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406 Chapter 402, Shooting Langya List?
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The media then handed Luo Yiming's reply to Xiao Gang. Xiao Gang didn't say much, but entertainment, film, and television shots continued.

     To be frank, Luo Yiming is a coward and dare not take up the gauntlet.

     And Luo Yiming's video website is just a small workshop. The so-called hits can also be faked. No one can say how good the results are!

     Luo Yiming was too lazy to talk to Yuyi and sent away friends from the media. Luo Yiming once again invited the senior management of UTV to the conference room for a meeting.

     "A week has passed, where Charlotte's troubled final score can be, it may only be in the next week."

     "The 500 million score shows that our film has a market. Next, we will directly invite interested TV stations and video sites to watch it. I believe this drama will arouse their interest."

     "At the same time, go to chat with TV stations and websites. We introduce them to TV series." Luo Yiming's last wave of propaganda faced the so-called opponent.

     The TV station is the producer and supplier of TV series, and so is the video website. Luo Yiming pulls traffic from opponents. This is also annoying for UTV and Charlotte, last boost!

     At that time, an entertainment company.

     A group of people are discussing the actions of Luo Yiming and UTV.

     They just got the news that Luo Yiming was receiving the goods frantically.

     "So... which so-called UTV video has acquired the copyright of which dramas?"

     A voice replied: "Basically all the hot dramas are bought, but, except for Charlotte's annoying themselves movies, and Luo Yiming's previous variety shows, and there's nothing about it's main hits and features!""Oh, by the way, it is reported that UTV also spent a lot of money to buy several dramas filmed in the early years, such as Return of the Condor Heroes, Demigods and Semi-Devils."

     "This is worth noting, but it shouldn't be a big problem. At most users are nostalgic, but as long as they have nothing new, it is impossible to attract more users!"

     The high-level leader smiled, raised the corners of his mouth, and secretly said: "By a Charlotte?"

     "How can a comedy support a video app!"


     Hairun Pictures, one of the three major Television Groups!

     Discussions are also going on in the conference room at this time. Similarly, they are also not very optimistic about Luo Yiming and the new layout of UTV!

     "In short... always pay attention to Luo Yiming's new movies, as for the web drama..."

     "Luo Yiming, Luo Yiming! The Internet can only be a clown on a small stage. You can never get out unless you enter the theater."

     Among the three major entertainment groups, only the British post film and television-the new action of UTV, some attention!

     "Since they have determined a new business and want to create results on the video side, I think they have the next step. This a fish back in water in the field of variety shows, movies also have such a popular market, we can’t help but Pay attention!"

     "Although I can't guess what big moves he will do next except for the closing of the drama, please always pay attention and be sure to react immediately."

     Luo Yiming spent the next week in negotiations, collecting video content.

     And as half a month passed, the heat of Charlotte's troubles declined, and UTV was facing many difficulties and some crises due to the introduction of content-side works.For example, the third place they hit with great difficulty is imminent danger.

     Compared with UTV Video.

     Tudu, Kugou and Sohu still seized the one's last hope of the TV station and supplied their own video library. Combining the two together, against UTV Video, Luo Yiming's road ahead is not easy.

     However, Luo Yiming is already preparing his own TV series under the premise that he has introduced a few general TV series, but has not played much role.

     Only by producing high-quality works can the vitality of the video website be maintained.

     In Luo Yiming's time and space, the 2007 TV series did not have as many classic works as later, such as "Three Lives III, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom", "Flower Thousand Bone", "Miyue Biography", "Langya Bang" and so on. .

     These works all caused a wave of enthusiasm at the time.

     Speaking of the producers of these dramas, then I have to mention the noon sun.

     The noon sun was really hot in those years.

     First, the Ode to Joy is amazing, then the left-hand "Langya Bang" and the right-hand "The Pretender" are all in the limelight.

     The noon sun is really strong. In 15 years, "The Pretender" was broadcast in August, but "Langya Bang" was broadcast in early September.

     They broadcast the two TV series on two first-line satellite TVs.

     Created the strange scenery of the TV series that I produced.

     Most people will not do it. This is a bold act.

     Look at the previous release of Wang Jing's "Chasing the Dragon" in advance to avoid accidental injuries caused by the fight with his directed "The Legend of Demon".But at noon the sun did so, and he succeeded.

     The discussion on "Langya Bang" in 2015 can be described as unprecedented and never to be duplicated, whether it is inside or outside the play.

