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442 Chapter 438, Luo Yiming Rides "Horse" (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

?Although the scandal between Luo Yiming and other girls had been spread online before, it was later denied.

     Luo Yiming himself said he was with Li Sisi, but the fact that the two were dating has been controversial in the entertainment circle.

     At least, the two of them are very low-key, low-key making people suspicious, they are not together.

     Ni Ni actually hates this kind of love or scandal during the propaganda period.

     But now, after contacting Luo Yiming, she realized that Luo Dao was actually super attractive.

     She is close to Luo Yiming, not just to make herself more famous, but also because she really likes Luo Yiming.

     If it is true that Ni Ni is in love with the show, she starts to try to find opportunities to get close to Luo Yiming.

     The next day, the mermaid crew started work.

     Today's drama is centered around male & female leads, and at the same time, the story is gradually opening up.

     Zhang Yuqi is very dedicated and rushed to the scene early, and Luo Yiming, as the chief director and actor, arrived on the crew less than eight o'clock.

     Seeing Luo Yiming directing the scene setting there, Zhang Yuqi walked over.

     "Director Luo, are you busy?"

     "No." Turning to see Zhang Yuqi, Luo Yiming smiled.

     "Is there time then? Let's go over there and check the lines, there will be our opponents today."

     "En, okay!" Luo Yiming smiled and picked up his script.

     Stand up and leave with Zhang Yuqi.

      At this time, Ni Ni, who had been watching Luo Yiming, let out a frustrated sigh.Ni Ni felt a little lonely. Originally, she wanted to talk to Director Luo, but she was afraid of being rejected, so she didn't have the courage.

     In addition, she felt that her acting skills were scumbags.

     But watching his male god, his "male protagonist" was taken away by Zhang Yuqi, Ni Ni finally mustered up the courage.

     "Sister Yuqi, brother Luo Yiming, wait for me! I'll be there in a while, I want to speak with you!

     Ni Ni ran over while shouting.

     Luo Yiming felt that Ni Ni was not right from yesterday, and he always liked to stick to himself.

     This time, the girl came again, and he looked at Zhang Yuqi helplessly.

     Zhang Yuqi smiled. She understood what Luo Yiming meant. She turned around and said to Ni Ni: "Ni Ni, I will talk to Director Luo first. When we are finished, you will find him again, okay?"

     "Okay... okay!" Although Ni Ni was unhappy, there was nothing to do.

     "Ni Ni, I can be right with you after I and Yuqi are right."

     Luo Yiming felt that if Ni Ni really wanted to play, not altogether inexcusable, it would not be good to discourage others.

      "Indeed, thank you so much, Director Luo."

     "No need to thank me, be responsible for the character, I should support you. But now you don’t have to wait for me. In addition to having a rivalry with me, you also have a rivalry with Xiaozhu. Or, you go to Xiaozhu first Right."

     "Learn from him."Ni Ni had forgotten. She looked back at the set and found that Xiao Zhu was reciting lines alone, so she smiled and said to Zhang Yuqi and Luo Yiming: "Well, I will go find Xiao Zhu and talk to him. Check the lines together. Sister Yuqi, after you and Luo Yiming have finished checking the lines, I will come to Luo Yiming again."

     After Ni Ni finished speaking, he left wisely.

     Zhang Yuqi showed a relieved smile on her face.

     Luo Yiming also smiled, this time it was a more comfortable smile, he didn't need to be pestered by this girl for now.

     "Go, let's go over there!" Zhang Yuqi pointed to the seat beside her, and said with a smile.

     Luo Yiming nodded, walked over with Zhang Yuqi and sat down next to each other.

     This is a special place for people to rest in the studio. Some fans will come here to rest when they come to visit the class.

     "I think you are a little scared of Ni Ni?" Zhang Yuqi looked at Luo Yiming and asked after the two sat down.

     Luo Yiming didn't know what to say.

     In the play, the two act as lovers, but what he fears most is that the fake play is actually done. Ni Ni takes the plot from the play outside.

     Yesterday, when Ni Ni stuck to himself, Luo Yiming felt something was wrong, he wanted to contain it in time.

     "Nor. She is mainly a little girl who always follows me behind her back, which is not very good. She is innocent, but I must pay attention to keeping a distance." Luo Yiming's smile on face looked somewhat grudgingly.

