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411 Chapter 407, Hairun, Entertaining And Arrogant
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

After solving Zhao Xuchen's matter, Luo Yiming asked Hu to join the group.

     Everyone had a great time and restarted shooting.

     After Hu experienced a car accident, it can be said that he climbed out of the pile of death to be reborn, and he was more able to appreciate Mei Changsu's emotion of lose sth and then regain it.

     Compared with Hu Ge, no one would be more suitable for the role of Mei Changsu.

     Speaking of Hu's fairy sword, at that time, he was childish and jerky at another point.

     But after the car accident, Brother Hu has changed. He has become more mature, wise, and has a charm beyond his age.

     It is precisely this that Mei Changsu's character and characteristics can be best presented.

     Hu Ge's status is online, Chen Qiaoyan's opponent scene, and others' opponent scenes are smoother.

     The first few scenes were auditioned, and Hu got the unanimous pass of the whole group.

     Luo Yiming was sitting on the scene. Now that the personnel were sure, he put forward higher demands, "Master Hu, I need the lens to be absolutely symmetrical when shooting!"

     Hu Liangbo is a professional master of the mirror hired by Luo Yiming from the British Post Film and Television, and Lao Hu quickly entered the state.

     "Director Luo, don't worry, I am professional in this respect, and I know how to give the audience the most comfortable picture."

     "I can rest assured of your previous technology." Luo Yiming said: "However, I hope your technology can surpass before, bring it up a level. I want Langyabang to have the same scenes and scenes as movies. The quality and speed must be guaranteed. ."


     As a photographer, Hu Liangbo is basically not required in the crew. Because his technique is very reassuring.After Luo Yiming said it, he was even more excited.

     Isn't the job of the photographer to shoot the most comfortable picture for the audience?

     Finishing faster and with higher quality and saving time for the crew, he feels that he is more valuable in this way.

     "Director Luo, the actors are done making up!"

     "Director Luo, the clearance is over!"

     "Director Luo, the props are over!"

     "Director Luo, all six machines are finished!"

     Suddenly, all departments moved quickly and said to Luo Yiming.

     When Zhang Feng saw the scene, he admired: "How do you feel that everyone looks completely new after I came here? And he didn't seem to have done anything."

     Zhao Xiang lightly smiled: "This is the charm of Director Luo. We are all the original team of Director Luo. He is the Sea-Calming Divine Needle. As long as he is there, everyone will do their best to play the role. ."

     "Of course, why everyone cooperates so well? It's also because Director Luo gets angry, and it's terrible. If anyone makes a mistake on the set, he will be the one who has the best relationship."

      When he spoke until here, Zhao Xiang added: "So, when Zhao Xuchen is fired, Director Luo is helping you establish prestige. This time, you should also mobilize the actors."

     Zhang Feng felt that Zhao Xiang’s reminder was right, so he walked up to the main actors and urged everyone not to make mistakes, especially low level mistakes.

     There were more than half of the original crew at the scene. Even if Zhang Feng didn't say anything, these people also clearly knew Luo Yiming's habits on the set, and Zhang Feng might still be lazy.However, directed by Luo Yiming, if they dare not care. Then it's really finished.

     Everything is normal, Luo Yiming has a great momentum of pour water off a steep roof, unstoppable.

     But just about to make the next wave of remarks, suddenly Wang Xin trot over and came to Luo Yiming's ear: "Brother Yiming, Mr. Zhao from Hairun is looking for you."

     "Which Mr. Zhao?"

     Wang Xin reminded: "Zhao Xuchen's father."

     Luo Yiming frowned and knew what was going on without thinking about it.

     "He, if he comes to me for a cup of tea and chat, I won't be free when I'm filming, you tell him, I'll come to visit in person later."

     "If I was fired because of his son, you can tell him clearly, yes, Zhao Xuchen is not the actor I want."

     "Then, let him not come to meet?"

     "There is no need to meet, I'm still busy!" Luo Yiming waved his hand and let Wang Xin deal with it.

     Zhao Wenhai paced outside the set.

     He thought about it, and he didn't want his son to give up this opportunity.

     At the same time, his son was blasted out of the crew, and his face was utterly defaced, so Zhao Wenhai still let the driver drive to the Guanyuan.

     Unexpectedly, before Zhao Wenhai entered the set, he was told by Luo Yiming's secretary that there was no time to meet him.

     Also conveyed this drama, and will not use Zhao Xuchen's firm expression.

