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434 Chapter 430, Ni Ni And Biting, Luo Guide At Night? (For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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With the popularity of the Langya list, Luo Yiming has successively discussed the broadcasting rights of Beijing Satellite TV and Dolphin TV. This second round of broadcasting has no conflict with Deep Sea Satellite TV.

     As Deep Sea Satellite TV and British Post Entertainment, they can't interfere, and both acquiesce.

     Although it was broadcast in the second round, it still has a strong influence because many viewers have not seen the previous episodes.

      The broadcast rights of Beijing Satellite TV and Dolphin Satellite TV each also gave out 25 million, and the price of each episode was 500,000.

     In terms of online video, as only UTV video is broadcast on the network, more and more advertisers have signed contracts for this period of time. For the advertising revenue alone, UTV has recorded 42 million.

     At this time, the enthusiasm of advertisers who wanted to cooperate with Luo Yiming could not be suppressed, and they wanted to book Luo Yiming's next TV series, the next variety show.

     Or the next movie?

     People lift people, and they lift higher and higher.

     Now that Luo Yiming has arrived at this height, there are naturally many people who want to make good friends with Luo Yiming.

     Okay, you have to invest in me, yes.

     Luo Yiming just happened to need some support for the beautiful mermaid's film. He accepted the friendly sponsorship of the two companies.

     At the same time, Luo Yiming also talked about several potential advertisers for the next supernova Olympics that will be built. As for the final price, Luo Yiming will not set a price for the time being.

     The popularity of the Langya list, the decline in public praise of Sogou Video, and the death of the editor-in-chief and general manager of Sogou Video. When Pan Riting negotiated several times, Sogou Video was helpless and packaged all the company's assets to UTV and accepted the reorganization.Pan Riting took Sogou Video and incorporated Sogou Video's editing department and production department into Youshi Video, while the criticized Propaganda Department completely disappeared.

     The original employees who are good at text bluffing all set up a new department, the outreach business department, and let them go outside to pull advertisements, sponsorships, and temper their minds.

     UTV, Sogou Video fuse into one is the UTV culture media company.

     Shangteng Entertainment then changed its company name to Shangteng Film Culture and Art Company.

     Youshi Video Culture Media is Wholly Owned Subsidiary under Shangteng Film and Television.

     Luo Yiming holds a 10 percent stake in Hairun, plus 130 million of capital compensation to be transferred to the British Post Entertainment. At the same time, he exchanged a 10 percent stake in the entertainment art film from the British Post Entertainment.

     After a reorganization, Shangteng Film and Television controlled the 20 percent stake of Entertainment Arts, which was only two points away from the 30 percent stake of Zhang Dongming, the first shareholder of Entertainment Arts.

     Zhang Dongming has a sense of crisis as he builds a high wall.

     At the same time, the entire entertainment artist panic.

     Maybe one day, Luo Yiming will be in control of the entertainment arts, and these people who have changed the law in the past and went against the rise will have to let the new boss command.

      Luo Yiming of this time is stepping up the acquisition of the stocks of Entertainment Film and Television.

     He is optimistic about entertainment arts, because he knows that in the original time and space, entertainment arts are the largest in the mainland Chinese entertainment film and television industry.

     At present, the big stars who burn your hand and feel the heat in the circle are just signing up for entertainment.

     Winning entertainment is equivalent to having a lot of beautiful cards in his hand.After Luo Yiming's combination boxing, "Langya Bang" has once again gained enough popularity.

      At the same time, the launch tonight is also highly anticipated.

     How does King Yu end?

     That monster who is it?

     Everything has solved the mystery.

     It turned out that the Mao was the former Chi Yan general Nie Feng who disappeared that year, and he was just like Mei Changsu, who suffered from fire and cold poison and his appearance changed drastically.

     "It turned out to be so."

     Yu Xiaoxiao looked at this scene with a slight sigh, indeed moved.

     But Yu Xiaoxiao also hadn't thought about the ending of Yuwang.

     As for his own outcome, the King of Honor had long been expected. He was not afraid of death, and King's Princess was also not afraid of death. But who would have thought that Princess of Honor would be pregnant with flesh and blood?

     Yu Wang wanted to let people go to tell Emperor Liang, but he was beaten by the jailer. At this time, Mei Changsu came to see Yu Wang.

     Thirteen years ago, Yu Wang watched his imperial brother Qi Wang drank poisoned wine, but did not disclose what Qi Wang asked Yu Wang to tell Emperor Liang.

     Thirteen years later, King Yu is in the same prison as King Qi, and it is really a karma cycle.

     "There is no such thing as a second Xiao Jingyu in this world. Even now, like the sun at noon, His Royal Highness King Jing, who has taken the position of the East Palace, may only be able to look at the back of his previous nape a little away."

