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440 Chapter 436, Li Sisi Opens The Knot
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? These few days, for Si Si is undoubtedly very happy, she has completely adjusted herself to the image of Luo Yiming's wife, and completely regarded herself as Luo Yiming's family.

     And grandpa and grandma are also extremely satisfied with this change, and even completely accept Sisi in her heart.

     Just waiting to drink Luo Yiming and Sisi's wedding wine.

     The year is happy and joyous.

     Except for visiting New Year's Day on the first day of the new year, the two stayed at home during the remaining time from the first to the third day of the new year.

     When they are bored, Sisi and Luo Yiming will watch TV.

     This new year, for the broad audience, there is one more choice just like the two of them, which is to watch the Langya list at home.

     Not only Beijing Satellite TV and Dolphin TV continued to purchase the second round of broadcast rights to Langya List.

     Youshi Video has also put all "Langya List" up to attract netizens.

     Netizens opened members during the New Year.

     I'm going to watch the complete works of "Langya Bang" during the Spring Festival.

     Usually, because of busy work, many people still haven't watched the Langya List. With such an opportunity, everyone just took a look.

     Then, in the past few days, the backstage of UTV has almost exploded.

     Today is the fourth day of the junior high. The traffic has been very strong these days, especially the ratings of the finale of "Langya List" broke through 7.

     Therefore, after the "Langya List" was fully launched in the past few days, it has directly surpassed 90 million playback views in a few days.

     This horrible data almost caused UTV to crash a bit, and even dumbstruck the technical departments who worked overtime.

     It's totally unreasonable.Not to mention that membership openings are also soaring.

     In just three days, "Langya List" has more than 200 million views and 18 million new members.

     Knowing this data, Pan Riting almost jumped from his chair.

     This data is horrible.

     UTV has even crushed the oil depot during this Spring Festival, and Tudu has become the number one online video website.

     On the night of the fourth day of the new year, the traffic of "Langya Bang" in UTV also ushered in a blowout again.

     Online members have reached more than 30 millions.

     And the accumulated number of members, UTV has officially broken through 70 million.

     This is already a terrible number.


     When Pan Riting learned the data, he couldn't help but shook his fist fiercely. Langya List made UTV attract a lot of traffic.

     In 2008, if UTV recreates high-quality programs and TVs with strong resources, 2008 will undoubtedly be a full-blown year.

     Naturally, it depends on Mr. Luo's ability.

     In the past few days, Pan Riting did not go back to celebrate the New Year. He was stationed in the capital and worked with several local technical staff. After the year, they also wanted to research some high-quality resources.

     The data on the "Langya List" network did not disappoint Pan Riting.

      Thought until here, Lao Pan also called Luo Yiming: "Guide Luo, a good Chinese New Year."

     "happy New Year."

     Luo Yiming, who just started to eat dinner, also smiled and said, "Pan, the data of "Langya List" still meets our expectations, right?"

     "Exceeded expectations, I was surprised.""Then you are satisfied with the traffic of UTV."

     "Satisfied, satisfied, of course, I am just waiting for your next TV series to continue to be popular."

     "The next TV series?" Luo Yiming hesitated for a moment, saying: "The lower part of the TV series is estimated to be not so fast. In the next year, I will have a major theater movie, and then a variety show featuring the Olympic season. The TV series has no plans for the time being. "

      Beautiful mermaid's movie, Pan Riting understands.

     It can be said that the main variety show of the Olympic season, this Pan Riting seems to have never heard Luo Yiming mentioned.

     Luo Yiming didn't plan to talk in detail on the phone. He only said that he would talk after meeting in the next year, which was a transitional topic.

     After hanging up the phone, Luo Yiming was not surprised that the UTV video Langya list became popular again.

     "Langya Bang" was originally a hit on the Internet, so Luo Yiming thought of the explosion of online video.

     When she called just now, Sisi was next to Yiming. Sisi only knew that Luo Yiming made a movie, but she didn't understand this movie yet.

     Out of caring for her boyfriend, Sisi asked: "Yes, Yiming, I know you are busy making movies recently. What kind of movie is the movie you want to make?

     Although she didn't know anything about movies or directors, as an audience, she felt that she could give Luo Yiming some advice.