     Zhao Wenhai was so angry that he started drawing circles on the set. On the way back, he couldn't help but scold his mother: "He doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth, right? He is only one emerging director, I am here. So many years in the circle, no one has treated me like that."The driver also had a bad temper: "This Luo Yiming and the entertainment manager Zhang are also very rude. They don't understand the rules of the world. If I say, he doesn't know how to constrain if he doesn't suffer. Should I find someone to deal with him? "


     No way!

     Zhao Wenhai is not a black person, he feels that if he uses his fists to deal with problems, it is a child.

     "I'll fix him by myself, maybe I haven't figured it out yet, but I know who wants to destroy him more than I do."

     Zhao Wenhai said, and assigned it to Entertainment Film and Television.

     Broker entertainment company, it is always the purpose not to engage in evil with anyone.

     This circle is ups and downs, and you never know that the person you step on this second may turn over in the next second!

     But if you really make an enemy, it will definitely be a real shot.

     Entertainment art has long been Shangteng’s deadly enemy. Zhao Wenhai watched the excitement at first, but Luo Yiming offended him. He must unite entertainment art to destroy Shangteng and destroy Luo Yiming!

     Yuyi heard Zhao Wenhai's grievances, a conspiracy that had been in business for a long time, finally got a chance.


     In just three hours, news began to float outside.

     There are three main ones.

     The first one is that Luo Yiming's unspoken rules of his own company’s female artists, Jia Qing and Qi Wei’s eighteenth line actors, Luo Yiming gave them important roles in both dramas, and these two girls climbed up. Luo Yiming's bed.

     This news was sent by a small website named not found in the classics. Many photos were posted, but they were all meetings between Luo Yiming and the two girls company. The article was later reprinted by many websites, but the credibility was not high.In the second piece of news, Luo Yiming’s Charlotte’s troubles actually copied a rebirth on the Internet, called “Return to 1997”.

     This movie is indeed a dream back to 1997, and it also has a campus plot, but this news, after many netizens saw this movie, it was a donkey's lips do not match a horse's mouth, which proved to be wind from an empty cave.

     But the terrible thing is the third!

     This news exposed many female stars who were with Luo Yiming, focusing on setting Luo Yiming as a scumbag.

     This news has a lot of information. There are pictures of Liu Yifei and Luo Yiming in the car "ambiguous", and two people left together from the hotel entrance.

     Hairun and Yuyi got the old news that Liu Yifei's agent wanted to speculate on their relationship, but they didn't release it in the end.

     This time it was released, but it was fresh and explosive.

      In addition, in this report, Sisi and Luo Yiming spent a good night shooting together at Guanyuan Villa.

     The photo shows the two of them entering Luo Yiming's villa, and then they didn't come out. In the villa, Sisi stayed all night.

     Of course, Chen Qiaoyan and Luo Yiming were in the filming of Unlimited Challenge. After Chen Qiaoyan was drunk, Mi Mi with Luo Yiming.

     If the story of these three girls and Luo Yiming is just chasing the wind and clutching at shadows, there is no credibility.

     However, immediately, Chen Qiaoyan appeared in Luo Yiming's new play Langya Bang, and it was a low-paying participation, saying that there's nothing about it special relationship between the two people, then it is difficult to convince people.

     And Li Sisi, Yuyi and Hairun did not know where they came from. In fact, the female host in the last issue of King of Mask Singer is Li Sisi.They compared Sisi's photos with photos taken from the show.

      Only if blind, 80 percent people can know that Si Si is the girlfriend Luo Yiming said.

     This price comparison is solid.

     Then the problem arises, Sisi is Luo Yiming's girlfriend, what about Qiaoyan? Is it a failure?

     And those female artists in Shangteng.

     How many girlfriends are Luo Yiming?

     What kind of his extravagant life?

      hiding the sky and covering the earth The diffuse news, entertainment and Hairun acted as accomplices, so the speed of spreading in the entertainment circle as you can well imagine.

     Luo Yiming, a scumbag, pushed countless women.

     The scumbag Luo Yiming, a newcomer with unspoken rules.

     News wave after wave, isn't it just to give Luo Yiming a scumbag hat.

     And the first moment Luo Yiming saw the news, he knew who was going to harm him.

     Luo Yiming is actually indifferent. There are many popular people. During this period of time when he suddenly emerged, there were not few people who vilified him.

     Did you fall by yourself? Are you scared?


     As long as he doesn't fall, Luo Yiming must continue to do it!

     Go to death!

