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436 Chapter 432: Too Much To Breathe (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

In fact, when watching Luo Yiming and Zhang Yuqi on the sidelines, Ni Ni and Guo Biting felt that their performance was too inferior.

     In general, the characters have no characteristics, are relatively dry, and have more tools like lines.

     Compared with Guo Biting, Ni Ni is just a little bit spiritual. At least, in acting, Ni Ni, a freshman undergraduate, is more adept at expressions.

     When Luo Yiming walked towards Ni Ni, Ni Ni's face was innocent.

     However, she did not show the grievance and pain after being beaten. She is a fish, and she feels different from human pain.

     "Boss, this person is not on our list of dancers," the security guard said.

     "What are you doing." Luo Yiming asked lightly. For a clown from Sudden Appearance, Luo Yiming was interested in talking without too many. He wanted to end the conversation soon.

     "Mr. Liu, my name is Shanshan." Ni Ni's performance is much better. She is very pure and introduces herself like that ignorant mermaid.

     "Sorry, I sneaked in, you are so handsome." Mi Mei's eyes came online.

     "Who doesn't know... take her away." Luo Yiming teased.


     "Wait a minute, this is my contact number, will you call me?" Ni Ni eagerly gave Luo Yiming a piece of paper.


     "Okay." Luo Yiming didn't even look at it and put it directly in his pocket. What he thought in his heart was that this piece of paper could be thrown into the trash can in a while. Who would really call you, naive!

     "Thank you so much, you call me at what time." Without thinking, Ni Ni asked, his eyes were breathtaking.Ni Ni's own figure and appearance, let alone, really has a beautiful mermaid's taste.

     Especially her eyes are very beautiful. Many people say that Ni Ni's eyes are fox eyes.

     There is a kind of charm to catch people.

     At this moment, it was the emotion in her eyes that made Luo Yiming almost certain that Ni Ni was suitable for this role.

     "You, you must call me, thank you, I am grateful."

     Although Ni Ni's acting skills have not yet reached Luo Yiming's requirements, why did she come to the ball and give her number to Liu Xuan.

     This burden has been successfully buried.

     After waiting, the plan was solved.

     Perhaps Ni Ni's seemingly nonsensical behavior will be as the water recedes, the rocks appear.

     Luo Yiming was naturally cold, but although the expression on his face was cold, when Ni Ni added: "You are so handsome."

     He is still lightly smiled.

     "Not bad."

      Each person will have a little vanity.

     Liu Xuan is no exception.

     Ni Ni was dragged away.

     She walked on each foot.

     Luo Yiming said what the hell, the scene ended.


     After the two trials were completed, a group of crew members rated Guo Biting and Ni Ni's performance.

     When it comes to looks, the two girls are very beautiful, and Guo Biting is better in figure.

     So in terms of physical form, Guo Biting scored higher.

     But Guo Biting’s shortcoming is clearly and easy to see, that is, the performance is relatively stale.

      In comparison, Ni Ni, who was born in science class, is more natural in acting.The two have each other's strengths and weaknesses, and the opinions of the crew are not completely unified.

     As the chief director, Luo Yiming did not announce the result that day.

     After letting everyone go.

     On the second day, Luo Yiming directly called Ni Ni, the role of the mermaid Shanshan, Luo Yiming in the end still is assigned to her.

     In fact, Luo Yiming chose Ni Ni in the end, and Ni Ni is more suitable for this role.

     Luo Yiming still has plans behind Guo Biting.

     As for the other characters of beautiful mermaid's, Luo Yiming must be good, and then started shooting.

     Intensified shooting in the mermaid crew all day, and when the original shots were replaced with him and Ni Ni, the mermaid also entered the final stage.

     At this time, Luo Yiming was not in a hurry.

     Thinking about the end of the year, catching up with the Langya List will soon come to a big end, Luo Yiming decided to give the Langya List celebration a year ago.

     Just brush a wave of reputation points.

     The Queen Entertainment has always invited Luo Yiming, and this time Luo Yiming and their Queen Entertainment have a dinner together.

     "Set it on the 24th."

     Luo Yiming thought for a bit and said: "This day happens to be the climax of "Langya Bang"!"

     "Sure, I'm going to communicate with British Post Entertainment."

     Zhao Xiang communicated this matter well and invited some distinguished guests.

     The 24th came on this day.

     At today's celebration banquet, all the actors from "Langya Bang" were also present.

     Just now, the ratings of the latest issue of "Langya List" came up to expectations, the ratings of "Langya List" broke 6 again!

     A "Langya List" made Luo Yiming completely secure the first-line director of TV drama.

     Before, some people might say that Luo Yiming is the director of Newborn Era's, but now, there is no need to talk about anything, he is the first-line director of TV series.

     The ratings are everything. Now that Luo Yiming wants to make a TV series, other Film and Television Companies may invest in Luo Yiming without reading the script.

