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408 Chapter 404, Wait And See (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"The current estimate is 80 million."

     Luo Yiming gave a rough estimate. He said: "This is still expected, but it is estimated that there is a high possibility that the shooting will exceed the funds."

     The investment in "Langya List" has been over 100 million. Although part of the reason is the pay of the actors, the shooting production of this drama is not low.

     Or why do so many people boast the noon sunshine conscience?

     Everyone is not stupid.

     The production cost of "Langya Bang" is as high as 110 million, but after seeing the excellent production of the crew, I believe many people think that the money is actually spent less.

     Speaking of which, Luo had thought about it tomorrow morning.

     This time he wanted to film the original cast of "Langya Bang" with "Charlotte Annoyance", on the one hand for publicity, on the other hand, in fact, to save money.

     But no matter how much money is saved, the production cost of this "Langya List" cannot be low.

     The investment in the film "Charlotte Annoyance" was 20 million, but it was overspend in the end.

     As for the play "Langya Bang", Luo Yiming felt that the final production cost might be hundreds of millions.

     So the question is, how many episodes of such a drama? How can the cost be recovered?

      these all are need to be considered.

     An investment of 80 million yuan will generally bring in one party to invest in order to share the risk. After all, money is not easy to make, and no one dares to put eggs in a basket.

     Just like a word from an expert in the industry. Film and television are risky and investment needs to be cautious.

     Otherwise, it will not happen that some actors will have shares in TV shows or movies, and producers often like to bring in some people to share risks.However, others will be afraid of failure, Luo Yiming will not.

     "I didn't plan to bring others to play with this drama. Shangteng Entertainment is responsible for the investment. What I need is your professional shooting of costume dramas."

     Fatty Wen and Zhao Xiang know Luo Yiming's character, and the things he decides often cannot be changed.

     However, they really didn't have the confidence to shoot costume dramas, and the two automatically turned their eyes to Zhang Feng.

     Zhang Feng said: "I have filmed costume dramas, and I know better, but such a drama is believed to be more difficult than the costume dramas I made before."

     "Because this is not the court drama I directed, it's mainly the struggle of the women in the harem. There are many grand war scenes in this drama, which require a grand production.

     "However, I like it very much this script." Zhang Feng said that at the end, his love for this script gave him a firm look.

     Of course, Luo Yiming is also confident in the script.

     Mei Changsu, the male protagonist of "Langya Bang", won't talk about it. He is a very pleasing character.

     The heroine is Princess Nihuang, who is set as Mei Changsu's fiancee of green plums and hobby-horse, and a friend of Jing Wang Xiao Jingyan.

     When his father died in battle, she was the one who took on a leadership role at a time of crisis. Chu rode on Qingming Pass and wiped out 30,000 enemies. From then on, the younger brother guarded the south.

     Here, she finally stood by Nie Duo, the former general of the Scarlet Flame Army who solved the crisis for her.

     From the reader's point of view, it is unbearable for any heroine to be with other people.

     No matter how reasonable it is, the plot of giving off a girl is unsatisfactory.Therefore, Luo Yiming thinks that the adaptation of the TV series is very good, and directly cut off the line of marrying Nie Duo, and Luo Yiming thinks that Liu Tao's acting skills are indeed praised, which is a lot of extra points.

     Princess Nihuang is a very challenging character, and Luo Yiming has decided to play Chen Qiaoyan.

     But the role of Mei Changsu also requires a very strong acting skill. Luo Yiming is still not sure that he can play well at this time.

     Zhang Feng knows that Luo Yiming has recently been badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire). Since he wants to direct the show with Luo Yiming, after the script is okay, he has to Starting from the actor, he said to Luo Yiming: "Director Luo, there's no problem with the script now. Do we want Temporary Crew next?"


     Luo Yiming said: "I have arranged candidates for important roles, but the male lead is still undecided. You can actually recommend suitable candidates."

     Zhang Feng smiled and said: "Director Luo, don't worry, I will contact some people who are suitable for the role of Mei Changsu, and I will definitely be the deputy director."

     "It's not vice, you should remove the word'advance'."

      "Ah?" Luo Yiming confused Zhang Feng with a single sentence.

     Remove the word "adv."?

     After chanting twice, Zhang Feng suddenly looked up stared wide-eyed unbelievable and said: "Director Luo, you, do you mean that this drama makes me... be the director??"

