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409 Chapter 405, Hu Ge Enters The Group (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Luo Yiming himself did not care about the promotion of "Langya Bang". When Zhang Feng told him to play Mei Changsu, Luo Yiming also directly refused!

     He has carefully considered this matter.

     Where is a big director who always acts in the act.

     That's right, he is now preparing for the New Year's Day movie.

     Although Luo Yiming keeps on saying that he does not accept the challenge of entertainment artist Xiao Gang, he is not prepared to fight alone on the battlefield of online video.

     There is nothing wrong with making online video bigger and stronger, but on the theater line, he produced a box office miracle, which is the best proof of his ability and strength as a director.

     The movie that Luo Yiming is going to shoot is not the Box Office Record Wolf Warriors from the previous life. It is the mermaid that Luo Yiming likes more. It is helpful to environmental protection and at the same time is very humorous and emotional.

     This movie was a masterpiece of comedian Stephen Chow in the previous life. When filming started, many fans said that they owed His-Senior a movie ticket and they must go to see it.

     Later he also became the box office champion and record holder at the time, until Roaring Across the Horizon of Wolf Warriors.

     To put it bluntly, the box office of Wolf Warriors was fierce, but it was really embarrassing at home and abroad.

     It was only at an appropriate time that he let the patriotism of the Chinese people burst, and he had the final miracle.

     Regardless of that, Luo Yiming believes that in terms of artistic techniques, filming techniques, including the format and depth of the film, the mermaid is above the wolf.

     It is now the end of October, and Luo Yiming feels that it is time to give fans a good movie.

     As for the grievances with Yuyi, put that aside.It’s only two months before New Year’s Day. Although I decided to shoot, I can shoot a movie in two months, which is very hurried.

     In addition, Luo Yiming only has this idea in his head. From actors, funds, directors, and team building, they are all empty-handed.

     But this did not affect Luo Yiming in the least. Why did he give up the role of the chief director of the Langya List and the role of Mei Changsu and only play as a deputy, which means that he spends his extra time directing this movie ?The Mermaid?.

     Of course, because time is running out, he has to ask Zhao Xiang and Fatty for help in this play!

     After the script was written, Luo Yiming greeted the two people.

     Hearing that Luo Yiming was going to make a movie, the two were both excited and worried.

     After Zhao Xiang entered the house, he didn't dare to sit down. He said, "Yi Ming, we are just preparing to shoot in Langya Bang, and you are going to make a movie again. Isn't it a bit too aggressive?"

     Luo Yiming smiled, and he said to Zhao Xiang, "Is it fierce? I don't think. There are so many elites in Shangteng now. If we don't make movies, it's not a waste of talent."

     "The investment cost of my movie, the actors part, basically I will find some actors to make friendly guest appearances, so it will not cause too much burden on our capital chain."

     "At the same time, the publicity of the film is also done by ourselves. I have already discussed the issue with Beile Film and Television."

     After Charlotte's troubles went viral, Beile Film and Television visited Luo Yiming.

     It was also that time that Luo Yiming had a very happy chat with a vice president of Beile.

     If it is released, Beijing Music Club will cooperate with Shangteng."You are in contact with Bei Le, great." Seeing that Luo Yiming is not crazy, everything is already under planning, Zhao Xiang is silent.

     But can this shortened filming and release really work miracles?

     Zhao Xiang held a negative attitude.

     Judging from his experience, this is impossible. Fortunately, Luo Yiming said that in his movie, many actors are guest appearances with friends. At least they don’t spend too much on the salary. Up.

     The impact on the company will not be too great.

     Compared with Zhao Xiang's caution, Fatty would be very motivated, and immediately devoted himself to discussing the script and other shooting issues with Luo Yiming.

     One day, several people are in a busy state.

     The details of the mermaid filming, the funny points of the script, the publicity points, including the hot spots, are all burdened.

     The next day, Shangteng Entertainment sent a message as planned, announcing that it would shoot the first major movie "The Mermaid". At first, everyone did not pay attention. After all, recently netizens are discussing the costume drama "Langya Bang", as well as other tidbits.

     However, many celebrities will pay attention to the news of Luo Yiming's company. After this news came out, Han Hong was the first to forward it, and later Li Jian and Zhou Dong also forwarded it to keep up. As for "Charlotte Annoyance", it was very popular. His own partners such as Qi Wei, Jia Qing, Yin Zheng, etc. also came to the end.

