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446 Chapter 442, War With The Queen Of England (seeking Votes At The End Of The Month)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? Everyone is no longer worried, one by one, he picked up the wine glasses and beat them vigorously on the table.

     The 100 group performers who were present at this meal today were all very moved.

     In the past, how could they have the right to enjoy the banquet of the ‘finishing moment’?

     Besides, if any crew is given the final treatment for every genre, then does this crew still want to film?

     Because of this, today, the genuine felt of these 100 group actors is valued.

     "Come on, I toast everyone."

     Luo Yiming came to each table one by one, loudly said: "No matter if you will stick to this line in the future, but today, at this moment, I want to thank you every person for your contribution to ?The Mermaid?!"

     "Thank you, Director Luo, for being able to look at us and giving us the opportunity to take a shot."

     Luo Yiming smiled lightly and said, "I thank you. The movie "a slim chance of survival" attracts people with the aura of superstars, so I will use the people to promote it. You are the stars of my movie, which is rare The best actor."

     With so many group performances, Luo planned this morning.

     You have Zhang Liangji, I have a wall ladder.

     Everything is a routine.

     What's more, Luo Yiming also understands the hardships of dragons.

     That kind of hard work is in the darkness where there is no light in sight. Luo Yiming has had it in his previous life. Although he is not a circle, he is no different from suffering.

     So, he knew, to give these group performance opportunities.

     They also need encouragement the most, and even a stranger saying "you are very supportive" may make them shed silent tears.

     Recognized.All walks of life, especially when you are still in a period of depression and decadence, what you need most is not money, but recognition!

     Does money matter?


     But there is something more important than money.

     That is the recognition of you.

     Suddenly, some of the 100 dragons couldn't help crying.

     They have seen various directors in the crew.

     Some completely ignore them.

     Some scolding them is quite ugly.

     Do not treat them as human beings.

     It just doesn't happen that Luo Yiming treats them equally, like an actor, invites you to the wine table and talks with heart.



     They are not a dragon, they are actors!

     Everyone hopes that you can continue to follow Luo Dao in the future. Many people also recognize Luo Yiming as a person from the heart.

     At the corner of the table, Ni Ni raised his wine glass and said to Zhang Yuqi: "Sister Yuqi, I toast you a cup. I learned a lot of things from you in this play. I sincerely hope you can become a superstar this time."

     "Thank you, so can you."

     Zhang Yuqi also said with a smile: "I believe you are more talented than me."

     "Hehe, I hope."

     Zhang Yuqi's scene on this day is more brilliant than what she had filmed before. In one of the episodes, Zhang Yuqi accidentally fell when she finally shot Liu Xuan.

     She fell and couldn't stand up on the spot, but after a short treatment at the scene, Zhang Yuqi insisted on taking good shots of her, and her condition was not affected.Ni Ni recognized the senior sister, and tried his best to consult at the wine table.

     After eating a banquet on the bottom of the sea, I still want to return to the shooting of ?The Mermaid?.

     The previous filming locations were all in Shenyang, a float glass factory. The temporary cabins built inside, Underwater World.

     The entire shooting scene was built after imitating an abandoned shipwreck, and underwater creatures such as mermaids made their homes.

     The so-called underwater shooting is performed here. The actors have to complete a lot of actions in the water, although the previous scene is finished.

     But these submarine group dramas still have to make up a lot of shots of special and supporting characters.

     For example, the octopus piglet fights with bad guys.

     The big breasted mermaid was killed.

     The tears of the mermaid Aaron.

     The sorrow of the mermaid.

     Through the death, killing, tears, and anger of these characters, we can better satirize the human beings that destroy the ecology.

     In the cabin, Luo Yiming was acting as a cameraman, and he asked Fatty Wen: "Has the characters in the sea arranged?"

     "It's all arranged, and several of their shots can be taken one by one."


     When Luo Yiming is out of play, he has to check the shooting quality of the whole play, interpret the characters and interpret the movie through artistic techniques, and Luo Yiming is always on the way of learning.

     It's already night before filming these special roles.

     The rest of the plot can only be filmed tomorrow.

     After finishing work, Luo Yiming said to the crew: "All right, tomorrow, let's continue shooting! Everyone, go back and rest."From the one month forward group, the mermaid shot was fast. It just counts more than a month since I started preparing and shooting years ago.

     In fact, the mermaid also filmed for over two months.

