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432 Chapter 428, The Power Of A Song (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The Guzheng rises slowly, Luo Yiming's melancholy and lonely music keeps up, and the picture appears on the Langya Bang.

     Listening to the song, watching the scenes in the mv, Yang Qiqi couldn't help crying at the end.

     She cannot control herself.

     This song is the life of Mei Changsu.

     Looking at the last scene of mv, Yang Qiqi stopped/stood suddenly excited.

     Mei Changsu unexpectedly re-leaded his troops and set out with others.

     Does this mean that the final outcome is that Mei Changsu has returned to Lin Shu's identity?

     A MV, a song, once again inspiring people.

     Replaying the song again, trying to capture a little detail, Yang Qiqi found that the composition, lyrics and singing of this song were all Luo Yiming.

      oh my god, how can it be so formidable!

     Put away the worship of Luo Yiming. In this MV, Yang Qiqi is more concerned about how the feeble and sick Mei Changsu will end in the end.

      Thought until here, Yang Qiqi hurriedly left a post: "Look for spoilers!"

     This song is too story, too anxious.

     More than Yang Qiqi alone, thousands of people have been focused on the blog again.

     Moreover, the development trend is very fierce, and the number of people is close to 10,000 in a short time.

     With the phenomenal drama "Langya List", the fame of Ellen and Hu Ge have soared. Their number of fans has been soaring, and blog fans have now broken through tens of millions.

     They can post a blog comment of more than 20,000 to 30,000.

     More than these two, many actors, including the big villain, have won recognition from many audiences. This has to say is a miracle.Including, Xie Yu, played by Liu Yijun, is very popular on the Internet.

     To be able to have this phenomenon, on the one hand, is that everyone's acting skills are good.

     On the one hand, the current audience has also become rational, understanding that actors are actors and roles are roles.

     As long as it is deliberately interpreted and succeeded in shaping the characters, everyone will give compliments.

     The villain fire, not to mention other positive characters.

     Mengda Commander, Fei Liu, Qin Praruo, Yu Wang, His Highness Crown Prince, etc., each of these roles is recognized by the audience.

     In one sentence, it is that the drama "Langya Bang" seems like every actor is likely to be popular.

     Of course, it is unrealistic that all actors in a play will become popular, but at least in the Langya list, every actor has gained some recognition.

     If it continues in this way, "Langya List" will benefit a lot in every person after the finale.

     The future drama is absolutely indispensable.

     As the heroine of this show, Princess Nihuang is not to mention, some fans have already started clamoring: "If the princess is not online, we will abandon the show."

     Langya Bang is not a drama dedicated to emotions, the main line is revenge, revenge.

     In the original book, why not let Princess Nihuang play more roles, but also to make the final parting less painful.

     Luo Yiming has strict control over Qiao Yan's appearance. He knows better that a suitable appearance will make the plot more exciting.

     After the release of the MV, Langya List's attention was once again hot.Despite the fact that the navy has posted on the Internet to support Scarlet Xiangxi, at the same time, they are all ready for the night battle.

     But the real fans of Langya List are also full of fighting desires.

     Hairun Television!

     Zhao Wenhai was a bit eager a few days ago, and the ratings of this Langya list have been rising steadily, and now they are all over 6.

     Seeing that the bet with Luo Yiming was about to lose, Zhao Wenhai realized that he should not be an opponent of this talented director.

     to be honest.

     Zhao Wenhai chose to confront Luo Yiming because of this drama. His son was supposed to play Mei Changsu.

     But in the end, my stupid son wasted such a good opportunity.

      In addition, for this matter, Luo Yiming became rivals.

     The recent popularity of "Langya Bang" made him understand what he had missed.

     Mei Changsu, played by Ge Hu, was almost a compliment and received rave reviews.

     Zhao Wenhai of course not think that his son's acting skills are better than Hu, but such a good work and such a good director.

      If son was not a monster at the beginning, now "Langya Bang" will become one of his masterpieces.

     Not to mention that he was well received, but it would also make his fame rise, but unfortunately, "Langya List" missed him.

     Zhao Wenhai was very regretful.

     My own son blind as a bat (figuratively)!

     But this dad, once known as the industry's first broker, was also beaten in the face!

     By now, although Zhao Wenhai agreed to Zhang Dongming to take money to smash the ratings, and strive to burst the Langya list tonight.

     Although the goose was in Zhao Wenhai's heart, he did not bother to do so.In addition, Zhao Wenhai wants to make peace with Luo Yiming. In the future, if it’s possible to get acquainted with this kid, and to cooperate with some film and television including variety shows, maybe he can live better in the entertainment circle.

     Now, Zhao Wenhai wants to clear up the mess, but it is his son who can come forward.