     After such a turn, the heat is up now.

     "So fast?"

     "I rub, Luo Yiming, this is what the hell? Don't you want to shoot "Langya Bang"?"

     "Let me go, isn't Luo Yiming divided into two roles? Another filming of "Langya Bang"? Another film?""? The Mermaid? What the hell is this? Is this a movie about fish, I really can't guess what this is going to be?"

     "Director Xiao Gang of Entertainment Arts issued a challenge at that time, Luo Yiming should not fight, and now what is this for, wordless and silent, is already operating in secret?"

     "I just said, Luo Yiming is a real man, and Yuyi is so provocative. Luo Yiming can't resist the fight. In this battle, he must fight his one's heart's content!"

     "I bet Luo Yiming wins!"

     "A good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage."

     "Holy shit, it feels a bit messy, don't you want to shoot Langya list? Don't you do it now? Who can give me a hint?"


     Regarding Luo Yiming's filming, everyone felt that this was a sensation before, so we must prepare for a period of time, because Shangteng Entertainment just revealed it to shoot "Langya Bang".

     In the blink of an eye, in two days, he said that "The Mermaid" was already in preparation.

     This efficiency is going to go to heaven.

     When this official website came out at this time, Luo Yiming could be regarded as a two-way publicity. On the one hand, it promoted "The Mermaid", and on the other hand, it promoted the "Langya Bang" whose popularity has declined.

     Let his heat rise again.

     At present time is running out, Luo Yiming must keep ?The Mermaid? and Langyabang hot all the time!

     After the decision, Luo Yiming's role came even faster. He first contacted Deng Chao, who is more in the entertainment industry.

     Deng Chao had long thought about getting to know Luo Yiming formally. After hearing about Luo Yiming's play, he would show him a reality show. Deng Chao was too grateful.Deng Chao played the male first, Luo Yiming's female first, the former actor of beautiful mermaid's, he was not looking for Lin Yun, but his own artist Zhao Xiaoying.

     The same is a newcomer, although Zhao Xiaoying is not so beautiful, but her temperament, Luo Yiming thinks can be competent for this mermaid.

     As for yet another domineering female president role, it was naturally given to Qi Wei.

     Luo Zhixiang. As for the literary palms, everyone Luo Yiming could call were called, basically just a character restoration!

     After deciding on the actors, Zhao Xiang has already gone to Yangcheng to start filming a short film of "The Mermaid".

     At the same time, Luo Yiming started the selection one by one. In addition, Luo Yiming, the advertising sponsor of "The Mermaid", was handed over to Xiaochao to advance negotiations.

     The ad placement in this movie is not particularly large, nor is it obvious, most of them are appropriate.

     When sponsoring sponsorship, Luo Yiming also looked for it according to the content of the plot.

     Except for some special sponsorships, such as beverages, mobile phones, and cars in the movie, Xiaochao has found the master in turn.

     In addition to the sponsorship, Luo Yiming decided the selection of "The Mermaid".

     He chose not the same person, but took his own selection together, as if he was playing with his girlfriend.

     After all, "The Mermaid" is a lot of scenery on the sea, or directly on the sea, islands or tidal flats.

     Naturally, most of the shooting locations are such scenic scenes.

     Because of the previous life of "The Mermaid", it used many special effects, but Luo Yiming still pursued naturalization in some places.To a certain extent, it reduces the difficulty of shooting.

     Of course, this is more in line with the film of this era, which is more natural and pure.

     Organizer, the director Luo Yiming doesn't have time every day.

     When shooting, it is rare to coordinate everyone's schedule.

     However, Luo Yiming was not in a hurry.

     There are so many games, one after the other, you are shooting one shot, changing one region/place.

     It took three days for Luo Yiming to set the scenes one by one.

     Then Luo Yiming made some minor magical changes to the script sub-shots of "The Mermaid", and at the same time, in turn, agreed with each guest actor about the shooting time.

     Because the guest appearances are not much difference, it's just a scene, or just a few scenes, it won't take long.

     In this way, a week has passed since every point was given.

     On November 1st, Luo Yiming's first major movie "The Mermaid" was officially launched.

     Doesn't make one surprised at all.

     The news came out.

     Everyone’s discussion isn’t that a joy. At the same time, the popularity of ?The Mermaid? is once again rising. This movie also pushed Luo Yiming to where the wind and the waves are the fiercest.

