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424 Chapter 420, Look At Luo Yiming's Jokes (monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? "I can still...get a small movie city they built in the magic city."


     Luo Yiming had no idea about this.

     "Yes, if I lose, of course I will pay a certain price."

     "What's the price?" Luo Yiming, who was inquiring, looked at Kong Ren and asked in his heart, what did this guy do behind his back!

     "50% of the shares in a Management Agency under my hand are to be given to them."

     The Queen of England really played a lot.

     Luo Yiming did not expect Kong Ren to be so optimistic about himself.

     However, Luo Yiming wanted to say that you are betting right!

     But he concealed his truth, Luo Yiming also had a small discomfort, thinking about punishing him, Luo Yiming said: "I'm sorry, Mr. Kong, I actually just played a game by myself, I didn't let you accompany you."

     Kong Ren frowned, his face lifeless.

     "Otherwise, Mr. Kong, if you lose, half of your Management Agency shares will be discounted in half, which is a 2.5% discount. The remaining 2.5% will be discounted by me."

     Kong Ren looked at Luo Yiming, he didn't believe what he heard.

     "What I said is true, no problem, then, we sign the agreement now. Effective immediately! I really don't want to hurt you."

     Kong Ren wanted an explanation today. Luo Yiming could say that. As a businessman, he couldn't be unmoved.

     "is this okay?"

     "No problem." Luo Yiming looked relaxed.

     "Okay. Then I...sign."

      "However." Luo Yiming pushed his hand and stopped: "Mr. Kong, you sign this. If you lose, I will bear the loss for you. If you win, I also want half of the studio."Luo Yiming was not a fool, and Kong Ren knew that he could not escape this rule of choice.

     "…no problem."

     Yushui relationship, Luo Yiming and Kong Ren are now one prospers, all prosper, one suffers, all suffer.

     He and Kong Ren overweight again and signed an agreement. If Langya's results explode, he will become number one.

     Luo Yiming will earn half an extra studio.

     He is very happy at heart, but at the same time he dare not slack in the slightest.

     Calling the publicity department of Shangteng Company again, his attitude is clear: "Continue to increase publicity, and "Langya List" will usher in a rebound next."

     After hanging up the phone, Luo Yiming also watched the real-time updates of China Data Network.

     First place: "Blood Xiangxi" with a rating of 3.6!

     Second place: "Full House 2" with a rating of 2.5!

     Third place: "Cut off to the head of the little devil" 2.1!

     Fourth place: "Langya List" with a rating of 1.7!


     This is the ratings for the first broadcast yesterday. Luo Yiming is just a little sorry. A little less than the ratings of "Langya List", it is possible to achieve the small goal of breaking 2.

     Luo Yiming is not surprised that the ratings of "Blood Xiangxi" exceeded 3.

     Mango Channel’s ratings are based on the fact that no matter how bad the film is, it can be easily passed 2, plus this patriotic anti-Japanese work full of positive energy, many people watch it and sell it with feelings.

     Not to mention the TV series Scarlet Xiangxi, the third place is not the same subject.

     And this film "Cut Off to the Little Devil's Head" broadcast on Heihe TV.The actor of this show there's nothing about it appealing power, even the director is not very famous, but the ratings are on the high side.

     This is the attraction of the subject matter.

     The reason why this kind of drama is selling well has something to do with the recent Beijing Olympics in 2008 getting closer.

     How difficult is the bidding process for the Olympics, the whole nation, the people of the whole country, unity of will is an impregnable stronghold, unite together.

     Finally successfully won the Beijing Olympics

     In this atmosphere, Anti-Japan Drama can unite the audience best.

     Also because of this, anti-Japanese dramas will be very explosive.

     As a director, producer, and screenwriter, Luo Yiming knows that a good subject matter is critical, but it depends on the subject matter in the short-term and quality in the long-term.

     On, the score of this show is only 4.5 points to cut off the head of the little devil!

     This rating also shows that this special cat is a bad drama level!

     His ratings have exploded?

     It can only be explained that most of the audience who watched this show did not surf the Internet.

     Many of them are even ordinary people and farmers, and they don't pay attention to ratings or discussions.

     Cut it on the little devil's head, and the devil was hacked to death by someone like a piece of paper. The devils are all stupid, and the protagonist is all sorts of magic.

     This kind of plot, everyone looked happy.

     Especially at the beginning of the first episode, the protagonist rushed into the devil’s camp alone, showing the head but never the tail, and came out unscathed.

