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416 Chapter 412, The Sniping Of The Three Major Film And Television Companies (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? Drinking well, Wang Xin will come over now.

     "Mr. Luo, sister Sisi is here? She is outside."

     "Sisi is coming?" The Langya list was finished. Luo Yiming originally planned to tell Sisi, but he was busy recording songs, and he forgot.

     Without thinking, Si Si came by herself.

     "Okay, let me have a look!"

     Luo Yiming was about to leave, and this time turned around and said to everyone: "I'll go out for a while, there is an important person to see. If she doesn't mind coming over, I will officially introduce you to everyone later."

     Tonight, Luo Yiming had several important business cooperation partners at his banquet.

     Ke Sisi is more important to him than these people.

     "Ok." Many people have already guessed who it might be. A few days ago, Luo Yiming announced a major news.

     He was with Li Sisi, the host of CCTV.

     And this talented woman is also in sight but unattainable by many people in the circle.

     Luo Yiming came to the door of the hotel, beside the stone pillar outside, there was a girl with a slender back.

     Compared to those thin, tall, undernourished girls, Sisi's back curve looks better.

     A pair of skinny jeans reveals his plump buttocks. The white shirt tightening the pants makes her very clear, like a rare warm sunlight in winter.

     "Sisi." Luo Yiming wanted to give her a hug and talked about her lack of company in so many days. But he just yelled slightly behind him.

     Sisi turned around, showing a slight smile on her pretty and dignified face, and after a second, there was another trace of apology."Yi Ming, I heard that you finished today, so I came to see you, but you should be very busy? I was afraid of disturbing you, so I waited at the door."

     Sisi’s be good at understanding others made Luo Yiming feel warm, and walked over and grabbed her hand. Luo Yiming no longer worried about this time, there would be paparazzi.

     Aite can shoot whatever you want.

     The overbearing person is going to kiss her.

     Sisi's head turned to one side: "Be careful, someone photographed..."

     "Are you still afraid?" Luo Yiming didn't mean to stop, his mouth continued to attack.

     "No, I'm afraid of you, it affects you, you now are the great director, I... I'm already a vagrant."

     Si Si's face was not dodge, but Luo Yiming stopped in the next second.

     Because he saw that melancholy was written in the eyes of his favorite woman.

     "Sisi, you still want to return to the CCTV host, right?"

     "No, it's not." Sisi denied: "I actually really don't care if I can go back to CCTV. This holiday. My one person thinks a lot at home."

     "But, if I don't go back, will you despise me? I won't be worthy of you." Si Si said what was in her heart. Looking up, both eyes flickered with hesitation, because Luo Yiming seemed too good for her.

     "Sisi, it's not only CCTV that can give you what you want. Maybe if you leave CCTV, you won't get more."

     "Also, fool, I love you, it has nothing to do with what you do.""All right, since you are here to send me blessings, let's go in together. I want to introduce you to everyone." Luo Yiming grasped Sisi's hand again.

     "Yi Ming, can I, can I not go there, I think this is not the most suitable time. I am here to bless you, and I will wait for you at home in the evening." Sisi asked with her eyes.

     "Okay... OK."

     After Sisi finished speaking and sent a kiss, she left.

     Looking at the distant back, Luo Yiming knew that maybe she still needs a job, it doesn't need to be so glamorous, but it can enrich her without indulge in flights of fancy.

     Back to the celebration dinner.

     Everyone has already started to discuss business matters at this time, that is, to see when the show will be announced.

     "How long will post-production be ready?"

     After Luo Yiming came back, he joined the discussion.

     He continued: "It's currently already December. I have already released news about this drama with many satellite TVs. Several satellite TVs have learned more about it and plan to buy it out exclusively, but the specifics will be held."

     Fatty Wen is mainly responsible for this. He said: "Starting tomorrow will officially enter the post-production stage, but the post-production of this show will be a bit more cumbersome. Therefore, it is expected that the production will be similar in two months later. The specifics depend on the situation. We can promote it. Do it first."

     Luo Yiming waved his hand slightly: "No, you can wait for half a month for the promotion."

     "Wait another half a month?" The fat man was puzzled.

     "Yes, wait another half a month."

     Luo Yiming didn't conceal it. He talked about his thoughts, that is, waiting for the song to be promoted."This is acceptable."

