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    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? It can be said that these two episodes are forms a coherent whole after preparation.

     Compared to yesterday's small climax, tonight is the time to let the audience see it most.

     Yu Wang is over!

     As one of the villains, the collapse of the King of Honor was also a burning point.

     However, it was not quite the same as Xie Yu at that time, and everyone couldn't raise any anger at Yuwang.

     The dialogue between Emperor Liang and Yu Wang made many people sigh.

     "You conspired a private artillery case, colluded with the Suspension Mirror Division, I originally thought that you still had this heart of awe, but you were punished for being claustrophobic by cutting your beads, never expected that you, ambition of wild wolves, dared to conspire against it.

     "Just because of your conduct, you still want to be a prince, I just blindly favor you So many years."

     "Father, it's not that you were blind, but the former Princess Linglong was blind."


     "Princess Linglong indeed led the skater army to the throne, but this woman is too smart and too dangerous. She and the skater army existed for one day, and the secret of my enthronement could not be kept, so I could only choose to let She and the Hua clan have disappeared forever. If this matter is placed on you today, you will have the same choice, right."

     "Don't you have a trace of guilt?"

     "My son, a chess piece is useless when it is time to give it up. Will the chess player still feel sorry for it?"

     "What about me? What is? Is the little pawn born by the big pawn?"


      has to say, this conversation between King Yu and Emperor Liang really made more people realized what is called Emperor-King Heart Technique.It is also such a big climax plot, let the Langya list tonight, Wanjia brightly lit guard.


     After watching the Langya list tonight.

     Yu Xiaoxiao felt that Langya Ranking was enough to kill the bloody Xiangxi in seconds.

     From this TV series, Yu Xiaoxiao admires Luo Yiming's production and shooting capabilities even more.

     With such a talent in his twenties, Yu Xiaoxiao can't help but envy Si Si being able to be with Luo Yiming.

     In her heart, she wanted to know Luo Yiming, and she wanted to join Shangteng Entertainment and become a soldier of Luo Yiming.


     She doesn't know how to break through the current relationship.

     At least, the last time she said she met Luo Yiming, Si Si had no arrangements.

     She can also feel that Si Si is not willing to let many women approach Luo Yiming.

     Yu Xiaoxiao is not sure whether this kind of feeling is accurate or not.

     On the most important night, Sisi should have been by Luo Yiming's side, but a phone call finally made Li Sisi's heart.

     She decided to go.

     After 30 minutes, Huixin Tea House.

     Sisi met the director Shan Zhifeng.

     There was another person beside Shan Zhifeng, who was not unfamiliar with Li Sisi, at least on TV. She had seen this person several times.

     This person is the director Feng Qinghong who has directed three Spring Festival Gala.

     Vice President of Beijing Directors Association.

     Feng Qinghong is also a middle-aged talent.

     Now forty years old, he has not only directed the Spring Festival Gala, but also hosted two Asian Games, an economic and trade fair, an expo, including this year's Beijing Olympics. He is the deputy director.In the Spring Festival Gala in 2008, after the competition of multiple directors, Feng Qinghong finally got the director qualification as chief director.

     Li Sisi had heard of Director Feng a little bit, and when she saw Feng Qinghong, she had already realized what might be wrong.

     "Sisi, come, let me introduce to you."

     Shan Zhifeng is in a good mood today, facing Si Si, he said with a smile: "This is Director Feng Qinghong."

     "Single station, I still know Director Feng, Director Feng, hello."

     Sisi smiled and stretched out her hand, and then said to Feng Qinghong: "Director Feng, I am your fan. Your Spring Festival Gala made my childhood memory deep."

     Feng Qinghong's attitude was a little surprised. He shook his head hurriedly: "Don't, don't talk like that, am I that old?"

     Shan Zhifeng said: "Director Feng is still single now. Sisi, don't you think Director Feng is very old?"

     "I am forty this year."

     Feng Qinghong laughed with an unusually hearty voice: "You said that when I watched my Spring Festival Gala in childhood, I would be thirties at that time. Maybe I am in a hurry, so you think I am very old."

     Sisi's expression is not deceiving, she was really surprised at first.

     In the impression, Feng Qinghong was very calm and calm during the Spring Festival Gala.

     She thought he was forty years old.

     That was seven or eight years ago.

     Therefore, when Feng Qinghong was only forty, she couldn't imagine.

     "Qinghong, you are surprised."

     Feng Qinghong laughed embarrassedly: "I have been a woman's idol since eight years ago. How could I have this name if I hadn't been so sophisticated. This name is not for nothing.""Yes." Shan Zhifeng smiled, and Si Si finally smiled embarrassedly.

     This time, after the two shook hands and sat down, Feng Qinghong said, "Actually, Sisi, I call you, I admire you. Although your Spring Festival Gala was not particularly good last year, you have a lot of space. I want to ask you this year. Do you have any idea of continuing to host the Spring Festival Gala?"

     "Spring Festival Gala?"


