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427 Chapter 423, I See You Crying With Rhythm (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

With far-sighted past lives, Luo Yiming is able to make arrangements in advance for the future stellar stars in the circle and kill the Quartet.

     Such as Tang Yan, Di Li Reba, Ni Ni, Shi Shi, Yang Xiao Mi, Zhao Xiaoying and others are not without reason. If it is only due to the fact that they signed a good Film and Television Company and got a good film and television drama resource role, this is only one aspect of it.

     These stars are more, they have their own advantages.

     They treat the works, the carving and polishing of their acting skills.

     At the same time, I must admit, thank them for their faces.

     Now, Luo Yiming has signed Zhao Xiaoying, and she has not been given a suitable role for the time being, but the future is certainly expected.

     With the expansion of the Film and Television Company's territory, Luo Yiming should introduce these star seedlings this time.

     In addition to the current Yang Xiaomi and Shishi have an owner.

     Luo Yiming decided to recruit potential actresses including Tang Yan, Di Lieba, Ni Ni, and even Song Qian and Guo Biting.

     On the one hand, he arranged for people to go to various universities, including dance academies, and some theaters.

     On the one hand, he is also trying to get the stars who will burn your hand, feel the heat in the future from some Film and Television Company, and change hands through money trading.

     Next, he is going to shoot the movie Mermaid.

     After the mermaid, Luo Yiming is ready to use the Olympic Dongfeng to create a super new star Olympics when the Olympics come.

     At that time, these new recruits from his company will be launched on the market.

     Create a shining star lineup.

     Go forward together with the company's tomorrow!The idea is beautiful, but the journey is bumpy.

     After ordering these things, Luo Yiming will return to the TV series Langya Bang.

     Whether it is possible to turn Shangteng Entertainment and UTV Video into a trump card company in the entertainment industry is critical to gambling with Yuyi and Hairun.

     After successfully acquiring 10 percent of the other company's shares, Luo Yiming was fully confident at that time and challenged Two Mountains in the Chinese entertainment industry.

     In this field, stand proudly!

     If you lose, nothing will be discussed.

     After convening a meeting with colleagues from the TV department, Luo Yiming still calmly analyzed the current situation.

     Luo Yiming also calmly said that in the next few days, the ratings of Scarlet Xiangxi may still hang on the Langya list.

     But we are not in a hurry, we must hold our breath!

     Luo Yiming's grand general style is indeed very popular with colleagues in the company, but as an assistant director, Zhang Feng can't calm down at all.

     Mainly, the boss is a bit too calm.

     Recall that when the first broadcast of "Langya List" did not go well, Luo Yiming was extremely self-confident.

     The ratings of this "Langya List" exceeded 3 in three days. It can be said that the situation is great, but the result is not good. Luo Yiming is still so calm.

     He doesn't know, Luo Dao can smile spread across the face at what time.

      "All right, the ratings of this "Langya List" exceeded 3 and only one started, the real climax is still behind."

     Luo Yiming closed his book: "Don’t think that the ratings are getting stronger every day, we will reach the top, and we will face fluctuations in ratings at least once."

     Luo Dao is not relaxed, cautious and serious.Zhang Feng and the others didn't know what to say.

     In particular, Zhang Feng was secretly reviewing, to see that Mr. Luo was younger than himself but so calm, and the ratings of Langya List are so detailed, he still needs to practice.

     Zhang Feng thinks so. In fact, Luo Yiming knows that he is not so good. He is just familiar with the drama "Langya Bang".

     In another time and space, "Langya List" can counterattack in such an unfavorable situation.

     Nowadays, "Langya Bang" is under much less pressure, and this time is bound to explode.

     However, Luo Yiming also knows that the episodes of Langyabang are not climaxes. The stage of preparation requires a little patience.

     At least, he will face some difficulties in the next few days.

     British Queen Entertainment.

     "The ratings break 3!"

     Kong Ren looked at the ratings as unbelievable: "Could it be that this drama is really likely to burst?"

     "It's not possible."

     British Post Entertainment director Xu Li said with excitement: "At present, the public praise of "Langya List" on UTV continues to explode, and the number of people discussing in addition is also soaring. The three-day ratings have gone from 1.7 to 3. I think it's still Has great potential."