     Fatty Wen eyes shined: "But can you guarantee the spread of the song?"

     "Fatty, you suspect that it is a song you have never heard of Luo Dao. I suggest you go to the rankings to find it, you will know."

     Fatty Wen's five tones are not complete, but Zhao Xiang's words let Fatty dispel his worries.

     Luo Yiming sings very well, and the people on the crew always say the same. Why did he forget this?

     That being the case, Fatty Wen no longer doubted it. After all, Luo Yiming could top the list in publicity and marketing.

     Things are so happily settled.

     Fatty Wen also raised his glass and said, "Director Luo, to toast you, you are really tired for a period of time. Without you, there would be no success in Langya Bang."

     This is the truth. Fatty Wen has been a director and he has also directed a show, but he definitely spent three days fishing and two days on the net.

     Like Luo Yiming, who would never stop at all, as if he was a Teddy, he really hadn't encountered it yet.

     After drinking this glass of wine, Zhang Feng also laughed and came over: "Director Luo, you have worked hard, I respect you, I will do it first, you are free."

     With that, Zhang Feng directly drained the cup in one gulp.

     Zhao Xiang was no exception, and followed to toast.

     The Chinese wine table atmosphere that's it, everyone is relatively hypocritical, others say it is casual, if you are really casual, then you don't value the friendship of people, you will become a villain.

     Fortunately, Luo Yiming was a little alcoholic, so he still had to be presumptuous once for the finale."I can drink wine, but I have to say things first. Next, we have to discuss the buyout with several satellite TVs."

     "This is also the key to the future a period of time, the Langya list, including the movies behind us, can be up."

     "Well, Director Luo is right, everyone must work hard together to overcome difficulties."

     Luo Yiming drank the wine amidst cheers.

     But this is not the end at all.

     Next, dozens of large and small actors from "Langya Bang" came to toast in turn.

     Thirty minutes later, Luo Yiming was already drinking too much. He looked at Hu Liangbo who was toasting this time and said with a big tongue: "Mr. Hu, I really can't drink anymore. Let me wake up."

     "It's okay, Director Luo, I did it, you are free."

     Hu Liangbo drank the wine in the glass directly.

     Luo Yiming: "..."


     Luo Yiming was really drunk.

     In a certain game on the other side of the capital, a few people just stopped drinking.

     Many people retreated at the banquet, and in the end only Zhang Dongming and Zhao Wenhai were left sitting together. They didn't drink a lot of wine today, and their heads were so clear.

     "Several TV stations, we have already ordered it. It is impossible for Luo Yiming's TV series to be broadcast on first-line TV!"

     Zhao Wenhai breathed out the faint smoke, Zhang Dongming looking thoughtful: "Director Song of the Mango Terrace seems to like Luo Yiming this kid more. In his words, he didn't say anything to death.""He dared to confront us openly?" Zhao Wenhai's calm face burst into waves, an angry expression appeared, but he received it extremely quickly: "He dare not."

     "In order to ensure surefire, we have to have our plan."

     "Yes, I heard that you have already attracted the film from South Korea?" Zhao Wenhai asked with a smile.

     "Mango Channel likes the two films in my hands. I buy them out. Luo Yiming's drama has no chance at Mango Channel."

     Zhao Wenhai rolled the eyes and immediately laughed; "You have a good calculation, use Korean entertainment and Korean dramas to suppress Luo Yiming. Korean entertainment TV dramas are indeed more lethal, and Mango TV has recently had this trend. Look. Your foresight is still very good's."

     "I have never been easy..." Zhang Dongming laughed.

     Zhao Wenhai nodded slightly, but he was still a little worried, and then said: "Several times in the contest, Luo Yiming this kid has defeated you, this time, do you think we can snipe him?"

     Luo Yiming's strength in variety shows, Zhang Dongming's experience, really made him suffer a lot, even in this year's movie show.

     He was extremely aggrieved by Luo Yiming alone.

     In the National Day file, even though their company’s movie is the first to watch, it is a theater, and these movies on the National Day theater are very tasteless.

     But it's only one of the online movies of UTV.

     Before that, it was Luo Yiming's major variety shows bombing, he only had to watch the show!

     But he couldn't break the variety show in a short time.

