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443 Chapter 439: Talking About Marriage And Marrying (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? On-site director Wen Fatty, at this time, let everyone stop for lunch.

     After eating the lunch, take a break and then continue to shoot.

     The female makeup artist will use cleansing oil to remove lip makeup for Luo Yiming.

     "Director Luo, I won't remove the makeup on your face for now. After all, I have to film in the afternoon. It would be troublesome to remove it and paint again.

     The makeup artist removed Luo Yiming's makeup while explaining.

     "Yes." Luo Yiming gently Um in response.

     During the break at noon, the crew usually suspends work and everyone finds a place to sleep.

     But sometimes, it's not what you want to sleep.

     Luo Yiming's mermaid was shot in Shenyang, and the photographer was also in a film and television base in Shenyang.

     As soon as noon on this base, reporters will raid.

     No, something went wrong before the meal started.

     "Hey, you can't go in! Can't go in! We are filming, and you will disturb our normal work!"

     The noise from outside came to my ears.

     Luo Yiming just finished taking off his lip makeup and got up to take a look.

     "Please, let us in. We really need to interview Director Luo. If we can't interview today, we may be expelled!"

     "You can choose to interview other stars. As far as I know, Yang Xiaomi is also filming in Shen Yang recently. You can interview her. Go slow, don't give it away!"

     "But our boss explained that we must interview Luo Dao. Please, let us in, just for a moment! Fifteen minutes? Ten minutes? Five minutes? Five minutes is all right? We won't give it to you. Causes a lot of trouble!""Not even a minute! If I let you in, my job will not be guaranteed!" The security guard is very firm, and he is also a dedicated security guard for Shangteng Company.

     "Come on! You can go in here, come here quickly, bobbins!"

     The security guard was haggle over price with entertainment reporters, suddenly a group of sharp-eyed reporters came in from the yet another entrance, and soon the studio was surrounded by not one drop can trickle through.

     When Luo Yiming was about to come out, he was surrounded by numerous reporters.

     The security guard hurriedly followed and notified the assistant.

     Wang Xin hurriedly called the security and bodyguards of the base for help after learning about this.

     As an assistant, Wang Xin could not bear the consequences of Luo Dao's anger, so she was like an ant on a hot pot in a hurry.

     Wang Xin was anxious, but Luo Yiming inside was chatting with everyone leisurely.

     "Hello, hurry up, the place is small, find a place to settle down by yourself, don't surround me and get into the camera, everyone pay attention to safety."

     Luo Yiming did not blast them, and the reporter friends immediately followed the rules.

     "Director Luo, we want to ask..."

     "Wait a minute, are you a reporter at the oil depot? I seem to have seen you on your video."

     "Are you a Tencent reporter? Oh, yes, yes, we have met before."

     Luo Yiming stopped a buddy, gain the upper hand by a show of strength.

     "...Then Director Luo, do you know me?"

     "Yes, you seem to have written my report before." Luo Yiming was completely nonsense.

     "And you, I have met your boss."

     With these media, he also learned to talk to people and talk to others.words exceede 5100"Director Luo, it turns out that you haven't eaten yet? You must have been very tired when you accepted our interview as soon as you finished filming? I'm so sorry. We only care about our own interests and haven't considered this. I'm sorry, we will go back. Write a report, don’t bother you to rest."

      "All right, we are not here. We are blocked. Hurry up and let Director Luo go to dinner. People have not eaten after filming. It's not good for us to block up like this."

     "Okay, okay, everyone is gone!" Luo Yiming shouted, and soon, hundreds of entertainment reporters on the scene were all emptied.

     Temporary silence was restored in the studio.

     Wang Xin stood more than ten meters away, looking at the situation here, a little confused.

     Luo Yiming just said something to those people, and he seemed to have a very happy conversation.

     Those people walked very quickly, what happened?

     "Stop standing, go get me the box lunch!" Luo Yiming smiled and waved to Wang Xin, not blaming her at all.