     Soon the mermaid will be finished.

     When filming in the afternoon, Zhang Yuqi was injured and fell to the back.

     In the evening, Luo Yiming took the time to come to Zhang Yuqi's room to express the director's concern.

      "How is it? feeling better?"

     "Today was too hard for you in filming."

     Luo Yiming looked at Zhang Yuqi. Zhang Yuqi was definitely a highlight of this mermaid. Luo Yiming felt that she should perform and affirm her contribution.

     "Director Luo, don't worry, I'm fine."

     Although Zhang Yuqi's face was a little pale, she was pretty good in spirit. She forced a smile and said, "Tomorrow is almost finished, I will definitely hold on."

     "Okay, then you take a break today."

     After speaking, Luo Yiming left directly.

     Zhang Yuqi was blinded now.

     She is secretly sighed.

     At night, the director came to the actress's room, this wants to do what Zhang Yuqi thinks she can still figure it out.

     At Hairun, Zhang Yuqi had already lost two movies at the box office before. Although this one is not the number one female, but the role of the rich woman is quite brilliant. Zhang Yuqi believes that she can be remembered by the audience.

     If he could hug Luo Yiming's thigh by this, Zhang Yuqi felt that he could't be better.

     She has debuted since the age of 18, and she is naturally clear and direct about the entertainment industry.Although Zhang Yuqi has not been subjected to unspoken rules, she was taken care of by Master Xing for the first two years.

     Many people say that Master Xing actually thought about what happened to her.

     It's just that she doesn't know what to do.

     Now as she gets older, if she can obtain Luo Yiming's favor, Zhang Yuqi will not mind being caught by the unspoken rules.

     After all, a handsome and talented man like Luo Yiming who doesn't want to be with him?

     It turned out that she thought too much.

     Luo Yiming, who had just entered the door, chose to leave the room door open to avoid suspicion.

     After simply caring about Zhang Yuqi, Luo Yiming left directly.

     This shows that the relationship between the two will be very pure.

     "...Because he has a girlfriend? Otherwise, it's impossible to feel at all about yourself, right?"

     Zhang Yuqi looked at the direction Luo Yiming was leaving, and mutter to oneself after lying back on the bed: "If they break up, I might have a chance."

     "Bah bah bah, what am I thinking!"

     "How can I become as bothered as Ni Ni."

     The next day, ?The Mermaid? will start filming the last plot, returning to the ordinary.

     Everything is as good as everyone's vision is.

     Blue sky, white clouds, green hills and clear waters.

     In the sea, fish live, everything is safe.

     The location of this scene is already not in the bottom of the sea, and I turned back to the film and television base.

     The crew started preparations early in the morning.

      At the same time, on the other side, "a slim chance of survival" also conducted a media visit.

     This is the first media exploration of the film "a slim chance of survival" from the beginning of the shooting to the present.Actors such as Wu Weimin, Zhang Jiahui and Da S also accepted media interviews.

     The most important thing is that the scene filmed today is a literary opera.

     Director Xu Li also praised Wu Weimin's professionalism with a smile in her heart and a smile on her face during the interview.

     Actors can act both in and out of the play.

     During the interview, Wu Weimin said nonchalantly: "As an action actor, I need to be responsible to the audience. Therefore, I never use a double in filming. If one day I want to use a double, then I will quit first. Entertainment."

     The big s on the side also said: "In a jumping scene we shot this time, a 50-story building needs to jump down from top to bottom. I won’t say how dangerous this shot is. I was shocked. But Wu Weimin chose not to jump hard as a substitute."

     "Well, this scared me into a cold sweat. It's really not easy for action actors."

     "Yes, because of this, I admire Brother Min even more."


     The other actors lifted Wu Weimin gently.

     After the interview, as the interview editor of "Youth Film News", Ye Zi conducted another interview with Wu Weimin.

     This is all done by public relations.

     This interview is actually to promote "a slim chance of survival". The question of interviewing Wu Weimin has been reviewed by the public relations department.

     After the interview, Ye Zi asked: "So how much does Min brother think the box office of this movie?"

     "I think one billion is definitely there."Wu Weimin confidently said: "I dare not say which step the movie "a slim chance of survival" can reach, but I believe this movie will definitely bring a huge surprise to the movie market!"

     This 1 billion is also the current publicity strategy of British Post Entertainment.

     How bold people are, how productive the land is.