     This single sentence of King Yu also made Yu Xiaoxiao a little bit secretly sighed, what kind of demeanor should His Royal Highness Qi be back then?

     In the end, in order to save the lives of his wife and children, Yu Wang chose to dictate himself.

     "Why, how dare he die?"

     The Emperor Liang, who had come to visit the honorable king, unexpectedly learned that he looked sad and angry when he judged himself....

     At the end of the two episodes, Yu Xiaoxiao thought about finally cannot bear and wrote an evaluation for Yuwang.

     The father does not know the son, the son does not know the father!

     "If this is not the case, if this is not the case, I met Mei Changsu who had opened the hanger. I think it will be fine for him to become a prince."

     "Yan Hou has said that Yu Wang is the most like Emperor Liang, but Yu Wang is inhuman."

     "If Yu Wang learns that his princess is pregnant, maybe he would not choose to rebel."

     "At the last moment, Yu Wang felt that the only one who was sorry was the princess, don't know why, when he saw Emperor Liang, always I want to cry a little."

     "Goodbye King Yu, you actually lack only one Mei Changsu."

     "King Yu, although you are dead, you actually won to some extent."


     There are also many discussions about Yuwang's offline on the Internet.

     No one hadn't thought that the King of Honor ended with such an ending. Someone had speculated before that perhaps Emperor Liang would not kill the King of Honor, but the Queen saw it very deeply.

     Emperor Liang didn't kill his own son again.

     Originally, according to King Yu's idea, he did not intend to commit suicide. He wanted Emperor Liang himself to execute himself and feel guilty, but he could decisively choose to commit suicide for the sake of his wife and children.

      This kind of person is different from Xie Yu after all. They both say that he is most like Emperor Liang, but in fact he has more affection than Emperor Liang.

     Feeling and righteous.

     For this reason, it will cause such a sensation when Yu Wang decides himself.

     After the merger and reorganization of UTV and, the base of ratings has been expanded, and the number of broadcasts is against the sky. The rating of "Langya Bang" still maintains a high score of 9.3.Today, most of the people in the drama have given praises to the actor Yin Zheng, who played the role of Yu Wang, because Yin Zheng has brought this role to life.

     The reputation of the king is bad. He was regarded by Emperor Liang as the prince's sharpening stone, so he had to fight with the prince. He respected for the wise, he was ambitious and ambitious, and he had a gully.

     Compared with the short-sighted and narrow-mindedness of the prince, the honorable king is indeed more kingly demeanor.

     But he was extremely cruel, and he could blow up the private artillery shop in order to bring down the prince.

     Maybe he has a false display of affection from beginning to end, but anyway, this kind of person can use both fair and foul methods. Everyone is an adult and also understandable.

     From the beginning to the end, Yu Wang actually has not thought to rebel. After being degraded, his mentality has collapsed.

     Qin Banruo told Xia Jiang about this when he sneaked into the dungeon. Xia Jiang also expressed a little regret: "Yuwangkong has ambitions."

     However, it was the letter that Princess Linglong wrote to King Yu that made him completely choose decisiveness.

     He admired Emperor Liang, he even wanted to be recognized and loved by Emperor Liang, but he never felt any warmth.

     For him, the queen is not there's nothing about it warmth, everyone each takes what he needs.

     Now that he knew that his mother was killed by Emperor Liang, the anger that Yu Wang had accumulated for many years completely broke out.

     However, in fact, Emperor Liang liked to recognize the honorary king, and even Emperor Liang once planned to make the honorary king the prince.

     Again, the father does not know the son, and the son does not know the father.

     Born in an emperor’s house, this is the sad side.

     Xiao Jingyu has not thought that Emperor Liang will kill himself, not so?As for this time, Emperor Liang really did not intend to kill Yu Wang, but Yu Wang chose to commit suicide for his wife and children.

     Just so, Emperor Liang cried out the sentence in grief: "Why, how dare he die?"


     Many people agree with Yu Xiaoxiao's long comment.

      The honorary king of flesh and blood, the villain of flesh and blood, especially when everyone remembered that Mei Changsu had pitted the honorary king, and the result was a little funny when Yu Wang thanked Mei Changsu like a second fool.

     After such a villain goes offline, everyone naturally has a lot of grievances.

     In another time and space, Huang Weide played the role of the King of Honor. This was also very handsome. As a result, there was no news after "Hand in Hand", but has to say that the King of Honor played by him is still very good.

     Here, the king of honor is not much better than the prince. It is said that this is the role of Huang Weide who wrote 50 pages of advice.

     In the original work, the evaluation of the king of honor said: "The biggest rival of the prince of the Liang Kingdom was given the nickname "venomous snake". Hypocritical and sleek, mean and vicious, cold-hearted, not caring about justice and justice, using all strange tricks. Weigh the balance in order to achieve the goal of seizing prostitutes."

