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415 Chapter Four Hundred And Eleven
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     After giving Brother Hu his birthday, Luo Yiming's shooting progress accelerated again in the next few days.

     Several important scenes have been filmed one after another, and in the blink of an eye, November passed.

     The New Year's Day file has always been a tragic period for Chinese and foreign blockbusters. In the face of the invasion of Hollywood, Japanese dramas, and even Korean dramas, the works of several Chinese Film Directors are not the slightest show of decadence.

     Yuyi, Hairun, and Queen Ying all brought out their New Year's Day works, but this time, the shooting of beautiful mermaid's was very slow.

     Luo Yiming looked at the time, he couldn't keep up with the New Year's Day gear, but it was a good idea to be able to go online during the Spring Festival.

     Therefore, he put all his energy on the Langya list.

     Moreover, Luo Yiming filmed Langya Bang and The Mermaid, he felt, why do those directors look older.

     There is too much to worry about. He is not like a variety show, or hosting or singing, so he is relatively comfortable.

     Film and television directors need to invest a lot of creative enthusiasm and patience, and they need to learn shooting skills, actors need to coordinate, props need to be arranged... There are too many tedious things.

     Yiluo Yiming's character has some shoulders, which can't be shared at all.

     Seriously, Luo Yiming didn't enter this stall, he didn't want to continue.

     Fortunately, the shooting of Langya Bang is almost over. In the next time, when the mermaid is filmed, Luo Yiming doesn't plan to do so much for oneself.On the contrary, he felt that he should accompany Sisi more, get married and have children, that's the business!

     On December 2nd, Langya List ushered in The last battle drama, which also caused tears in this drama.

     Mei Changsu meticulously planned and negotiated with everyone to complain in the Golden Palace.

     Above the birthday banquet, civil and military officials long kneeling cannot rise, begging Emperor Liang to review the old case of Chi Yan.

     Emperor Liang suffered forced the palace!

     Today, The last battle is a dialogue between Emperor Liang and Changsu Mei.

     The actor who played Liang Di is no different from the previous life, and they are Liang Yongdai.

     He is a drama student and has acted in many plays. Although the film is not a big role, it wins more.

     His acting skills in the entertainment industry more than twenty years after hard work and numerous revisions can be said to be old drama.

     "Ms. Liang, there is no what's the problem."

     Luo Yiming looked at Liang Yongdai, who was slightly embarrassed with makeup, and said, "No problem, we will start shooting now."

     "I'm ready, let's start shooting!"

     Liang Yongdai indicated that there was no problem on his side.

     Luo Yiming said to Hu Liangbo: "Teacher Hu, this is The last battle scene. We started shooting when Brother Hu walked in, and we must pay attention..."

     Before finishing talking, Hu Liangbo has already started talking: "I understand, we must pay attention to symmetry, and the structure must be well-developed, Luo, you can rest assured.

     Yes, everything is ok, start shooting!

     Under the camera, the gait of Mei Changsu, played by Ge Hu, walked in steadily. He knelt in before the collapse of Emperor Liang.However, Emperor Liang looked at Mei Changsu not say a word. For a long time, he let go of his frown and said: "I remember when I first summoned you, I asked, what are you doing in Beijing? It was the two brothers Jing Xuan and Jing Huan who had to enter Beijing at the same time, right?"

     In the audience, Mei Changsu lightly smiled: "This is the truth!"

     "But it's not all the truth, right?"

     "At that time, everything was in the hands of your majesty. How dare I tell the truth?"

     Listening to Mei Changsu's words, Emperor Liang coughed a few times at this time and sneered: "What about now? I can't mobilize a single soldier in the Palace of the Twilight, so you don't need to worry about anything anymore. ?"

     Facing the imposing manner of Emperor Liang, Mei Changsu said indifferently: "Your Majesty is still your Majesty, and the world looks forward to His Majesty's sage justice."


     In this scene, Liang Yongdai’s performance can be said to be extremely important. Yuan Shikong, his performance in this scene of Emperor Liang can be described as Perfection, which makes people cry. In the end, everyone feels that he is a bit pitiful.

     It's hard to recall the feeling of original time and space, at this moment, what's even more rare is that Hu Ge's opposing scene is not the slightest.

     Two play lunatics!

     This is the evaluation of many people watching this scene!

     Sitting in front of the machine, Luo Yiming also looked forward to Liang Yongdai's performance!

     Here, Emperor Liang and Mei Changsu just had a conversation.

     In the end, let them all express sadly, it can be said that they have completely lost the initiative, and naturally there's nothing about it shocking.

