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423 Chapter 419, Kong Ren Took Advantage Of The Fire To Rob? (Seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? The characters of this play appear one after another, every person's acting skills are quite explosive, not to mention that the foreshadowing of each place makes viewers feel itchy, want to stop but can't.

     From the viewing effect, this show may really burst.

     In Luo Yiming's villa.

     At this time, he by no means read "Langya Bang".

     Still the same sentence, Luo Yiming had already vomited after watching "Langya List", and the recent editing reminded him of Mei Changsu and couldn't help but refuse.

     As a director, he was busy working on this drama in the early stage. Now he not only loses that feeling, but can't stand it.

     Luo Yiming was very helpless, so this evening Luo Yiming was going to watch "Blood Xiangxi" on Mango Terrace.

     No matter from which aspect, anti-Japanese patriotism can unite the people of our country.

     The drama of Liang Jian once also created a myth.

     Including Soldiers Sortie last year, there is also a feeling of war, which makes people like it.

     Therefore, this year, a lot of TV series on this subject have been filmed.

     In the bloody Xiangxi, in addition to the usual anti-Japanese war and war, there is also the enthusiasm of the people of Xiangxi, local conditions and customs, and the feelings of the hero of the story.

     It can be said that the concept of this drama is very three-dimensional and full, but Luo Yiming really wants to know how "Blood Xiangxi" is.

     At 8 o'clock, Mango Channel started broadcasting first.

     In the twelfth year of the Republic of China, late autumn night.

     Ganziying knife travelled three hundred miles in Tian Dayou and broke into the Mercury Building of Changdefu.

     Shi Tianbao, the most famous elder brother in Xiangxi, is waiting for him.

     Tian Dayou not say a word and took out the short knife.Shi Tianbao also took off the gun, and did not ask his righteous brother Ma Da's kidnapper to help. He has been waiting since the day he betrayed the covenant, killed Tian Dayou's parents, and robbed Tian Dayou's wife. This moment.

     The two men wielded knives and fought each other like beasts. There was no roar or pain, only heavy breathing and the sound of knives piercing into the flesh again and again.

     The baby's crying is the future heroine of this play, and the girl named Sui Sui is still only one baby girl.

     Use an artistic method to quickly advance the scene sixteen years ago, then, after a shot, to the future, sixteen years later.


     The first period of fighting efficiently attracted the audience in an instant.

     The largest stockade in Ganziying.

     In Leigong Village, Tian Dayou, who has reached middle age, leads his daughter Sui Sui and his apprentice Liuyao to live a peaceful life in an oil mill.

     And because of the arrival of a group of uninvited guests, this village began his story.

     The meeting between the actor and Sui Sui was also because a silver lock accidentally fell into the river.

     The young Shi Sanang leaped into the river like a fish, and picked up the silver lock from the water with just one click. Give it back to the heroine.

     Sui Sui escaped after receiving the silver lock and ran away.

     This arranged the meeting between the two.

     After watching the first episode roughly, the starting point of this bloody Xiangxi is indeed different from the ordinary Anti-Japan Drama. Using the land of Xiangxi as the background, the story begins, and it slowly advances. This drama is a bit interesting.

     Continue to look down.

     According to the pole camp rules, eighteen men, wearing silver rings, racing dragon boats.

     Female sixteen, wearing a silver lock, worship "Tima".After Timab’s destiny of Yin and Yang, he becomes an adult who can be married. This is the main event of every Kanmin family with children.

     It just happened to be that day.

     The girls wear silver locks and worship "Tima".

     The boys raced dragon boats to win the horn knife that symbolizes victory.

      The male protagonist Shi Sannu appeared on the stage and walked straight to the audience, with two scorching eyes directed at Suisui in the crowd.

     "Hey, what is your name?" The audience were surprised at public place with numerous people. Publicly asking the name of a strange girl, which is a bit unruly.

     Shi Sannu not to overlook, nor spare: "I ask you, what is your name?",

     Yueyue next to Sui Sui called out on her behalf: "She's Tian Sui Sui--"

     Shi Sanan raised his throat, directed at Suisui, and even at all the audience: "Tian Suisui, you hear me, Shi Sanan is going to win the horn knife back today and give it to you personally!"

     The winner of the dragon boat race will win the horn knife that symbolizes victory. To whom the victorious hero gives the horn knife, it represents which sister he is fond of. This is the custom of Ganziying for a century.

     Sui Sui's face was flushed amid the applause of the audience.