     Zhang Feng is unbelievable!

     Luo Yiming said: "Yes, in fact, your ability to direct costume dramas must be better than me. For this TV series, I am your assistant and I am the deputy director. You are mainly responsible for the rest of the director's stuff."Luo Yiming told Zhang Feng so heavily. Zhang Feng could not digest for a long time.

     An assistant director who does not want to be a director is not a good director.

     But the director is not everyone can be.

     Either you have the strength and qualifications, like the famous director that's it in the current TV drama circle, they even have a little share in the three major films, which is a win-win situation.

     Either you have a reputation, which refers to charisma. If you don’t believe it, you can see how many people are directors in another time and space.

     Sometimes, it doesn't matter whether you know how to do it.

     This is true regardless of any industry...

     As long as you have a reputation, as long as you have a reputation, then knowing how to do is not so important.

     But if nothing at all, then you can only suffer.

     In the directing profession, it is also very cruel. Many associate directors often do all kinds of work, all kinds of involvement and backing.

     But sometimes they don't even have the right to sign, and they even have to be backed up, and they may get out of here at any time.

     Zhang Feng has experienced all of these. He actually directed the show very well at the beginning, he has boundless prospects.

     Just because after I arrived at Hairun Film and Television, I was calculated by the company's people, and as a result I directed and filmed a drama, and then I fell on the street.

     Speaking of the key to hitting the street, Zhang Feng was helpless, that is, on the second day of the show, the male protagonist was exposed to taking drugs, and the heroine was revealed to be a minor third and a villain.

     In short, Zhang Feng is basically impossible to pull strongly against a crazy tide, and with the company's people chewing on his tongue, he can only smash away.Later, Zhang Feng signed a contract with a media company. As a result, he shot a second urban drama that he was not good at, and then his sister hit the street again.

     The rush of the two works made Zhang Feng almost bewildered by Buddhism, and he was really called as a pretending director in the circle.

     Everyone knew the story later, and Zhang Feng came to Shangteng.

     Zhang Feng was very excited when he thought of the past. Luo Yiming said with consolation: "The dramas you have filmed before were all with bad opportunities, and you can't say that is your problem. Compared to Fatty and Zhao Xiang, they didn't I appreciate your experience."

     "I have always hoped that if I have the opportunity, I will let you direct a play yourself. Now is the right time."

     "Let go and do it, I am a backup."

     After listening to Director Luo's words, Zhang Feng's heart was warm, but he was still worried: "Uh, thank you for his trust in Director Luo, but President Luo has invested too much in this "Langya List"."

     Zhang Feng said anxiously, "I'm afraid I might mess it up for you."

      Spoke until here, Zhang Feng paused: "Or, let me direct the next one, at a lower cost."

     "Don't talk nonsense, I'll just ask you a question. Can you direct the play "Langya Bang"?"

     Luo Yiming looked at Zhang Feng's twisting look and was a little speechless: "I remember you said that you like to shoot costume dramas. At the beginning, you failed because of the act of God factor, so you want to prove yourself."

     "And now the opportunity is here, whether you want to seize the opportunity to prove your Zhang Feng's ability, or dare not accept it, be a coward, you decide for yourself."This single sentence is a bit aggressive. As for Zhang Feng, he also remembered the scene when Hairun humiliated him.

     The princes and generals, Ning you kind of insult, Zhang Feng had long wanted to prove himself.

     He clench teeth said: "Director Luo, my name is Zhang Feng, I am not pretending to be crazy, since you are not afraid of what else I am afraid of, you can rest assured, I will make an all-out effort to make this show well!

     "Well, since you are the chief director, you can decide on the actor that was previously determined. If the audition fails, you can also brush it down!"

     Luo Yiming knows that in addition to a good script for a play, a good actor is the most important thing.

     He finally gave Zhang Feng the required role in "Langya List" again.

     In this drama, in addition to the roles of many actors in "Charlotte Annoyance", the more important ones include General Meng, Fei Liu, Yu Wang and others.

     Luo Yiming's selection of roles is still unstable.

     In the end, after the trial, the three roles of General Meng, Yuwang, and Prince were re-owned. In addition, some of the small roles were still members of Shangteng Company.

     But like Fei Liu, there are several other roles, and there are no suitable candidates.

     Then, naturally it needs to be searched from outside.

     This is pretty good, just to let the wind through.

