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435 Chapter 431, Mermaid Audition
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Ni Ni has just entered university, still does not know the cruelty of the entertainment industry.

     After getting a hint from Wang Xin, she thought about it for a while and then said in her heart to go to you.

     I originally thought that Luo Yiming was different from others, but in fact, he didn't want to be an actress.

     Ni Ni felt that she was still young, and she had just entered the university campus. She also yearned for a good love, so naturally she did not want to give herself to Luo Yiming.

     Ni Ni thought he didn't know.

     Tonight, she will not take the initiative if she is killed.

     Compared with Ni Ni's simplicity, and even said that his dreams, fame and fortune are indifferent, Guo Biting really pondered for a long time when he received the call.

     Entering this circle three years ago, Guo Biting was in the modeling industry.

     The best development is that I filmed a TV drama last year, but this drama is basically there's nothing about it popularity, a street-smashing work, failed to make Guo Biting famous.

     On the contrary, in the past three years, she has missed too many opportunities to appear in the top-selling female number one.

     Reason what is?

     Isn't it because she refuses to be asleep by those greasy directors or planning.

     Thinking of last year's hot drama, the actress who played the female number one has now become a quasi-first-line actress, but this opportunity was once placed in front of her.

     That night, after a fierce thought struggle, she still did not go to the director.

     That night, another girl went, so she played that role.

     I lost an opportunity like this. Now, the same opportunity is once again in front of yourself. If you don't go, you may end up in the entertainment circle for a long time.

     There is no early day.go with.

     With director Luo Yiming's production ability and star making ability, it is possible that Guo Biting's spring is coming soon.

     She is no longer an ignorant girl who is 18-19 years old. She knows in this circle that it is almost a joke that she wants to go to the altar with her own diligence.

     The people who claim to be clean in the circle are considered clean by the audience. In fact, if you dig up their debut history, you can always find some similar experiences.

     The most disgusting thing is that those fine pots keep on saying that I only talked to one or two boyfriends

     In fact, they are White Lotus.

     Guo Biting used to deny this, but now she is in doubt.

     The world is like this, if you don't obey, how can you survive in this circle?

     Compared with the fat and oily directors, Luo Yiming is handsome and talented. Go find him, close your eyes, leave your legs behind, and pass.

     Guo Biting went out and took a taxi to the Guanyuan.

     Villa office area.

     Guo Biting saw that the office light was still on, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

     She approached a little bit, but she had an unspeakably complicated mood, as if it was a mistress who was about to affair with someone.

     Goddamn emotions, Guo Biting hates himself like this.

     She turned around and finally hid behind a tree, and then tears could not stop streaming down.

     A few golden beans made marks on his face coolly, the tears cooled his cheeks, but Guo Biting completely woke up.

     Do not.

     This does not belong to oneself the way.

     This does not belong to oneself the desired result.

     Guo Biting turned around and rushed towards the night. She did not go to the villa, but in the opposite direction.Maybe she will lose this role, but she will never regret her decision this night.

     Luo Yiming waited until one o'clock in the office, but he had long lost the concept of time. While waiting, he didn't know that he was waiting for someone.

     Now, among the mermaids, Liu Xuan's actor is not Deng Chao, but himself.

     Luo Yiming must speculate about this character, analyze this character, and deduce his living spirit, living image.

     Frankly speaking, Deng Chao, the mermaid in the original time and space, did not perform well. His acting skills were a bit blunt, especially in the performance of Liu Xuan, a wise Overbearing President with a city government, which was not three-dimensional enough.

     At the beginning of deciding on this role, Luo Yiming had no suitable candidate, but now he is in the play, he wants to perform Liu Xuan perfectly.

     From nine o'clock in the evening, practice to one o'clock in the evening, two o'clock in the evening, until two and a half, when sleepiness struck, Luo Yiming realized that he was so late.

     He was a little surprised at first, why neither Guo Biting nor Ni Ni came.

     After thinking about it, he smiled.

     Maybe it was because of the big night, the two girls were so scared that they thought they would do something.

     Can't try the show at night.

     At this time, Luo Yiming hurriedly sent a text message to the two girls, expressing his inadequate consideration. The trial was set at nine tomorrow morning.

     Since seven o'clock in the morning, the crew of beautiful mermaid's has been busy.

     According to Luo Yiming's opinion, there are two scenes today. If you try well, you can pass the two scenes directly.The main actors in the two scenes are Liu Xuan played by Luo Yiming, Ruolan played by Zhang Yuqi, and the mermaid Shanshan played by Guo Biting and Ni Ni.