     But what made Luo Yiming vomit blood was that the attention of "Langya Bang" did not appear for a long time.

     This group of media is also really sluggish. All the headlines have come to get everyone's attention. At the same time, the news about "Langya Bang" is only a few stories.

     Ke Luo Yiming couldn't care less about Langya List.The drama "Langya Bang" made the Dragon Boat Festival Sunshine famous. Of course, Shanying also contributed a lot. This drama is called the conscience of the industry without any controversy.

     Not to mention the high score of 9.1 on Dou Breaking, the debut style of the crew alone can make this show never-ending.

     Therefore, when filming "Langya Bang", Luo Yiming also talked with Zhang Feng for a long time. He trusted Zhang Feng, otherwise it would be impossible to give him such a big drama.

     Let him be the director.

     However, Luo Yiming couldn't be careless.

     On the one hand, the investment in this drama is 80 million yuan. Such an investment amount is not a small amount. Another aspect is still what Luo Yiming said. If the drama "Langya Bang" can't produce the desired effect, he will Being ridiculed by the outside world, Shangteng and Youshi fell into dismay.

     Precisely because of this, Luo Yiming told Zhang Feng in detail about the shooting points of the play "Langya Bang", and he even told Zhang Feng several rules.

     However, "The Mermaid" is going to make overall planning here, and Langyabang will inevitably not be in time for the jurisdiction.

     No, I didn't care for a few days.

     As a result, the crew of "Langya Bang" had an accident.

     Zhang Feng still couldn't hold back the battle. After he called Luo Yiming, he needed Luo Yiming to go out in person.

     After hearing about the problem there, Luo Yiming also rushed over.

     If the crew is delayed by one day, that is one day's expenses. Everyone's money is not caused by the wind. Luo Yiming is not only responsible to the actors, but also to the outside world.The recent news about "Langya Bang" is almost all negative, such as conflicts between the crew, quarrel between the director and the actors, and the actor's resignation.

     The message has real and false!

     I won't say the fake, but some of the actors really resigned because they couldn't stand the time limit, and they really exceeded expectations.

     On October 15, the crew of "Langya List" was officially completed!

     On October 23, the actors of "Langya List" began to learn all the etiquette in the play with the etiquette team.

     On October 28th, "Langya List" was officially launched!

      In other words, all the actors in "Langya Bang" did not do anything for more than 10 days. Everyone was learning the etiquette culture in the drama.

     No way, one of the consciences of the play "Langya Bang" is also on etiquette. If you observe carefully, you can see that every etiquette in the multiple scenes in the play has a statement.

     Not to mention these, the most common etiquette in the play is the daily courtesy.

     Men's left hand is up, women's right hand is up!

     If you are bored, you can count from the beginning to the end, that's right.

     It is an actor's duty to learn etiquette in a drama, especially in the filming of costume dramas.

     In ancient costume dramas, each dynasty and every generation has its own etiquette. Although "Langya Bang" is fictitious, in order to be more realistic, after the adaptation, the story background of the TV series "Langya Bang" is set as "Nanliang Datong Period" ".

     Therefore, all kinds of etiquette, whether it is a leading role or a supporting role, are all to be learned, especially the leading role, not to mention, the major leading actors in the play need to be studied systematically.

     It’s okay to learn etiquette, and it’s okay for a long time.However, the unusually slow shooting time eventually caused a lot of dissatisfaction among the actors. The original cast of "Langya Bang" is still a little better. Jia Qing, Yin Zheng, Allen and others are all there's nothing about it. reaction.

     They also cooperated better with Zhang Feng in "Charlotte", but the others are different.

     There is no sense of trust.

     Thus, the situation broke out!

     Hearing the most important role, the male one Zhang Feng was looking for was going to stop, and Luo Yiming also took Hu to formally enter the group!

     "Director Luo!"

     When Luo Yiming appeared, Zhang Feng was relieved, and he was a little bit ashamed: "I'm sorry!"

      "All right, you have said this n times on the phone. It doesn't matter, I have everything."

     Luo Yiming faintly shook the head: "Contact the production team, let's have a meeting first."


     Zhang Feng said hurriedly.

     Ten minutes later, the rest of the production crew also came.

      In addition, everyone in the production team, such as on-site production, lifestyle production, outreach production, as well as supervisor and co-ordination, are here.
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