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418 Chapter Four Hundred And Fourteen, Burst, Burst (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? Xiao Li is still immersed in the 8-minute trailer.

      At the same time, many viewers paid attention to Luo Yiming's space and official website. They discovered this trailer one after another and entered the team discussing "Langya List"!

     "Mei Changsu is so handsome!"

     "Ma Dan, this trailer is so exciting to watch."

     "Has to say, the level of "Langya Bang" is really great, the picture seems to be a solid ink."

     Everyone on the Internet discussed it, and the 8-minute trailer of "Langya Bang" was not surprisingly aroused.

     While netizens were discussing enthusiastically, Luo Yiming and Fatty mobilized the company's propaganda department, contacted the network professional navy, and continued to bomb the entertainment circle.

     With the mutual promotion of Shangteng Entertainment and the navy, the Langya list trailer is getting more and more popular.

     Looking at the news on the Internet in the editing room, Luo Yiming is of course frigid, but this is just the beginning.

     Because this is only the first step of the drama announcement, the real climax will also begin in the evening.

      At this time, many audiences discussed how handsome Mei Changsu played by Hu Ge, and there was not much other content.

     Because in this first trailer "Jiang Hu", apart from the character Mei Changsu, the other people are also the gang leader who introduced themselves, and everyone else has no idea who it is.

     Precisely so, this trailer is considered a great success.

     After all, a good story requires a good protagonist, and highlighting the protagonist is the most important part of this trailer.

     Of course, besides Hu, there must be other selling points.

     Shangteng Entertainment, TV Department!Fatty Wen said somewhat surprised: "It's just a trailer that caused such a trend?"

     "Fatty, this is normal."

     Zhang Feng laughed at this time: "After all, the popularity of Luo Yiming's "Charlotte Troubles" has not subsided, "Langya List" has already attracted much attention."

     "Yes, but the heat caused by this first trailer still makes one surprised."

     Zhao Xiang said: "Perhaps this is Luo Yiming's appeal, and this first trailer is really good. It is very emotional."

     "The only regret is that everyone's attention may still be on Brother Hu."

     "Yes, I think we should increase the publicity of this show, and the other highlights of the trailer should also come out."


     By this time, everyone is not stupid. The popularity of this "Langya List" may soon become a popular TV series.

     Of course, a trailer may not explain much.

     At present, Shangteng Entertainment is waiting for the completion of "Langya List"

      Before then, the drama announcement of "Langya Bang" must be increased by three points.

     Thinking of Luo Yiming's plan, Fatty Wen also said to the company's new publicity director Ma Hao: "The song of the trailer should also be popular. Almost let's release the song composed by Luo Yiming."

     Ma Hao just waited for this moment, he had already contacted several companies.


     Music bus.

     Forefront of music.

     Buckle music.

     UTV’s daily push songs.

     At the same time, a new song was released.Three girls sang this song.

     Not only singing, but also three MVs.

      River South Water Village also brought a bit of ancient aura, and then Jia Qing, Qi Wei and Chen Qiaoyan entered the picture, and the musical melody constructed by the flute, the guzheng and other oriental instruments was heard.

     Jia Qing sings first.

     Xishui Xianglong Moon Low

     Old people gather to listen to the rain

     Counting Qiuxi Firefly Grass Lili

     At the end of the night, the wind and green robe was blown


     Jia Qing's voice is gentle and delicate, and the open voice amazed the audience who listened to songs in various channels.

     If Jia Qing is a delicate singer, he knows how to deal with the emotions in songs. Qi Wei's voice is soft and steady, just like a river or lake.

     She is more like a knight.

     Supporting a reed river and lake to cultivate tobacco

     Thirty miles behind the door can not be written

     Holding a reed river and lake while the lights are blowing


     The two of them sang differently, followed by the addition of Qiao Yan. Her singing skills are slightly worse, but the combination of her voice with musical instruments, especially the fusion of bamboo flute, Dongxiao, and Guzheng adds a lot of color to her voice.

     The music bus, passengers whisper to each other are asking what the song is called.

     On the music channel, some listeners watched the MV and enjoyed the audiovisual feast of the three goddesses.

     It seems that everyone is quiet after listening to this song.

     The artistic conception is beautiful, and the channel is quieter than conventional media.

     On UTV, netizens are always excited.

     UTV has now developed a barrage function. Netizens who open the barrage can see the ‘Sister Paper Singing 666’ on the clear color screen!

