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410 Chapter Four Hundred And Six
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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After Luo Yiming arrived, the atmosphere at the scene changed suddenly!

     In fact, in addition to the three people who resigned, the rest of the crew, in addition to Shangteng Entertainment Company, also have other actors who have emotions.

     This Langya List had gathered many people in the early stage, and everyone looked at Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming is the troubled director of Charlotte, and has produced many ace variety shows. In the circle, he is already a famous person. But this point is not reflected in Zhang Feng.

     He was on the shooting scene, and there's nothing about it prestige, which also caused the slow progress of the shooting of Langyabang.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming came to give everyone a reassurance.

     Looking at the people, Luo Yiming said: "I already know the situation. As for the actors who resigned, yes, they don't want to play, I don't want to stay, just let them go."

     "But it's not that the matter is over after they leave. We will deal with it as we should. It is our crew's responsibility and we pay the penalty. If the actors are responsible, they will be investigated according to law.

     Luo Yiming if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound, in fact, when you see Luo Yiming, everyone has an idea.

     The actor and the director make trouble, the actor will always suffer.

     There are currently 3 people who resigned!

     Luo Yiming can understand the speeches of actors playing Tong Lu and Li Gang.

     Acting is more to support one's family. The filming of your film is so slow that it directly exceeded everyone's expectations. Other films cannot be filmed. There is no other way but to resign.

     After all, the director must remember this pot.

     However, Luo Yiming can bear this loss.After all, each director’s pursuit of art is different, and the speed of shooting is also different. He knows that Zhang Feng is perfect sth that is already outstanding. slow work yields fine products.

     Luo Yiming understands this.

     The actors do not agree.

     The shooting of "Langya Bang" was slow. Everyone felt that Zhang Feng's qualifications were too shallow and his shooting level was not good.

     Moreover, the director was under a lot of pressure and was a little too serious when filming.

     This leads to the situation that although the amount of shooting is increasing, the shooting progress is unusually slow.

     After the other two actors were hinted by the on-site director, they said they could try to continue to cooperate with the performance under mediation.

     However, at first, Zhang Feng himself found the famous actor in the circle, the actor named Zhao Xuchen of Hairun Film and Television, but he was not willing, and he was shooting the actor Mei Changsu of this drama.

     "Yiming, actor, where is Zhao Xuchen?" Zhang Feng's face was not good.

     He still remembered that Zhao Xuchen quarreled with himself on the spot when filming the scene of the meeting in Changting.

     In Zhao Xuchen's opinion, he is a first-line actor, OK?

     A scene even asked him to repeat it back and forth. What the hell, this director?

     Actors have temperaments, especially those who come from a class like Zhao Xuchen. He has absolute self-confidence about his acting skills, and he even likes to change the script occasionally.

     It turned out not to be bad. This time he didn't change the script and endured acting, but Zhang Feng kept saying that there was a problem with his acting skills?

     On the set, Zhao Xuchen directly questioned Zhang Feng: Will you lead it?In Zhao Xuchen's view, this recognition of Changting Pavilion is not just the recognition of Princess Nihuang and Mei Changsu, and his own emotions are no problem. As for repeated and repeated repetitions?

     From the start to the present, Zhao Xuchen feels that he has given Zhang Feng enough face, but he has shouted ‘card’ five times in this scene.

     Zhao Xuchen doesn't want face?

     So Zhao Xuchen broke out at that time.

     Zhao Xuchen's choice and refusal also prevented the subsequent play from unfolding.

     This is the biggest problem of "Langya Bang".

     As the actor of the whole play, Zhao Xuchen actually resigned.

     Of course, the male leading role will be panic, let alone other supporting roles.

     In fact, Zhang Feng did not suppress the actor.

     Generally, first-line actors, or some actors with distinctive personality, are a little temperamental.

     In another time and space, Jiang Wen can be said to have a bright personality.

     When he participated in Lu Chuan's "Looking for a Gun", he really didn't say anything about it. If you watched this movie alone, you would think it was directed by Jiang Wen.

     Not to mention teacher Dan Dan, who was born in humanities. The script modification incident was directly bombarded by a certain screenwriter. The dispute between the two Songs can also be described as hōng hōng liè liè.

     However, you can fight, but you must have a reason.

      not because of You are the front line, so you must be fine.

     Rather, you are indeed right, and the director has a problem with the filming, you can refute it.

     The actor and the director are cooperative, not opposed.

     But this thing really has a philosophy that you are weak and he is strong.For example, for artists like Uncle Daoming, do some directors have a sense of existence in front of them?


