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425 Chapter 421, The Industry Collectively Bewildered (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The filming on the mermaid has been stranded, and the entire crew waited for Luo Yiming's Langya list to be relieved, and no one expected it.

     Finally, the ratings for the first broadcast is only 1.7?

     At the beginning, Charlotte's troubles were popular on UTV, and the number of clicks on the Internet was quite high.

     However, after Langya Bang rushed to the street, a question ensues. Youshi Video is Luo Yiming's own video website. Will he falsify data?

     Who knows, whether it is true or false the number of views published on the Internet.

     Tenying Video originally planned to purchase the online copyright of Langyabang for 3 million yuan, because Ushi Video could not broadcast Langyabang alone.

     If Tengying can buy the TV series of the hot director Luo Yiming, then the traffic will be what the fuck.

     But the result made him shocked.

     Fortunately, fortunately, I didn't talk about the broadcast on the Internet.

     In the beautiful mermaid's crew, Deng Chao’s elder brother’s agent first quit. He said that Deng Chao would film the TV series next, and there was no schedule for the beautiful mermaid's filming.

     The news quickly reached Luo Yiming's ears, so he chose Deng Chao. It was Yuan Time and Space and he acted in this movie.

     But because the delay was too long, the agent considered this and made such a decision, Luo Yiming expressed his understanding.

     Fortunately, there are not many parts of the filming. If Deng Chao doesn't come to perform, Luo Yiming thought, if it doesn't work, he will pay it back.

     No way, it is very difficult for him to invite people now. If he plays himself, Luo Yiming believes that he can also play the rich man Liu Xuan well...It was decided that the mermaid changed roles and played the leading role. After the news spread, it was hiding the sky and covering the earth. Luo Yiming had to mock Luo Yiming for digging a hole for reckless and impulsive.

     Langya Bang is on the street. This beautiful mermaid's movie is probably a garbage production.

     Hairun, office.

     Zhao Xuchen looked at the "Langya List" data and online reports with a smile and said, "Dad, what am I talking about? This drama is not worth filming at all. You are wrong this time."

     "It's true that I was wrong."

     Zhao Wenhai also didn't believe it, because he watched the film and felt that the plot of the Langya List was good, but who knew it would be this rating.

     "I'm old, I don't understand it. I watched the drama yesterday and thought it was a good one, but the audience didn't buy it."

     "Hehe, the drama that the audience doesn't like is garbage."

     Zhao Xuchen sneered a few times and said: "Luo Yiming thinks that he can continue to make TV dramas by shooting a youthful humor movie like "Charlotte Annoyance"? How can it be? Fortunately, dad you agreed to apologize to him at the beginning.

     "This is this, that is that."

     Looking at Zhao Xuchen, Zhao Wenhai is also thinking about something, "Compared with Luo Yiming's previous works, "Langya Bang" failed, but this drama was rated as high as 9.6 points on UTV. The public praise burst, if this is not The case they cheated. I think that Langya might not get up in the late stage. And...

      "All right, Dad, aren't you gambling with Luo Yiming? Why do you always raise other people's ambitions and destroy your own prestige? I don't listen to your nagging, I'm going to film."

     Zhao Xuchen said as impatient got up and left.Looking at his departed son, Zhao Wenhai still opened UTV and watched this Langya list again.

     Saw over an hour in the office.

     Zhao Wenhai still feels that the screen, plot, and acting skills of the actors are very strong.

     Even if such a show loses to Mango and Tomato, a TV with a high base of ratings can't even beat Heihe TV.

     How could "Langya List" fail?

     Zhao Wenhai is serious about doing things. Before he gambled with Zhang Dongming and Luo Yiming, he also studied the two dramas Scarlet Xiangxi and Full House 2.

     The warm plot of the bloody Xiangxi, including the infection of patriotism and the ignorant love of men and women, Zhao Wenhai thinks are the highlights of the show.

     This drama is very competitive, and Zhao Wenhai dared to agree to take out 10% of the company's shares and bet against Luo Yiming.

     In addition to the bloody Xiangxi, Full House 2, the powerful Korean Wave also gave him double insurance.

     Now it turns out that he left Luo Yiming far behind, but he didn't understand. What he couldn't figure out was that Langyabang's ratings were too bad.

     Facing the same fact, facing the same opponent, the general manager of Entertainment Film and Television, Zhang Dongming can be regarded as an exuberant feeling.

     He spoke directly and stepped up publicity efforts, and must raise the ratings of Scarlet Xiangxi to a higher level.

     Luo Yiming has been working overtime in the company for the past two days. When the mermaid crew had an accident, he ran to coordinate and stabilize the military.