     Kong Ren is nodded with a complicated expression: "This Luo Yiming, this kid has always been confident in his dramas, otherwise he would not agree to lose the bet, and he will lose 2.5% of our Management Agency shares. ."

     Xu Li puzzled: "Mr. Kong, what does it mean?"Kong Ren frowned: "You don't know, I signed a supplementary agreement with Luo Yiming two days ago, that is, if the gambling with Yuyi and Hairun Company loses, he will pay 2.5% of our Yingli Management Agency. Shares. Of course, if you win, he wants half of the movie city in the magic capital!"


     Xu Li was shocked.

     Yingli Management Agency, Xu Li is one of the shareholders. This company is also the crystallization of the love of Kong Ren and Xu Li.

     "Mr. Kong, why don't you tell me in advance that this drama on the Langya List will definitely explode!"

     Kong Ren sighed, but now, he can't turn it around.

     I only blame myself for being too careful and too timid.

     But on second thoughts, if you can win, the cinema that shares the magic capital with Luo Yiming is much better than losing.

     "Now, I can only hope that Luo Yiming wins, better than losing."

     "...This can only be done. It's time for us to join the promotion of "Langya List"!" Xu Li said.

     Kong Ren called an emergency meeting.

     In the conference room, he asked the Propaganda Department to spend the most energy to publicize Langya List for the next period of time.

     Kong Ren also believes that as long as the publicity investment of "Langya List" is increased, this drama may really become a hit, and it can create the next glory of British post entertainment!

     In Kong Ren's view, as long as they win this battle, Entertainment Film and Television and Hairun are bound to suffer severely.

     Take advantage of their resources, actors.

     The future of entertainment is that you are the boss!


     At that time, not only Shangteng Entertainment, UTV and Yinghou Entertainment had actions.After learning that "Langya List" broke 3, the entire TV station of Deep Sea Satellite TV was also shocked.

     One TV series broke 3 not at all surprised, but many TV series broke 3 in recent years.

     However, this "Langya Bang" is a historical costume drama of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, and it is also a drama of power.

     Who doesn't know that the current costume dramas only have a market for Qing court dramas and romance dramas.

     Most of them are still Mary Su's idol dramas.

     The so-called Mary Su is the transliteration of Mary Su.

     In layman's terms, it refers to the story of a TV series in which everyone, especially the rich and handsome men and the Overbearing President, are all around the heroine, and finally can't help but fall in love with the heroine.

     The same is true in costume dramas.

     Like in the legend of Su Moer, Huang Taiji and Dorgon fell in love with the heroine. For her, Huang Taiji could not go to court early, and Dorgon could give up the world.

     What is even more exaggerated is that in the Kangxi dynasty, among the nine sons, the nine sons of the Kangxi Emperor are all around the female lead.

     This kind of drama is actually not nutritious, it just changed the suit in the reality drama, but he has a market.

     But if you eat too much meat, everyone is tired.

      This time, the appearance of "Langya List" naturally shocked the industry, but this drama directly broke 3 in the ratings from the very beginning of 1.7.

     This ups and downs is a bit unreasonable.

     At first, everyone was surprised that "Langya Bang" hit the street. After all, it was directed by Luo Yiming, and there were also stars such as Hu Ge and Qiao Yan.

     After success, everyone was even more surprised.

     Because it jumped from 1.7 to 3.2, this market law is a bit erratic.In the first three days, it was getting higher every day.

     If the ratings continue, then surely everything is there.

     Everyone is paying attention to the Langya List, and it depends on whether the ratings on the fourth day can be maintained.

     As one of them, Xue Bin was also uneasy.

     He was worried when the ratings were low, and when the ratings rose, he was also worried, even if he fell down one day, he would return to the pre-liberation war again.

     At night, Xue Bin did not leave. He needs to get the ratings in person to be able to relax.

     In the data room, the seventh episode of "Langya List" was launched. In addition to Xia Dong's test of Mei Changsu's feelings for Nihuang, Lan Yuan also had an incident.


     It can be said that the overall routine of the seventh episode is continuing to pave the way.

     "The ratings have been maintained between 3 and 3.1!"

     Looking at the real-time monitoring of data, Xue Bin was also very calm. This ratings did not surprise him.

     The eighth episode is over, the ratings are still there's nothing about it changed.

     In the end, "Langya List" stopped at 3.1.

     The next day, China Data Network was also updated.