     Zhao Wenhai called Zhao Xuchen to his office.

     Zhao Xuchen satirized the Langya list countless times when the ratings of Langya List were crushed by the bloody Xiangxi. Today, the ratings have changed.

     Langya Ranking counterattacked and became king.

     Zhao Xuchen, the kid, finally got sick.

     Dad called himself over, Zhao Xuchen knew the reason.

     He whispered: "Dad, sorry, I was wrong this time. As a result, you might lose your share."

     "Hehe, it's not all your fault, I've missed it too. It doesn't matter what the shares are, the most important thing is to gain a bit of wisdom."

     Zhao Wenhai didn't mention his son, after all, he really missed it.

     If he knew that "Langya List" could explode, how could he suppress this bet.

     "Dad, what if our ratings don't rise tonight?"

     "Xu Chen, we don’t care about ratings until now. With 10% of the shares, my dad can still afford to lose. But what I can’t afford to lose is that He Luo Yiming became rivals because of this. We should have Are friends."

     Zhao Xuchen looked at his father ignorantly and shook his head: "I don't understand."

     "Son, I mean, we lost to Luo Yiming this time. We can't continue to be enemies with him. We must humbly admit our mistakes and strive to become friends with him.""...Oh" Zhao Xuchen is not a fool. If Luo Yiming's drama goes viral, he, without a doubt, will become the most aura of the Chinese entertainment industry.

     Variety show.

     the film.

     TV series.

     He will all be king.

      This kind of person, Zhao Xuchen of course wants to get closer.

     "Dad, can you still fight for me to get me in the lower part of Luo Yiming's play?"

     Zhao Xuchen showed a pious look on his face, and he was looking forward to it.

     "You knew today, you should endure it."

     "Your xinxing won't be repaired by yourself, and you won't be able to play in Luo's dramas."

     "I know, I will change." Zhao Xuchen nodded.

     "I thought about it for you. After Luo Yiming got 10% of our shares in Hai Run, I packed you up and sent them to their company for training. When you get there, everything that Luo Yiming listens to, he asks you to do whatever you want. What to do, in short, follow him, you can't miss it in this life!"

     The relationship between Zhao Wenhai and Luo Yiming is not bad.

     Speaking of Potian, all of these behind-the-scenes operations were done by Zhang Dongming.

     Zhao Wenhai is disdainful.

     It's just a passive acceptance.

     If Luo Yiming really won this time, why didn't he forsake the dark for the light?

      ginger gets spicier as it gets older.

     Zhao Wenhai has been in the entertainment industry for so many years, and he knows the direction of entertainment.

     As for which move to take, there is still a battle between Scarlet Xiangxi and Langya tonight.

     The result of the game is the direction of his next move.


     The prices of the scalpers are constantly trading online.

     Offline will be operated tonight to watch Mango TV.Every household’s TV series to watch Scarlet Xiangxi requires a screenshot every five minutes. If you watch a complete episode, you can get ten yuan.

     The scalper’s army actually got 15 yuan per episode from entertainment and advertisers. When it was operated, they automatically deducted 5 yuan.

     Don't underestimate the ten yuan. In China, there are gentlemen who don't give up five buckets of rice, and more are villains who love to take advantage.

     For more melon-eating audiences, they don't care about Langya Bang and Scarlet Xiangxi.

     Usually they even play games or sleep.

     Nowadays, there is an extra ten yuan, turn on the TV, take a few photos, and get ten yuan, which is not a good thing.

     But some people think that it is too difficult to make ten dollars, and they have to take pictures and make sure with the scalpers.

     Going out to move bricks with this effort can make almost 20.

     Therefore, they saw this kind of transaction, and there was a clear polarization.

     Some people decided to do it.

     Some people just think that entertainment is too stingy.

     And the most involved are some aunt-level housewives.

     Overall, the speed of transmission is not optimistic.

     Luo Yiming's side.

     Still fighting with the song Red Blood Chang Yin.

     To attract attention.

     Luo Yiming, who is good at using the Internet, is much more generous than stingy entertainment. The free download link of the song, the pure version, and the accompaniment version, are all provided to netizens.

     In addition, the music platform he worked with before promoted the omni-channel promotion of red blood.

     Where there are pictures, give them MVs.Where there is no picture, use your own voice to haunt the picture to create the atmosphere and feeling of listening to the song.

     It began to spread in the morning, and in the afternoon, the song completely exploded!


     On the forum.

     All posts about the song.

     After listening to this song, unable to control wanted to cry, the To Part Forever in the play didn't make me cry, and the sinister heart in reality made me cry.

     He is responsible for all the dirty water splashing in the sky. I only hope that the ten-year silence will not make him give up. Now A Thousand Fingers Condemn don’t make him sway. Called winner is the king, loser is the villain ".