     The venue is a museum of rare and exotic animals in the world.

     One is the courtyard of Liu Xuan's mansion.

     Ten minutes before nine o'clock.

     All actors, cameras, and props are in place.

     The first scene is in the Museum of World Rare and Exotic Animals.

     This is also the first appearance of beautiful mermaid's.

     The friendly cameo actor, Luo Yiming is also the original man who invited Langyabang and Charlotte's troubles, and the curator of the museum is Tianyu.

     The directors this time are Zhao Xiang and Fatty Wen.

     After the countdown, enter the first scene.

     Curator Tianyu was the first to appear on the scene, and he said the lines, basically following the past.

     And the second scene is the extras, like the white guest of the original time and space, this will be Yin Zheng. The old man who laughed and smoked was played by Allen.

     The tourists visited the tyrant dinosaur (actually a gecko) of the Cretaceous century.

     Wang Treasurer White Mountain Tiger (actually a dog).

     A hybrid that can walk and fly, Bateman. Batman (actually nothing).

     After shooting these, we have come to the beautiful mermaid's lens.

     "It's the mermaid, Guo Biting, you come first." At this meeting, Luo Yiming first gave Guo Biting a chance.

     She was wearing casual clothes and could not see that it was a mermaid. She stepped into the crowd and then emerged from the crowd. Guo Biting's face was a little suspicious: "What else is there good-looking?"This expression is too thin for Guo Biting. In fact, Luo Yiming thinks that there should be more than doubt, but hope.

     "Of course there is, you really are." Tianyu said.

     He pressed the remote control in his hand, and the gray curtain continued to open, and on an antique table, a "mermaid" appeared.

     No, the head is a plastic squeezed human head with a crucian carp body inserted behind it, a properly salted fish.

     "I hid a mermaid. How did you know? You are not a human being."

     In the original time and space, the plot was deleted. The mermaid appeared in this mermaid museum. In fact, she was just trying to expose the shady scene of the tourism industry.

     This kind of shop to hang a sheep's head while selling dog meat should close down a business for good and put the best face on it.

     Luo Yiming naturally wanted to present these.

     "Is this a salted fish?" Guo Biting said with a certain expression on her face. As a mermaid, she was the embodiment of justice.

     This Ling Ran's energy was better than Lin Yun's cute expression in Original Time and Space.

     But Tianyu, the curator of Goose, is very powerful, he not to accept as correct: "The specimens are salted, you know. You are so scary, the exhibition is end here, goodbye.

     Tianyu was exposed.

     Kind of shameless.

     Guo Biting said: "I don't believe you, you lie to me."

     This sentence can be said to have completely torn the other party's face.

     He attacked social reality with a relatively humorous artistic technique.

     Yin Zheng said: "Refund."

     The group rushed up: "Refund, refund, refund."Tianyu was not afraid, and used the rogue spirit of a curator to the extreme: "Enough, my curator has gone to this day, one step, one footprint, you guys want to demolish my platform, but you don't agree.

     "Open the door and show them that."

     An aunt who played mahjong said: "It's not good."

     "Open the door." The curator Tianyu roared like a lion.

     The shout frightened everyone.

     The tourists walked in trembling with fear.

     Inside is a white fish tank.

     The tourists approached step by step.

     There was water in the fish tank and green grass. Then, a straw pushed bubbles out, and then there was a blonde hair.

     I thought it was a mermaid.

     In the next second, I saw the curator wearing a golden wig, bare upper body only wearing a bra, and legs wrapped in a leather bag, and the bottom formed a mermaid tail shape.

     Tianyu said shamelessly: "I am a mermaid."

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

     Alan couldn't breathe with a laugh.

     "My heart, help."

     Then Allen collapsed exaggeratedly.

     Very good irony, satirizing this fake too unreasonable mermaid.

     "Curator, why are you doing this?"

     "It's a bit of a meal, and it's all tears." The curator Tianyu also knew that it was messed up, so helpless.

     "Be happy, don't say anything, take a picture." The curator made a kawaii expression, he wanted to resolve the crisis.

     Naturally, a group of tourists was beaten up.

     "Hit him, hit him."

     At the end of the first scene, Luo Yiming could only score 50 points for Guo Biting's performance, but failed to pass.In the next scene, Luo Yiming let Ni Ni act.

     In this scene, Luo Yiming also went into battle with Zhang Yuqi and Ni Ni.

     The scene is in Liu Xuan's mansion.

     To celebrate Liu Xuan's acquisition of the Qingluo Bay project, the Liu family mansion is hosting a dinner party, and there are beautiful women dancing at the ball. At this time, Liu Xuan is drinking champagne with her arms around her in the luxury car.

