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419 Chapter 415, Bidding Begins (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

?; "What is written in this Beiyan's Sixth Prince's Kit?

     "Kirin talent, who can gain the world!"

     "What then? Is that just one sentence? Who are the unicorn talents who can get the world?"

     "Langya tops the list, Jiang Zuo Meilang, a unicorn talent, who can win the world!"

     "Princess, this person is who?"

     "A scroll of Langya list, full of the world's wonderful talents, no matter what kind of people are listed in the Langya list, this person is the first in the Langya list."

     "It is like the ice and snow in the world, with a dark fragrance and floating song along the river, I know Heroes Under Heaven Road, and there is Meilang on the left side of the river!"

     After watching the first episode, everyone in the office was slightly silent.

     Lin Qing asked, "Everyone, how do you feel after watching the first episode?"

      sitting nearby Yue Yuan smiled bitterly: "Mr. Lin, although I have always been on the scene, I was still shocked after watching the first episode of the film. After Lin Chen edited it, the rhythm of the show did not look fast. , But all forces will appear one by one, which will definitely attract the audience."

     "Yes, I think so too."

     Zhou Ping lightly nodded: "It is indeed similar to the script, with many lines but not chaos, especially Mei Changsu's way of appearance is really shocking. Mei Changsu, played by Qiao Geng, will definitely attract everyone's attention."

     "If the next few episodes can maintain the standard, I think we have to take this drama to a higher level."

     "The costume drama Lin Chen was able to film this field."

     Everyone in the conference room gave clear color to a, and Lin Qingfa also smiled and said, "Then keep watching."Ok!

      Everyone in the conference room unconsciously has watched the episode. At this time, everyone is completely immersed in the plot, as if watching a movie, you don’t have any pee point, and all the forces are you. Come and go.

     Not to mention that the episode of Qingsirou in Renaissance, who plays the role of Princess Nihuang, is shaking one to the core.

     King Jing was shot dead on the spot by the concubine Yue and the prince.

     Of course, the laughing point is that the little prince of Mu Mansion just looked at Sima Lei, and then his leg broke, and then Emperor Liang said helplessly, "Just break it!"

     If not interrupted, I am afraid everyone in the conference room will go down.

     "Mr. Lin, call."

     The assistant's words also caused Lin Qingfa to pull out of the movie, and then he suddenly felt a little hungry after answering the phone.

     "It's already ordered."

     Lin Qingfa was also shocked: "It's so fast?"

     "Yeah, I was completely driven by the plot, I can't stop it at all."

     Luo Tao also said with a little excitement: "I think this drama should be mentioned again."

     "Must mention."

     "Um, shall we keep watching?"

     "But it's time to eat."

     "Call a takeaway, isn't it quick when you are hungry?"

     "Yes, order takeaway!"

     Lin Qingfa also said with a smile: "All right, go order a takeaway, let’s keep watching!"

     Hugh said about them, even Lin Qingfa wanted to know what happened in the Lan Yuan case? ..

     Everyone watched while eating, and finished episode 5 in the blink of an eye.This episode is an episode where Mei Changsu came to see the commander of Mongolia, and at the same time said his own words: "This river and lake, who is it's river and lake?"

     Of course, there is still a big gap between the TV series and the TV series. In fact, it emphasizes the loyalty of the Mongolian leader, and then it was also reprimanded by Mei Changsu.

     In Meng Zhi’s face, his muscles were tight, and his angry expression was mixed with a trace of sorrow. He gritted his teeth and said: "Although what you said is reasonable, why arrive to this between the monarchs and the ministers? Heart, no matter how much suspicion can do to me?"

     "Have you never seen the end of a heartfelt double heart?"

     Mei Changsu didn't expect Meng Zhi to say such a thing, and couldn't help but breathe slightly: "You don't hesitate your life, don't you hesitate your sister-in-law's tears"

     This is the original sentence in the book. As for the sentence Mei Changsu said: "If you talk about Jianghu means, will the Jiangzuo League still lose to Tianquan Villa?"

     In Lin Chen's view, the effect presented was far less than the re-installation in the TV series.

     Finally, the first 5 episodes are over.

     The feeling of everyone is wished to continue.

     As for Lin Qingfa, he also has another feeling about this drama, that is, this drama may really be able to continue the miracle of the pretender.

     It just won't last, and it won't be too bad.

     Especially when Mei Changsu heard the report at the end of the last 5 episodes that the famous master in Beijing had been in contact with Zhuo Dingfeng, it was even more domineering.

     "Isn't the identity confirmed? What else to monitor? Follow the rules of the arena to come to the door to challenge, don't shoot too hard, hit them until they don't have to go out."

     It was over after a turn.Is there anything that is deranged out of context?

     What about behind?

     This chapter is two-in-one. The family has urged three times in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not urging me. The family means you don’t come if you don’t come back. Let our granddaughter come back quickly.

     Well, the orangutans will go back to their hometown for the New Year right away. At night, you don't have to look forward to it. There are too many uncontrollable factors.

     Just like that, thank you for being with me all the way.
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