     It can be changed to be the director of Daoming and a person of virtue and prestige together, that is another different matter.

     The main problem of today's meeting is to hate this matter.

     "Director Luo, it's easy to say that several other actors can also replace them, but what about Zhao Xuchen?" This is still a difficult question.

     Zhao Xiang also said: "Look for someone to save the field temporarily?"

     At the beginning, the actor in "Langya Bang" was relatively controversial.

     This role was originally intended for Luo Yiming by Zhang Feng.

     At that time, there was no consideration for Hairun and Queen of England. Or the signing stars of entertainment arts, but in the end Luo Yiming didn't have the time, so he came to clasp the Buddha's feet (without ever having burned incense).

     Zhao Xuchen, this young man, was known to Zhang Feng when he was working at Hairun. He is also a newcomer to the company.

     Xiaoxianrou, there are also many fan supporters, which can drive traffic.

     Suddenly, when there was no suitable candidate, Zhang Feng felt that he would try Zhao Xuchen.

     Who knows, it finally became this field.

     On the other hand, Zhao Xuchen, why is he so daring to dissect Zhang Feng in public.

     That's because he is not only a first-line actor, he is actually the son of a major shareholder of Hairun Group.

     The big brother's son, who also has acting skills, faced a director who had been swept out by Hairun, of course he set up on high!

     "What do you mean?"

     Luo Yiming is not at the scene, but he also knows the identity of Zhao Xuchen. He wants to hear everyone's opinions."Director Luo, Zhao Xuchen is an actor of Hairun, and he is very famous in the circle now, and he still has some acting skills. After he leaves, if we can't find a suitable actor, we will have a huge problem."

     Zhao Xiang smiled bitterly: "We already talked with Zhao Xuchen about this matter. His attitude is very firm. It's okay for him to stay, but he made a condition."

     "What conditions?" Luo Yiming asked.

     "First, you need to replace Zhang Feng and direct the play in person. The second condition is that Zhang Feng will apologize to him with you, otherwise he will not make this play."

     Luo Yiming was silent.

     "Director Luo, then I will apologize to Zhao Xuchen."

     Zhang Feng stood up, and he was deeply sorry, "I am indeed to blame for this incident. It is my insufficient ability that caused this incident to happen!"

     Zhang Feng was about to leave, Luo Yiming shouted loudly: "You wait!"

     Luo Yiming called to Zhang Feng, "Sit down first. I didn't say to let you go. No one is allowed to leave this house."

     Zhang Feng shook his head and sat down. Luo Yiming continued: "Since Zhao Xuchen is not willing to participate in the performance, then forget it."


     Zhang Feng was surprised.

     Everyone is also a little puzzled.

     After all, Zhao Xuchen, an actor, is someone who is hard to get in other dramas.

     "Are you surprised? Look at your expressions as if I shouldn't replace him?"

     Everyone is still a little surprised.

     "Let me talk about an actor. Cooperating with the director in filming is the most basic morality. No matter how big he is, he won't be able to listen to the director.""If Zhao Xuchen doesn't do anything, tell him clearly that we can leave, and we can also not pursue his breach of contract, but we must keep our mouths under control and can't go outside and talk nonsense. Sign a confidentiality agreement with him, Zhang Feng, you do it This is it."

     Then, Luo Yiming said indifferently: "I have hired someone else for the role of the actor. The hero of the sword, Hu Ge, as far as I know, Hu is more popular and famous than Xiao Zhao."

     Brother Hu?

     Not only is Zhang Feng confused, but other producers, directors, producers, and coordinators are also stupid.

     Didn't Brother Hu have a car accident last year?

     He recovered?

     Can he come back to filming now?

     Luo Yiming knew that everyone had doubts, and smiled: "Brother Hu is still in the psychological recovery period of the car accident, but I have spent a lot of effort and moved him."

     "In short, Brother Hu agreed to shoot Langya Bang, and he was very satisfied with the script."

     It is of course the best to have Brother Hu come to shoot the Langya Bang.

     No Hu Ge is not a fairy sword, this sentence is not just a play.

     It shows the strength of Hu Ge.

     Among the many small fresh meats, Hu Ge is also the most online acting.

      "All right, we have tight time and heavy tasks. This is a timetable. You run the crew according to this timetable. Any time can't be wasted. At the same time, the overspending in this period is provided by us."

     The matter was mastered, but Luo Yiming's words made Zhang Feng very ashamed.

     Luo Yiming was not present in this matter, but something went wrong, it must not be just the actor's problem.

     Zhang Feng must also review.Fortunately, there is still time, and early problems should be paid for tuition.