     However, in the TV series, the audience saw a man who "the hateful person must have a pitiful place"-because his father killed his mother, he had to be fostered by the queen after he was born, and he did not taste the real affection. It is the first sadness.

     When I was growing up, I was used and bewitched by the cronies around me, such as Qin, who was as weak as Qin, and I never experienced friendship. This is the second sadness.

     Although marrying a wife (of a woman) is lovely as a flower, it is the queen's appointed marriage, to lift the tray to eyebrow level. It is the third sadness.In short, such a role is really hateful does not raise.

     Moreover, King Yu rebelled only after being fooled, and his IQ was not how many, and he had nothing to do with the Hua clan.

     After the adaptation, the role of Yu Wang has been made a lot more three-dimensional, and there are many bright spots.

     At that time, after reading the comparison between the original work and the TV series, Luo Yiming said that he really hesitated about who would play this role.

     Before shooting "Langya Bang", Luo Yiming was not blindly confident. He still chatted with a few screenwriters, and wanted to hear everyone's opinions and suggestions.

     Luo Yiming didn't choose to let Yin Zheng take a test until there was no suitable candidate to propose.

     Yin Zheng's appearance is actually fine in acting in ancient costumes and modern dramas.

     Especially in the costumes of ancient costumes, there will be an extra bitterness.

     On Charlotte’s troubles, Yin Zheng’s fire, Langya Bang will appear again, and the traffic will continue.

     Regarding acting skills, Luo Yiming used to worry about it, but as the plot progresses, Luo Yiming has to acknowledge that Yin Zheng's acting is good.

     He is a more savvy actor.

     King Yu is one of the winners, and after yesterday evening went offline, the blog of King Yu's actor Yin Zheng has also exploded.

     This makes Yin Zheng want to laugh every day. Who doesn't want to be hot in this circle?

     The role of King Yu made Yin Zheng at least a certain degree of recognition in the industry, and finally let the audience remember.

     When I mentioned his Yin Zheng before, what everyone said the most was that you played that role in Charlotte's troubles.Now when you talk about him, everyone will say, ‘The King of Honor’s performance is awesome! ’!

     In addition to the king's acting skills are generally recognized.

     In recent days, the biggest winner is actually Qiao Yan, the actor of Nihuang County. This was originally so Xiaohua was recognized by the industry in the circle, but "Langya Bang" is what allowed her to striving to improve in the mainland.

     After all, in the past, Qiao Yan was mainly recognized in Taipei idol dramas, but there's nothing about it. Except for the masterpieces of idol heroines, the resources in the Mainland are not strong.

     However, now with the "Langya List" a play, the hidden bridge in the mainland is already on the line.

     Except for the two of them, it is also similar to Wang Ming, the actor of His Highness Crown Prince and the contracted artist of Shangteng Film and Television.

     The two are about the same age, and they are both contracted artists of Shangteng Entertainment, so they usually get together without seeing any problems.

     The prince played by Wang Ming is also a wonderful restoration of the original time and space.

     The next day, the ratings came out, and "Langya List" continued to hold the top spot.

     And after Scarlet Xiangxi went offline, Langya List also lost a strong rival, and other TV series on the Langya List were made to stagger the Langya List and did not appear in traffic dramas.

     This has further contributed to the soars toward sky in a Leap in the ratings of Langya List.

     For the next two days, the daily ratings were between 6.4-6.6.

     Luo Yiming is not worried about Langya List now. According to the current progress of "Langya List", the finale is basically certain around New Year's Eve.

     On the other side of the mermaid, it is more difficult now to be released in the New Year.

     At least, the key female number one has not been completed yet.According to Luo Yiming's plan, in fact, as early as Half a month ago, the mermaid would start work.

     It takes time for the delayed video recording and re-shooting after changing the angle.

     But in order for Langya to defeat the Scarlet Xiangxi, Luo Yiming thought that delaying the release time a bit would not be altogether inexcusable.

     After all, the achievements and benefits that Langya List brings to me are more epoch-making than the release of beautiful mermaid's.

     Now, less than a month before New Year’s Eve, Luo Yiming is preparing to go on the 24th and 25th of the twelfth lunar month, which is to have a holiday on February 1.

     In the rest of the time, Luo Yiming decided to fix the roles first, deleted the original play of Deng Chao and Zhao Xiaoying, and re-recorded and edited.

     Years later, I will talk about publicity and release.

     "Wang Xin, please inform Guo Biting and Ni Ni, and let them come to my office this evening. I will give them a try on their own."

     Luo Yiming had to hurry up, but when it comes to auditioning alone at night, Wang Xin still thinks a little bit more.

     But when I got to the position of my cousin, I tried a show with an actress at night, nothing else is a big deal.

     Wang Xin thinks oneself clever, when conveying to the two actors, there is an extra hint.

     After Ni Ni and Guo Biting answered the phone, they began to meditate!
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