     In my memory, this year's Spring Festival Gala, the hostess hadn't been scheduled long ago.

     Sister Zhou Tao, Sister Dong Qing, and Sister Fangfei.

     "Sisi, are you confused again? Let me tell you."

     Shan Zhifeng interrupted this time and said, "This year's Spring Festival Gala, something happened to your sister Zhou Tao's house. Therefore, temporarily, she cannot continue the third trial, including the final dress rehearsal."

     "Originally, we suggested that Director Feng choose another female host from our CCTV. But Director Feng has a soft spot for you and thinks you are a good fit."

     "As long as you are not in the stage now, you will continue to work in the stage. As long as you come back, you will have a good chance to be on stage during the Spring Festival Gala this year."

     Feng Qinghong nodded politely.

     As a director for So many years, Feng Qinghong's vision cannot be wrong.

     With training, Sisi's host may not be weaker than CCTV's sister Zhou Tao in the future.

     Even in a short time, Sisi and Dong Qing may become the new two flowers of CCTV.

     "Thank you for your attention, Director Feng, but I have what skills and abilities." Sisi is indeed a little surprised.

     "You must believe yourself. Sisi, accept my invitation? I think this year's Spring Festival Gala, you must be better than last year."

     "But I..."Sisi has already planned to leave CCTV and leave this circle.

     Now, the Spring Festival Gala, such a good opportunity, this important stage needs herself, and Si Si's heart is tangled again.

     If you choose the stage of CCTV and return to CCTV, will the single station still put your love with Luo Yiming on the stage?

     The CCTV host is different from other identities in the entertainment industry, and his love affair, including marriage, must be very low key and hidden.

     She and Luo Yiming are together, and Luo Yiming is the general existence of the entertainment superstar. In the future, she will be a little bit unsure.

     "Sisi, your personal relationship problems, I shouldn't have said more now, but you are young, you are too early to tie yourself in love, and you are not even smart in marriage."

     Shan Zhifeng is a leader and manager, and he certainly hopes that Sisi will return to CCTV.

     Emotional matters need to be considered for yourself.

     "I know that you and Luo Yiming are in a romantic relationship, but like me, I have not been married at the age of 40. Luo Yiming's future achievements are not necessarily worse than mine, and he will not go into marriage so early."

     "You gave up your career for him, what about the future?"

     Feng Qinghong is better at guessing the thoughts of girls.

     "Single station, Director Feng, thank you for your appreciation. I'd better consider this matter."

     "You only have three days to think about it. Five days later, when the CCTV Spring Festival Gala is finalized, you will also participate as the host. If you can't decide in three days, then really, you don't have such a good opportunity."

     Feng Qinghong clarified the problem clearly, after which the three of them tasted it.

     On the way back.Sisi thought a lot.

     The Spring Festival Gala is her dream.

     The host of the Spring Festival Gala is her pursuit.

     She also wants to host on CCTV's international channel and become an excellent international host.

     The self who once loved to chase dreams flinched for love. It can be seen that Luo Yiming is becoming more and more perfect, more and more attractive, and even the slightest sense of crisis is coming.

     Maybe, I should choose my career, love... Maybe I simply want to tie Luo Yiming, but I can't do it.

     Very confused.

     Sisi wants to be quiet.


     One night, the battle finally ended.

     The next day, the ratings of "Langya Bang" and "Blood Xiangxi" were released.

     Both broke 6!

     Regarding the Langya list breaking 6, this time, the media are not so shocked.

     Just kidding, isn't it normal for everyone to have a rating of over 5 or over 6 in "Langya List" since its counterattack?

     But shockingly, the bloody Xiangxi also broke 6.

     And, the ratings of breaking 6 occurred in the last five minutes of the finale.

     In these five minutes you have to say how perfect the episode is and how attractive it is.

     It's just that, in the last five minutes, the price of a single episode of entertainment and advertisers soared to one hundred.

     The price that the scalpers gave the audience reached sixty or eighty.

     At this price, naturally many guys with weak determination have turned to Scarlet Xiangxi.

     In order to add an extra midnight snack, they chose to watch Scarlet Xiangxi.

     However, it broke 6 in the last five minutes, and there's nothing about it.The overall ratings, Scarlet Xiangxi is still crushed by the Langya Ranking.

     The final rating of Langya List is 6.43.

     And Scarlet Xiangxi's highest viewing rate was only 6.1.

      victory and defeat already determined.

     There is no dispute!

      Eleven days of clear and direct wins ten days, and Langya's ratings break the record and beat the bloody Xiangxi.

     After Luo Yiming won Yuyi and Hairun, and then took 10 percent of the two companies' shares, he received half of the 20 acres of Magic City in the supplementary agreement with Yinghou Entertainment.

     Luo Yiming temporarily handed over the cinema to Zhao Xiang to take care of it.

     In the next few days, Luo Yiming will also need to hire a Professional Manager to manage the studio together with the British Queen.

      winner is the king, loser is the villain.