     "This movie is called ?The Mermaid? It outwardly is a romance film, telling the story of ordinary human and beautiful mermaid's love. In fact, we want to use this story to call on humans to protect the environment.""Love, protecting the environment, and being in love with a mermaid sounds very interesting." Sisi looked at her "man" in admiration.

     "The story should be interesting, but it's more about education. The main content is probably that the male protagonist photographed a piece of land, and the female second is going to use ultrasound to drive fish away for land reclamation."

     "In order to protect their territory, the mermaid sent a mermaid to lure the male lead. Later, a series of stories happened. The male lead and the female lead fell in love, and they gave up reclaiming land and gave the fish a complete home."

     Luo Yiming couldn't make a long story, but in a few words, he also explained the outline of the story.

     After listening to his introduction, Si Si thought this idea was good.

     Nowadays, film and television dramas generally talk about emotions and humans, and there are few films that educate people to protect nature and the environment.

     Although simply looking at the two themes of mermaid and environmental protection, they are not very novel.

     But when these two themes are combined, there may be a strong spark.

     Suddenly, Si Si had a strong interest in this film. However, he was also very curious about the actors of this movie. The success of Langya List made her understand the simplest truth. The selection of actors is very important for film and television dramas.

     "Who are the actors in this movie?"

     "In the beginning, I was going to find Deng Chao for the protagonist, but because the film was shelved for too long, Deng Chao quit. The protagonist was a bit funny, and then I recommended Mao Sui.

     "The protagonist is funny, then you are quite suitable." Sisi smiled.

     "Do you think I have a talent for funny?" Luo Yiming pointed to himself and asked, "Isn't I always high in positive energy?""Who said that being funny can't be positive. Okay, it's no joke. What kind of setting is the male protagonist you play?" Si Si continued to ask.

     "The male protagonist is a self-made rich man." Luo Yiming said.

     "Huh? Generally, the self-made wealthy people don't look like what kind of."

     "Do you mean I am ugly?" Luo Yiming knew there was something in his words.

     "No, no, you don't look ugly at all, on the contrary you are very handsome, very handsome! I mean you are so handsome, you are a rich man and you are angry."

     "Yeah, that's how I set it up. Who says that the rich can't look handsome anymore. I want to be a rich generation with good looks, so that those who watch the movie will not only think To protect the environment, you have to think of people who are better looking and richer than you are still working hard. Why are you abandon oneself?"

     "Hey, you think like this really... so that we are invisible, adding another meaning. I think, very good!" Sisi said confidently.

     "Who is the leading actress?"

     To be honest, Sisi would still mind that the actress who worked with Luo Yiming is too beautiful, after all, Luo Yiming is too good.

     As a woman, she is very sensitive in this respect, even more sensitive than the average woman.

     "The leading actress is a newbie actor, Ni Ni, you definitely don't know her."

     Speaking of being a newcomer, Si Si felt relieved.

      a newbie girl, naturally there's nothing about it star halo, beautiful girl has more children, but it has more connotation than her, and is really not talented."However, you should know the female partner." Luo Yiming added.

     "Who is the female partner?" Si Si asked concerned.

     "It's Zhang Yuqi."

     "is her?"

     "Yes, this role is set to assist the male protagonist in the early stage. Her appearance is more devilish, angelic, domineering, and cold. I think Zhang Yuqi is very suitable for this role. So I went to her directly."

     Zhang Yuqi has really seen it on TV.

     She is very beautiful, especially in hot body.

     "What about the script?"

     Luo Yiming simply said it. In conclusion, in this movie, she and Luo Yiming also had intimate scenes, so Sisi was a little concerned after listening.

     But she doesn't like to reveal, she only said lightly: "A very good actor, great, well, I have heated the soup in the kitchen, I will serve it for you.

     Li Sisi said and went to the kitchen.

     Li Sisi was absent-minded, and Luo Yiming didn't think much about it.

     After the former enters the kitchen, she will bring down the soup.

     But because she didn't pay attention, the position of the pot handle was not far from the fire, and she stretched her hand over and was touching the hot pot handle.

     The temperature above is really hot, Li Sisi just touched it, and retracted her hand Conditioned Reflex.


     It's screamed.

     Hearing the sound, Luo Yiming rushed to the kitchen, he rushed over and watched Sisi touching his hands, his expression delicate and charming.

     "Sisi, are you okay? It's hot? Come on!"Sisi was so hot because she missed the scene between Luo Yiming and Zhang Yuqi just now. She said with a smile embarrassedly: "It's okay, I didn't hurt."