     The current "Langya List" is considered to be firmly in second place, but the ratings of "Blood Xiangxi" broke 4th under the heavy artillery promotion of Mango Channel, Entertainment Arts and Hairun.

     In any case, Deep Sea Satellite TV and British Post Entertainment are losing money.

     According to normal rules, this "Langya List" probably has to have a rating of more than 6 to be able to make a steady return.

     However, Deep Sea Satellite TV and British Post Entertainment purchased the exclusive broadcasting rights of "Langya List" for a single episode of 3 million, but the ratings were only maintained at 3.1, which is a bit too small.words exceede 5100This article is called "Disrupting the market, will eventually be abandoned by the market!" 》

     In the article, I still commented on "Langya List", which roughly means that this drama is really good, but the price of a single episode of 3 million is not worth it.

     The copyright price of the current TV series is already inflated, and the high price of Deep Sea Satellite TV’s purchase of this series has disrupted the market.

     The audience is not stupid.

     So the market gave feedback on "Langya List".

     With the ratings of breaking 3, it can be said that this is a good drama, but it is still a long way from the so-called phenomenon-level drama.


     Unlike Sogou, the editor-in-chief of Jinghua Entertainment has always preferred Luo Yiming, and of course decided to support Luo Yiming.

     "A good show needs time to settle"!

     Everyone is a pen, although not a film critic, but his analysis of "Langya Bang" is also clearly and logically, and he thinks "Langya Bang" will definitely continue to explode.

     The two are facing each other.

     Different angles of Jinghua Entertainment and Sogou Video Station.

     Sogou Video is to suppress Luo Yiming's UTV video and defeat Luo Yiming.

     Of course, Jinghua Entertainment wants to continue to deal with Shangteng and its advantages to stabilize the cooperation between the two parties.

     The audience is not interested in the battle between the two.

     What they discussed and cared about was whether "Langya List" would explode in the end?

     "Langya List" premiered on January 1, with a rating of 1.7. The industry's evaluation is that Luo Yiming's new play suffered Waterloo.

     On January 2, the ratings of "Langya List" broke 2.7, which was a little surprised in the industry.

     On January 3 and 4, the ratings of "Langya Bang" were 3.2 and 3.1, respectively, with mixed reviews in the industry.Four days after the broadcast, "Langya List" handed in an answer that was not too satisfying.

     But it didn't go too far.

     To be honest, it’s really good that an ancient costume drama has such ratings.

     However, regardless of the production cost, cast, and publicity of this drama, this kind of ratings is a bit on the street.

     On January 5, the ratings of "Langya List" were 3.3!

     On January 6, the ratings of "Langya List" were 3.8!

     On January 7, the ratings of "Langya List" were 3.4!

     In 10 days, "Langya Bang" started airing 18 episodes, and the stable ratings made the discussion in these few days less oppose each other with equal harshness.

     No burst.

     In 10 days, if a TV series hasn't come out yet, it will be difficult to counterattack.

     Moreover, there is still one more terrible thing, circulated wildly on the Internet.

     Langya list Luo Yiming and Yu Yi, and Hai Run’s gambling on Zhang Dongming were posted online.

     Although he and Luo Yiming signed an agreement, there is law and justice.

     But he also wants the supervision of the audience.

     Now, the gambling between the two parties has arrived. A critical period for the victory and defeat.

     Ten days have passed, and Scarlet Xiangxi is also playing for half.

     In these ten days, the ratings of Scarlet Xiangxi have been crushing the Langya list.

      Once and only Langya Ranking is close to the ratings of Scarlet Xiangxi, which is also on January 6, Scarlet Xiangxi 4, Langya Ranking 3.8.

     Although it was close, he still lost.

     As long as 11th Heaven and Scarlet Xiangxi take the lead, Yuyi and Hairun and Luo Yiming will bet against each other, and they will win.At that time, Luo Yiming's Shangteng Company, half of the shares will be given to others.

     In addition, the 50 percent shares of a Management Agency of Anglo Entertainment will be given to Zhang Dongming and Zhao Wenhai.


     Close in front.

     For Yuyi and Hairun, victory is imminent.

     Of course they have to tell the story for the audience to witness, and they are also looking forward to it. After this night, watching Luo Yiming and the Queen of England, Kong Ren, crying in front of yourself with a sense of rhythm!
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