     There are a lot of troubles, and it is indeed difficult for Luo Yiming to be regular and thorough.

     And in the two days when he didn't come back, Si Si was not idle.When she was in college, Sisi knew a few good classmates studying directing at their school.

     She said that after reading the Langya list, she really liked it, but she didn't know how to express it, so Si Si found a good sister from her university.

     Together with this good sister for the Langyabang platform.

     In the eyes of Sisi's good sister Yu Xiaoxiao, the play "Langya Bang" is stronger than "Blood Xiangxi" in terms of production, details, and plot, not to mention the first two episodes. So many clues.

     Not to mention the visual sense of "Langya Bang" is even more comfortable.

     It doesn't matter if you lose to Scarlet Xiangxi, but you can also pee on the top of Langya for a trash drama like this.

     Yu Xiaoxiao don't do it!

     In the evening, the two girls in Luo Yiming's villa also wrote a short film review for the first two episodes of "Langya Bang" with the title: "I don't believe that "Langya Bang", which is almost enchanted in details, will fail!

     In the film review, Yu Xiaoxiao did not admire the plot at all, she just said a few objectively based on her memory.

     For example, the composition in the play is symmetrical, and the two sides of the picture are symmetrical. This is simply in line with the traditional symmetrical beauty of China.

     This must have been a lot of thought during shooting.

     Not only that, but the altered symmetry in "Langya Bang" makes the picture quite comfortable.

     Yu Xiaoxiao was afraid that the audience would not understand, he specially screenshot the scene of the trailer of "Jianghu" stopping the boat.

     Because this lens has different docking shots, different sizes, and the fog is hidden and foggy, it is even more beautiful.Not to mention the diagonal composition.

     However, because the two episodes were just broadcast, Yu Xiaoxiao couldn't watch the replays, so she didn't say much about the composition.

      In addition, after watching the film, Si Si and Yu Xiaoxiao focused on etiquette in the drama review. Many people were moved by the scene of Grandma Tai and Mei Changsu.

     But the etiquette may not have been noticed by everyone, and Yu Xiaoxiao specifically took a screenshot.

     Feiliu actually doesn't have any concept of secular etiquette. He saw the three people around him kneeling, first dazed for a moment, and then kneeling and arching their hands.

     Daily courtesy is the etiquette that appears the most in this play. It should be that the man's left hand is on top and the woman's right hand is on top.

     When King Jing appeared, Nihuang saluted, but Xia Dong completely ignored and so on.


     It was a short comment, but Yu Xiaoxiao and Si Si still wrote a long comment of almost a thousand words.

     The last two girls concluded: "The drama "Langya Bang", whether it is a leading or supporting role, is all acting online, not to mention the conscience of the crew. There are only two episodes, I can't say too much, but I dare Said that if it can continue to maintain this level, then this drama will definitely explode!"

     Looking at many film critics, Yu Xiaoxiao was the first to shout: "Langya List" is a conscience drama, and it will definitely explode!

     As for the marketing account, the little directors who often hold Luo Yiming's thighs also said on the blog: "Post a poll, do you think "Langya List" might counterattack?"

     It's quite lively. Although the premiere of "Langya Bang" was not smooth, the publicity of Shangteng Entertainment and UTV did not stop.Therefore, the popularity of this drama is second only to "Blood Xiangxi", which is stronger than Anti-Japan Drama "Slashing to the Little Devil's Head".

     After the film review came out, it was another controversy.

     Yu Xiaoxiao, who graduated from the domestic director department and is now working as a foreign director, was naturally impressed by Luo Yiming.

     But some time ago she just returned to China and she didn't know that Sisi and Luo Yiming were together.

     After writing the film review, Yu Xiaoxiao asked: "You guys at what time? Okay, Sisi?"

     "Okay, a period of time." Sisi specifically said that it's a bad day. In short, I feel together for a long time.

     "Then you are together?"

     Yu Xiaoxiao refers to whether the two have warmly applauded late at night.

     I know everything, nodded ashamed.

     "I heard that you gave up being a host on CCTV for him. That's your yearn for sth even in one's dreams job."

     Sisi raised her head, stroked the hair in her ear, she smiled, walked toward the clear window in front, and sighed as she walked: "I always wanted to be a strong woman with my own career. Later, I met him. Understand, actually finding a happy partner may be the most important thing in a woman's life."

     She thought of Luo Yiming and smiled more brilliantly: "Next, I plan to travel with him, and then give birth to a lovely baby for him. I think that, my life will be more fulfilled."