     But the only thing that made him feel guilty and guilty was Sisi and Qiaoyan.

     Qiaoyan is okay, her heart is stronger, but Sisi has been exposed this time, I believe, the girl is uncomfortable in her heart.

     Taking a time to get out of the crew, in the car, Luo Yiming called Si Si, who was in the office of the CCTV boss and was educated by give sincere advice.

     On the table, there is the report that just came out.CCTV’s station elder Shan and Luo Yiming are also familiar, but in principle, the host of CCTV should not host a program on Xiabian TV.

     Even more should not fall in love with someone in the entertainment industry.

     Lao Dan thinks Li Sisi is ignoring one's duties.

     "Sisi, this news has a very bad influence on our station. You know, we don't allow you to fall in love, but open and aboveboard discussions."

     "Tan also try to find some low-key talks that don't have such negative news. Now, what do you want me to do? As the director of the station, I have to educate you."

     Li Sisi understands.

     "Director, I have no opinion on your decision."

     "Let's do it, you also calm down a period of time, go home and rest for a month."


     When Sisi came out of the director's office, she was now relaxed physically and mentally.

     She hosted the Mid-Autumn Festival party as she wished, but after hosting the party, she by no means imaginary satisfaction.

     In other words, it is better to embrace the warmth and happiness from Luo Yiming.

     She didn't want to be so aggressive, she felt that she should take a break, so this news gave her a reason.

     She said that Sisi would care about Luo Yiming's contact with other girls, but she believes that Yiming is not the kind of boy who fondle the flowers and trample the grass.

     Therefore, the front report of this news is absolutely unbelievable.

     Behind, what happened to her and Yiming is a fact, so what can be explained.

     Sisi didn't want to conceal their relationship anymore. After receiving a call from Yiming, she said loudly, I don't mind, I love you.Sisi is really willing to sacrifice her career for love.

     Luo Yiming was moved and told himself that in this life, she must cherish her love and trust.

     Ten minutes later, the official website of Shangteng Entertainment Company issued an official statement.

     In the statement, Luo Yiming admitted that the fact that he was in love with Si Si originally wanted to conceal the fact that Si Si was in charge of her career.

     But now that the media has exposed, he and Si Si are ready to welcome this relationship and at the same time welcome the blessing of the media.

     Sisi forwarded the news next time.

      After fifteen minutes, UTV interviewed Luo Yiming and Li Sisi exclusively.

     The two held hands in the UTV video. Li Sisi smiled brightly. She told audiences around the world that it was enough to have Luo Yiming in her life.

     She was lying in Luo Yiming's arms greedily. When the host Yuan Chengjie asked, as a CCTV host, with Yiming, would you...

     Sisi knew what the host wanted to ask, and immediately said: "If this World prevents me from being together with Luo Yiming, then I don't want this World."

     Very bold and powerful answer.

     When this answer is time of departure, Li Sisi has already confirmed. Leaving CCTV, really staying with Luo Yiming.

     The exclusive interview with UTV exploded on the Internet.

     The original news was quickly eaten up.

     For Shangteng entertainment and entertainment, Hairun's wrist-wrestling is still going on... But what the audience think of melon-eating, Luo Yiming and Si Si do not want to explain more.

     The enemy wanted to bring himself down and defeat him. In fact, Luo Yiming was not that vulnerable.And the weapon that makes oneself powerful can only be works in the end.

     Luo Yiming does not have the time to constantly contend with Yuyi and Hairun on the power of news, and he does not bother to put his time, energy and money on "crooked gate and devil’s path."

     After sending Sisi back to the Guanyuan Villa, the former was too tired, and after coaxing Sisi to sleep, he returned to the crew.

     Invest in the director.

     Officially shooting!

     The interior scene of Langya Pavilion in the TV series was shot in Hengdian, while the window scenes that Mei Changsu saw after waking up from the dream, the scenery of Yandang Mountain was specially “grafted” in the later stage to create Langya Pavilion in hidden land peace and prosperity's sight.

     Naturally, Luo Yiming also prepared to shoot like this.

     And in the first episode, the scene of Mei Changsu’s boating on the lake alone is also taken from Yandang Mountain, but the ink painting-like scene is actually made of special effects. Above is a large green screen.

     For this "Langya List", Luo Yiming must produce the effects he wants. Although many special effects technologies require a lot of capital investment, Luo Yiming feels worth it.

     At this time, Luo Yiming sat in the director's chair and watched the shooting of the machine, unable to take one's eyes off!
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