     Looking back, Luo Yiming had to hire a headhunting company to help him dig out people, and find a professional film control master to make up for Zhang Feng's shortcomings in filming and speed up the shooting.

     In order to avoid the problem still appearing behind.

     After giving it to a headhunting company to dig people, Luo Yiming took the time to watch the film made by Zhao Xuchen. After watching it, Luo Yiming felt that it was right to replace him.

     This Zhao Xuchen is worthy of being an idol star and the son of a big brother. His acting skills are not much when he is online, and the whole performance is too loose.

     Popularity, fame, popularity, these are not equal to the final ratings for Luo Yiming.

     It does not mean that Langya List is really good-looking!

     Therefore, he must be fired.


     Luo Yiming needs to find a shadow control master. In addition to the headhunting company, his friends in the circle, Luo Yiming also told them that he could recommend him.

     With more friends, things are really easier to solve.

     It turned out that a film control master at British Post Entertainment wanted to come to the mainland to develop, and he happened to match Luo Yiming's needs.

     After resigning and looking for a job, there was no suitable one for him, he entered the job right away, the salary was negotiated, he was familiar with the script of Langya Bang, and then quickly entered the crew.

     During a short break here, someone in an office of Hairun Film and Television became unhappy.

     The full name of Hairun Film and Television is the Artists Manager Company of Hairun Film and Television, which mainly refers to actor agency, actor business development, actor promotion, film and television drama promotion and so on.Zhao Xuchen's father is Zhao Wenhai, a shareholder of Hairun, who holds 15 percent of the company's shares.

     There are many other connections in this circle, and the relationship with entertainment art and British film and television is relatively good.

      From the very beginning, Zhao Wenhai just concentrates on being an Artists Manager!

     He has personally made a lot of celebrities popular, and his vision can be called quite vicious, and his status in the entertainment industry is equivalent to that of Hong Kong and Taiwan’s big brother Xiangjia.

     It can be called call the wind and summon the rain.

     He used to favor other artists. After Zhao Xuchen became an adult, Zhao Wenhai sent his handsome son to the entertainment industry.

     With the help of his own resources, Zhao Xuchen debuted when he was 19 years old, and he is only 22 years old this year. He is already a first-line actor.

     Speaking of it, he debuted a year earlier than Luo Yiming, and his age was similar to Luo Yiming.

     He helped his son choose the play "Langya Bang" because Zhao Wenhai knew that Zhao Xuchen's current play was already restricted.

     In the past three years, he has acted as either a white-collar worker in an urban drama or an Overbearing President. Last year he tried the role of a worker, which was a bit leaky.

     Zhao Wenhai felt that this costume play was a challenge.

      nobody understands one's son better than his father!

     Although Zhao Xuchen was born in an academic class, his acting skills do belong to the middle and lower level. This is also Zhao Xuchen's connections and vision. The dramas he helped his sons are all set.

     The character is also due to Zhao Xuchen's character.

     But now that he has been in the entertainment industry for three years, he can no longer play this kind of role often.

     Starting this year, Zhao Wenhai intends to cultivate and take some other roles for his son in order to broaden his play.But not ideal!

     Therefore, after Luo Yiming's "Langya List" was ready for shooting, Zhang Feng found him, and he recommended his son.

     Although the show was not directed by Luo Yiming, in the eyes of Zhao Wenhai, he believed Luo Yiming very much.

     Because Luo Yiming's script style has been formed!

     Not to mention the phenomenal fire of the movie "Charlotte Annoyance".

     Luo Yiming is a smart man, and even a rare talent!

     Originally, Zhao Wenhai intended to make friends with Luo Yiming, and this play was also a bridge between the two of them, but Zhao Wenhai could not predict it.

     A few minutes ago, he received a call from his son, and he did not expect this to be the case.

     My son was in the Langyabang crew and was very unhappy about the filming.

     Zhang Feng also fired his son on behalf of the crew. Together with it, an agreement was issued.

     If he leaves the crew without signing a confidentiality agreement, he must pursue his liability for breach of contract.

     This result also embarrassed the face of the old man Zhao Wenhai.

     Zhao Xuchen was angry.

     It refused to sign.

     On the surface, Zhao Wenhai still didn't provoke himself, he asked his son to sign the characters obediently.

     But Zhao Wenhai's account won't just leave it alone.

     Zhao Wenhai is angry, he will definitely not let Luo Yiming get better, and moreover, in the long run, Shangteng Entertainment and Hairun Film and Television are rivals.

     Zhao Wenhai's treatment of Luo Yiming as an enemy is also in the company's basic interests.
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