     Compared with Luo Yiming's filming, the industry still cares more about Luo Yiming's lower TV series.

     So when Shangteng Entertainment revealed the lower part of the work, the discussion in the industry was very hot.

     "I rub, it turned out to be a costume drama?""Really hadn't thought is a costume drama, I thought it was either a city or a sitcom?"

     "The box office of the youth idol comedy "Charlotte Gets Annoyed" is too horrible online. In fact, I don't think it can be a city anymore. Luo Yiming will change the theme, but the costume drama is still a little surprised."

     "Yes, from the city to the costume drama, it turns a bit faster."

     "Costume drama is not easy to direct and film, Luo Yiming is really courageous!"


     Everyone's discussion is very hot, of course, it is divided into three groups.

     Yibo said it was great, and looked forward to Luo Yiming's article in the costume drama.

     One wave shows that Luo Yiming is too bloated. Just after making a movie, I don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. I want to make a costume drama again? Who gave him the courage?

     There is also a group of fans of Luo Yiming. Of course they believe in Luo Yiming and think that Luo Yiming can do anything.

     He believes that Luo Yiming is the real king of the Chinese entertainment world, whether it is directing, acting, or singing, he is impeccable.

     The three transfers were considered successful to coax the heat, which is much higher than Luo Yiming's interest in filming.

     Not only that, but other Film and Television Companies are also quite excited.

     Luo Yiming is going to film a TV series again?


     The kid didn't stop at all.

     What, Luo Yiming is just a screenwriter? Deputy director?

     The director is someone else.

     It does not matter.

     Then, everyone's focus came to the work.

     Think about Luo Yiming's works are undefeated, this new work has to involve the actors under his banner anyway.As a result, some management agencies are also actively contacting Shangteng Entertainment.


     The male one is gone?

     Is there a second male?

     The first female, the second female?

     Well, for a while, some Management Agency was a little disappointed, especially the male lead and female lead were also decided.

     But in the blink of an eye, the small Management Agency was hit with blood.

     For them, the artists under their own banner this was originally so half-dead, so supporting roles are also fine.

     What if the miracle of "Charlotte Troubles" happens again?

     Here, the preparation of the "Langya List" crew is very smooth, with the prestige of the previous movies, even if the show is not directed by Luo Yiming, it is highly expected by the industry.

     Everyone is paying more attention to Luo Yiming's TV series.

     As for Shangteng Company, Zhang Feng was also busy contacting the remaining actors in the next few days.

     However, Zhang Feng didn't look for the leading actor and actor.

     He knew that Luo Yiming wanted to play Mei Changsu at first.

     Zhang Feng also feels that Luo Yiming's temperament is very similar to Mei Changsu. If he goes outside to find an actor, Luo Yiming may not be excellent.

     Of course, Luo Yiming is worried, afraid that he will not perform well. This kind of worry still exists when he becomes any first-line actor.

     The biggest highlight of this play is Mei Changsu.

     Whether it can be successful, this character played half the role.

     After all, he is the central figure who pulled up the whole story.Two days later, the rest of the actors in "Langya List" were all in place, and the publicity of the show began.

     "Langya List" will be created by the original crew of "Charlotte Annoyance", and this drama will also set a record of investment in costume dramas!"

     "Shock! The investment of "Langya List" is 150 million!"

     "Shangteng Entertainment and UTV, which insist on making conscience dramas, join forces. We all look forward to the costume drama "Langya Bang"!"

     To promote this work, Shangteng and Youshi have accumulated experience after Charlotte's troubles, so they are so bullish.

     It's not illegal to brag anyway.

     Use as much energy as you can.

     150 million, of course, not so much. But this is the case for publicity, which is also normal in the industry, and most of the investment and production costs in the industry are not trustworthy.

      has one to say one, the investment cost that the vast majority of people said may be twice the true cost.

     As for why the Film and Television Company did this, then opinions differ.

     Anyway, on the side of Shangteng Entertainment, they are just to increase the marketing power of "Langya List", so they directly blown the production cost of 150 million.

     As for whether you believe it or not, it doesn't matter.

     The whole sky is full of drafts. After the film "Charlotte Troubles", Langyabang is still the original cast as the pioneering drama of the TV series. Everyone is looking forward to this drama.

     Is it striving to improve, or is it collapsed?

     Everyone can only wipe one's eyes and wait!
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