     Zhang Yuqi understands what he means. Luo Yiming is currently a well-known director and actor in China, and he already has a girlfriend, so you must not consume any little girl anymore.

     His personality can not stand any tidbits at present.words exceede 5100Right, the rest of the time, the two of them looked for a broken table on the set and rested for a while, and quickly will go to the start time.

     According to the excellent traditions of the Chinese nation, the crew must worship gods before acting, pray for the gods to protect them from being safe and sound during the filming process, pray for the crew not to have accidents, and pray for the movie to sell well.

     This process is actually very interesting.

      The male & female leads will give incense to the worshiping gods together.

     Then ask some Dao masters to talk aside.

     Adjust Feng Shui.

     This process is also very mysterious.

     This step was omitted yesterday because there was no timely preparation for the beginning of the year, and today this item should be added.

      When male & female leads paid homage to the gods, Ni Ni finally had the opportunity to join Luo Yiming.

     Two people stand together side by side, Ni Ni looked at Luo Yiming.

     And Luo Yiming has been looking straight ahead religiously.

     The two of them finished the incense together and walked down the stage. At this moment, Ni Ni hurriedly approached Luo Yiming.

     "Director Luo, you have spoken to Sister Yuqi, you see we are about to film, I haven't had time to speak to you..." Ni Ni looked at Luo Yiming sincerely.

     She looks a bit distressing in this appearance.

     "Okay, no problem, we will have lunch right away. After lunch, we will talk to each other together." Luo Yiming said readily.

     "Really? Director Luo, thank you so much. I must learn from you!" Ni Ni looked at Luo Yiming idiotically and said when she looked up again, Luo Yiming's figure disappeared. without trace.

     Luo Yiming needs to participate in the launching ceremony of the director there.After finishing all these tasks, already arrived at 11 o'clock in the morning.

     Fatty Wen assembled the group performances and acted with the two main characters Luo Yiming and Zhang Yuqi.

     The first scene, the first scene.

     It's the pavement before riding a horse.

     First, it was put on a computer screen. Dr. Crooked Nutrients holding a preaching pole and said: "Sound waves detected strange species."

     "This species has a strong signal transmission, we can't tell what it is."

     "What kind of monster would that be?" Zhang Yuqi asked in surprise.

     "Where is there a monster, Yangtze River No. 7, report it to me in three days." Luo Yiming played Liu Xuan, he shouted indifferently, I was so overbearing that I was not afraid of anything.

     "Why do you always like to press me down?" Zhang Yuqi was dissatisfied.

     "I like to press you down."

     The domineering Luo Yiming would get up from the sofa and walk directly in front of Zhang Yuqi. The next second, he straddled his legs and rode on Zhang Yuqi.

     The ambiguity and temptation of meat to meat.

     Luo Yiming and Zhang Yuqi were not embarrassed in this fragrant performance, they were very professional.

     "I hate it." Zhang Yuqi tried to beat Luo Yiming with her hand, but Luo Yiming ate her hands, her wrists were pinched, and her thighs pressed, Zhang Yuqi would be thoroughly eaten in the next second.

     The assistant said: "...The chairman has very urgent things to do, please evacuate as soon as possible."


     "very good."

     "This scene is brilliant."

     "Luo Yiming, Zhang Yuqi, you are very involved in performing. Applause for your professionalism."At this time, the crew clapped and applauded. Luo Yiming was still riding Zhang Yuqi, and he was embarrassed now.

     "Sorry. The plot needs it."

     When Zhang Yuqi was stepped up by Luo Yiming, her heartbeat really accelerated.

     The appearance of force oneself upon sb, Zhang Yuqi restless, pretty face dripping with blood, half willing and half unwilling, is not a performance, but a natural expression.

     Otherwise it will be so realistic.

     "No, there’s no problem." Zhang Yuqi really thought it was okay.

     Except for He Sisi, Luo Yiming has never ridden a girl like this. When he was acting, he tried his best to be overbearing and rascal, but after coming down, his face was red and his body was a little excited.

     Fortunately, he controlled it.

     "Yiming, you and Yuqi take a break, we take a scene."

     "Little pig, Ni Ni prepares."

     "The second mirror of the third scene, the sea bottom, the mermaid, start shooting."