     This is not a bull run!

     This is not exciting!

     However, Luo Yiming wanted to say, why don’t you go to heaven?This kind of drama can't stand the scrutiny of time. The front can be brainless and exaggerated. Myth is our compatriots.

     But there are not so many fools, and slowly, after the more ridiculous plot comes out, such a drama will only collapse.

     But that's a story.

     Regardless of how you say it, Heihe TV is already quite excited to see the ratings, and the official blog of "Slashing the Head to the Little Devil" also posted a message to celebrate: "Dreams still have to be there! Wan accidentally realized it!"

     The director of this play is called Zhang Dafei, and he has made several plays, but they have always been scumbags.

     I didn't expect this filming of Anti-Japan Drama to be a hit.

     As soon as Heihe TV came out, he of course did not miss the opportunity to inflate himself.

     Immediately afterwards, he reposted and wrote in his blog and space respectively: "Many people said that "Towards the head of the little devil" overestimate one's capabilities, because he has no charismatic actors and no good broadcasting platform. There are still many people who persuaded me to withdraw from the file, not to be ashamed, and to make way for certain dramas, but now the premiere of Break 2 is enough to explain everything. We are not weak!

     There is nothing wrong with this sentence, but this Da Fei is even a little special to Luo Yiming.

     This is the answer.

     Originally, he gave way to certain dramas, it may be Mango Channel, Tomato Channel, or Deep Sea Satellite TV.

     But he Ai Tello clearly, mocking Hong Guoguo.

     Under the space and blog, a few people gave praise, some people even expressed excitedly: "Persistence will lead to victory!"

     However, Luo Yiming's iron fans are not happy.

      What does it mean?

     Is it already so cocky after a show premieres?You fucking taunt Luo Yiming?

     Who gave you the face?

     Do you really think you're so awesome!

     Xiao Li, the deputy group, was in a bad mood. This time he saw this Dafei blog not saying anything further and went over to scan the screen and scolded him back.

     In addition to Xiao Li, the deputy group, many fans of the sandwich fan group responded to Zhang Dafei.

     What bird are you!

     I dare to babbling nonsense as old as I am. There is 180, not 18cm?

     The power of fans is powerful.

     Zhang Dafei is definitely not idle when he sees this kind of abuse. He also reposted a few of them and said with a little complacency: "I'm just talking about my opinions in my own space and blog. I just want to ask which sentence hit you Pain points?"

     "I seek truth from facts, isn't that so?"

     Once Zhang Dafei was successful, he wanted to let the whole family follow poultry and dogs rise to Heaven.

     Such ratings, to be honest, he didn't even think of it.

     Now that Luo Yiming is pressed under his feet, of course he has to show off one's military strength.


     "Cut off the head of the little devil" is more scumbag, because even the production studio hadn't thought that it can explode.

     As a result, Production Studio is now busy starting various publicity.

     As for the director Zhang Dafei has a constant sense of existence.

     All directors!

     He didn't feel that he was inferior to Luo Yiming.

     He felt that he was just missing a chance.

     Now "Slash to the Little Devil's Head" is his opportunity.

     Tear is most likely to cause concern.Therefore, Zhang Dafei started his own performance with enjoy sth and never tire of it.

     At the same time Zhang Dafei hoped that Luo Yiming could respond, because as long as he responded, he could jump into the air, hands dance and feet trip to build momentum.

     Luo Yiming's official blog, Space, has already had many fans screened.

     They unanimously demanded Director Luo and scolded him back.

     Never give this Zhang Dafei a chance to pretend to be crazy.

     Not only Luo Yiming’s fans, whether Shangteng Entertainment, UTV, Zhao Xiang, Zhang Feng, Wen Fatty, everyone thinks Luo Yiming can go back.

     However, all people hadn't thought Luo Yiming posted another blog.

     This blog turned out to promote "Blood Xiangxi".

     Maybe Luo Yiming still needed to rub other people's heat before.

     But now, whether you admit it or not, Luo Yiming is now a shining star in the world of directors.

     Luo Yiming itself is hot!

     Therefore, nowadays, there are not a few people who encounter Luo Yiming, the vast majority of people want to borrow Luo Yiming's fame to become famous.

     This is the case with film critics who want to scold Luo Yiming for being famous. Some directors do the same.

     What's more, those second- and third-tier female stars couldn't help but want to know Luo Yiming and applaud late at night with Luo Yiming.

     In this world, the entertainment industry has news and attention, and only then can there be a future.