     In the play, "Langya Bang" is adapted from the Haiyan network of the same name, with the main line of redressing wronged cases, supporting Mingjun, and revitalizing mountains and rivers.

     The whole drama tells a series of struggles for Zhaoxue's many years of unjust cases and support for the new monarch, who is the "universal genius" Mei Chang Su Cai, who is unrivaled in the top spot, pushed through the fog and treacherously with his sick body.

     This is a conspiracy drama, but it combines friendship, family love, and comradeship.

     In addition, the ratings of "Langya List" were low and high, typically relying on public praise to make a bad turn.

     Outside the play, the reborn Mei Changsu is played by Hu Ge, and as everyone knows Hu Ge has almost died in the car accidents, so everyone is more willing to explain that this play is actually the rebirth of Hu Ge.

     There are countless awards for this "Langya List".

     "Excellent TV Drama Award" at Macau International Television Festival!

     National Drama Festival "Annual Top Ten Influential TV Drama Awards"!

     Feitian TV Drama Award "Excellent TV Drama Award"!

     Huading Award "China Top 100 TV Series No. 1"!

     China-US Film Festival Golden Angel Award "Best Chinese TV Series Award"!

     "Excellent TV Drama Award" among the top ten national TV producers!

     This is not over yet, and some other small awards will not be mentioned. This "Langya List" was selected into the "Selected Works of Chinese TV Series".

     The TV series that Luo Yiming wants to shoot is Langyabang.

     It's just the Langya list played by Hu Ge.Just like there is no Hu Ge and no fairy sword, what is the "Langya List" without the sovereign?

     Therefore, Luo Yiming did not like Langya List 2 Fengqi Changlin in his previous life.

     Even if Huang Jiaozhu's acting skills are okay in this drama, but the first Hu Ge played by Mei Changsu is too enter deeply into people's hearts.

     "Langya Bang" will be filmed, and the role of Mei Changsu is an extremely important key figure.

     However, at this time in 2007, Hu Ge seemed to be in the recovery stage after the car accident, and it was basically impossible to act.

     And other actors, although there are many good actors, may not be better at this point in time, in terms of understanding and interpretation of this work.

     If not, Luo Yiming can only do it himself, of course, the challenge to him is undoubtedly much harder than Charlotte worrying about a comedy movie!

     On the 19th of October, Luo Yiming announced that tomorrow will be a celebration of Charlotte’s troubles.

     on this day.

     At the same time, Luo Yiming announced that he would film costume dramas in the next TV series.

     When I said this, the colleagues of Shangteng Entertainment Company were a little surprised.

     The most intense is the director group.

     "Director Luo, "Charlotte Annoyance" is very popular. If you want to shoot a TV series, I think we should shoot with a modern background first." Zhao Xiang said.

     Fatty Wen said: "Yes, Charlotte is troubled by our better shooting. Why did you suddenly step onto the by no means familiar costume drama this time?"

     At this time, only Zhang Feng, who had just joined the company, was speechless.

     He sat quietly in the corner.Luo Yiming chuckled lightly: "Fatty, Charlotte's troubles succeeded, yes. But Charlotte's troubles succeeded not because it was a realistic plot."

     "I think you should know that costume dramas are more interesting than modern backgrounds, because costume dramas are a piece of history for modern people, full of unknown and curiosity."

     "Moreover, when we shoot TV series now, we are definitely not considering how we can make it smoothly, but whether it has a market."

     "There is a huge market demand for costume dramas, and we want to have a big Challenge Rating. Audiences love to watch them, so that they can grab the market and reveal one's talent."

     The reason is this, but Zhao Xiang and Fatty Wen still feel that doing so is too risky.

     After all, entertainment art film and television have already put a harsh word.

     They said that Shangteng can only shoot movies and TV dramas on small video sites.

     Can't get on a big table.

     Now, Luo Yiming is sure if he doesn't go to film, his aggressive behavior may be eaten to death by entertainment.

     By then.

     If you want to regret, you can come without enough time.

     Zhao Xiang knew the cheeks of the entertainment art, and persuaded: "Yi Ming, today's costume drama market competition is too fierce, I still suggest that our first TV series can be safer, we can continue to make sitcoms, or You can also shoot family ethics dramas, what do you think?"

     Luo Yiming smiled and said nothing.

     So-called sitcoms, can love apartments not be?