     Zhang Dongming of Entertainment Film and Television lost this battle, seemingly lost only 10 percent of the shares and the studio.

     In fact, following his resources and flow, all began to tilt towards Luo Yiming...

     Luo Yiming pushed the boat along with the current, and the 5 percent share of entertainment, film and television was once again in the bag.

     But Zhang Dongming's collaborators have withdrawn from the entertainment arts one after another, and Kong Ren took the opportunity to step up acquisitions in the sea of shares.

     He was grandeur like rainbow, and took the 10 percent stake in entertainment, film and television.

      As a result, Kong Ren and Luo Yiming together control the 20 percent share of Entertainment Arts.

     In addition to Zhang Dongming, the major shareholder holding 30 percent of the shares, entertainment art has infiltrated the power of Shangteng and the British Queen.

     Zhang Dongming was badly injured.

     According to the original plan, Zhao Wenhai of Hairun Film and Television sent his son Zhao Xuchen to Luo Yiming to work.Luo Yiming can accept Zhao Xuchen, but on the premise of signing Zhao Xuchen for ten years, he also took away a girl who was the first sign of budding talent in the entertainment industry from Hairun Film and Television.

     Zhang Yuqi.

     Among the mermaids, no one is more suitable for the role of overbearing rich female Li Ruolan than Zhang Yuqi.

     Luo Yiming had always regretted that Zhang Yuqi had followed Hairun.

     Through this transaction, Zhang Yuqi was packaged and signed, and Luo Yiming naturally made a profit.

     The battle is over.

     Luo Yiming won.

     Kong Ren won.

     Shangteng, Youshi, and Queen Ying all have a festive atmosphere.

     On the Internet, Post Bar, Forum, Space, once again is the discussion of Luo Yiming and Langyabang.

     Friends from the media, will not forget this time and lick it again.

     "From variety shows, to online movies to costume dramas, Luo Yiming is at the forefront of opening up the market."

     "Regardless of any subject matter, as long as the shooting is good, there must be a market. Luo Yiming has done it. "Langya Bang" once again leads the market trend!"

     "At the beginning, I suspected that Langya Bang was going to the street, but Luo Yiming proved with facts that the filming is good, the plot is good, and it will eventually bloom."


     The media coverage of this drama is always flattering or satire.

     They are not film critics, and they cannot judge the quality of the TV series.

     From their point of view, there are only two points. If your ratings are good, we will blow.

     Your ratings are poor, then we will be demoted.

     The entertainment industry is so realistic.

     It can be compared to the unable to reach a decision of the media.

     Only the editor-in-chief of Sogou has a bad posture.He bombarded Luo Yiming before, but he did not analyze the many details of "Langya Bang", not because he didn't want to, but he was unprofessional, and he didn't.

     Originally, his idea was very simple, he wanted to quietly watch "Langya Bang" pretend to be forced, and then wait for the ratings of this show to drop before making a fierce counterattack.

     However, who would have thought that "Langya List" would not come down after breaking 5, and now it is even more of a 666?

      This time, the boss of Sogou had to bow his head.

     He changed his pen again and wrote an article titled: "The historical plot drama "Langya Bang" finally blooms!"

     In the article, he brags about the play vigorously.

     At the same time, he characterized his criticism of "Langya Bang" in the previous paragraph as encouraging this TV series.

     "Do you want to force your face?"

     The editor-in-chief of Jinghua Entertainment looked at Sogou's report and laughed: "Hehe, it seems that Sogou really doesn't even have a face."

     When other people saw this scene, they naturally followed the excitement: "The ratings of "Langya List" are now too high. Sogou looks like it's impossible to slap in the face and can only admit it."

     "Hehe, changing face super fast."

     Jinghua Entertainment sneered: "Did you encourage yourself to be clear."

     They are all playing word games, and Jinghua Entertainment also knows that words are like knives, and knives can kill people.

     Therefore, for an article like Sogou, he by no means pay no heed to, he wrote an article a bit oppose each other with equal harshness, called: "Langyabang went from counterattack to success. People who are faster than flipping a book are really two sides!""Both three big people, please don't forget that media people still have their own principles of reporting. How about your principles?"

     "You just wanted your Sogou video to kill Youshi. However, the Langya list is on fire, and Youshi is popular, Sogou really has it."

     Sogou was stepped on.

     In order to show the winners well, other media did not forget to step on it.

     The dead daoists do not die the poor dao, Sogou usually grabs all kinds of hot news.

     Other colleagues also hate him, especially the editor-in-chief. Playing with pens is more disgusting.

     This time, Jinghua Entertainment took the lead, and everyone joined the battle Sogou team tacitly.

     Sogou Video was originally a small station, so how can it stand up to such a toss.

     The negative news immediately went to heaven.

     Luo Yiming immediately held a high-level meeting. He waved a big vote and asked Pan Riting to discuss the acquisition. Sogou Video might have to change its name soon.
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