     He is the little lion with the Great Sea of Stars in his eyes, only wait for someday to return of the King

     "It sounds good, I'm so attracted by Luo Yiming's voice, doesn't want doesn't want!"

     "After listening to it the second time, it is still difficult to calm down. The vegetation is ruthless, and the tragic song sings thoroughly"

     "Three years at a glance, alas, time is rushing like water. Who can imagine how Lin Shu survived in person."

     "There is a kind of love in the bones. I can't tell it, but it exists. It is the feeling of violating our country, even if far away, will cetainly be executed. The sorrow and patriotism of thinking of tolerant parting, but cannot bear to part. The complexity of the heart is intertwined, just like tasting a strong wine, the wine becomes sad and turns into tears of lovesickness."

     "Let’s wait for Chi Yan to return, and the whole army will start all over again, guarding the mountains and rivers of our country, and looking at it with a long gun, but sad...I believe that people with love in their hearts will not be lonely even if they think far away."

     The whole network's pursuit of songs is naturally closely related to the drama. When everyone commented, they also brought up the popularity of the Langya Chart.Except for the explosion of songs across the Internet.

     Luo Yiming's greater confidence lies in the drama itself.

     The latest episode of Yu Wang's Rebellion is another climax of the whole show.

     Since it is a strategy drama, there are not many real big scenes in "Langya Bang". Until now, it is a battle of wits and bravery. The incarnation of Mei Changsu, Su Zhe, came to the imperial capital to reverse the case of Chi Yan. step Fujing King sitting on the position of the Crown Prince is also a trick.

     The dispute between the King of Honor and the East Palace was a plot of power, and many cases such as Qingguo Gong, Orchid Garden and Private Paofang were also plots of power.

     It can be said that there are very few real big scenes in "Langya Bang", and the scene of Yu Wang's rebellion can be described as one of the few big scenes in the whole play.

     Therefore, this evening, Luo Yiming was confident that he defeated the cheating scarlet Xiangxi with the quality of Langya List.

     From six o'clock to 8:00 P.M., the temperature of the song is still there.

     The Langya List was launched again.

     As Luo Yiming expected, the audience who were hooked did not want to change the stage as soon as the plot was staged.

     Some viewers who were going to receive ten yuan in welfare at the Mango Channel used to go to the Mango Channel to take a photo every ten minutes.

     Later, the eyes were reluctant to leave Deep Sea Satellite TV.

     Madan, so wonderful.

     I don't want ten dollars.

     I want to say that I have to look at the Langya list when I post ten dollars.

     In Scarlet Xiangxi, there are strangers who keep joining in order to make ten dollars.

     On the Langya list, there are real audiences who are attracted by the plot and the story.

     For fear of missing out on the wonderful plot of Langya Bang, everyone was fully committed to it.


     Cool.good looking.




     No one hadn't thought Yu Wang turned out to be the son of Princess Linglong.

     Qin Prajna dress up in disguise sneaked into prison, Xia Jiang heard of the king's deceased appearance, unwilling, suddenly remembered the kit left by Princess Prajna master Xuanji, and asked Prajna to open the kit to check.

     Qin Banruo gave the kit to Xia Jiang for inspection, and then realized that Yu Wang turned out to be the son of Princess Linglong.

     The king of honour who learned of such secrets was finally completely blackened.

     Especially Wang Yu remembered his past efforts but was not recognized, and all the angry spearheads were directed at Emperor Liang.

     A conspiracy began to brew.

     The plot makes people scream, it's so fun.

     Even if it’s the first time to pay attention to Langya List, those who eat melons in the theater want to stop but can't.

     This kind of conspiracy drama itself is very hot and passionate.

     Compared to the bloody Xiangxi next door, I am afraid that Langya Ranking is a little more bloody.

     The audience is constantly joining.

     The data is of course updated and changed.

     Entertainment Arts saw that the trend was not right, adding money to thirty or fifty, and the money scalpers gave the audience to twenty or thirty.


     Spring hunting in March, Yu Wang raised his troops to rebel.

     It can be said that almost Yu Wang succeeded.

     But in the end there was no way, he still lost.

     Princess Nihuang went online again at this time, making a shining appearance, with his own attributes, and killing the leader of the Qingli army.

     Nihuang's image is invisibly elevated a lot, adding the halo of the heroine.In the current rebellion, Nihuang did not appear at all, and nothing happened to him.

     As for Xu Anmo, the leader of the Qingli Army, he was not assassinated, but was caught after escaping.

     The plot here is obviously more reasonable, but Luo Yiming thinks that the plot of the TV series is better.

     Sure enough, when the plot was cool, the audience enjoyed it.

     The forum at that time was very well received!
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