     After that, the male protagonist won, and finally gave the heroine the horn knife.

      how to say it, Luo Yiming was a little disappointed after watching these two episodes.

     In the beginning of our party, the arrival of uninvited guests has actually entered the plot, but the plot went off track in the second episode.

     It became the daily life of the male lead and the female lead.

     This technique is more and more like the self-made idol drama before Mango Terrace.Although a little disappointed, Luo Yiming still feels that if the background and story line of "Blood Xiangxi" unfold, it is still worth watching. This drama is one of his own opponents.


     The next day, there was a little more discussion about "Blood Xiangxi" online.

     "I watched "Blood Xiangxi" by Mango Channel, and I want to say that this time Mango Channel finally did a good thing."

     "Yes, all the original and natural cottages in western Hunan have been photographed. The rough man, the simple and natural girl like an elf bred in the wilderness, is really good."

     "Those uninvited guests are all revolutionary forces in the resistance against Japan. The guide in the first episode seems to be a bad guy. I think the identity will be revealed in the third episode, or other stories will happen."

     "Actually, in the second episode, I think if I don't write about the daily life of such a dragon boat race and worship the heroine of "Tima", I would like it better."

     "No, I don't approve of it. "Blood Xiangxi" is not like a normal ghost movie. It has a little more warmth. This is what I like."


     Many people looked at "Blood Xiangxi", let alone the heroine of this show, the selection of actors is also pretty good.

     Because it was broadcast on Mango Channel, he was originally the hero and heroine of Xiangxi.

     In addition, they are actors of similar ages, and they act precisely on their own local conditions and customs, which is more substituting.

     Moreover, the play is not boring at first. Although there is no big plot, it also laid the groundwork, especially the promotion of emotional drama. Director Liu Yun is an expert.On the Internet, the drama has been well received, and Sogou’s new scoring system has reached 8.3 points. As for the starring Tian Suisui and Shi Sannu, the actors have also received a lot of recognition.

     Some film critics also commented on "Blood Xiangxi". The first two episodes of this show are stories from the local villages and stockades of the people in Xiangxi. This beauty is about to be broken after the arrival of a group of uninvited guests.

     This peace and tranquility, the more beautiful it is shaped, the more rare and vivid the little devil behind will come.

     While watching Scarlet Xiangxi, there were also many discussions on the Internet. Netizens said: "Anti-Japan Drama, there are too many films about our party hitting a little devil. This movie is from the stockade. It's really refreshing when people write it."

     Of course, there has not yet been a plot to fight the devils. These main figures, the powerful and domineering shaping, and the ability that may burst out in the later stage, also make the audience ask question marks.

     But in any case, this kind of local people, with stories and warm films, is naturally high on the Mango TV, which has a strong base of ratings.


     The next day, Luo Yiming came to the company early in the morning. Before Luo Yiming could sit down in the office, Zhao Xiang pushed in.

     "Director Luo, things seem a bit bad."

     Zhao Xiang slightly said worried: "At present, it seems that Mango Taiwan has made a good move. In the past, they were often scolded for playing the "Blood-colored Xiangxi" drama every day, but this time "Blood Xiangxi" was well received, especially this movie. Starting from a small person, writing about the anti-Japanese perspective makes people feel good about Mango Terrace."

     "normal!"Luo Yiming didn't panic.

     It's like a certain department often doesn't handle personnel affairs. You know, everyone scolds them all kinds of abuses, but suddenly one day they do personnel affairs. Look, there must be a group of people who praise it.


     Just because once in a while, the fucking thing they did before can take care of it?

     This is not just like the rape/rapist who often rapes you, and suddenly one day he said that you are not in good health today, and I will not rape you. Do you have to thank you for failing?

     Life is like rape/rape, we can't resist, but if you want us to be enjoyed, don't think about it.


      Mango TV!

     Song Wendian looked at the discussion about "Blood Xiangxi" and was also slightly happy, which proved that his decision was correct.

     Such a drama is born with a mass bonus. Since ancient times, the hero is the most admirable, because the vast majority of people are small people.

     All aspire to be heroes.

     In this era of lack of heroes, people can only look for this kind of power from TV dramas, from the people's heroes who resisted Japan.

     Look for this feeling.

     I wonder if it is the fate of people nowadays, or the fate of the warriors in the past?

     In fact, when everyone watched the anti-Japanese drama film, they would really realize that heroes can really fear life and death.

     They are this kind of person, respectable and lamentable.

