in this film, because your reputation is not enough. The higher your reputation, the better for our company's future development."

     Zhao Xiang has always trusted and admired the boss Luo Yiming.

     So he is willing to heart is dead with no plans for anything new to follow Luo Yiming.

     Fatty Wen and Luo Yiming got along for a short time, but after Charlotte succeeded in worrying, Luo Yiming did not occupy the flowers and applause.

     Fatty Wen secretly told himself that this friend can have a deep friendship.

     "By the way, there is still one thing." The fat man thought for a while and looked at Luo Yiming: "Director Luo, I have a friend who also graduated from the director. Now I have filmed a lot of web dramas. I used to work at Hairun. I have been a director, I think our company still hires a director? He also wants to try filming. Do you think..."

     "This? It's okay, you and Zhao Xiang will see it." Luo Yiming said simply.

     Luo Yiming must know how to delegate power.

     Moreover, not every person can bear the hard work of the director.

     In addition, this friend of Fatty made a web drama.

     Then there will be no flaws in the composition.

     So Luo Yiming hopes to recruit this kind of very nice's screenwriter and director.

     The next few people began to discuss the follow-up promotion of Charlotte's troubles. In addition to Fatty and Zhao Xiang going to participate in variety show interviews, other aspects such as the Internet also need to increase exposure.

     In addition, it is the promotion of UTV. Recently the company is already making short videos.

     These short films will be promoted to cities across the country in many ways.That night, Charlotte's worries continued to be hot on UTV.

     My youth in entertainment film and television is a bit crazy, because of the troubled conflict with Charlotte, the premiere in theaters is not ideal.

     But thanks to the stars joining, the level of funny and humor is as good as Charlotte's troubles, and the box office results are not ugly.

     In the next few days, the two films were fermented. Entertainment film and television relied on a strong celebrity effect. The theater line had a high proportion of films and a strong publicity. It was not suppressed by Charlotte's troubled glory.

     At least, Xiao Gang did not lose.

     Luo Yiming didn't win.

     However, my youth was a bit crazy. From the fourth day on, it appeared weak.

     Because of a simple story, there's nothing about it.

     He is not as profound as Charlotte's troubled plot, and it is thought-provoking.

     My youth is a bit crazy, youth is over, smile, no more.

     Charlotte's troubled youth has passed, returned, and finally passed, but it seems that youth has always been there.

     A week later.

     At this time, the box office of "Charlotte Troubles" has broken through 500 million! It brought nearly 7 million members to a UTV video that just shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones!

     Data explosion!

     It completely surpassed Kugou and became the third place among the three major video sites. It is close to the popularity of Tudu video.

     Unfortunately, the popularity of the movie "My Youth Is A Little Crazy" has begun to fade!On the Internet, there are more articles and news such as Xiao Gang mocking Luo Yiming and finally getting beaten. His movies are not as deep and beautiful as Luo Yiming. Xiao Gang has been filming for a long time, but the quality is not what kind of articles and news. .

     Xiao Gang told the truth, he didn't watch Luo Yiming's movie a few days ago, but at the moment, after he opened it, he watched the whole movie and he was impressed.

     Luo Yiming is a talent!

     Xiao Gang admitted that he had failed this time.

     However, one is a video website and the other is a theater. The comparison between the two is no longer on the same desktop. Xiao Gang cannot say to the outside world that he is no better than a stinky kid.

     At the end of the National Day file, Xiao Gang and Entertainment Film and Television will actively prepare for the New Year's Day file.

     And every year on New Year's Day, the three companies will stage a decisive battle.

     The three companies are the best in the entertainment industry.

     In the confrontation on New Year's Day, Xiao Gang wanted to prove that he was still a leader in this field.

     Moreover, he sent out an invitation to Luo Yiming, hoping that Luo Yiming could participate in the big theater movie on New Year's Day. At that time, who is strong and weak, obvious at a glance!

     The media and news naturally gave this kind of news transmission to Luo Yiming.

     Of course they want to stir up waves with one stone.

     However, Luo Yiming's response to the media was also very simple: "Sorry, there is no plan to enter the theater at the moment. If there is, I will notify you."

     "Also, aren't big online movies good? Is it inconvenient to watch movies online? Why do you have to go to the theater."

     Luo Yiming said with a smile, but the reporters of the media felt that Luo Yiming had some problems.After all, in this era, cinema is the king of money.

     On the Internet, video sites are really only small-scale.
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