     However, in the TV series, Emperor Liang controls the absolute initiative.He made a condition that the Scarlet Flame Army could retrial, but Mei Changsu, that is, Lin Shu must disappear.

     "From then on, you and I don't have to see you again!"

     After Mei Changsu said this to Emperor Liang, he turned and left.

     "wait wait wait!"

     When Emperor Liang saw that Mei Changsu was about to go out, he suddenly burst into tears and his emotions came. He said, "You must believe, I was deceived by the villain, ah!"

     Emperor Liang, who said this cryingly, suddenly knelt down: "Lin Xie assisted me for ten years, and your mother Jinyang is my sister. I hugged you, rode with you, and accompany you. Flying the kite, remember, remember?"

     After these words, Emperor Liang looked forward to seeing Mei Changsu turn around.

     But in the end, Mei Changsu left with wet eyes.

     He did not turn around.

     It's not that he doesn't remember.

     He just couldn't forgive.

      Everything's everything, I just want the hole at the beginning, and it will be filled in the end.

     He is here for revenge, maybe this result is exactly what he wants.

     But what he wants may also...

     Then leave it to the audience to think about.

     At this time, Luo Yiming stopped/stood from the director's chair: "Now, I announce that the Langya list is over!!!"

     With that, Luo Yiming also came to Liang Yongdai: "Teacher Liang, your performance is good, but the voice part may have to be dubbed again."

     Perhaps many people don't know that most people in the Langya Bang are dubbed.

      You can say so, the successful voice actor of this show is also one's contributions cannot go unnoticed.As for the original time and space who played the role of Emperor Liang, it was Teacher Ding Yongdai, but the voice of Mr. Li Lihong.

     And the dubbing of the drama running with tears really took a lot of credit.

     Speaking of Teacher Li Lihong, many people may not know it, but everyone in China on the tip of the tongue should have heard it. He explained it.

     Not to mention some film and television dramas.

     Although Luo Yiming felt that Liang Yongdai's line skills were good, he still lacked the emotional rendering in the lines just now. Luo Yiming naturally needed to dub afterwards.

     This Liang Yongdai also agreed.

     At this time, everyone in Langyabang cheered.

     Another one is finished.

     Not to mention that everyone was very tired during this period, blindly rushing to the construction period, and everyone in a crew was filming day and night.

     Fortunately, today is finally over.

     Everyone screamed in excitement, and the scene was raining beer.

     Zhang Feng came to Luo Yiming this time and said: "Yiming, thanks to you for this play, I direct the name does not reflect the reality."

     "What are you talking about, I am assisting you, this director is yours is yours."

     "thank you."

     "I said, you don't have to keep talking, the previous difficulties are over, now it's finished, let's be happy."

     Zhang Feng also wants to say that I don't actually do much.

     Luo Yiming waved his hand slightly and said, "If you are really embarrassed, then contact the actors. We will hold a finale banquet at the Guanyuan Hotel this evening. I hope everyone will be there."Zhang Feng said hurriedly, "Okay, I will do it now."

     The Langya list is finally over!

     This drama has different meanings for Luo Yiming. On the one hand, this is his first TV drama. Another aspect is that this drama also allows Luo Yiming to understand a sentence deeply. It is really tiring to film.

     I didn't imagine that with a cheat device, it was very simple.

     Let’s talk about the Langya List, the script was written by myself, and it almost overturned during filming.

     It is very difficult to make it fast, and nothing can be facilitated by description.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming wasn't sure that he would enter this place next.

     Even if you go in, you will choose the talents before, and you can't blindly create your own actors, so the selection of actors is reduced.

     Appropriate image will be used.

     The completion of the Langya Chart is complete, but now, the follow-up work of this drama will continue. One very important one is the episode and theme song of the Langya Chart, which is very important for polishing the TV series.

     At the same time, good songs can also bring good publicity to the Langya Chart.

     Just as Luo Yiming was thinking about this, suddenly Brother Hu in the distance shot at Luo Yiming with a bottle of beer.

     The beer sprayed out, and it shot harder.

     Luo Yiming caught off guard and just wanted to take revenge.

     Others shot towards Luo Yiming after Brother Hu. They had premeditated.

     In the blink of an eye, Luo Yiming's whole body was warm.

     "Everyone has grudges and revenges, and there are grievances!" Hu Ge seemed to be ready for this long time ago."Okay, revenge!" Everyone was obviously playing, and this time also screamed loudly in response.

     As for Luo Yiming, it is also a bit not to know whether to laugh or cry, your sister, so many people, how can you fight back?

     After getting wet, Luo Yiming had to change clothes first, while the other actors continued to make trouble.