     Otherwise, just wait for death.

     For the male star, there may be a few years to hone his acting skills, which is wasted.

     For female celebrities, An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold. Youth is short, which is why they have to climb up, why not applaud.This time, the director of "Cut Up To The Little Devil" is the same. His idea is very simple, he just wants to step on his own position.

     At the worst, it can also attract everyone's attention by relying on the tearing force with oneself.

     Luo Yiming glanced at the news and directly chose to ignore it.

     Just kidding, any cat and dog can't respond to any cat and dog when they come to jump?

     Then don't be exhausted.

     What's more, the director of Anti-Japan Drama?

     Stand aside completely.

     The content of Luo Yiming's blog is very simple. He supports "Blood Xiangxi" and is also Anti-Japan Drama.

     This drama has brains and warmth.

     Although there are some places where I changed to shooting by myself, this is not the method and angle, but the first two episodes of the film are still possible.

     After posting this blog, Luo Yiming stopped paying attention.

     But the industry is a little surprised.

     Luo Yiming is so broad-minded?

     Doesn't he know what kind of influence and meaning of the fiasco of "Langya Bang" ratings has on him?

     Is it true that the gambling between him and Yuyi and Hairun is false.

      if this is not the case, how can it be he also helps promote "Blood Xiangxi"?

     More than that, the press releases from the media were also released.

     "Luo Yiming's new play has finally lost!"

     "Luo Yiming seems to have recognized it. He praised Scarlet Xiangxi, bow before."

     "Luo Yiming's new drama "Langya List" premiered only at 1.7, and the premiere of "Blood Xiangxi" on Mango Channel broke 3 and reached the top."""Cut off to the head of the little devil" public praise is bad, but the ratings are broken 2!"

     "As Luo Yiming's new work, this costume drama still seems unacceptable by the market."

     "An era belonging to Luo Yiming is over. He encountered Waterloo in the TV series."


     The media are quite realistic here. They only talk about ratings.

     In fact, everyone had already prepared another manuscript.

     As long as the ratings of Luo Yiming's new drama break 2.5, they are ready to release it.

     "Shocked! Luo Yiming's new work broke the record again!".

     It's a pity that no one hadn't thought Luo Yiming's "Langya List" hadn't even broken the ratings for the premiere.

      Two hours later, the media collectively released the draft.

     The general expression is one sentence: "Shocked!! Luo Yiming's new play suffered Waterloo!!"

     The shock is still there, but from a new record-breaking to a waterloo encounter.

     Then it became interesting. Many portal video sites of Luo Yiming's opponent started frigid irony and scorching satire.

     Why is the ratings of "Langya List" cold?

     Why did Luo Yiming lose this time?

     As the video site Sogou, Tudu, such a powerful faction.

     The words are the sharpest.

     The editor-in-chief of Sogou wanted to defeat Luo Yiming, the behind-the-scenes controller of UTV. This time he personally wrote and wrote the name: "Director who easily loses his heart"!

     It can be said that this is a science text!

     Roughly mentioning a few well-known directors, they swelled after they burst into popularity, and then they smashed the eggs.Luo Yiming took the same path as these people.

     After introducing Luo Yiming, he began to talk about it. As the director of variety show and movie double kills, Luo Yiming cross-line costume TV series this was originally so an adventure.

     He lost his heart!


     Before this "expansion", many people wanted to comment on Luo Yiming, but there was no way, because Luo Yiming was all successful.

     Now it's good, the first broadcast of "Langya List" ratings of 1.7 is finally an opportunity.

     Such ratings are not bad, but the heavy artillery promotion of Deep Sea Satellite TV is blessed by British Queens Entertainment.

     Plus Luo Yiming's name.

      This time, isn't the first broadcast of 1.7 just hitting the street?

     At last, I encountered Luo Yiming's new drama and hit the street. Sogou led the way. After clearing the way, the media will naturally not let this opportunity pass.

     Not only that, but in the TV drama forums, the discussion was also a bit enthusiastic.

      "Damn it, the ratings of "Langya List" turned out to be only 1.7? Our gold director fell this time."

     "Yes, today there is all news about this drama on the Internet, and I am a little unbelievable to this day."

     "I don't cry, stand up and line up."

     "Do you think this is an illusion? Because I think "Langya List" is pretty good?"

     "Not only you, I also found it quite good, but why did you rush to the street?"

     "I will look at it this evening."

     "We need to find an answer. It shouldn't be the case."

     "Yes, we need to observe again"
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