     Luo Yiming loved to watch in his previous life, but it may not be easy to photograph the love apartment.Also, the love apartment is always only one sitcom, small drama. In addition to amusing everyone, using such a work as a debut is not enough.

     Instead of creating a nondescript sitcom now, Luo Yiming would rather try a costume drama.

     "Langya Bang" is different from the love apartment, the investment of this drama can be regarded as a big drama.

     If it is well-made, it can produce the effect of a big movie.

     Shock the film and television industry!

     After Luo Yiming introduced Soldiers Sortie, Return of the Condor Heroes, detective Di Renjie and other TV series one after another, the traffic of UTV video is still not popular, but tends to stabilize.

     If you want to hit a higher position, you must have classic works!

     At the meeting that day, no one told Luo Yiming, and in the end he could only accept the result.

     The next day, Charlotte's troubled celebration banquet was held in Guanyuan as scheduled. Luo Yiming, as the director and starring role, attended the banquet.

     He just wanted to have a chat with people from the company about the cast of "Langya List".

     And the script, he will write it out as soon as possible.

     Drinking the celebration wine, Luo Yiming walked towards Allen first holding the cup.

     Seeing Director Luo walked to him, Allen stopped/stood busy and excited.

     The former asked: "Allen, Charlotte performed well in troubles, do you have a schedule for November?"


     Allen did not sign in Shangteng. He thought that his fate with Dao Luo would end after this movie.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming asked him about the schedule, and he said excitedly: "Director Luo, as long as you can see me, I will have it in a few months.""Really? Would you like to come to our company for development?" Luo Yiming was polite in front of him, but he was extremely serious when he said this.

     "Okay." Allen's popularity gained from Charlotte's troubles is much stronger than that of his happy twist.

     He has no reason to refuse.

     "Well, there will be a script in two days, you can read it then."

     "I think the second man is suitable for you."

     "The second man? Then... no problem ah."

     It can be said that Alan has just entered the entertainment circle. The last film was appreciated by Luo Yiming. He has what skills and abilities. This one was chosen to play the second male second.

     Allen was about to jump up happily.

     In fact, he was afraid that after this play, his play would be over, but he didn't expect that Director Luo would still look for himself and he was still the second man.

     Luo Yiming's voice is not small. Everyone on the table has heard it. They are slightly jealousy, envy and hate, especially the Yin Zheng of Shangteng Entertainment's actor department.

     His expression was slightly bitter and unwilling.

      every turnip to its hole.

     Since Allen is the second man, and the first man designated Luo Dao himself, then he is the third man at most...

     Looking at Luo Yiming, Yin Zheng's eyes were full of longing.

     Charlotte was troubled. He thought he had greater perseverance in acting than anyone else.

     What acting lacks is tempering, but if there is an opportunity, he will definitely prove himself.

     Luo Yiming naturally sensed his overbearing gaze, and said in the next second: "Yin Zheng, don't look at me like that. There is really no suitable role for you in this drama."

     "But if you want to challenge, I can give you a villain."In Charlotte’s troubles, Yuan Hua, whom Yin Zheng has shaped, is actually the villain.

     But that villain is only a small-scale, but Luo Yiming is going to give Yin Zheng the role today. He has succeeded in shaping the role of Yin Zheng, and he can definitely prove in the show business.

     What Yin Zheng wants is an opportunity: "I want to challenge, Director Luo, I can definitely play well."

     "Okay." Luo Yiming asked Yin Zheng to act. It was Xiao Jinghuan, the fifth son of the emperor who was auditioned by Huang Weide in the previous life. He coveted the throne and was sleek and cunning.

     Whether Yin Zheng can perform, to be honest, Luo Yiming is not sure.

     But he will make an all-out effort training.

     "I believe you, tentatively decide your role."

     In addition to giving Alan and Yin Zhengnan roles, this drama.

     Jia Qing played Gong Yu.

     Other roles were also assigned to Shangteng Entertainment's own actors.

     Except for the male lead, the female lead.

     The role of "Langya Bang" was decided at the dinner table.

     The reason why I used the familiar faces of the company's people and Charlotte's troubles, Luo Yiming was to save money, and on the other hand was naturally for publicity.

     There are enough gimmicks.

     When the celebration banquet was still not ended, Luo Yiming made a phone call. Luo Yiming had already appointed someone in his heart about the heroine of the Langya List.
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