     ...Listening to this song, Xiao Li, the former deputy director of Sandwich, suddenly felt slightly frowned, because he seemed to have heard this song somewhere.

     It shouldn't be!

     Since it is a new song, how can it be I have heard it?

     Suddenly, Xiao Li couldn't help but explode.

     "I rub, how come I am so familiar? Isn't this the episode in the first trailer of "Langya List" today?"

     Xiao Li reopened the trailer of "Langya List", and then he listened carefully and was sure.

     This is the song!

      Thus, when he went to the trailer to recollect, he felt that this song was simply too good to hear.

      "Damn it, I just watched the UTV video, and I found the songs sung by Qiao Yan, Qi Wei and Jia Qing. They turned out to be the songs from the Langya Chart trailer. The three of them sang really well."

     "Yeah, the episode in the trailer for "Langya List" was originally called "Crossing the Wind", which is really nice."

     "It feels very suitable for the atmosphere of the rivers and lakes, this song is good."


     "The first trailer of "Langya List" hits the first trailer, which has received rave reviews!

     At the same time, with the success of the first trailer of "Langya Bang", this episode of Luo Yiming made the three goddesses sing even more attention!

     Over the course of one night, "Crossing the Wind", "Langya List", and the three goddesses have been on the hot search list.

     Shangteng Entertainment, editing room!

     "With a little soundtrack, it needs to express Mei Changsu's inner sadness!"

     "And here, here is to show the joy of Princess Nihuang."

     "Here we will add another special effect for sound reinforcement, because it shows the Nihuang Savior."...

     Luo Yiming is very busy. Seeing an explosion on the Internet, he ignored it.

     He has been supervising the work for a while, and now he started talking to the soundtrack teacher next to him: "I don't understand the soundtrack, so you can decide on the specific aspect of the soundtrack. I will talk about the copyright of the soundtrack of which work is used, and you must not copy it. "

     In this regard, Luo Yiming knew clearly that the Noon Sunshine had almost smashed it, and he had been caught plagiarizing several times.

     At first I thought about saving trouble, in the future there will come a day, and things will find you.

     So when shooting "Langya Bang", Luo Yiming reminded himself that he needs to stay calm, always keep learning, and always be alert to his heart of fully content with one's achievements.

     It's not ashamed to be a copyist, but it's a bit ashamed to think that you are too awesome.

     Therefore, "Langya List" Luo Yiming has to check from top to bottom. Even the posters and soundtracks, he also needs to see if he will collide with this time and space.

     A week later, Luo Yiming finally edited all the first 15 episodes of "Langya List". For the first 15 episodes, he was going to show some partners, regardless of major TV stations.


     In the first 15 episodes, in the series of cases involving the invasion of the land by the King of the Kingdom, the case of hiding the dead body in Orchid Garden, the private artillery workshop, and the assassination on New Year's Eve, everyone from all parties sang me out.

     In general, Luo Yiming is quite satisfied with the first 15 episodes, which is a complete restoration of the essence of another time-space "Langya Bang".

     "You can watch the movie."

     Luo Yiming first called Pan Riting of UTV Video.One thing Luo Yiming is certain is that UTV's video will definitely be broadcast on the Internet first, and other TV channels will be broadcasted. He wants to talk to the Davids to buy out.

     "So fast?"

     Pan Riting was also slightly surprised after receiving the call. How many days is it?

     Even the first 15 episodes have been edited.

     "It's been a week, we have to fight minutes, snatch seconds."

     "That's right." Pan Riting also hopes to launch the show soon. What UTV lacks most is high-quality TV drama resources.

     Thirty minutes later, go to the cinema room for entertainment.

     On the rise, many high-level members of UTV gathered together, and Luo Yiming as the commander-in-chief, after taking the seat, everyone was in position.

     Luo Yiming said to everyone: "Everyone is here, let's see first, we can fluently saying all one wants in a while."

     After speaking, he also said to assistant Wang Xin: "All right, let's play the film!"


     Not only are the people from the newly established TV department of Shangteng Entertainment, but also from UTV and the original film department. There is also an editing department, a propaganda department, and many new bosses.

     Everyone here this time, I also want to know what level Luo Yiming can shoot this "Langya List".

     "What exactly is written in this Beiyan's Sixth Prince's Kit?"