     The domineering Zhang Yuqi came on stage, and she stepped on red high heels to the luxury car.

      not say a word

     He took off the watch on his wrist and threw it into the swimming pool.

     A beautiful woman in Luo Yiming's arms said: "You are so strange."

     "Who are you, are you insulting us?" Luo Yiming was holding the girl in his right hand with disdain.

     "How much is a watch worth?" the girl on the left added.

     Luo Yiming smiled lightly, but immediately returned to seriousness, like an old man who has experienced weather, but also like a child who has not weathered the weather.

     "Not much money, just over 8 million."

     There are not many words.

     But all the temperament of a rich man and a different rich man was played in.

     Hearing Luo Yiming's words, the girls immediately got out of his arms and turned into swimming. All the diving masters jumped into the water.

     "Miss Ruolan, over 8 million, did you just throw it into the water?" Luo Yiming said lightly.

     "It's worthwhile to give President Liu a lesson with eight million."

     "Also let you see their true colors."

     Zhang Yuqi's confrontation with Deng Chao in Yuan Shikong, it is obvious that Deng Chao is a little bit overwhelmed and weaker than Zhang Yuqi in momentum.However, Luo Yiming's Liu Xuan was obviously more ruthless, and this ruthlessness suppressed Zhang Yuqi.

     "I know very well." Luo Yiming smiled and put away his smile again, pointing out: "They are all young people who are working hard to make money."

     The voice is not high, but low: "I respect them very much. From a certain perspective, aren't you the same?"

     Yuan Shikong's word is that I am not like them, Luo Yiming changed you to be like them.

     Putting oneself out, a lot more advanced.

     Zhang Yuqi's face is still cold and arrogant: "You started from scratch, and you do have your skills today."

     "Even the reclamation approval letter can be obtained."

     "We can't discuss two disparate things together with those rich second generations who are waiting to die."

     The voice is very cold and domineering, it is necessary to say that Zhang Yuqi's acting skills are above 80 points.

     "Stop talking nonsense, let's cooperate."

     "How to cooperate." Luo Yiming sold it off.

     Zhang Yuqi slanted slightly, "You have such a good project in Qingluo Bay, and I have the largest real estate brand, how do you want to cooperate."

     "Joining forces to raise the stock price." Luo Yiming grinned.

     "Stocks." Luo Yiming smiled, his smile seemed to hide a big conspiracy.

     "Of course." Zhang Yuqi faintly smiled.

     Luo Yiming quickly returned to his silent face, because cooperation cannot be nothing serious.

     On the surface, pleasant countenance, the game between the two has begun.

     "I made 30 billion and accounted for 50 percent."

     "Forty." Luo Yiming couldn't refute.

     "Aren't you afraid that I'm upset?"

     "I'm not afraid."Man and woman fighting,

     Men are always the active party.

     Turning around and getting up, Luo Yiming took Zhang Yuqi into his arms.

     "Why am I afraid?"

     Luo Yiming is full of domineering, a woman enters his arms, but it is not a man's prey.

     But has to say, Zhang Yuqi's acting skills are superb. Zhang Yuqi, who got into Luo Yiming's arms, happened to be in front of her chest with a red purse.

     Short-term defense will not lose everything.

     In order to perform a deeper and fierce duel, Luo Yiming still resolutely kissed Zhang Yuqi's mouth, and the other side responded, "Are you happy?"

     This pro, sure enough, Zhang Yuqi was weaker: "At least forty-five."


     Luo Yiming hugged Zhang Yuqi and continued to want to linger.

     At this time, it was time for Ni Ni to play.

     "Mr. Liu."

     Guo Biting came out of the water with a smirk, her complexion painted many festoons, like a clown.

     "Mr. Liu, me."

     Ni Ni's appearance was very miserable. As soon as he showed up, he was rushed out by the security guard. The next shot was the scene of Ni Ni being thrown around.

     This scene could have been used as a stand-in, but Luo Yiming hopes to use real people to play it. After all, Ni Ni and Guo Biting are still newcomers and should be more disciplined.

     "Why did you put her in." Zhang Yuqi played.

     "Why is she here."

     Luo Yiming said: "Stop, what are you doing."

     "Don't go there, this kind of person has a virus." Zhang Yuqi stopped Luo Yiming.

     "It's okay, I'll just take a look.""Well then you go, I'll go first."

     Zhang Yuqi quickly turned around and left. At this time, Zhang Yuqi's scene was gone. Below is Ni Ni's audition highlight.
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