     In this shot, a group of mermaids gathered together, the octopus piglet was in the center, and they were all looking at the old mobile phone.

     This plot is the front of the connection. Shanshan gave Liu Xuan the contact number with a beautician, waited for Liu Xuan's call, and then killed Liu Xuan when they met.

     "The beauty lies in the beauty, Shanshan is so beautiful and will not fail." Piggy believe firmly without any doubt.

     "No, I'm actually quite ordinary." Hearing Xiaozhu's praise, Ni Ni flicked his hair back, and the words and actions came to "duplicity".

     With this performance, Ni Ni grew up.

     "You are not ordinary at all, your eyes are very small." As expected, he was sprayed immediately."Your nose is very big." In the school of mermaids, another voice.

     "The teeth are sharp, like a wolf dog." Ni Ni was ridiculed again.

     "The chest is very flat, like being run over by a compactor." This was the girl with a big chest next to Piggy.

     Everyone in the mermaid school, you have a mouth, I have a tongue, the continuation of humor makes this scene very interesting.

     Especially in the end Ni Ni smiled awkwardly, the phrase "Thank you...ah." Let everyone taste the cold humor.

     In the third scene of the third scene, he returned to Liu Xuan's office.

     Luo Yiming would ride Zhang Yuqi again.

     Luo Yiming felt a little disgusted at this, that's why he didn't shoot it all at once.

     You ride someone once, then ride again... Everyone is a little embarrassed.

     "It's okay, are you coming up?"

     Seeing Luo Yiming's delay in attending this time, Zhang Yuqi spoke first.

     Luo Yiming nodded.

     Adjust the state and go online again with the domineering gangster.

     Riding on Zhang Yuqi, even though the actions were the same this time, the mentality of the two of them was different.

     Therefore, a few shots were not very good.

     Luo Yiming was riding Zhang Yuqi all the time, feeling the intimacy from flesh to flesh.

     "Do you want to drink?"

     Finally, before the fifth time, Zhang Yuqi asked Luo Yiming on her body if she wanted to drink water.

     "I'm really thirsty, I drink some water."

     Luo Yiming was busy, and Zhang Yuqi was also a little bit cramped under pressure. This time, she adjusted her breathing.

     When drinking water, Luo Yiming was calming himself down.Return to the characters in the play instead of being biased by the reality of yourself.

     Luo Yiming rode on Zhang Yuqi, feeling guilty at the beginning this time, and felt that he should not be like other women.

     As a man with a girlfriend, this is right, but as an actor, this is a fatal mistake.


     Zhang Yuqi took the initiative to come to comfort her. In fact, she understood Luo Yiming, because she was so pressed by Luo Yiming, Zhang Yuqi's heart also changed.

     Therefore, there was something wrong with her expression just now.

     "I'm fine, I'm so sorry that you kept playing with me."

     "Don't say this, let's come again."


     "Hehe, you lunatic?" Zhang Yuqi said with a smile, her hands were captured by Luo Yiming, and Luo Yiming pressed her whole body on Zhang Yuqi's thigh, and his movements resumed, like a tyrant driving.

     "You aren't that so? We are like people." Luo Yiming said arrogantly.

     "We are not the same type of people, our genes are different." Zhang Yuqi's face suddenly changed.

     "Is there any difference?"

     "The difference between noble and humble." Zhang Yuqi finally showed contempt, but forgot that there was a man on him.

     "A beggar is still a beggar wearing the prince's clothes."

     She was very ironic: "The chicken at the party last night, shouldn't it be two hundred yuan?"

     "Then you can eat it all?"

     "All these have fully exposed your inferior genes." Zhang Yuqi raised her voice, her expression and demeanor completely suppressed the man on her body.

     But this man is so well suppressed.Luo Yiming is like a vulgar fairy and a drooping old man. In short, he looks like a mystery, "I have cancer in the bone, and the doctor said it is an advanced stage."

     "I'm not saved."

     Luo Yiming's indifferent expression is precisely his kind of trifle without respect, only I am supreme.

     Then he called Shanshan.

     "What does it mean?"


     This period is finally over.

      "All right, yes, everyone take a break."

     Over an hour was used to film this scene. Below is the story of Luo Yiming leaving and Ni Ni.
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