     "How can it be, your hands are red!" Luo Yiming pointed to Li Sisi's hand and pulled her to the water pipe, holding Li Sisi's slender wrist with one hand, and hurriedly opened the other. Water pipe.

     Sisi's hand was washed under the cold water for about five minutes. Luo Yiming was relaxed and asked, "How is it? Isn't it better?"

     "Much better." Silky replied moved, her face turned red when she thought of her petty heart of villain.

     "I'll help you apply some ointment later, it will get better soon." Luo Yiming said solemnly.

     "It's okay, it's just the fingertips, it's okay." Li Sisi didn't want to look too hypocritical.

      "All right, don't try hard! No matter how big the injury is, I don't want you to bear it. You are my favorite woman, the only woman in this life, obediently go outside and wait, I will go to the room to get you medicine. "Luo Yiming said domineeringly.

     After speaking, he walked straight out of the kitchen.

     Li Sisi looked at his leaving back and burst into tears.

     Luo Yiming found the ointment in his own room, asked Li Sisi to sit on the sofa, squatted down in front of her, opened the lid, and applied the medicine cautious and solemn to Sisi.

     "Look at how you are so careless."

     "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was just because of your play. I'm afraid of you and the actress in the play. I'm sorry." Li Sisi felt guilty. She could not open the knot at this moment."I...know...Sisi, don't worry, I said, I only love you, you will be my bride, the only bride in this life, drama is just a drama, I will not fall in love with it, I only hurt you." Luo Yiming used a cotton swab to moisten the ointment, little by little, and gently applied it to Li Sisi's finger.

     After painting, Luo Yiming leaned down and gave Li Sisi a blow.

     The wind blew on Li Sisi's fingers, itchy, and her face became flushed unconsciously.

     In particular, Luo Yiming's words moved her warmly.

     After applying the ointment, Luo Yiming stood up from the ground and smiled and said to Si Si: "It's fine now, I'll go to the house to find out if there are band-aids, and I'll post one for you later."

     "It's okay, don't bother." Sisi said.

     "It doesn't matter, you can't hold the chopsticks with your hands at all, be good, wait for me." Luo Yiming finished speaking and walked towards the room with the ointment.

     Li Sisi's face turned redder after hearing the ‘good’.

     After this time, Li Sisi knew how important she was in Luo Yiming's heart.

     As an actor and director, filming is just Luo Yiming's job.

     Even in the play, Luo Yiming and other actresses have intimate scenes, but that is only part of the work, Luo Yiming will never bring work into real life.

     He loves only the slightest.

     On the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, the Spring Festival was over for Luo Yiming.

     In the morning, he notified the actors of the other mermaid crews, and officially reported to the crew at 10 am on the sixth day of the sixth day to start the official mermaid filming.Speaking of, now beautiful mermaid's has not taken the whole makeup photo.

     It’s really tricky to rush to the theater this first month.

     Sisi helped Luo Yiming prepare breakfast in the morning. After Luo Yiming washed it and walked out of the bathroom, there was already a bowl of noodles on the table, steaming white gas.

     After breakfast, Luo Yiming and Sisi drove to the capital.

      After over two hours, Luo Yiming and Sisi returned to their villa in the capital, not too many staying, and drove directly to the studio.

     Soon they arrived on the set, and apart from a few small actors who were far away, they had to arrive at night, and all the rest were everyone here.

     After seeing everyone, Luo Yiming was very kind.

     All the actors also said a happy new year to Luo Yiming.

     Although it is said that the filming will be officially carried out tomorrow, everyone is here today, so we can't waste time.

     The stylist will start to set the styling for the actors at this meeting, and the prop costumer will also carefully select the clothes for the actors.

     Luo Yiming also followed the costume designer to the dressing room, and what he prepared for Luo Yiming was a very expensive suit.

     The actors began to audition, looking for feelings.

     The audition part passed quickly.

     Later, Luo Yiming called in other leading actors, including Ni Ni, Zhang Yuqi, and Xiao Zhu. Together with Luo Yiming himself, the four people sat in a white bathtub and took a few makeup photos.

     After these tasks are completed, it is probably noon.

     The crew gave everyone a boxed lunch. During lunch, Luo Yiming announced that since everyone's performance was very good, the film could be officially shot in the afternoon.
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