     They think "a slim chance of survival" is on such a lineup, if you don't call out a 1 billion box office, sorry everyone.

     He thought it was over, but when he left, Ye Ye was still unwilling to ask: "Then Brother Min, what do you think of the movie "The Mermaid?"

     "Hehe, don't dig a hole for me."

     Wu Weimin laughed: "I personally still appreciate the director Luo Yiming. I don't know the specific content of ?The Mermaid?, so I don't comment on it."

      He spoke until here, Ye Ye was a little disappointed.

     But Wu Weimin added: "However, this year's New Year's file only has one winner, and that is "a slim chance of survival"!"

     I didn't say it too clear, but everything was in the air.

     And the material of the interview today is enough for the leaf to write an article.

     Thirty minutes later, today’s "a slim chance of survival" media release was released.

     "Shock! Kung fu superstar Wu Weimin once again challenged the difficult moves!"

     "Today's "a slim chance of survival" first visit, director Xu Li and other actors highly praised Wu Weimin's desperate Saburo spirit!"

     ""A slim chance of survival" media explorer, Wu Weimin became the unique and unmatched focus."


     All the drafts praised Wu for the people.No way, this is the market.

     In the current Kung Fu movies, it is known as the Southern Dragon and the Northern Wu.

     Among the first-line movie cafes, only two or three can compete with Wu Weimin.

     Wu Weimin is indeed a wrist.

     Although Xu Li has no good feelings about Wu Weimin, and almost can't wait to strangle him, but for the box office of "a slim chance of survival", he has to brag about his conscience and praise Wu for the people, saying how good he is and how dedicated he is.

     Naturally, the other actors also carried the sedan chair.

     Among other things, in the Kung Fu movie, Wu Weimin comes with a box office bonus.

     Because what the audience sees is his magnanimous spirit.

     No, when the media exploration class was completed, more news media's promotion of Wu Weimin was over, and then "a slim chance of survival" was on the hot search list.

     Then... the netizens were excited, excited, and distressed.

     "Oh my god, Min brother actually challenged a difficult move again?"

     "I'll go, can't Brother Min pay a little attention to his body?"

     "I feel sorry for Brother Min, and the movie "a slim chance of survival" will definitely be there."

     "That's right, I want to check it out. If nothing else, it's aimed at the professionalism of Brother Min."

     "As long as there are movies in which Wu Weimin participates, and nothing else, martial arts dramas will definitely not disappoint. A ticket is definitely not less."

     Suddenly, countless people discussed and screened.

     The marketing of British Post Entertainment has already begun.

     And in just a few days, they had already carried out related secret operations behind the scenes.Following the media visit, the first trailer for "a slim chance of survival" was released.

     The 20-second trailer was full of actors and actresses, and it was full of domineering.

     Netizens fry the pot.

     "Damn, Brother Min is so handsome."

     "Jia Hui is so handsome too."

     "It's so cool, it's turmoil and chance."

     "Big S is beautiful."

     "I'll go, it's good to watch the trailer."

     "Youth Film News" also took the opportunity to send an exclusive interview called "Director's Transformation and Success...Xu Li"!

     Last time, Ye Zi wrote on his personal blog to support Luo Yiming.

     This time she is the supporter of "a slim chance of survival" and Xu Li from show one's colors.

     Not only that, but Ye Zi also criticized the way "The Mermaid" is only hype, which is detrimental to the movie.


     The leaves say three in the morning but four in the evening, why?

     Because of the money.

     As long as the money is in place, it must be a good blow.

     Then vigorously belittle the opponent.

     Unlike Yu Xiaoxiao, a film critic who is disciplined, Ye Zi can change for money.

     However, with such a clear team of Ye Zi, she also knew that maybe Luo Yiming would fight back against her, just like after the Langya ranking exploded before, was muddled and completely collapsing by Luo Yiming.

     But what's wrong with that?

     The leaves don't care.

     No matter how great Luo Yiming is, he must prove his work.

     Although Luo Yiming's "The Mermaid" may be good, "a slim chance of survival" is unlikely to fail.

      at the same time, the mermaid crew.

     "it is good!"Luo Yiming stopped/stood loudly said from behind the machine: "This one has passed, it will be the final shot soon, everyone take a break."

     On the side, Fatty Wen walked over and said: "Director Luo, "a slim chance of survival" has already begun to promote."
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