     Wang Xin nodded and quickly helped the boss Luo Yiming bring a box of lunch.

     "Brother." Seeing there's nobody around, Wang Xin asked: "What did you say to those reporters just now? How come you were so behaved when you left?"

     For big stars like cousin, reporters will not leave so quickly and thoroughly. There must be a few who don't give up and want to wait for others to go and interview separately.

     Wang Xin wanted to know what he said.

     "They didn't tell me anything. I kept telling them." Luo Yiming took a mouthful of rice and said truthfully.

     "Then what did you tell them?" Wang Xin said with a grin."You don't understand this?" Luo Yiming saw Wang Xin's thoughts, knocked on her head, and preached, "I told you, those reporters want to do what? Just want to ask. My question. Want to know more about this movie."

     "What if I don’t want to answer their questions? They will keep asking and asking. I don’t say a word. They will write that I am cold or playing big cards in the news. So, I can only say, then I will simply Say a few words."

     "I took the initiative to tell them, not let them lead me by the nose, but I lead them by the nose! What I said, tomorrow's newspaper, the news will be sticking unmoving to the original. The mermaid is also a propaganda."

     Luo Yiming said triumphantly.

     "Then what did you say?"

     "Not to mention that Brother's acting skills are leveraged, beautiful mermaid's works are leveraged."

     "Hehe." Wang Xin smiled silly, thinking that he would say so.

     "Yes. They came to ask something from your mouth so that they could write a report. Once you said it, they did what they wanted. In this way, they will not delay the shooting, they can also make a publicity, and establish a good one for themselves. Image!"

     Wang Xin can't help Luo Yi gives a thumbs up.

     Luo Yiming smiled, dealing with this group of people, he already cultivated to perfection.

     Time is not how many. After chatting with Wang Xin for a few words, he took the box lunch and continued to eat with his head down.

     In the afternoon, there's some left story plot is going to be filmed, and I am afraid it will be late to the end of work.

     After the meal, Luo Yiming took the script of scripts, and after getting familiar with the scripts, she found Ni Ni who was taking a nap.Ni Ni has no confidence in the scene to be filmed today.

     Because, in today's play, she is the protagonist of fully deserving, without any reservations.

     She was just thinking about the characters, and fell asleep unconsciously.

     When Luo Yiming arrived at her side, Ni Ni just woke up.

     Ni Ni was more pleased to see Luo Yiming. Luo Yiming didn't say anything else. He explained the characteristics of Shanshan, right the lines, and corrected her performance. The two waited for the filming to begin.

     At 2:30 in the afternoon, the crew officially started filming the next scene.

     This drama is the second meeting of Liu Xuan and Shanshan, and it is also a very brilliant plot in a mermaid movie.

     "Liu Xuan, where are you?"

     "At home." Ni Ni was surprised. She heard the call and expressed the kind of surprise resemble nature itself.

     "where is home?"

     "Qingluo Bay Modaoshan Cliff." Ni Ni blurted out.

     "I will pick you up in ten minutes."

      "Oh." Ni Ni hasn't come back sober, with a dull expression and acting appropriately.

     Camera switching.

      "How is it?" At this time, the camera showed the mermaid group waiting in front, the piglet in the center, asking anxiously.

     Ni Ni will be sober now, and said, "Liu Xuan said he will be here now, in ten minutes."


     Everyone was excited.

     Ni Ni was excited: "Okay."

     "Liu Xuan took the bait."

     "Kill Liu Xuan, kill Liu Xuan."

     The atmosphere of hatred is rendered, and the background music is added later, which must be super cool.

     In the next scene, Octopus and Ni Ni ejected themselves with a strong bow.Below is the most humorous segment of Zhou Xingchi when Shanshan meets Liu Xuan.

     In this scene there's nothing about it lines, but the action must be vivid and in place.