     It's so awesome!

     At the celebration banquet, the visiting media friends naturally unavoidably talked about Luo Yiming's lower works. Luo Yiming said: "I'm still considering it for now!"

     This is really not what he said on purpose, it is that Luo Yiming's lower works really didn't think about it.

     Moreover, the current staff of Shangteng Film and Television has expanded in scale, and Luo Yiming will need to sort out after a few years.

     As for the question of what to shoot for the lower part, Luo Yiming plans to return to a variety show in the next year.

     Of course, the filming of "The Mermaid" is about to be completed, and Luo Yiming did not forget to disclose the news during the interview.

     "What, Director Luo, you mean, you have already made a movie?"

     "?The Mermaid? Will be released in a year?"

     "This, this was taken at what time?"

     "This movie is almost finished????"


     Many reporters who interviewed Luo Yiming were a little confused.

     The god he was aiming at was unknowingly, Director Luo actually made another movie?Luo Yiming said with a smile: "Yes, the mermaid is almost finished filming. If it goes well, I will see you in the next year!"

     This can be regarded as a feast for the celebration party!

     Although Luo Yiming made movies before and entered the movie market, it was still a big online movie at that time.

     Therefore, to a certain extent, the mermaid is Luo Yiming's first work in the cinema.

     Just so, the media reported the news during the celebration party still not ended.

     Fry the pan.

     "Luo Yiming broke the news at the "Langya List" celebration banquet. Luo Yiming's first major theater movie ?The Mermaid? has been produced!?"

     "?The Mermaid? started, Luo Yiming is confident in this movie!"

     "?The Mermaid? The name is beautiful and it is full of expectations!"

     "?The Mermaid? is not only produced by Luo Yiming, but the leading actor of this movie is Luo Yiming."

     "This is the second role played by Luo Yiming in film and television, whether it can surpass Charlotte's splendor, to wipe one's eyes and wait ”


     Luo Yiming's news is hot again.

     Brushed all over the internet circle.

     Xiao Li couldn't help laughing when he saw the news.

     He this was originally so Luo Yiming is the iron in the sandwich iron.

     Knowing that Luo Yiming will have a big movie to offer after the year, it is simply not a benefit.

     "Great, in the next year we can wait until Luo Dao's first cinematic movie ?The Mermaid?"

     Xiao Li sent the news directly in the sandwich group.

     Boy, this is simply a New Year gift?A large group of more than 2,000 people directly launched a red envelope to celebrate that Luo Yiming's new movie is about to meet with you.

     Outside discussions, Luo Yiming doesn't know for the time being. After the celebration banquet, he brought everyone from Shangteng Film and Television to ktv.

     After tomorrow, Shangteng Film and Television will also prepare for a holiday.

     Today, as the boss, Luo Yiming gave each person twice the year-end bonus and gave everyone a wave of blood.

     "The next step is to plan for Shangteng Film and Television to become the top three in the China Entertainment Film and Television industry. The future for everyone in Shangteng Film and Television is infinitely bright!"

     No one would not believe what Luo Yiming said.

     In fact, the current company strength of Shangteng Film and Television is only behind the British Queen, Yuyi and Hairun.

     After Luo Yiming’s Shangteng acquired shares in Entertainment Arts, he was already ranked second in the entertainment industry.

     On the Internet, the drafts of the "Langya List" celebration feast were everywhere overnight.

     This is completely due to the crazy public relations of Shangteng Film and Television.

     Of course, the news about the "The Mermaid" movie is also popular before it is released.

     However, at least until now, beautiful mermaid's is far less popular than the still playing "Langya Bang".

     This drama is still the most popular existence nowadays.

     The start of tonight is still attracting a lot of attention.

     When the plot is here, King Jing is also firmly seated in the East Palace, but when can the Chi Yan case be retrial?

     After all, if you wait for Emperor Liang to abdicate before retrial, then everything doesn't have any meaning.

     Looking at the "Langya List", among most of the tearing points, after Jing Wang discovered the identity of Mei Changsu, I am afraid that many people shed tears.In the original work, the fifth day of July is the birthday of Concubine Jing Jing, Xiao Jingyan meets Wang Ji and Yanhou.

     It happened to be about dealing with the inheritance and reduction of salary from the descendant of the clan, so I wanted to hear the opinions of the two old people, so they came to the East Palace together.

     It just so happened that Emperor Liang heard that the prince was still practicing swords every day, so he gave Xiao Jingyan ice silkworm soft boots and asked Meng to send them personally.

     The four people talked about the arena in the small chat, Xiao Jingyan learned through the mouth of the king of Ji that Yan Hou had also walked the rivers and lakes back then.

     Then Xiao Jingyan finally cleared, Mei Shinan turned out to be Lin Shuai.

     So, isn't Mei Changsu the same as Lin Shu?

     However, the adapted TV series are more conflicting.