     Yu Xiaoxiao looked at the happy woman. She couldn't imagine what it would be like for a woman to leave work and return to her family.But since she can make a girl with such a strong ambition delighted to (do sth, idiom), heart is dead with no plans for anything new, she has to follow, she can only be sure that Luo Yiming is a good man worthy of trust!

     Sisi continued to leave Yu Xiaoxiao for dinner at home.

     After a meal.

     At 8 o'clock in the evening, the two girls turned on the TV on time.

     Deep Sea Satellite TV.

     The third episode of "Langya List" has begun.

     "This episode has a lot of information."

     Yu Xiaoxiao suddenly wanted to stroke after watching the third episode.

     The commander of Mengda had recognized Mei Changsu a long time ago. He was once a member of the Lin clan and seemed to be trying to help Mei Changsu.

     But who is it?

     At the same time, Xiao Jingrui’s life experience is also a bit messy. It turns out that Xiao Jingrui’s biological mother, Princess Liyang, met Zhuo Dingfeng’s wife when she was pregnant with him. The two had children at the same time. Emperor Liang gave him the surname Xiao Jingrui, the son of the two surnames.

     Of course, the most surprising thing is that Bei Yan ran out of Bailiqi.

     At the banquet, Xiao Jingrui lost to Bailiqi, and then Mei Changsu and Princess Nihuang, who cooperated with you, said that only a few children can be trained for a few days to knock Bailiqi down.

     Therefore, Meng Zhi selected three young children, including the court students, to play.

     This episode is a bit short-circuited.

     Unfortunately, Yu Xiaoxiao didn't even have time to carefully stroke a thread, and the fourth episode actually began.

     There are still several lines in parallel.

     The first line is that Jing Wei, the mother of King Jing, accidentally discovered that the old mother and the maid were preparing to embezzle the spirits with aphrodisiac effect-Qingsirou.Jingbi reported to the princess Liyang that she had sentimental details. Jingbi concluded that the victim would be Nihuang and asked Liyang for help.

     The other line is naturally that King Jing came to Xuelu to visit the progress of the three young children.

     Mei Changsu said frankly that he was willing to become King Jing's adviser to fight for the throne for him, and King Jing was determined to participate in the seizure of the progeny.

     A good show will be on stage immediately.

     The plot makes people want to see below.

     Also, the acting skills of the actors in these two lines are really great.

     But what Yu Xiaoxiao wants to know more is whether these three people can defeat Bailiqi?

     At the banquet, after a fierce battle, the three of Ding Sheng finally defeated Bailiqi.

     Taking advantage of the joy of Emperor Liang, he finally got rid of the sin slave status of the three Ting Sheng.

     "No loss is Langya's top Mei Changsu."

     Looking at the ability to a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain, Yu Xiaoxiao is also secretly sighed. He originally thought it was over.

     Unexpectedly, at the end of the fourth episode...

     After Nihuang came out, he turned to Mei Changsu a little with some doubts asked: "I don't have any other eyesight, but I am still able to discern. I can't beat Bailiqi with this sword formation alone. He lost so strangely, he won't explain. ?"

     "It's actually very simple to explain, just one sentence."

     Looking at Nihuang, Mei Changsu said indifferently: "Bai Liqi is from the Jiang Zuo League!"


     "Fuck me!!!"

     Seeing this, Yu Xiaoxiao almost jumped up. He simply didn't expect it to happen?

     This is no longer a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain.

     It's just too fucking hot.This evening, not only Yu Xiaoxiao, but other audiences watching "Langya Bang" were also shocked.

     You ask them how it feels to watch other TV shows?

     A TV drama is 45 minutes, at least 30 minutes for other dramas, such as the bloody Xiangxi next door, a dragon boat race is watered for another episode.

     But watching "Langya Bang" is almost no peeing in the whole process. If you miss a plot, you may not be able to continue.

     To be more straightforward, every episode of Langya List has dry goods.

     It's like watching a movie.

     All the wonderful plots are compressed.

     Let there be no water in every episode, and you will not feel boring in the plot, you can fast forward.

     You can't fast forward, don't want to stop for a moment, you want to stop but can't.

     Exploded! !

     The film reviews are completely exploded! !

     On, "Langya List" jumped from 9.6 points to 9.7 points.

     This is already the standard of the drama.

     In Luo Yiming's previous movies, the reviews of variety shows are not as perverted as "Langya List".

     Comment clear color The praise is like a navy.

     But the Langya list has no money at all, so please drag it. The genuine ones are all audiences.

     Crazy for one night.

     As for the next day, after the ratings of the data network came out, people in the industry were a little confused!
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