     She tested Ni Ni and Luo Yiming's dance skills, and even Ni Ni's martial arts moves.

     It took time to film this scene.

     Almost every movement has to shoot a dozen or so, especially in the scene where Ni Ni flies in the air with coercion, and shoot no less than 50.

     Fortunately, the girl Ni Ni is very hard, not to mention bitterness.

     Wrestling on the scene, get up and continue.

     However, Luo Yiming's performance was very close, successfully driving Ni Ni's desire to perform.

     With the completion of this scene, all filming of the crew today came to an end.

     "Yiming, you are really good! You are the only one I am willing to admit, the person with good acting skills!"

     When packing equipment at night, Fatty Wen praised Luo Yiming.

     "Hehe, you can only tell me that you are ignorant and inexperienced! Those old drama bones are not better than me. I have just started to enter the acting industry. How can I compare with them?"

     Luo Yiming waved his hand and said with a smile.

     Although he knows that he has invested effort in the thinking of acting, he has just entered the show business shortly after all, and his work is only troubled by Charlotte. He has to be humble.

     "Yiming, you don't actually need to be modest. How about your acting skills, everyone has seen it, be very clear about sth. You said that those old dramas are powerful, but when they are like you are so big, they don't have your acting skills." Fatty Wen said laughingly.Luo Yiming is only in his twenties this year. His acting skills have to acknowledge. Among most people his age, he is definitely reckoned to be first or second best.

     Even if Luo Yiming's acting skills dare to say second, then no one would dare to say that his acting is first.

     Even Fatty Wen feels that Luo Yiming's future is definitely Hollywood material, if he wants to develop in this direction.

     The reason is simple. In addition to being young, Luo Yiming also has a wide range of acting. Charlotte and Liu Xuan are two different people with different personalities.

     But both roles can reach perfection under his interpretation, and any role can be controlled by him to drive a lightweight chariot on a familiar road.

     The Charlotte that Luo Yiming played before is Diosi.

     Diosi relied on her talent to become a rich man.

     The role played this time is a rich man, and a rich man with various vices.

     So far, except for the horse riding scene with Zhang Yuqi, Luo Yiming is a bit out of state, and he has performed perfectly.

     And he can also lead others to cooperate with him when he is acting.

     Such a savvy actor, let alone compare with his peers, even if many of the long-timed actors are inferior to him.

     After shooting today's scene, Luo Yiming returned to the villa. It was already 12 o'clock in the evening. This little bit was already asleep, Luo Yiming didn't intend to wake her up, and went to bed to rest after washing.

     The next day was awakened by an alarm clock. With Luo Yiming's schedule, the film could be finished in about half a month.

     After this movie, Luo Yiming is going to shoot a variety show.

     Respond to the Olympic sports variety show.

     Supernova Olympics.As a planner, Luo Yiming also wanted to do for oneself, at least physically, he also wanted to be representative.

     Getting up early in the morning to exercise, Luo Yiming made plans for himself for the next two months.

     Strive for yourself to have a strong body when participating in this variety show.

     It's been a long time since Luo Yiming did push-ups. Luo Yiming was struggling to do just a little bit, but after the activity started, he actually felt that the whole body's depression was released.

     The breakfast is made of silk, a beef noodle, it tastes great.

     "Yi Ming, I have a call at home, and I want to meet you at home. You have a mental preparation, and my dad is likely to talk about the bride price."

     Si Si hadn't planned to tell Luo Yiming.

     But during the New Year, Luo Yiming's grandfather called his father first.

     Only then did Sisi's parents decide to talk about marriage.

     "Meet, okay, parents meet, shall we go?"

     "My dad said, they talk about it first." Si Si spied on her father's mouth, and her father's gift was very open, so Si Si didn't know if she should tell Luo Yiming.

     "No problem ah, I just ask my mother to see your parents. This is a good thing. Once the talks are completed, we can start planning Zhang Luo's marriage."
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