     Zhang Dongming must not lose in this TV drama party.The attack on Luo Yiming this time was a plan proposed by Zhao Wenhai. Zhang Dongming put forward plans and ideas (also derogatory), and relied on their year-round cooperation with satellite TV.

     A solid friendship, and the power of the entertainment circle, they kill the output directly from the TV. Even if Luo Yiming is the best, it is The cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice. This time, he will definitely fail and wiped over the floor.

     "Do you think we will lose?"

     Zhang Dong is obviously full of confidence in his Korean dramas. It is completely different from the previous TV dramas. The drama he talked about with Mango Channel was very attractive.

     In addition, the obsessive Korean star Ouba, Luo Yiming's Langya list, it is impossible to win.

     "Ha~~~" Zhao Wenhai sighed saying with a smile: "Yes, I am also very confident in our cooperation this time!"

     The two finally looked with a smile, their eyes were full of coldness...

     They are still the presence of the big names in the entertainment industry, and they can't just be so willing to be robbed of their position by Luo Yiming!

     It is a pity that Zhao Wenhai failed to facilitate the collective beheading of Luo Yiming by another big brother, which is also his regret.


     Opposite Kong Ren is the director Xu Li of Queen England.

     Kong Ren will share some things about the company with his first director.

     With his eyes down, Kong Ren said slowly: "Do you know that Zhang Dongming and Zhao Wenhai attacked Luo Yiming?"

     Xu Li brows slightly wrinkled, pondering for a long while, and gently nodded."The two of them worked together. To be honest, I'm not how many confident, or I don't have much confidence in Luo Yiming. Zhang Dongming, who used to like the sun at noon, was so defeated in a movie by Luo Yiming. Next, I was also surprised. What do you think about this?"

     Kong Ren's tone is indifferent, and doesn't have any emotional fluctuations, as if he is explaining an objective thing, not about himself...

     But in his heart, the desire for this answer is actually very strong, and it is also due to this period of time, Luo Yiming's name often pops up in his ears.

     Xu Li sucked in a mouthful of air, and she spoke a little bit before she started to say:

     "Actually, I feel that throughout China, there are really no people who can compare to Luo Yiming in variety production and hosting."

     "I admire his witty timing interspersing ability, superb language organization ability, and keen practical insight."

     "And recently, when he entered the film and television industry, his vivid creation ability in scripts has undoubtedly demonstrated that he has the strength that other presenters, producers, including some directors do not possess."

     Kong Ren said: "In the field of variety shows, this kid is indeed a wizard."

     "Well, many people say that variety shows are not easy to perform. That's because they have their own baggage. Every star has to be packaged to a certain degree, and this does not allow them to engage in similar betrayal, jokes, ridicule and so on."

     "But Luo Yiming has no burdens. He can act as he pleases. He is very strong in this respect."

     Kong Ren nodded slightly, in his memory, Luo Yiming really seemed to be handling a butcher's cleaver with ease in the field of variety shows.

     "But, what about Charlotte in the movie? He succeeded too, didn't he."Xu Li's face was solemn, shook the head, and said: "In the movie, he is definitely not. In Charlotte's troubles, he really changed. He has acting skills. The key is that he is a screenwriter of this movie, and he wrote it. Yes, so he is very strong. I have never seen such a strong man."

     Kong Ren said: "Director, he is in the end is it not genius, but I really want to admire the variety show. I didn't watch Luo Yiming's variety show before, this period of time, he may be too popular, I just After doing some research, I found that Luo Yiming’s persona is very powerful, because the audience remembers his humble, polite, kind and intelligent, upright and tall impressions of his first impressions are strongest."

     "So even if Luo Yiming does anything, the audience will feel that this is at work, just as an interesting glance, and don't have to worry about too much. This is also when he appears negative news, he will quickly disappear and return. To the positive energy image."

     "Yes," Xu Li also felt like this: "His personality is simply too good, and he is very popular. It seems that as long as he is here, everyone around him can feel at ease. Even if the sky falls, he has the ability to survive. Going up is average.. This is the impression Luo Yiming left on others."

     "So, from this point, he is indeed the first person in Huaxia Variety Show!"

     Xu Li commented so.

     "This is also an important reason for his not-so-good Charlotte's troubles and good results. I seem to have found the answer I want."

     Xu Li was silent. Kong Ren chatted with him today in order to come to this kind of conclusion. He never wanted to believe that this junior has risen.
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