     After returning, Luo Yiming didn't join everyone again, but he called Chen Qiaoyan, Jia Qing and Qi Wei. The publicity work of Langyabang was to be carried out.

     The song must be settled now.

     Luo Yiming didn't plan to go with other songs by himself, as the original time and space songs could be used as much as possible.

     That Langya Chart episode, Hong Yan Jiu, is full of Chinese style. How many people can I send this love to mv by sister Liu Tao?

     Not only that, this confidante is also quite popular at station b.

     This song is definitely no problem for Qi Wei and Jia Qing to sing. Even sister Liu Tao, a cross-over singer, can sing, not to mention their profound singing skills.

     As for Qiao Yan, if you sing in it, you will be better promoted as the heroine.

     Calling three people, Luo Yiming said directly: "The shooting of Langyabang is over, but I have to thank for your trouble. You have to record this episode of Langyabang."

     Of course the three of them were very excited to be able to record songs for the TV series. Almost everyone agreed with different mouths, same voice.

     An hour later, Luo Yiming came to Liang Qiaobo's music recording studio.

     After Liang Qiaobo took a rest for a period of time after King of Mask Singer, he was a little surprised when he saw Luo Yiming's visit: "Yiming, aren't you shooting Langyabang?"Luo Yiming said: "It's finished today, Brother Liang, there is a song that you need to help arrange."

     "I will be attending the finale in a while, so I will trouble you to help adjust it with them."

     Liang Qiaobo knows three, not to mention Chen Qiaoyan, the other two are also from Shangteng Company, everyone is familiar.

     "Haha, no problem."

     "There's another new song!"

     Luo Yiming is lightly nodded, but this song is not an old man, this song is too lethal.

     Luo Yiming needs to use Langyabang to complete the post-production before taking it out.

     What he prepared today is also a Chinese song.

     After 30 minutes, Luo Yiming left the recording studio.

     At this time, the finale banquet had already begun, and it was so lively.

     Guanyuan Hotel

     Luo Yiming is in his own garden, he must be moored.

     All the cast members of the entire Langya List came, and the scene was unusually bustling with noise and excitement.

     I don’t need the main actors anymore. Except for those who are still recording songs, Hu Ge, Ellen, Cheng Haofeng, Yin Zheng and others are all present. There are also old drama bones like Liang Yongdai, the actor of Emperor Liang. .

     Everyone talked happily at the table.

     Although it was not smooth at the beginning for this Langya list, after Luo Yiming entered the group, for these actors, it would be comfortable in one word.

     Although because of the rush to work, from time to time overtime filming.

     But because they are all professional actors, they are not afraid to get tired.

     The most important thing is that director Luo Yiming's control is not to mention, it's just perfect to find and solve problems from time to time.Even Liang Yongdai and others finally cleared why Hu Ge and Chen Qiaoyan such A-list Stars are so respected for Luo Yiming, such director skills are not weaker than first-line directors.

     Not to mention that Luo Yiming respects the actors. Whether it is a dragon set or a substitute, Luo Yiming treats everyone equally favorably when filming.

     Due to the mistake of the props group, the dragon set was injured, Luo Yiming was so angry, he directly expelled one of the props group.

     Not to mention that when shooting a fighting scene, when a young actor was injured, the other actors were not aware of it. The crew did not care, which made Luo Yiming curse everyone directly.

     It took less than two months to shoot, one by one, one by one, Luo Yiming did not take care of others, and each sentence was on everyone's heart.

     "Who is not raised by parents?"

     "Dragon Set What happened? Stand-in What happened?"

     "The role of an actor, regardless of size, must treat everyone equally favorably."

     "If you like being in the group, you can do it well. You can hate anyone, you can annoy anyone, but this is your job, and you have to be worthy of your job."


     Luo Yi speaks happily, daring to speak and do.

     During his time in the crew, everyone learned a lot of things.

     When Luo Yiming came, everyone had been waiting for a long time.

     First, they are all wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined.

     "Director Luo, I hope we can cooperate again when we have the opportunity."

     Liang Yongdai first raised his glass and said.

     "Mr. Liang, there must be a chance.""But I'm afraid I won't be able to make an appointment with you then. You must be on fire as soon as this show is broadcast."


     Liang Yongdai laughed, but he didn't take it seriously. In the entertainment circle, So many years, he did a lot of acting.

     But it's because the industry is well-known, but the audience's recognition is not good enough.

     After performing so many plays, Liang Yongdai walked on the street and others just saw him familiar.

     If others say his name, few know him.

     This time, is only one supporting role in Langya list getting enough attention?

      how can it be?

     Luo Yi smiled and didn't say a word. The people who were present at the launch of this Langya List would know what a crazy storm this drama will bring.

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