     Because Xia Jiang's secret report finally made Emperor Liang suspicious.

     Yushuyuan also found records related to fire and cold poison.

     Emperor Liang sent someone to summon Mei Changsu to the palace, and Gao Zhan secretly asked the palace maid to pass a message to the concubine Jing to inform Mei Changsu that he could not enter the palace.

     Concubine Jing is busy telling Jing Yan to stop Mei Changsu, but it's too late.

     When Mei Changsu entered the temple, Emperor Liang ordered people to check the signs of fire and cold poison on his arms and neck, and at the same time ordered Prince Jingyan to enter the palace.

     The plot is terrible.

     If Emperor Liang finds traces of fire and cold poison, Mei Changsu will undoubtedly die.

     Mei Changsu didn't fear death and went alone.

     It's even more worrying!

     Hang Zhou.

     Yang Qiqi looked at "Langya List" and said excitedly: "Sister, will Mei Changsu be okay? Why is he going?"

     Yang Qiqi came to see her cousin this time, just to get to know Luo Yiming.But Yang Hui is now busy with company affairs, and Luo Yiming is also a long time no see.

     How can she help.

     "You ask me, who am I asking?"

     "I don't even have time to watch a show."

     Yang Qiqi somewhat worried: "Why don't you call Luo Yiming? What's wrong with him."

     "Nervous! Do you think Luo Yiming will be spoiled?"

     "Also, I think you are really crazy."

     "Yes, I tell you, besides being Luo Yiming's stupid fan, I have to chase my brother Su. If you don't tell me, I will find the answer myself."

     After Yang Qiqi said this, she looked at the TV again.

     She is somewhat anxious.

     At this time, above the hall, Xia Jiang and Mei Changsu were confronted. As for Xiao Jingyan, the more he listened, the more shocked he felt, and he was even a little out of control.

     Outside the palace, Nihuang, Meng Zhi and others assembled a good force. If there is no news at noon, they rush into the palace to rescue the prince and Mei Changsu.

     All forces are in the final struggle.

     Whoever wins, who loses.

     Mei Changsu Life Hangs by a Thread, is it safe?

     It can be said that the rhythm of the plot is excellent, and countless people are raising their voices like Yang Qiqi.

     In the end, Xia Jiang was still defeated, and under his anger, he wanted to put Mei Changsu to death in the palace.

     After being controlled, he yelled better to kill wrongfully to Emperor Liang. Emperor Liang listened to his heart and ordered Gao Zhan to prepare two glasses of royal wine, one of which was a poisoned wine for Mei Changsu.

     Father Gao went online again, and Xiao Jingyan understood that Emperor Liang was actually going to poison Mei Changsu.In the end, Xiao Jingyan stopped the poisonous wine, and then poured the wine out forcefully. The words also made Emperor Liang have to let him leave with Mei Changsu.

     "Good risk, good risk."

     Yang Qiqi watching here is also relieved.

     But then she collapsed again and wail got up.

     Xiao Jing often asks Jingfei from the harem before alone.

     At this time, there was a slow motion on the way to the harem.

     Many pictures that he had overlooked flashed one by one, slashing in his heart like a sharp blade.

     The man said: You are my chosen lord.

     The man said: Ting Sheng, I will save you out.

     When the man cut the bell... kneels down on the ground.

     The man yelled "Xiao Jingyan" at his own body under the heavy snow.

     The man twirled his horns in contemplation, and the man pulled out his waist knife.

     The man still vaguely shouted during his illness: "Jing Yan, don't be afraid."

     Isn't that person Lin Shu who grew up with me when I was young?


     The memories of scene after scene of Yang Qiqi, who had watched, also burst into tears and couldn't stop it.

     Xiao Jingyan, who saw Concubine Jing, looked at her mother's default and finally lost one's voice from crying in pain.

     "I should recognize him, I should recognize him!"

     Damn it.

     Why didn't I recognize it.

     Xiao Jingyan's heartache at this time was beyond words.

     Who is Lin Shu?

     Lin Shu is a confidant of his proud, aggressive, and never willing to give up.

     It was the little fireman with a silver robe and spear, who was whistling and never knew what winter snow meant.It is the young commander Chi Yan who is happy to jump for joy and angry to be like a tiger. He has never concealed any emotion in his heart.

     Who is Mei Changsu?

     He lowered his eyebrows and smiled, his voice was faint, no one could see through his thoughts.

     He always embraces Qiu around the furnace, flashing dark eyes and calculating evil spirits.

     His face is always pale as paper, without the slightest vitality.

     They are the same person.

     It's my Lin Shu.

     What did he go through to become like this?

     Even if Xiao Jingyan had experienced life and death battles, he did not dare to imagine how he could become like this.

     This scene is to the extreme.

     The death of the king is torture!

     But Xiao Jingyan's memory killing is even more abuse.

     The abuser cannot breathe.
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