     "Kirin talent, who can gain the world!"

     "What then? Is that just one sentence? Who are the unicorn talents who can get the world?"


     "Langya tops the list, Jiang Zuo Meilang, a talented unicorn, who can win the world!"

     "Princess, this person is who?""A scroll of Langya list, full of the world's wonderful talents, no matter what kind of people are listed in the Langya list, this person is the first in the Langya list."

     "It is like the ice and snow in the world, with a dark fragrance and floating song along the river, I know Heroes Under Heaven Road, and there is Meilang on the left of the river!"


     The content is wonderful and the actors are very engaged. After watching the first episode, everyone in the office was slightly silent.

     Luo Yiming asked, "Everyone, what do you feel after watching the first episode?"

      Sitting nearby Fatty smiled bitterly: "Director Luo, although I have always been on the scene, I was still shocked after watching the first episode of the movie. After how you edited it, the rhythm of the show doesn't seem fast. But all the forces are on the stage one by one, which will definitely attract the audience."

     "Yes, I think so too."

     Pan Riting, the general manager of UTV Video, is lightly nodded: "It is indeed similar to the script, with many lines but not chaotic. Especially Mei Changsu's way of appearance is really shocking. Hu Ge's Mei Changsu will definitely arouse everyone s concern."

     "If we can maintain this level in the next few episodes, I think we will have to go one step further in this drama."

     "The costume drama can actually be filmed in this field, strong, I have nothing to say." Zhang Feng's understanding of costume drama was completely subverted.


     Everyone in the conference room gave clear color a thumbs-up, and Luo Yiming also smiled and said, "Then let's keep watching."Everyone in the conference room unconsciously has watched 8 episodes. At this time, everyone is completely immersed in the plot, as if watching a movie, completely doesn't have any urine, and all the forces are also Mutual exchange.

     Not to mention the episode in which Chen Qiaoyan, who plays the role of Princess Nihuang, is shaking one to the core.

     King Jing was shot dead by the concubine Yue and the prince.

     Of course, the laughing point is that the little prince of Mu Mansion just looked at Sima Lei, and then his leg broke, and then Emperor Liang said helplessly: "Just break it!"

     If it is not interrupted, I am afraid everyone in the conference room will continue to watch.

     "Director Luo, call."

     Wang Xin's words also caused Luo Yiming to pull out from watching the film, and Sisi called to ask him what to eat at night.

     Luo Yiming didn't feel a little hungry until he answered the phone.

     "It's already 1 o'clock."

     Others were also shocked: "It's so fast?"

     "Yeah, I was completely driven by the plot, I can't stop it at all."

     Fatty Wen said excitedly: "I think I should watch this play again."


     "Um, shall we continue?"

     "But it's time to eat."

     "Who said we must go out to eat, we can order takeaway?"

     "Yes, order takeaway!"


     Pan Riting had never felt this excitement before. He greeted him and ordered takeout, and Xiu said that they wanted to see it, even if Luo Yiming had seen it, he also wanted to continue to see the Lanyuan case.

     Everyone ate and watched, and finished episode 15 in the blink of an eye.This episode is the episode where Mei Changsu came to see the commander of Mongolia, and at the same time he said his own words: "This river and lake, who is it's river and lake?"

     Of course, the gap between the TV series and the TV series is still very large. This is actually a emphatically showing the loyalty of the Mongolian leader, and then it was also reprimanded by Mei Changsu.

     The muscles on Meng Zhi's face were tense, and there was a trace of sorrow in his angry expression. He gritted his teeth and said: "Although what you said is reasonable, why arrive to this between the monarchs and the ministers? No matter how much suspicion, what can I do?"

     "Have you never seen the end of a heartfelt double heart?"

     Mei Changsu didn't expect Meng Zhi to say such a thing, and couldn't help feeling slightly moved: "You don't hesitate your life, don't you hesitate your sister-in-law's tears..."


     This is the original sentence in the book. As for the sentence Mei Changsu said: "If you talk about Jianghu means, will the Jiangzuo League still lose to Tianquan Villa?"

     But in Luo Yiming's view, its effect is far less than the pretend x in the TV series.

     Finally, the first 15 episodes are over.

     The feeling of everyone is wished to continue.

     As for Luo Yiming, he also has another feeling about this drama, that is, this drama may indeed create a miracle in the current TV drama market.

     Even if you can't create it, it won't be bad.
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