     In the relatively peaceful era, many people can't do it, and more often they are afraid of death."Blood Xiangxi" broadcasts an era, a plot, but also a kind of spirit and feelings. The power behind this drama can also change the image of Mango Channel.

     With more than 30 episodes of TV series, if you operate it properly this time, Mango Channel can definitely both fame and fortune.

     Scarlet Xiangxi commented very highly, which also inherited the previous style of Mango Terrace.

     Now we have to see how much the ratings can get.


     Blink, it's 12 o'clock.

     In the office, Xiao Li not saying anything further directly opened the ratings statistics of China Data Network.

     Then, Xiao Li's slightly excited mood suddenly seemed to be poured with a basin of cold water, pouring a chill.

     How the fuck can it be? ?

     Did Luo Yiming pretend to fail?

      At the same time, after countless people flooded into China Data Network, the ratings were also slightly shocked.

      "Damn it, totally hadn't thought."

     "Nima, this, this is going crazy."

     "Luo Yiming's Inextinguishable Gold Being seems to be broken."

     "It doesn't need to look, this sister's has been broken, but it's a pity that Deep Sea Satellite TV is gone.

     "Haha, really hadn't thought."


     Not only the audience was shocked, but the various TV stations were also slightly stunned.

      Beijing Satellite TV.

     "How can it be like this?"

     Ni Haiyang looked at the viewership statistics sheet and was a little puzzled: "Langya List can be regarded as rave reviews, but what about the viewership ratings?"

     "Yeah, it seems that the ratings are a bit unpopular.""I knew we would not postpone the broadcast."

     "But we are a little better. Deep Sea Satellite TV may be over."


     After listening to everyone's discussion, Ni Haiyang also laughed heartily: "Yes, Xue Bin is about to cry."

     Dolphin TV is also full of laughter.

     Zou Muying was afraid and thankful for the future. She said with a smile: "I really thank Xue Bin. If it weren't for him, we would have to remember the big pot of "Langya List".

     "Yes, I'm so lucky."

     "I really look forward to the faces of Deep Sea TV and Kong Ren."

     "Such ratings are useless to counterattack all the way."

     "It's impossible to break 6"


     As for other TV stations, the discussion is naturally more intense, and Mango Channel is already enjoying it.

     Not only is the first throne stabilized, but the failure of the Langya list can get more rewards from Yuyi and Hairun!

     On Deep Sea Satellite TV, Xue Bin, the director of the program office, has been in the office for a long time today. He had already got the ratings of "Langya Bang" at 10 o'clock.

     This year, his position as director is not stable, so he needs a drama to create momentum for himself, and even Xue Bin wants to striving to improve.

     He didn't buy the "Langya List" blindly. After watching the first three episodes, he thought it was feasible, and the optimistic and cooperation of British Queen Entertainment, plus Luo Yiming's Invincible Golden Body made him feel that he could bet.

     Wan never expected unexpectedly lost the bet.

     At this time, Hugh said that he wanted to striving to improve, I am afraid that his position as director will be completely finished.After all, the United British Queen spent a single episode of 3 million to buy "Langya List", but the ratings were so miserable. Xue Bin, who has become a joke on Deep Sea TV and the entire TV station.

     Teng entertainment.

     Kong Ren, the boss of British Queens Entertainment, was also a little bit unable to sit still. He flew to Luo Yiming's company just to see Luo Yiming.

     As soon as he arrived in front of the office, he also pushed in directly: "Yi Ming, have you seen the ratings?"

     "I saw it."

     Luo Yiming lightly nodded.

     "Anything you want to say?"


     Luo Yi clearly is relatively indifferent, in his opinion, such ratings are already very satisfied.

     Moreover, in the first 10 days of January, there was no other rival at all.

     If the dramas prepared by Litchi, Lanmei, Jingcheng and other satellite TVs have not been withdrawn, then Luo Yiming may still be afraid of one or two.

     But now, what fear does Luo Yiming have?

     This is an opportunity for each satellite TV to give way to Luo Yiming and give way to "Langya Bang".

     Ten days later, "Langya Bang" climaxed, and even these satellite TVs could not stop the trend of "Langya Bang".

     "You there's nothing about it, so don't our gambling with Yuyi and Hairun want to lose?"

     Didn't Luo Yiming know that the Queen of England also made a deal with two companies.

     He asked, "Isn't it the only one that compares with their two companies?"

     Kong Ren couldn't help it, and sighed and sat on the sofa in the office: "I facilitated your gambling, and of course I want to participate. In fact, besides you can take away 10% of their shares if you win. I also... …"
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